Warning: This story contains sexual content of a graphic nature between consenting adult women. If you are not over 18 years old or not allowed to read content of this nature, please move on to other suitable stories.

On My Desk By Friday

Dr Sharma Khan emphasised her argument with ferocity, wielding the pointer like a rapier, snapping it against the projector screen with each word, eradicating any remaining confusion. Her passion surged into the audience, and even those that hated the subject, enjoyed her performance.

Laura watched. She sat in the third row of the lecture theatre, biting hard on the end of a biro, and ignoring the blank pad in front of her. As Dr Khan moved away from the projector, the light caught her for a moment, and highlighted the curved outline of her figure beneath the white shirt. Laura slowly crossed her legs, and forced her eyes back to the screen.

"-and I want it on my desk by Friday! Now sod off!" Laura snapped back from her daydream, and found that the lecture hall had erupted; students were spilling down the gangway and heading out the double doors. She looked around in a daze, trying to catch sight of someone she knew; she spotted Alan, arm in arm with a girl, heading out the hall, and decided to pester him about the assignment. She grabbed her things and stuffed them into her bag before joining the shuffling queue.

Trudging along behind the other students, Laura passed the front of the lectern and found herself staring at Dr Khan. Marvelling at her elegant yet deliberate movements as she placed her lecture notes methodically into a document file, admiring her grace as she unconsciously swept a lock of luscious, silken, chocolate hair from her eyes, and as she did so, she turned and caught Laura's eye. For a brief second she held her lecturer's gaze, before she forced herself back to studying the remarkable shoes of the Goth in front of her.

"Miss Waters?" she turned awkwardly, not used to being addressed by title. Dr Khan smiled, and waved her over. She stood for a moment, jostled by the students still desperate to escape the lecture hall, before stepping onto the podium. Feeling vastly exposed, Laura walked across the stage towards her lecturer "I read your essay on quantum analysis; this morning" she said "It was very interesting." She smiled as she said so, her lips were full and soft, and the smile radiated out to her dark, deep black eyes, emanating an aura which struck at Laura's chest clamping it tightly and forcing nerves to wriggle in her stomach.

"Oh… cool."

"I'm in the middle of a project at the moment, it's all simulation based, but we're using much of the same data set, and need all the help we can get..."

"Really?" Laura dumbly followed the doctor as she headed out the double doors.

"We need data in-putters, people who understand the analysis; I can train you on the software if you're interested?"

"Yeah… cool." They stood for a moment outside the lecture theatre, the last of the students drifted down the hall towards the main exit.

"Good," she said smiling, "six thirty, my office?"

"Cool." Said Laura, the doctor smiled again, and turned. Laura watched as she glided down the corridor, her hips softly dancing to the echoed rhythm of her heels.

"What kind of twat says cool?"


She hadn't known what to bring with her, she clutched an overflowing record bag, and tapped nervously on the office door.

"Come in!" as she entered she noticed that the Dr was on the phone, but waved her toward a seat in the corner of the room; the only space free in an office teeming with books, folders and equipment. As Laura sat, she noticed, with some disappointment, another student behind one of the computers - focused intently on the screen in front of him.

The Dr finished her call.

"I didn't expect you so soon" she said as she replaced the receiver with a flourish, and a desperately dazzling smile.

"Oh sorry…" Laura shifted awkwardly in her wobbling, plastic chair.

"No, no it's good, it's good! Ed should be finished any moment now so I can shove you on his computer."

The Doctor's office had two large wooden desks, and three computers, bookcases lined the walls from floor to ceiling and were filled with box files, books and folders in various shades; everything from dull green to black. A large sash window took up the wall behind the Dr, displaying a view of the university gardens below, the window sill itself held an empty flower pot, and a confusing brass instrument that looked vaguely antique.

Laura sat quietly, still clutching her bag, and determinedly looking around the room, before ultimately her gaze fell again upon Dr Sharma Kahn. Her elegant fingers moved purposefully across a small ergonomic keyboard, hovering briefly above the keys, her eyes focused on the screen, before once again, they moved with a flurry across the softly clacking buttons. Laura's eyes drifted upwards, taking in the loosely fitted shirt, betraying curves beneath, up to the open neck, where she could see the soft dark skin of the collar bone undulating with the Dr's rhythmic tapping. Her eyes moved up to take in the mouth, so often set in radiant smile, now her bottom lip was squeezed momentarily between her teeth, before being released at another crescendo of clacking, she took in the dark intelligent eyes flitting across the screen-

"Do you still want this computer?" it was Ed, he stood behind the desk, pointing limply at his now vacant space, "I'll leave it on for you, yeah?" he shuffled awkwardly around the enormous wooden table.

"Yeah… cool" she replied.

He grunted a semi good bye to the Dr before closing the door behind him.

"Alone at last." She said, with a smile, and was that a wink? She beckoned Laura over to the free computer. With some manoeuvring of the chairs she was able to see the screen, and follow the document that Ed had been working on.

"So you're familiar with quantum analysis…" Sharma said, half to herself "lets see if I can just get this file loading, can you see this data set here?" Laura nodded in earnest as Sharma pointed to a column of figures, she recognised some of the headline information. The Dr took her through a short tutorial of the software, and Laura tried to concentrate on taking in the information. She jotted notes on her pad, to make sure that she would have something to refer to later on; she desperately wanted to know everything, to prove to Sharma that she was right to put her faith into her. But inevitably Laura was distracted, the movements of the Dr so close to her, the scent of her hair, she glanced sideways at her, at Sharma's perfect, beautiful lips and caught her eyes for a moment, before shifting back to the screen. Laura pushed herself to concentrate again on learning the programme.

"Are you following this?" Sharma asked suddenly, Laura stumbled to answer "It's fine, it's a really tricky programme to pick up first time round, I've got a great manual on it, it's up there." She pointed to one of the vast shelves "third row down," Laura obediently moved over to the bookshelf. Slightly awkwardly she reached up to the shelf, aware that it was a good few inches too high. She thought about using the bottom shelf to give her a boost, but wasn't sure if it would take her weight, she reached up, edging her fingertips further upwards, she could just about feel the spine of the book…

"Sorry" Sharma's voice was so close it made her freeze, she closed her eyes, taking in the sensation of the Dr's body pressed up against her own "I forget how absurdly high these shelves are." Laura turned, her own mouth just inches away from Sharma's, just a breath away from her skin, her neck, she bit her lip, barely suppressing an urge to run her tongue along Sharma's collar bone. Sharma stepped back, holding out the book to Laura.

"Thanks" she said, a weak smile masked her disappointment.

"I'll watch you this time" Sharma smirked, conspiratorially


"Use the manual, I'll let you know if you're doing anything wrong"

"I'm sorry… I have to go." Laura knew she wouldn't be able to control herself for much longer. She ignored the book Sharma held out to her and went back to her chair to gather her things; she turned to see Sharma blocking her path.

"Are you sure you want to go?" Laura clutched her bag; she couldn't take her eyes from Sharma's she couldn't bring herself to walk through the door.

"It is late" she reached forward to open the door, but Sharma got to the handle before her. Still fixing her eyes on her teacher's, her heart racing, she brushed her hand along Sharma's wrist, and stroked her forearm. Sharma inched forward, and tentatively placed her free hand on Laura's waist, their bodies came closer. Laura could feel her warm breath, and urged herself to move forward, but felt paralysed, unable to leap the infinite chasm between their barely brushing lips. Her hand continued to stoke the soft skin of Sharma's arm, the grip on her waist became tighter, and, as she closed her eyes, she felt those lips, those full bodied, scented lips upon her own. Hungry. Ravishing.

Laura's bag fell to the floor, and she reached out to Sharma, grabbing her waist, pulling her, gripping her, clawing her. Sharma fell against the door, her free hand turning the key, before she pushed Laura towards the table. Grabbing her thighs she half lifted Laura on to the desk, and moved between her legs. Laura's hands moved down Sharma's back, and fell onto her full round taught backside, grabbing her, and pulling her closer, their bodies writhing in rhythm to their frenzied kisses. Sharma massaged Laura's thighs, then slipped her hands beneath her skirt, to feel the soft skin against her own. Laura moaned softly as their bodies connected, as their skin touched. Sharma knew she couldn't stop, that there was no going back, and eased Laura onto the desk, climbing on top of her.

Laura's hands trailed over Sharma's body, she carefully loosened the buttons on her shirt, till it hung open, gaping, baring her naked abdomen, her dark skin contrasting with the white of her shirt and bra. Laura delicately stroked her stomach, and Sharma leaned forward, kissing her gently, first on the lips, and then she moved along the jaw line, stroking with her tongue until she came to her ear lobe. Laura moaned as she felt Sharma bite down on the tender flesh, she moved her hands around Sharma's waist and pulled her closer as she continued to bite, lick and taste her neck. She struggled to prevent herself calling out, as Sharma's kisses became more hurried, more frenzied, their bodies writhed against each other and their hips rocked.

Laura's hands moved across Sharma's body, trying desperately to contain all her flesh, to hold every inch of her at once, she ran one hand through Sharma's loose soft hair, and guided her lips to her own, her other hand searched for the button on Sharma's trousers, their kissing momentarily halted as Laura's hand slid beneath her clothes. They held one another's gaze as Laura ventured further, she watched Sharma's reaction as she found what she was looking for, soft silken and wet. Sharma moaned, deep, and guttural, and as Laura's hand began to move she swore under her breath. Silently Sharma placed a soft kiss on Laura's mouth, she then made her own way across Laura's body, both of them moaning as Sharma's fingers sunk into Laura's yearning flesh. She ran her fingers softly back and forth, and Laura began to mimic her teacher's movements. They pulled one another closer, their soft occasional kisses becoming hungrier, more desperate, as their movements began to increase in pace. Their hips rocked in rhythm, and Laura sunk her face into Sharma's neck to muffle her moaning, their muscles tightened as they came closer. Laura could feel Sharma's hurried breathing, her cries becoming more frequent. They could no longer thrust; their bodies were taut with anticipation, their firm rhythmic strokes becoming more frenzied, as they reached closer and closer, until Laura screamed, and her body spasmed against Sharma, whose own climax was simultaneous and primal.

Limp, and exhausted, they lay on the desk holding one another, unable to move while their bodies recovered. Finally Sharma extracted herself from Laura's grasp, and rolled onto her back, catching her breath. Laura eased herself up onto her elbow, regarding the woman's features, softly glowing in the light of dusk. She reached forward to stoke her still bare abdomen, running her hand slowly up and down, Sharma placed her own hand upon it to stop her going any further.

"I don't think I can go again." She said, looking up at Laura, she smiled, but eased Laura's hand away gently, and began to re-dress herself. Laura watched as she moved to sit on the edge of the desk, doing up the last few buttons of her shirt. "We'd better think about getting a move on." She said, without looking at her.

Laura took the hint, she tidied herself up and eased off the desk, picking up the bag which had fallen to the floor, Sharma grabbed her own things, and unlocked the door for them both.


Sharma used her swipe card to open the large double doors at the front of the physics department, the lights were off, they seemed to be the last to leave the building. There was a chill in the air as Laura stepped into the darkness, Sharma let the doors close behind them as she rummaged in her bag, she pulled out a packet of cigarettes, and offered one to Laura; who declined. As Sharma lit up, she stared off towards the union building, where a queue was already staring to build up.

"Looks like it's going to be a good night." She said finally.

"Yeah" agreed Laura "um… do you maybe want to go somewhere? For a drink or something?" Sharma turned to her, and she looked away, angry at herself for asking, and angry at being ashamed to ask.

"No" she said "I have to get back, I'm not usually at work this late, especially without calling."

"Oh… I didn't realise…" Laura wasn't quite sure how to finish the sentence.

"You assumed I lived alone?"


"I'm married." She used that same dazzling smile.

"Cool." Laura was surprised she managed to say anything at all.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Sharma finished her cigarette; dropping it on the ground before squashing it under her stiletto heel. She gave Laura a quick glance before taking off down the steps and heading towards the station. Her stride was confident, and self-assured, her bag swinging at her side, Laura watched until she was almost out of sight.



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