Flight 461


Disclaimer: This is an uber story and is the result of a long flight, too little coffee, too little sleep and missing someone terribly. If you have a problem with two women enjoying each other’s company, or if you’re too young to enjoy it, this one is not for you. The characters are mine all thou they might remind you of two others seen on tv :-)

Written: 2000

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As I’m sitting silently in my seat on the plane that will take about 10 hours to get me where I’m going, the stewardess comes up to me and asks if I can change seats so that a little boy can sit with his mom. 

I look up at her and then smile at the little 6-year-old boy that is standing next to her, and looking at me with his big brown eyes. I carefully bend out my long legs from behind the seat in front of me and get up.

The stewardess smiles and tells me that I’ll probably be more comfortable in the seat in the back of the plane since there is more room between my seat and the one in front of me. She takes my bag and puts it in the bin over me and says "Thank you", before she leaves to welcome and help the other passengers.

I sit down on the seat by the window and put my seatbelt on. Even if there is a little more room for my legs, the space is still pretty tight. Not that I mind that much. I’m used to it by now. I’ve always been tall and airplanes aren’t the only places where I have had to feel like a crushed tomato whenever I’ve traveled somewhere.

Now they start to take in the people who have "stand-by" tickets. I keep my gaze out the window to show that I’m not in the mood for talking if it would be a chatty person that is seated next to me.

I can feel someone sitting down and in the corner of my eye, I can see that it’s a woman with short, blonde hair. She can’t be very tall because she has no trouble placing her legs between the seats. She’s got a white shirt, almost the same as the one I’m wearing, and black jeans. I still haven’t looked at her face but I can feel her eyes on my skin. I want to turn around and face her but I keep my eyes at the men outside, packing bags into the plane. The woman beside me leans back in her seat and starts to read a book that she’s brought with her.

I can hear a beeping sound and look up. The fasten seatbelt sign is turned on and the stewardesses walk around to see that everyone has put them on.

A few moments later the plane is lifted up in the air and I can see the ground getting smaller and smaller until we disappear over the clouds. When the seatbelt sign is off again, the women working on the plane begin to serve drinks and food.

As the woman beside me hands me a plate with beef that is passed by the stewardess, I see her face for the first time. She looks at me with her green eyes and it feels like she can see right into my soul. When the smile appears on her face, I have to turn my gaze away from her before I melt completely.

When I look back at her again I can see a hurt look in those green eyes and she asks me if I’m all right. I nod and try to turn my focus elsewhere but I can’t. My blue eyes are locked with hers.

Finally the spell breaks when a stewardess comes and stands beside the young blonde and asks if we need anything else. I shake my head and turn to face the window on my right. I finish off the plate and hand it to the tall woman that walks around, collecting trash.

A couple of hours have passed since the plane lifted and it’s almost midnight. Many of the passengers have closed the hatch to cover the windows and are asleep or halfway there.

The crew on the plane has turned off the lights and they have moved to sit in their little cabin in the back of the plane and closed the doors.

The woman sitting beside me picks up the little plastic bag with a dark blue blanket that were on the seats when we got on the plane. She covers her smaller body with it and leans the seat back a little. When I see how she snuggles down under the blanket, I start to feel a little chilly as well.

I take out my blanket and wrap it around me and lean my seat back just as she had done. I pull up my knees to the level of my face and lean them against the seat in front of me, sinking down a little in my seat.

Halfway asleep I feel the woman lean against my shoulder. I glance down at her but she appears to be sleeping. My first instinct tells me to pull away but the closeness feels too good to interrupt. Her hand is holding around my upper arm and I can feel how warm her hands are on my body. I shiver a little and lean my cheek down on top of her head.

It’s funny, but somehow it doesn’t feel like she’s a stranger.

My long, dark hair falls down over her chest and I feel like I never want this moment to end. I feel her hand caressing my arm but I do nothing to make her stop. It moves up and lightly massages my shoulder and I can feel her face turn up to meet mine.

The instinct I had before about pulling away is long gone. I can’t even remember that I ever had it.

I take my left hand and move it to hers, gently caressing it. I can’t see her smile but I can feel it inside me and I can feel her hand moving to the buttons on my shirt. Carefully she opens them one by one until there are no more left. She lifts up the armrest that separates our two seats, and she rearranges the blankets so that it seems like we have a large one instead of two. Her hand moves inside my unbuttoned shirt and she slowly moves her fingertips over my stomach and sides. My sharp intake of air encourages her to continue up to my breasts. My breathing is getting heavier and my heart matches the rhythm of a rock n’ roll band’s drum. She has me spellbound and I can’t move a muscle. I still have my face towards the window but my eyes are now closed and I can’t open them no matter how much I would want to. I’ve never felt the way I feel right now and I don’t want her to ever stop touching me.

But suddenly she does.

I open my eyes and manage to turn my head to face her. Her eye color has changed to a glowing green and I understand that she wants me to show her that I want her to continue.

I take her hand, gently kiss her palm and I move it back to my chest. My other hand slowly travels down to caress her jeans covered thigh. Her hand moves up to my shoulder and she pulls my shirt down. Her lips brush against my naked skin and I move my hand around her neck. Her head turns up to face me and I cover her lips with my own. Her lips are warm and soft and as the kiss deepens I let my hand move down to her shirt and start to open the buttons. Her skin is so warm and soft and I feel even more aroused than I thought was possible.

Her hand is now moving down to the belt on my jeans and stops as she’s silently asking for permission to continue. I move my hand down and open the belt for her and then continue to caress the skin under her shirt. She opens up my jeans and lets her hand explore between my thighs. When she reaches inside my folds, my legs open up some more which also makes it easier for her to reach.

Now she moves her head down and lets her tongue play with my hardened nipple and I press her face harder against me when I feel her fingers entering me. I try to be as quiet as possible but it’s not so easy when the only thing I want to do is scream and beg her no to stop.

Just as I’m about to go over the edge, she covers my mouth with hers to quiet the scream that is just waiting to leave my lungs. She moves to hold me close as I try to get my breathing and heartbeat under control again.

I move to sit with my back against the window and put my right leg up against the back of the seat. I pull her sit between my legs and lean her back against my chest and pull the covers over us.

I let my hands move over her upper body while I gently kiss her neck and play with her earlobe, trying to figure out what she likes. It feels so good to see that she enjoys what I do and the way I touch her. Her eyes are closed and she starts to breath harder as I start to unbutton her jeans the way she did mine just a while ago. She covers my hand with hers and pushes it down inside her pants.

After a few moments she turns around. She pulls off her jeans and puts her legs around my waist. I move my hand down between her thighs again and slowly enter her. Her head falls down to rest on my shoulder as her hands take a steady grip around my neck. Her hips begin to move against me and I hold my other arm tightly around her body to reassure her that she’s safe and that I’ve got her. She bites my neck in an attempt not to scream as I can feel her get closer to the edge. Only a few more seconds before she goes over and I tighten the grip around her to make her feel my hand and my body harder against her. As she goes over the edge, she kisses me hard to quiet her scream. Her body falls limp against me and I hold her close while she calms down again.

Her hand comes up to caress my cheek and her green eyes glitter in the dark. She gives me a kiss that I gladly return before we fall asleep.

It’s now a year later and I’m looking over to the bed. I see the shape of her body under the cover. The most perfect form that I’ve ever seen. I never thought that I could be this happy and I can’t believe that she followed me when we got off the plane.

It wasn’t until two days after the plane had landed that we got to the point where I got to know her name. It’s the name that I scream every night and I hope that I will scream for the rest of my life.




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