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No sex, no bad language and no drugs.

Hurt/Comfort Warning: YES!! IT'S A LOT OF THAT IN HERE.

This is about a woman who is willing to take her life but a stranger shows up and decides to help her. Showing her that life can be good.

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Loved by a Stranger

By Nightowl

I really don't know why I did it. I guess that everything seemed to just hit me in the face and my whole life fell apart. I had no family, no friends, no nothing. All I had was myself, and soon... I wouldn't even have that. I was alone in this big cruel world that seemed to be ruled by hate and violence, so literally... I was alone.

I had made my decision... It wouldn't take long, neither would I feel pain, chicken as I was.

It wasn't too far to walk there, about ten minutes, and about ten minutes I would no longer exist.

I wasn't meant to b in this place, nor this planet and nor this life.

Nothing was fair, everything just seemed to be unfair and I couldn't take much more of it.

No, really I had made my decision. I wasn't even going to hesitate, all I had to do was to step out on the railing, climb over it and then... let go. So I did it! I stepped out on the railing, climbed over it... but I never let go. I couldn't.

I tried to tear myself away. Away from what? Something or someone was holding me back. I tried again but the grasp only went tighter around my wrist.

Wait! My wrist? Someone was holding my wrist. I tried to concentrate harder and I could feel the warmth and softness of the hand. Nothing in my life had ever felt that soft and warm before and I was overwhelmed by the feelings that went through my body.

No, I wasn't going to give in to that warmth. I wasn't! I tried to brake lose again but the hold on my wrist went even tighter and I could feel another warm and soft hand on my upper arm. It was too much. I had to see who it was, so I turned around. It was hard to focus on everything around because of the tears in my eyes. I brought my head up and a quiet sob ragged through my body. All I could see was a pair of crystal blue eyes looking at me.

My heart stopped for a moment only to resume in double speed. It was the bluest eyes I had ever seen and they were filled with such love and kindness. It was a woman... No, wait! It was a goddess. Her nightblack hair hung across her broad shoulders down to her well-filled breast.

I saw her red lips moving but I was emotionally too far away to hear a word of what she was saying. I mentally slapped myself back into the reality and I could hear her strong yet gentle voice like music in the air. She was talking to me. She was telling me not to jump and to come down so we could talk. She told me that she wanted to help me, to make my pain go away, to make me understand that life can be good. What does she know about my life? Nothing. She knew nothing about me and yet I believed her. Her soft and concerned look made me think. Okay, my life is a mess. A total dumpster, no doubt about that, but I couldn't help to think about how my life would look like after this. Maybe she's right? Maybe I should do this. I don't know, I don't know! I started to cry. I cried like I've never done before and I was afraid that I never would be able to stop.

She encircled her strong arms around my waist and pulled me over the railing back into the safety, and back into the mad world.

I held onto her with all my strength. I was afraid to let go, afraid to face the world alone. I didn't know this woman but I didn't care. I nuzzled my face in the crock of her neck to stifle a scream of despair.

I felt strong arms wrap tighter around me. Suddenly, I lost all my strength and my knees started to buckle. I fell down on the cold hard ground and the dark stranger fell down with me.

I was aware of her hands rubbing my back in soothing motions and I could hear her whispering comforting words in my ear. I felt safe, protected, and I know this is going to sound strange but I actually felt loved. Can you believe it? Loved by a stranger.

She was so soft and warm so I pressed myself into her strong body. She drew me even closer to her and I knew then, that this woman would always have a special place in my heart. I trembled. I was cold to the bone and I was hardly wearing any clothes at all.

She let go of me, just to place her black leather jacket around my shaking shoulders but it was long enough for me to miss those arms terribly. I panicked. I thought she would leave me there so I even wrapped my legs around her body to pull myself closer. In an instant I could feel those arms again, enveloping my shivering body. She told me things I wanted to hear, things I wanted to believe and I did. I did believe them. She told me not to worry because she was there to help me. She told me that everything would be alright and that I wasn't alone. I started to cry even more from her loving words and I could feel her hand stroking my hair.

I don't know how long we sat there but it felt like an eternity. An eternity in her arms was a gift from the gods. I almost fell asleep. I was emotionally drained and I hardly knew where I was. The only thing I was aware of, was that the woman had pulled me into her lap and she was rocking me back and fourth, like a mother would sooth her child. I allowed her to comfort me because I needed it. Nobody had ever held me like that, not even my own mother when I was a child, but it felt heavenly and it soothed my soul.

She started to pull away and it scared me. I tried to hold onto her but she was too strong. She softly cupped my face in her hands and brushed a few tears away with gentle thumbs.

She told me that she wouldn't let go of me but we needed to get inside into the warmth. I didn't care if I was warm or cold, I just wanted to be in her arms forever, but what could I do? I nodded and she helped me up onto my feet. When I stood up and gazed into the dark woman's eyes, I came aware of how tall she really was. She was almost a head taller than I was and I could tell she was a bit older than me too. Not much older, maybe five years or so. She smiled down at me and wrapped her arms around me and one again pulling me into her loving embrace.

It was difficult to walk but she told me to lean on her, so I did. I knew that this woman would protect me from any danger. The streets were empty so I knew that it had to be very late, although I didn't know exactly how late it was. I guess I just lost track of the time. I shivered and I guess she noticed it. She started to rub my back and arms, willing warmth into my frozen body.

Suddenly she stopped and of course so did I. We were standing in front of an apartment building, a very big one. Her arms left me to pick up the key from her handbag and she unlocked the door and opened it. I slowly stepped inside a little unsure about what to do next but when I felt her arms around me I felt safe.

We walked three stairs up and she unlocked the door to her apartment with another key.

The smell of soft apple hit me and I actually smiled. She smiled back at me and gestured for me to come inside. The apartment wasn't very big. One bathroom, one bedroom, a kitchen and a small livingroom with a big couch. The windows was very big and if the sun was shining, I bet that the whole apartment would be lit by it, and she wouldn't need any electricity. I was overwhelmed by emotions that I wasn't familiar with. Pain, fear, safety ness, love and happiness. All mixed together.

It was too many feelings at the same time so I broke down in tears again. She must have understood for she took me into the safe harness of her arms and rocked me from side to side. After some time I had calmed down and she gestured me to sit down on the couch next to her. She took the jacket away from my shoulders and at once I started to freeze and a blanket was placed over my body instead. I only knew one think about this woman, she was the kindest most warm hearted person there could be. I wanted that moment to last forever because I was safe and protected in her embrace and I wanted to be in her arms for the rest of my life.

She pushed me away a little bit to look into my eyes. Those eyes were full of love and concern for me and the feeling hit me hard, I was overwhelmed. She wanted to know my name so I told her. I asked her the same and with those two simple questions our relationship started. She picked out some warm clothes for me to put on and the warm feeling was welcomed. She made us something to eat and drink and it tasted delicious. She was surprised of the amount of food I put away but she told me she liked it.

After that we talked and talked and talked. She asked me why I stood on that railing today and why I was about to jump. I really didn't have anything to lose so I told her everything. Of course I couldn't hold back my tears as I did so. She came around the table, picked me up and carried me to her bedroom. She lay down and pulled me on top of her so my head was lying on her collarbone. She caressed my back and hair, kissing my face and spoke words of comfort. She told me that I would never be alone anymore and that everything would be alright, and with her by my side, I knew that it would be.

The End.


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