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Kelly woke up early the next morning, a rare occurrence in her life. She could actually see the sun come up from behind the building across the street to chase away the darkness of the night and for a moment she was confused.

The surface she was lying on didn't feel at all familiar; in fact it was moving. The sleepy woman frowned and patted the moving object, trying to determine what it was.

"What *are* you doing?" came a sleepy voice from above her head. Startled she opened her eyes fully and the memories of the night before returned. 'Ofcourse, Sydney stayed over,' she thought, settling down to get some more sleep.

'But why am I lying on her!?' Her head shot up and she tried to lift herself off of Sydney's body, which wasn't easy since the living pillow held on to the struggling woman.

Somehow they had found each other during the night, with Kelly almost completely on top of Sydney who was lying on her back, holding the smaller woman in a protective embrace.

Kelly stopped struggling and peeked up at Sydney. 'She doesn't seem to mind' the blonde thought, seeing the gentle, rested expression on the other woman's face.

'Why would I mind then? Besides, this is worth waking up early for!'

Smiling, she said: "Morning."

Dropping her gaze from the blue eyes to a tempting mouth she saw lips moving but didn't hear the words. She just wanted to taste her, blood rushed through her veins, hormones worked over-time. Throwing all caution overboard, she went for it, leaning in to catch the lips that were so close to her own.

Her tongue sneaked out, tracing the outline, teasing the woman lying under her. Sydney's hands grabbed her bottom and pulled her tightly against her warm body. Kelly could feel the heat coming from Sydney's center and with a groan she pushed her pelvis against the taller woman's causing a friction welcomed by both.

Sydney moaned and opened her mouth, letting the warm tongue of the blonde enter and discover her. Her hands roamed over the lithe body, removing the clothes that kept her from reaching the skin she wanted to reach.

Caressing warm skin both women forgot the time, forgot about breakfast, forgot about work…forgot about everything but each other.


Busily drying her hair Sydney glanced over at the blonde woman getting dressed for work. A smile brightened her features when she remembered the passion they had just shared.

It had felt so familiar, so right. Sex had never been that special to her; sure it was a pleasure, most of the time, but after feeling the deep connection with Kelly she knew it could be a very beautiful experience if it was shared with the right person. 'And that she definitely is,' the brunette concluded.

Catching the far away look in Sydney's eyes, Kelly couldn't help but wonder what the other woman was thinking. She knew what was going through her mind: the feeling of security when being in Sydney's arms, the feeling of a strong connection between the two of them, images of them both in the thrills of passion. But her most shocking thought: 'I think I'm in love.'

'Well, not really shocking,' she admitted to herself. After all, Kelly's feelings towards the cop were warm almost from the beginning. First she had been annoyed at the crime scene, intrigued after the introduction and Sydney's barging into her home, but that soon turned into genuine interest for the person behind the cop. And the more she had seen, the more she had grown to like the tall, dark woman.

Strong arms circled her waist and she relaxed, leaning into the athletic body behind her. Placing her head below Sydney's chin, she sighed: "Too bad I need to get to work, I'd rather stay here with you."

A grinning Sydney answered: "You read my thoughts, sweetie, but unfortunately, duty calls for me as well. And first I need to get home for some fresh clothes. I don't think yours will fit me, judging by the pj's you gave me."

Quirking her eyebrow the blonde answered: "Oh, but the short shirt was on purpose; I wanted something good as a view and those legs of yours fit the bill."

Sydney had been nibbling on a tasty earlobe, which almost caused Kelly to drag her back to bed and lock the door, but she managed to pull away and turned around to gently shove Sydney in the chest.

"Shoo, just go then and stop tempting me to keep you prisoner and call in sick."

"Okay, okay, I'm going already. Wouldn't want you to do that." Sydney backed off, not quite convincing the reporter of her sincerity. Not with that overtly sexy leer on the tall woman's face, anyway.

"Will I see you tonight Syd?" she asked, hopefully.

"If you'd like to, ofcourse you will. I can even bring some take out with me. How do you feel about Thai food?" came the eager reply.

"I certainly like and Thai is good. Something tells me we'll be eating very fast tonight anyhow." Giving a sexy wink she advanced to give her new lover a goodbye kiss she wouldn't soon forget.

A panting Sydney suddenly found herself in front of the apartment, with absolutely no recollection of how she got there. Smirking to herself, she shook her head and headed in the direction of her bike, already looking forward that evening.


Kelly arrived home at 6 p.m. She hurriedly cleaned her place a bit, wanting it to look welcoming for when Sydney would come.

The day couldn't have gone too soon for the reporter; her co workers had made some teasing remarks about her having something big planned because of the million times she looked at the clock.

Setting the table she once again glanced at the clock, '6.30 already - where is she?' Kelly thought impatiently while opening a bottle of wine and placing glasses on the table.

A knock was heard and a delighted smile lit up the blonde's face. Rushing to open the door she yelled: "Coming!"

An instant after the door opened Sydney was roughly pulled inside and warm lips seized hers. Having her hands full with Thai food, there was nothing she could do but co-operate, which she did with enthusiasm, opening her mouth to grant access to the questioning muscle that wanted to play.

A passionate kiss followed, with tongues darting in and out, fighting for dominance. When air was necessary, Kelly withdrew, happily smiling at the cop who was still surprised over the welcome she received.

'But I'm not complaining. No way,' Sydney thought while weakly saying: "Food?" as she handed the bags to Kelly.

The reporter accepted the food and patted Sydney's cheek. "Good to see you, I missed you today. Follow me."

She enjoyed having caught the cop off guard; that didn't happen much and it was fun to see the normally so self-assured woman trying to get her wits together.

Sydney took off her coat and followed the blonde to the dining table, taking a seat and accepting a glass of wine. Kelly unpacked the various dishes and soon they were ready to eat.

After talking about their day a comfortable silence stretched out, filled with stolen glances, brief touches and smiles. Both women were enjoying their time together, still not quite believing what had happened in the short period after their first meeting. They had known each other for no more than a few weeks, yet they were so at ease that it seemed much longer.

Just as they finished cleaning up the kitchen, the phone rang. Kelly, who was washing her hands, turned to Sydney and asked: "Could you get that for me please?"

After Sydney greeted the person on the other end, a confused silence settled over the line.

"Ehm, hi…I'm looking for Kelly? Kelly Ashwood? This isn't you, is it Kels?"

"No, it isn't," Sydney answered. "Hang on; here she comes."

The woman held out the phone to the approaching blonde and shrugged, indicating she had no idea who was on the line. When Kelly nodded eagerly to her whispered suggestion of coffee, she sauntered back into the kitchen.

"Kelly Ashwood speaking"

"Kels! Thank God you're home. Who was that woman?" Before Kelly could reply, the caller continued. Sobbing she said: "I really need your help Kelly, I'm at the airport about to board a plane heading for San Francisco. Could you put me up for a while?"

"Tam, slow down please. Ofcourse you can stay with me, but what is wrong? And how about Mom and Dad, do they know you're coming here?" Kelly tried to assemble her thoughts and make some sense of what was going on.

This was not how she had planned her evening. At all. Pushing thoughts of the tall woman in her kitchen to the back of her mind for the moment she focused on the phone call. In the background she heard an announcement being made.

"Ah, I need to board the plane Kel, could I please tell you everything when I get down there?" the distraught woman pleaded.

"Gotta run now, see you tonight!" and with a click she was gone, leaving the blonde woman to stare at the phone with a dazed expression.

Turning around slowly, she saw Sydney standing at the counter that separated the kitchen from the living room. The cop had a curious expression on her face, cocking her head she asked: "Something wrong?"

Kelly made her way over to the couch and sat down, thinking about her answer. "I'm not sure, really," she eventually replied.

Looking up at the brunette who had taken a seat next to her, she continued: "That was my sister, Tamara. She's on a plane right now on her way to see me. It seems like she's upset about something. She was crying on the phone, but I didn't have the chance to find out what was wrong."

Sydney put her hand on the blonde's shoulder, seeing the concern written on her face and wanting to convey her support. "At least she's coming here, to you. I'm sure the both of you can work it out. And if you need any help, I'm here for you."

Suddenly shocked green eyes fastened on blue: "You have to go!" she exclaimed.

"Tam can't see you here, how on earth would I explain that?"

"Easy Kel, I'll go home now. I understand you want to meet with your sister in private. I can stop by tomorrow though, to say hello and check if things are okay?" the cop answered, leaning in to kiss Kelly.

"No, you can't stop by. You can't come here at all when she's here. What will Tam think of that?" The smaller woman was shaking her head vigorously.

Sydney pulled back and stared at Kelly in disbelief, confusion written all over her face. She didn't know what to say; this was something she hadn't expected.

Opting for not saying anything at all, she stood up, quietly saying: "I see. Well, don't worry about me, I won't bother you or embarrass you in any way. I hope everything works out with your sister. Goodbye, Kelly."

Without a backward glance the tall cop walked out of the room. Kelly heard an engine fire and the sound of squealing tires made her think clearly again.

"Oh my God, what have I done?" she groaned, falling back against the couch and staring desperately at the ceiling.

She couldn't stop thinking about Sydney, sitting on her couch and offering her support. The smaller woman had seen the look of pain and had heard the confusion and sadness color Sydney's voice when Kelly had not only so harshly refused her help, but practically kicked the tall woman out.

'How could I have been so stupid as to push away the woman I love? - Yes, definitely love - She must think I was playing with her or embarrassed to be seen with her.'

Closing her eyes all she could see were images of Sydney, of them together, but they were ultimately replaced by the image of a hurt woman, walking away from her. A tear escaped her eye as she hugged herself to keep warm.

She thought about why Tamara shouldn't supposed to know about Sydney…Sure, she hadn't told her sister - or anyone else for that matter - that she was gay, and she was afraid to do so, but that was no excuse for denying the cop's existence. She should have just explained the whole situation to Sydney, she would have understood. Kelly knew that and that knowledge only served to make her feel even more miserable for hurting Sydney's feelings.

Glancing at the clock she made up her mind. She was going to call Sydney later on and apologize, even if it meant groveling, until the other woman would forgive her and come to see her.


Kelly had been trying to concentrate on a story she was working on while awaiting the arrival of her sister. It didn't work though; her mind was alternating between speculating about why Tam was suddenly coming down to San Francisco and worrying about Sydney.

She had tried to call her a little bit earlier, but there had been no response on the other end. The blonde sighed, she hoped the tall woman was at the commissioner's or at J's.

Kelly had thought about calling them, but then she had decided against it. If Sydney didn't go home and wasn't answering her cell phone that could mean she wanted some space. Kelly wasn't about to push, not this evening, but first thing tomorrow she would go to the station and talk things out.

Massaging her temples she once again read over her article, nothing had been added or changed since starting an hour ago, so she gave up. Closing the program she heard a car drive up and doors slam right before a knock was heard at the door.

Opening the door to the sight of her sister a warm smile lit up her face. "Tam!"

Throwing open the door and motioning her in she took in her sister's appearance.

Tamara was looking very tired, a weary expression on her face. She tried to smile for her big sister but it was a very watery one. Her darkblonde hair was all disheveled, eyes red-rimmed with tears forming when she hugged Kelly.

"What's wrong Tam? Is everything okay at home? Are you okay?" A concerned Kelly was rattling off questions, holding her sister at arm length to take a closer look. "And what happened to your face?"

The remains of a bruise could be seen on Tamara's temple. Touching the spot Kelly ushered the younger woman into the living room and motioned for her to take a seat on the couch.

Tamara collapsed on the couch, leaning back and letting out a long sigh. "Aaaah, Kels, it' so good to see you again. Thanks for putting me up by the way."

Seeing the impatient look on the blonde's face she added: "Don't worry about home, everything is still as you left it. With me, well that's another story.

I will tell you everything, could I please get a drink first? I need a minute to settle down." Tamara pleaded in a soft voice.

"Ofcourse, I'm sorry. It's just that you have me worried here Tam." Breathing out she asked: "Is a beer okay?"

Receiving a relieved nod she turned around and went to the kitchen, taking her time to give her sister the space she needed for a few minutes.

Taking a seat next to Tam she took a swig of the beer, let it roll around in her mouth for a bit before swallowing with extreme pleasure.

"Aah, that tasted great. Just what I needed." Glancing sideways she saw her sister staring straight ahead, obviously deep in thought. Figuring it would be best to let her start on her own pace Kelly placed her feet on the coffeetable and got comfortable, patiently waiting for Tamara to explain what was happening.

"I met a guy a few months back, I think about 4 months." Tamara began.

"He was very nice, handsome and interested in me, me who wasn't the most perfect catch in the world"

Holding up her hand to stop the protests that were about to spill from Kelly's mouth. "No Kelly, don't start. I know I'm not a loser or anything, but this guy was totally different from the guys in our neighborhood. So worldly..can't put into words any better then that. And you know I never went beyond highschool. Dad wouldn't let me, I think he figures losing one daughter to modern times made him determined to raise me in a fine young woman."

It came in a bitter tone, remembering the fights she had with their father when she tried to do the same as Kelly and go her own way. She hadn't managed to break free like her older sister had, instead she had to work in her father's bar, waiting until a respectable young man came by to make her his wife.

Kelly felt guilty for not noticing it earlier; she had thought Tamara wanted to work in the bar and was happy to become a married woman when the right man came along. "Why didn't you say anything? I would have helped you get out on your own, you must have know that." She stated, a little hurt that her sister hadn't come to her.

"I know, but I didn't have the courage to take the step. I don't have the same strong character as you have Kel. You take after dad. Me, I favor mom."

Both girls thought about the gentle woman whom had raised them, always trying to keep the peace, never raising her voice and always taking care of everything and everyone in the house. No complaint had ever come from her lips.

"But you're here now…." Kelly encouraged, wanting to know the rest of the story.

Tamara stared at the ground, refusing to meet Kelly's eyes when she said: "Yeah, but it took a beating bastard for me to finally take the step. That's where the bruise came from, the guy that seemed so great turned out to be worse than dad.

And ofcourse dad thinks the world of him; he was over the moon when I brought Rudy home. I never had the guts to tell him what he was really like."

Turning her back to a shocked woman she pulled up her shirt and showed a back full with bruises. Old and new. Kelly tentatively reached out and tenderly caressed the marks. Pulling down her sister's shirt, she turned her around to face her. Seeing tears stream from Tamara's eyes she no could no longer hold herself and she hugged her sister tightly for a moment, tears leaking down her own face.

Wincing because of the pressure on her back, Tamara loosened her grip and continued: "He still doesn't know, I just packed my bags and left when he and mom were at the bar. I wanted to break up with Rudy, but he wouldn't let me go and he has threatened to kill me if I humiliate him like that."

"Rudy, not dad" she added, just to be clear.

Kelly nodded, "And you got away unnoticed? Did go to the police sweetie?"

A snort was her answer: "The police? Come on Kel, I couldn't do that. Dad would never forgive me and you know that. That story would go all around town and pretty much ruin my chances of finding a decent man."

"That's bullshit!" the blonde exclaimed. But deep down she knew her father would think exactly like Tam just sketched.

"You know dad," Tamara shrugged, "Anyway, that's not my biggest problem. I think Rudy knows I went here, he almost had me on the airport and he knows about you. I told him everything about you when we first met. Shouldn't be too hard for him to find out you live in San Francisco."

"Okay, that's it! If there's a possibility that he's coming here then there's no other option than for you to go the police."

"No, no arguments with me on this." Forestalling the arguments she saw were being formed.

"It's too dangerous not to do it Tam. I know a detective over here, she's a very good friend of mine and I'm sure she's able to help. We're going to tell her in the morning."

Kelly crossed her fingers, hoping she would be able to work things out with Sydney, otherwise they would have to find another cop to help out, but she preferred Sydney. For purely selfless reasons ofcourse, after all she was the best detective out there. Kelly smirked internally.

"And after that you'll have to call home and let them know what's going on."

Seeing the scared look in Tamara's eyes her voice softened and she said: "Don't worry, I'm sure it will be fine and I'm right here to support you. No matter what.


Staring intently in Tam's eyes she saw a bit of determination flare up. 'Go girl,' she thought, 'I know there's some fire in you. You just don't know it yourself. Time to take your life in your own hands.'

"Yes. And thank you Kels, I'm fortunate to have such a great big sister."

"Just remember that when my birthday comes around," Kelly returned, tweaking Tamara's nose and smiling mischievously.

Yawning at the same time both women started to laugh and mutually agreed on needing some sleep. Kelly got up to the make the couch into a bed while her sister was in the bathroom and after wishing eachother good night they were of to dream land.


Kelly awoke the next morning to the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of her refrigerator door closing. After a short moment of confusion she remembered; Tamara was staying at her place.

Getting up, she went to the bathroom before making her way to the kitchen.

"Morning Tam," she yawned.

Tamara, who had been busy scrambling eggs, turned around and smiled. "Morning to you too, I thought I'd make you breakfast before you need to get to work. As a small thank you for last night."

Turning seriously Kelly stated: "I'm going to see that friend of mine this afternoon. Hopefully she will come back with me to talk to you, please tell her everything, okay Tam? She'll be able to help, I trust her."

Kelly's sister nodded. "Eat your eggs, I'm going for a shower now."

"Don't you want to eat?" the blonde asked.

"Maybe later, I'm not hungry right now." Tamara answered, disappearing out of view.

Kelly sighed, 'Maybe I should have waited with bringing on the subject until after breakfast.' She thought, a bit worried about her sister's lack of appetite. It was one of the features they shared that showed they were related: an enormous ability to eat food.

Pushing her empty plate away, Kelly's eye fell on the phone. Hesitating for a second she looked at the door to her bedroom. Tamara hadn't emerged yet and making a decision the blonde picked up the receiver to dial Sydney's number.

Her feeling of anxiousness turned into disappointment when the machine picked up.

"Hi Syd, it's me." She softly said. "If you're there, please pick up. I need to talk to

you about last night."

Waiting a beat, she continued. "I was an idiot last night. All I can say is; I was afraid and confused. Everything happened so fast and you were there. Being absolutely great, offering support and letting me know you'd stand by me which I turned down because I was afraid of Tam's reaction. I feel awful about that, I really don't know what came into me, especially since I…"

She sighed. "Never mind, I want to tell you all of this in person anyway. I hope you are okay. Call me when you hear this, please? I have been worrying."

After hanging up, she stared at the phone for a few minutes. Kelly knew she would have to say the right things that afternoon. She just hoped she would have the guts to say what was really in her heart.


Tamara had been standing in the door opening, overhearing her sister on the phone. She didn't really know what to make of it.

'Seems like Kel has found herself someone important. Yet this sounded as trouble between them, somehow related to me. Why would she be afraid of my reaction?'

Planning on keeping quiet on what she overheard for now, she walked back a few paces and slammed the bathroom door shut. Letting Kelly know she was about to come out.

When Tamara entered the living room, Kelly was getting her stuff together. Putting on her shoes she said to Tamara: "I left some eggs for you. It was really good, eat some of it yourself."

Tamara got a plate for herself and sat down at the table, eating and watching her sister with curious eyes. Still wondering about the strange phone call.

Kelly turned to her sister: "Can you manage for awhile? Make yourself at home, I'll be back around 1 or 2 think."

"Tam?" waving to catch her attention she prodded: "Did you hear me?"

"Huh? Yeah, yes, I heard you. Get to work, I'm a big girl. I'll do some cleaning, maybe call Mom and Dad."

Kelly nodded in approval. "Sounds like a plan to me, although the cleaning part isn't necessary. Oh, you can use the computer if you like."

Rushing by, she leaned in to give Tamara a kiss on the cheek and with that Kelly was out the door.


Sydney was at her desk, going through the various reports made in regard to Thomas Shine. They were trying to locate the rental car, maybe get some more leads from that and the door-to-door action in the vicinity of the motel was still an ongoing proces.

The tired woman rubbed her eyes when the letters started to blur, again. She hadn't had much sleep last night, the events of that evening going round and round in her head.

She was definitely hurt by the way Kelly rebuffed her. The thing that confused her most though, was the amount of pain that action had caused. Sydney had been thinking about it, lying in Tess' room at John and Alma's home.

Never had she allowed someone coming so close that soon. And yet here she was, hurting because of a blonde reporter who had won a place in her heart without any effort at all.

'Could it be that Kelly was just playing?' Sydney had dismissed that idea almost immediately, knowing the green eyes couldn't have lied to her. She had seen the emotions playing behind them, her heart had reacted to those emotions and Sydney had never felt more right about something as when she was with Kelly.

In the end she had given up trying to understand the blonde's reasons. Hoping that they would be able to clear the air once her sister was gone. Sydney wasn't about to go over to Kelly, not after the other woman's statement about not wanting Tamara to see her. She wanted space, so Sydney was going to give it to her.

J glanced over to his partner. It wasn't like the tall woman to sit a whole morning at her desk. Sydney usually needed action and was out on the street for most of the time. Yet today they were the only two officers left in the squad room, with commissioner Bailey ofcourse in his office up ahead.

He had tentatively informed if she was alright a few times, but she had declined to answer. Only stating that it was personal, something to do with the reporter and not something she was willing to discuss at the moment.

J had respected his long time friend's need for privacy so he hadn't pushed. He also knew she would tell him eventually, she always did.

Looking up he saw Kelly Ashwood enter the room, noticing her slightly nervous movements and the apprehensive way she approached Sydney.

The big dark man whispered to Sydney: "I'm going for drink, you want one?"

Not taking her eyes of the papers in front of her, she distractedly replied: "Sure, a coke would be great. Thanks."

Walking passed Kelly he squeezed her shoulder, mouthing 'good luck' to the small blonde.

Kelly observed the woman cop sitting behind her desk for few moments; Sydney looked like she hadn't slept all night, dark circles under her eyes and a tired expression on her face.

She saw the tired woman sigh and shove the papers she had been staring at away. Closing her eyes Sydney leaned back in her chair and stretched her legs, never noticing the woman observing her from the doorway.

The blonde slowly moved forward, not wanting to startle the cop. She couldn't have taken more than two steps when blue eyes opened and fixed themselves on her.

An unreadable expression greeted Kelly, who swallowed, a bit afraid of the reaction she might get. After a silence, in which Sydney made no effort to start the conversation, Kelly hesitantly said: "Hi. Ehm, can I talk to you for a moment?"

The blue eyes remained guarded but after a short moment Sydney nodded and motioned for Kelly to take the chair in front of her desk.

Sitting down gratefully, her legs had began to shake a bit, the little blonde rattled off everything she had wanted to say.

"I really want to apologize Syd, I never meant to hurt you, nor did I want you to go away last night. I needed your support and you offered it immediately, for which I am very grateful."

"Yet you declined." Was the only response in a neutral voice.

"Yes," Kelly whispered. "And in a terrible manner as well. All I can say is that I panicked. Nobody knows I'm gay. I wasn't ready to come out to Tamara by having a woman over while she was coming to me for help."

"I can understand that Kel, I really do. I admit I was extremely hurt by the way you kicked me out last night and I was wondering about if you were just playing with me."

Shocked green orbs met Sydney's gaze. "No way, that's so not true Sydney. You have to believe me!"

The blue eyes softened and with a half smile the cop answered: "I came to that conclusion myself, after tossing and turning all night long. My plan was to give you space until your sister left and then try to talk some things out."

Kelly shook her head. "No, that's not how it's gonna be. I thought a lot about it last night and I think my sister has the right to meet the person I love. So I will tell her and I want you to be there as well."

Not receiving a reaction she glanced up. Seeing Sydney staring at her with a stunned expression on her face.

"Lo…love?" the speechless woman asked.

"Not exactly the place I wanted to be when telling you," looking around the squad room, "but it's true. I love you Sydney."

"You don't have to say anything right now. It's probably a bit of a shock and you'll need some time to…" a slightly insecure Kelly rambled on when the other woman still hadn't said anything.

Sydney jumped to her feet, moved around the desk and pulled Kelly out of her chair. Stopping the rambling by crushing her mouth on the still talking lips.

The tall woman pushed Kelly up against the desk and kept attacking the blonde's mouth; her tongue demanding entrance she explored the inviting warm depth.

Releasing a breathless reporter, Sydney hugged her closely and whispered in her ear: "I love you to Kelly. Even if you choose a very non-romantic place to tell me."

They stood in the embrace for a while longer, enjoying the feel of the other's body, until a whistle broke the silence.

"Here's your coke Rambo." J said, throwing the can towards Sydney. "Seems like everything's okay again. So can I sit back at my desk now?"

"Get your big butt in the chair." Sydney grumbled.

"And J?" The dark man looked up questioningly.

"Thanks." A warm smile curved Sydney's lips. Turning in a grin when she spotted the slight blush on her friend's face.

Just as she was about to tease the man a bit more, Kelly caught her eye. Seeing the serious look on the blonde's face, Sydney let J off the hook and once again focused on the reporter.

"What was up with your sister anyway? Is she okay?" She inquired; assuming there must have been something going on for Tamara to hop on a plane to Kelly all of a sudden.

Sydney perched on the edge of her desk; facing Kelly and waiting for the blonde to tell her what was going on. Upon hearing about the abusive boyfriend, the cop face tensed and she caught J's equally grim face.

Both detectives had seen far too many of these cases, knowing things like this could easily get out of hand.

When Kelly finished talking she turned a pleading look towards Sydney: "I told her you would be able to help her. Do you think you can come down with me to talk to her and go through the options she has? Please?"

"Ofcourse I will Kel, but it would be best if she came in to make a statement. I'll tell her that myself though, this afternoon you said?"

After Kelly's relieved nod she glanced at J. Who was waving her away, meanwhile saying: "You go take care of that, I'll hold down the fort for an afternoon. See you back tomorrow. But this will cost you in the future." He warned.

"Sure J, put it on the tab." Sydney said with a smile. "I'll call you this evening to see what has been going on."

Stepping around the desk, she walked over to the commissioner's office and poked her head in. After a short conversation she returned to the blonde's side.

"We're invited for dinner this Friday. I accepted, is that okay with you? Tamara is welcome to join us as well."

Kelly shrugged. "Let's see how everything goes and ask Tam later on. Sounds good to me though."

Walking out of the room Sydney mentioned in an off-hand manner: "Oh, you're invited too J."

"Good to see I'm still as important as ever, the way you show your happiness about me coming as well is heart warming." The dark man mock grumbled.


Parking her bike in front of Kelly's apartment building, Sydney removed her helmet and shook her hair. She turned to help the blonde of the bike before following.

"How about you go on up and see if she's ready. I have to run an errand at the post office, shouldn't take more than 10 minutes."

Kelly watched the tall woman walk to the post office at the end of the street. Admiring the long legs in tight jeans, the way her hips swayed when she walked and the strong confident manner she held herself.

'Better get upstairs before you start drooling.' The blonde smirked to herself, turning around to enter her building.


Tamara had been killing time in the apartment by reading the paper, doing some housework and working on the computer a bit. She had started a Spanish course without her father's knowledge and now she could use Kelly's computer to make some assignments required to advance with the course.

After a while she got tired of the Spanish words and she got up to investigate the apartment a bit. Kelly looked like someone who kept it clean, not a surprise considering the way she cared for her room since she was a little girl.

Strolling around the living room, Tamara noticed something missing. No personal items. Sure, a few knick knacks here and there, but no photo's, no sign of someone else frequenting the space. The only photo was one of the two of them, during highschool.

'Hmmm, I wonder who this Sydney-guy is. Too bad my sister never was one to take photos.' Tamara looked at the clock. '1 already. Kelly should be back soon with that cop friend of hers. I'll start some lunch, take my mind of things.'

The brunette was starting to get nervous. She knew telling the police was what she needed to do, but on the other hand she was scared for the reaction this might evoke with Ryan. Or her parents for that matter.

Tamara hadn't called her parents yet; she really wanted Kelly to be there when she did, so she had decided to wait until that evening.

Setting the table, she heard a knock on the door. 'Did Kelly forget her key this morning? Still the same airhead as she used to be.' Tamara chuckled, on her way to open the front door.

"Still forgetting things eh sis?" Swinging open the door Tamara froze upon seeing the all too familiar face of the person standing there.

"Seems like a family trait. Didn't you forget to bring something at the airport?" the muscled guy mockingly said.

"Ryan!" the frightened girl exclaimed. "Get out of here!" Tamara tried to close the door, but the man managed to get his foot in. Pushing open the door completely, Ryan shoved Tamara back inside. Slamming the door shut behind him.

Tamara was slowly walking backwards, with Ryan advancing on her. "You didn't think I would just let you go, did you Tam?" he asked.

"You know, I really loved you. I was planning on spending the rest of my life with you. And I still am, no one rejects me." He said in a loud voice.

The young woman stopped in the center of the living room, straightening her shoulders she looked him in the eye. Slowly and clearly enunciating: "No Ryan, love isn't about beating me to control me. I do not want to marry you so you'd better get back to the airport and leave. I'm not coming with you. Never again."

Ryan let out a short laugh. "You suddenly grew a spine missy? That doesn't matter, I can break it easily."

A shudder passed through Tamara, but with new determination she answered: "You'll have to kill me to get me back home with you. I won't go any other way."

Staring at the woman in front of him, so different than the one who was trying her best to please him, Ryan felt his blood start to boil. 'Who was she to turn him down? She would go with him, she belonged to him.'

Suddenly his fist shot out and connected with Tamara's jaw. Stumbling backwards a scream tore from her mouth. An excruciating pain radiated from her jaw and she fell down on the floor, wincing she was grabbed by the hair and roughly pulled up.

"You are coming with me." He yelled, once again lashing out. This time hitting her in the stomach. Tamara scrambled back until she came to the wall; there she rolled up into a ball, knowing from experience that this was the best way to deal with the rage. Slowly she started to retreat within herself, blocking out the pain and the advancing form of Ryan. Not really feeling the next kick anymore, she was going deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Suddenly a loud curse was heard. "What the hell? Get off me you bitch!"

Struggling to get back to her surroundings, Tamara heard Ryan swear and the voice of her sister sounded: "You'd better keep your filthy paws off of her you bastard."

It took a lot of effort to open her eyes, but when she did the sight of her sister on the back of Ryan greeted her. She had her arms around his neck and was holding on for dear life, the big man's arms flailing about. Trying to grab onto her.

Slamming his back into the wall Ryan managed to knock the wind out of Kelly and the little blonde had to let go. Glancing over at her sister she asked anxiously: "Are you okay Tam? Don't worry, I won't let you get out of here."

Ryan snorted. "As if you can stop me." Reaching out to grab her by the throat he was surprised when something spun him around. He suddenly found himself facing a tall dark woman, who purred: "Maybe she can't, but I sure as hell can."

Kelly took the opportunity to go to Tamara's side, hugging her sister close to her and watching the interaction between the big muscled man and Sydney with concern.

She knew from experience that the cop had a very athletic body, but this man was enormous. Yet Sydney didn't seem too worried, it looked more like she was enjoying it.

A cold smile had settled on her face as she beckoned Ryan towards her. "You'll have to get through me before getting to them. Oh, and I'm a cop by the way." She stated.

The man attacked furiously, releasing a series of kicks and blows. None of which seemed to face the dark haired woman though; she easily blocked each and every one of them.

She started an attack of her own and slowly forced him backwards, Sydney noticed the floor lamp a little too late and Ryan managed to grab it, knocking the cop in the back with it.

Slightly dazed Sydney, stumbled back a bit, leaving an opening for Ryan to use. A hard punch in the stomach knocked the air out of her and she bend over, gasping for air.

Kelly looked on in horror, but Sydney stood to her full height once again. In a dangerous voice she spoke: "Big mistake."

She unleashed a punch to his face, immediately followed by one to the stomach. The second one connected and Ryan was the one bending down this time, connecting her knee with his chin, Sydney put the guy to the floor.

Leaning on his back she pulled his hands behind his back and put on some handcuffs. "You're lucky I'm in a good mood so I didn't pull my gun. Idiot."

The only response was a weak struggle and an unclear mumble.

Using Kelly's phone to call for some agents to take the man away, Sydney turned to the two women. Kelly had helped her sister to the couch and got her an ice pack, which Tamara was holding to her face. Eyes closed and a pained expression.

Kelly caught Sydney's gaze. The excitement was getting to her and the reporter was about to break down. Opening her arms in invitation, the tall woman smiled gently at her, jerking her chin to indicate Kelly had to come over.

A grateful blonde hurried over and buried her face in Sydney's chest. Sighing contentedly when the strong arms surrounded her. Kelly relaxed in the other woman's arms, not caring about anything but the safe feeling she always got when being in Sydney's arms.

Sydney rested her chin on Kelly's head. Her gaze crossed that of Tamara's. The younger girl was looking at them with a thoughtful expression. Offering a hesitant smile, Sydney was relieved that Tamara answered with a smile of her own, before once again closing her eyes.

'Tamara's reaction might not be as bad as Kelly had imagined.' She thought hopefully.



to be continued in part 4
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