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They were slowly walking to the car, Danni glancing sideways from time to time. She had been thinking about Kyra’s remark on needing the fighting skills and the curious blonde tried to come up with a way to broach the subject again.

The tall woman had been silent all the way to the parking lot, but Kyra had seen the glances thrown her way and could almost feel the curiosity roll off Danni in waves. She sighed. The dark haired woman knew she couldn’t keep fending off questions and part of her didn’t want to.

‘At least I won’t have to be worried anymore about losing her if I tell her now, since there’s nothing to lose yet.’ She snorted at herself. ‘Yeah right, Kiriakis. Pretend like that blonde doesn’t already mean more to you than you want to admit. You know very well you’d be really hurt if she doesn’t want to know you anymore. Somehow, some way she broke down the many walls you have up to protect yourself without any effort at all.’

‘Okay, I guess the question is: do you want this thing with Danni to go somewhere? Cause if you do, you need to tell her before you take it any further.’

Kyra nodded to herself. Easy answer. Finally paying attention to her surroundings again she noticed she was standing by her car and that Danni was looking at her expectantly. The blonde had seen her silent companion had been brooding about something, so she decided to stay quiet until Kyra was done.

Not an easy task for the blonde since she was a natural talker and on top of that she was anxious to ask about the fighting.

"All right, shall we go? Sorry about zoning out there for a moment." Kyra said with a tense smile.

Leaning on the hood of the car, Danni gathered up her courage. "Ehm, Kyra. About that fighting stuff…"

Kyra interrupted before she could finish the question, "I know what you want to ask and I’ll tell you, but wait until we’re home okay?"

The smaller woman gazed into guarded blue eyes. Not able to read anything in their expression, Danni sighed and agreed, already regretting opening her mouth and causing her friend to tense up like she did.

Both women were left to their own thoughts as the drive home took place in silence. Not a word was said until they entered Kyra’s place.

"Can I get you something to drink? Some tea maybe?" The tall woman offered, not looking Danni in the eye and not even waiting for a response.

Kyra headed to the kitchen, hoping the mundane task would settle her nerves somehow. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the smaller woman step into the kitchen with her and she jumped when her arm was grabbed reassuringly.

"You don’t have to tell me if you don’t feel like it. Yes, I like to know about you, but only what you feel comfortable sharing." Danni stated sincerely.

Kyra grabbed the counter and released a deep breath before slowly turning her head and looking into the green eyes that were so close. "Danni, there is some stuff in my past that’s extremely hard to talk about, yes. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to, with you that is. There is an attraction between us," she waited a bit to see the confirming nod, "and I don’t want to act on that until you know who you’re dealing with. It would only be fair to you to give you a chance to back out now, before anything has happened."

Danni reached up and cupped a tanned cheek with her hand. "I hear what you’re saying, but you’re wrong about one thing. Something has happened; I’m falling for you. Hard. And I don’t think anything you can tell me will make me see anyone else than the woman I’ve grown to like and very much want to take a chance with, standing right in front of me."

Kyra was feeling a lot of things. Fear. Trepidation. Admiration for this small woman in front of her. But the feeling that came out strongest when she looked into the sincere green eyes was hope.

Nodding slightly she turned her head and placed a soft kiss on Danni’s palm. "I hope so," she whispered before stepping away and picking up their tea.

They settled themselves on the couch, Danni sitting on the far end, pulling her legs up under her and shifting until she could face the other woman. Kyra was sitting on the edge of her seat, staring silently off in the distance.

The blonde sipped her tea, giving her friend time to compose herself. She was burning with curiosity, but on the other hand a bit weary of what Kyra was about to tell her. She knew she’d said her feelings wouldn’t change, and she really believed that, but.

‘Yeah, but,’ she thought, her train of thought interrupted when the other woman suddenly spoke.

"Funny, isn’t it? How I finally decide to tell you and I can’t even come up with where to start," Kyra said, smiling without humor.

Danni cocked her head and shrugged, "The fighting skills?" She supplied hesitantly.

"Ah yeah," the dark haired woman answered, standing up as she started to pace around the room. "Those I have Lori to thank for. I’ll explain about her in a minute," she added, noting the question obviously lying on the tip of Danni’s tongue.

"I told you about being in a situation where I couldn’t be without them, didn’t I?"

Kyra didn’t wait for confirmation, without glancing in her friend’s direction she started to spill the whole story, hoping she’d get it all out before breaking down. ‘Or Danni rushing out the door.’

"Well, that situation would be jail." She heard the sharp intake of breath when she continued: "I almost killed someone." A silence fell and all that could be heard was a twin pair of breathing.

‘This is where she gets up and leaves, she can’t possibly still want to stay here after having heard what I did,’ Kyra thought, her eyes closed to contain the tears that were welling up. She blinked rapidly in surprise when a soft voice broke the tense silence.

"Please go on, Kyra."

Pulling herself together she proceeded to tell what had happened while she was facing the window and unseeingly gazing out over the street.

"Not much to tell really, I got into a fight to defend…I got into a fight, lost control. There was this knife and In…and I stabbed the other guy. Damn near killed him." The story came out haltingly and Danni listened in concentration. ‘Something isn’t right in this story,’ she contemplated on asking further but she didn’t have a chance.

Kyra continued, "And that’s how I ended up in jail, not caring about anything that might have happened to me anymore. I had shut myself off from my family and was content to spent my time in solitude. Soon, though, I found out that that’s just not possible in such an environment. Not without fighting for it anyway."

Her voice trailed off and the tall woman took a sip of her almost cold tea. Danni could see her hands tremble as Kyra brought her mug up and she remained seated on the couch with effort as the woman took a deep breath for this next bit of her story.

"On the second day of my stay I got out of the shower when a group of other occupants stepped in. I guess you could call them a gang, the whole population was more or less divided in groups. Leaders surrounded by their followers who fought each other for certain parts of the prison, and then there were the ‘prey’. The weaker ones, only used for the pleasure of the stronger. In whatever form they deemed fit."

She proceeded to tell Danni of the attack in the shower, leaving out most details, but the blonde read between the lines and couldn’t contain a gasp. Danni covered her mouth and forced herself to be quiet, the words came tumbling out of Kyra’s mouth by now and it was obvious the anguished woman needed to rid herself of the images.

"So, Lori kind of took me under her wing and protected me until I got strong and skilled enough to protect myself. She got out 3 months after I went in and I’m unbelievably grateful. I’d never have made it if it wasn’t for her.

She made it possibly for me to defend myself and gave me a goal to work to: finishing high school. I spent most of my days in the library, studying and reading everything I could get my hands on. I managed to get my diploma and decided I would study law after getting back into normal life."

Kyra fell quiet and continued to stare outside while Danni was trying to grasp everything she’d heard.

"How old were you when this happened?"

"17, almost 18." Came the answer.

Doing a quick calculation Danni asked, "I know you’re over 21 now. You can’t have been in jail for all that time. What did you do in between? Where were your parents during this?"

"I didn’t want to see my parents while I was in jail and after I got out they sent me away." The reply was devoid of any emotion, but when Danni started to ask why the tall woman rushed by her and with a strangled voice she said, "Please, I can’t talk about that now."

The shocked blonde watched Kyra run to the bathroom and lock the door behind her. Danni sat on the couch and tried to process all the information she’d gotten. Many questions were still left as far as she was concerned but she also knew this was not the time to ask them.

‘So, what now Dan? Do you still feel the same way about her, as you promised?’ She didn’t have to think long about that answer. Yes, there were some things in her friend’s past that disturbed her, but she got the feeling there was more to this then Kyra had told so far and nothing she’d told could change the simple fact that Danni had grown to really like the woman she’d known for the last few days.

Nodding her head decisively she got up and headed to the closed door, knocked and asked for Kyra to come out.


It had caught her by surprise, the bile rising up in her throat, caused by the reliving of painful memories. ‘That goes to show you, you’re not as strong as you like to believe. Definitely not over it yet, are you?’ Kyra asked herself mockingly.

Slowly she regained her senses and immediately heard the frantic knocking on the door, combined with Danni’s voice, "Kyra, could you please open up this door?"

"Are you alright in there?"

The dark haired woman stared at the door. ‘She’s still there.’

"Please let me in," Danni pleaded, desperately wanting to get in and check on her friend. She’d heard the noises coming from the bathroom and then nothing. She was starting to worry and kept on knocking continuously, trying to get Kyra to open the door.

Kyra struggled to get up and reached for the door. Annoyed at how weak she felt she forced herself to stand up and unlocked the door, immediately turning around to move to the sink and splash some water on her face.

Danni walked in, relieved to see her friend standing and more or less composed. Looking around she noticed a towel hanging over the side of the bath and she grabbed it, stepping closer to Kyra who was still leaning over the sink.

Holding out the towel she hesitantly put her hand on the still silent woman’s back, getting more bold as Kyra didn’t pull away so she moved closer to her friend, wrapping her arm around Kyra’s waist and just offering silent comfort.

Blue eyes tracked green ones through the mirror and Kyra smiled tiredly. "You sure about this?" she asked softly, already reading the answer in Danni’s eyes.

The blonde nodded empathically and nestled closer as Kyra put her arm around her shoulders, leaning into the secure warmth of her friend and slowly her dark thoughts faded to the background once again.



Danni giggled as she was jumping up and down, trying to get a hold of the bag Kyra was keeping just out of her reach above her head, happy to see an answering smile on her tall friend’s face.

They’d left Kyra’s place after she’d pulled herself together and had packed some clothes to take with her to the blonde’s house so she could change there for the night out.

Kyra had been quiet, "Well, more quiet than usual,’ Danni mused. So the smaller woman had tried to lighten the mood a bit and coax a reluctant Kyra out to play and forget what had happened that afternoon. ‘After all, there’s more than enough time for us to discuss everything, including her parents.’ Danni decided, getting a wicked twinkle in her eyes as she suddenly launched herself forward.

Blue eyes widened and Kyra barely managed to balance herself before her arms were filled with a grinning blonde. She took a few stumbling steps backwards until she felt the railing of Danni’s porch press against her legs and scowled at the woman in her arms.

"What was that for? You nut, what if I hadn’t caught you?" Kyra asked surprised.

Danni entwined her hands behind the tall woman’s head and lightly kissed her on the lips. "Well, I really want to see what you’re going to wear tonight and this assured me of the bag being in a more accessible place…the ground."

She smiled triumphantly and hopped out of Kyra’s arms, quickly turning around to grab the bag that had indeed been left on the ground when the taller woman had to react swiftly to catch the flying blonde.


Danni sheepishly glanced at the redhead holding up the bag with an expectant expression on her face.

"Seems like you girls forgot something when you disturbed my sleep by frolicking around on the porch," Tora stated in an annoyed voice. "I’ve been sick you know, I need the rest. Especially with the plans for the evening."

Dark and blond heads hung down, green eyes and blue peeking up at the woman apologetically.

"Sorry, we were…" Kyra started. Then her eye caught something behind the redhead and she bumped into Danni, nodding her head inside. The blonde followed her friend’s eye and eyebrows rose in surprise.

Kyra folded her arms and stared at Tora with a surprisingly sweet smile on her face, the action almost perfectly mimicked by Danni.

"Sooo, rest huh?" Kyra drawled in a low voice.

"Well..yeah…what…" Tora stammered, a bit confused by the sudden change in demeanor.

"Ah, hey guys. You’re here already. Does that mean dinner’s gonna be on soon?" The naked man, only dressed in a skimpy towel cheerfully greeted them, throwing a hopeful glance in Danni’s direction.

"Hi Lars."

Tora’s head swiveled around and a light blush stole over her face as she groaned. Giving her boyfriend a firm push inside, she mumbled: "Your timing is impeccable as always, sweetheart."

Danni and Kyra chuckled a bit as they followed the couple inside, turning left into the kitchen to get a start on dinner.


"Hey Tor, is it okay if I borrow your lipgloss?" Danni asked, already having grabbed the requested item and standing in front of her housemate’s mirror, applying it skillfully.

The redhead just shook her head at her friend, "Yeah yeah, where’s Kyra anyway?"

Examining the effect in her reflection, Danni nodded and replied: "She was in the shower when I left the room, I expect her to be done in about 3 minutes," she added wryly, thinking of her friend’s speed when it came to getting dressed.

"By the way," she turned around, fixing Tora with a look, "What was this about telling her to take care of me? I can look out for myself you know."

Tora sat down on her bed, fidgeting a bit with her hands before looking up. "Well, it’s just that you haven’t shown any interest in anyone in a long time and it’s obvious you like Kyra."

She smiled a bit at the slight blush creeping up on the blonde’s cheeks. "So, as I can sense she’s not telling everything, I told her I’d be on her tail if she hurt you in any way." Here she lifted her chin and looked at her friend defiantly, "I am your friend after all, with a right to look out for you. I love you Dan, you know that."

The blonde crossed the room and took a seat next to her friend, contemplating what to tell her. "Look, Tor. I know there’s stuff in Kyra’s past, she told me. She also told me what it was and that was very difficult for her. To me it doesn’t matter, I still like her. A lot."

Danni fell silent for a bit, not wanting to break Kyra’s confidence but also aware of the fact that Tora was very protective of her. "Basically, I’m heading into this thing with both eyes open. That’s why Kyra told me what she did now, she wanted to give me the chance to back out, which I’m not going to do."

She held up her hand when she noticed her friend was about to speak, "No, I’m not going to tell you what went on. It’s private and I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t try to find out through other means. Actually, I want you to promise me you won’t," Danni amended, knowing Tora had a friend who was a detective. The redhead had even checked Lars out before going out with him, one of her quirks.

Tora was slightly taken aback by the intensity of the green eyes, but she nodded slightly. "Alright, I promise. But," and here she stared into her friend’s eyes, not backing down when she caught the slight narrowing.

"I don’t like the sound of this, I want that on the record. If Kyra thought what was in her past was reason enough to not go forward with you while it’s obviously she likes you, it can’t be something little. Yet, I trust your judgment and I think Kyra is nice girl so you won’t find any problems with me Danni. I hope she’ll make you happy, you deserve that."

Finally Danni smiled and she leaned in to give her long time friend a fierce hug. "Thanks." She whispered in the redhead’s ear, before letting her go.

"Sooo, tell me what’s happened so far. Is she a good kisser?" Tora chuckled when she got her friend to blush again.

"Actually, I don’t know yet," Danni answered bravely ignoring her warm cheeks. "We haven’t gotten around to that. Yet." She concluded with a wink, getting up when Lars appeared in the room, having finished with his shower.

‘Well, aside from that brief peck on the lips on the porch. Which, if that’s any indication, can only mean it’ll be great.’ She thought while walking to the door, remembering the soft feel of Kyra’s lips and the tingle she’d felt afterwards.

"I’ll let you get dressed now, we have to leave shortly." Danni threw over her shoulder as she left the room suddenly standing stock still as she caught sight of the woman walking down the stairs.

Kyra had changed in a snug fitting dark pair of jeans, neatly outlining her long and powerful legs and wearing a black top underneath a silk blouse in a blue color that managed to highlight her sapphire eyes even more. Long dark hair framed a face with high cheekbones as it flowed freely over her shoulders. Not needing much make up due to her light tan, Kyra had settled for a bit of color on the lips and some eyeshadow to finish it all up.

"This alright?" The dark haired woman inquired, spreading her arms and spinning around for inspection. Giving Danni a full view of the way those jeans hugged her every curve. "I have no idea what this Miss Patty’s requires when it comes to clothing, so I figured this was safe enough."

"Safe?" Danni muttered, "I’m not so sure about that. I just found out I am a jeans girl and suddenly have a very real desire to…" The blonde turned a bright red when she realized where her comment was heading and groaned at having said it out loud.

‘Maybe she didn’t hear it.’ Peeking up she saw a raised eyebrow on an amused face. ‘Guess not, ’she sighed.

Deciding to take the dignified way out and just ignore the whole situation, she said, "This is just fine. It’s just a club, nothing fancy. You look great."

Kyra smirked a bit and examined her friend. Danni had put on a simple black skirt, coming mid thigh, a soft red shirt that highlighted her blonde hair and was short enough for Kyra to see glimpses of a toned abdomen as her friend walked over.

"So do you," She stated sincerely. Danni grinned, "Yeah, good thing I didn’t get many hits on the legs."

Kyra smiled back, "I know what you mean. I really can’t wear a skirt right now, those bruises don’t make my legs very attractive."

Tora snorted, having heard the last comment as she and Lars were coming from her room. "As if. Believe me, your legs are damn near always attractive to look at."

Everyone started to laugh when the redhead pumped a fist in the air. "Wow, now I got you to blush as well. I’m on a roll tonight. Let’s go and see who else I can embarrass this evening!"


The group stood in front of the entrance to Miss Patty’s. It was nearing 11 pm and it looked like a decent crowd was already inside. They had started off by having a few drinks at Chad’s and had headed over to the club a little while ago.

"Alright ladies, and some gentlemen," Mari shouted. "Follow me and let’s get partying!" Grabbing her girlfriend’s hand she gave the example and entered the club where they lost her almost immediately as she made a beeline for the dance floor.

The rest followed at more leisurely pace, chuckling at their energetic teammate. Kyra was walking behind Tora and Lars when she got shoved aside by a short woman who was heading in a straight line for Danni, throwing her arms around her and engulfing the blonde in a long and, to Kyra’s eyes, intimate hug.

The dark haired woman felt an unpleasant emotion rise up and she took a deep breath to try and shake the stab of jealousy she experienced. ‘Come on, don’t be stupid. She has friends after all, she’s allowed to hug them.’ Kyra berated herself, looking down as she felt a touch at her elbow.

Tora looked at the pair and then back up at Kyra. "That’s Rosalynn, she’s been after Dan for a long time now. They even dated a couple of times, but it didn’t work out. At least not from Danni’s point of view." She informed the silent woman next to her.

"Hmm." Was the only response she got.

Rosalynn finally loosened her arms and stepped back a bit, but not before she ducked her head and pressed her lips against Danni’s.

‘Oh damn.’ Tora thought when she saw a cool mask descent on the tanned face above her and Kyra turned around abruptly, almost crashing into Lars who had been watching the scene with interest.

"I’m going to grab a drink." The dark haired woman said in a decisive tone of voice, heading straight for the bar. "You want something as well?" She addressed the pair behind her.

"Listen.." Tora started, hesitantly putting her hand on a strong arm.

"Three beers," Kyra ordered, not acknowledging the other woman until the drinks were placed in front of her. She turned around to hand them over and sighed a bit.

"Don’t worry, Tora. I’m fine, she’s obviously fine. We’re all fine. Let’s go have some fun." Kyra briskly said, downing her glass and skipping around the girl on her way to the dance floor where she could see the rest of the team enjoying themselves to the music.


Danni sighed inwardly as she recognized the girl heading towards her. Just a bit taller than she was, with white blonde hair and gray eyes. Combined with a slim body and an exuberant nature, Rosalynn was an attractive girl. ‘Not someone I’m attracted to though,’ she smiled, eyes shifting to the tall form next to Tora for an instant.

Unfortunately the girl didn’t take no for an answer very easily and no matter how often Danni turned her invitations down or told her it wouldn’t work out, she just did not give up. Reluctantly she hugged her back, mustering up a smile in greeting.

"Hi Rose, didn’t know you were going to be here this evening. You’re looking good."

"Ah well, where else would I be on a Saturday night? Besides, I heard the team would be celebrating their victory here and I haven’t seen you in a while, so…Here I am." Rosalynn answered brightly, pulling back to look into her eyes.

"You look as good as ever Dan." The surprised blonde didn’t get a chance to respond since Rosalynn ducked her head and kissed her, causing Danni to blink in surprise before she could react and step back, breaking the contact.

"Ehm, Rose…" Danni started, losing track of what she was about to say when she caught a glimpse of familiar blue eyes now set in a guarded face as Kyra abruptly turned and headed away from her.

‘Oh boy, I’d better go and explain this.’

Before Danni could take a step, Rosalynn had grabbed her arm and starting pulling her towards a table in the back. "Come on Danni, there are some people there who really want to say hi to you. We’ve missed seeing you."

Trying to move away Danni replied, "I’ll be by in a few minutes. I need to.."

"Nono, if I let you go now I won’t see you anymore since your team will keep you there and we both know it." Rosalynn cheerfully dragged her along.

"Just come say hello, we’ll have a few dances and then I promise you can go back to the team."

Ah well, I suppose I do owe her this much,’ the resigned blonde sighed inwardly, ‘It was pretty lousy of me to just stop calling and instead avoiding her. If only she could accept I don’t want to be more than friends.’

After having greeted Rose’s friends and chatted for a while, Danni excused herself and crossed the dance floor to find her team and one particular team player in particular.

She was started to get a bit worried, she’d seen Kyra now and again for an instant when the dark haired woman had been dancing with the group and on every occasion she was carrying a full glass of beer. The woman had been avoiding her eyes, instead accepting every offer to dance. The offers were abundant Danni had noticed grimly.

‘I’d better find her and explain what was going on,’ she thought, barely resisting the urge to push Rosalynn away as she once again grabbed her arm.

"Hey, you owe me at least one dance." The woman stated with a grin, "Come on!"

Looking around Danni couldn’t find anyone from her team and she gave in. "One dance only then, Rose. After that I’m going to find my friends." Danni informed the other girl, rolling her eyes when the music changed to a slow song.

‘Just my luck.’ She groaned as Rosalynn pulled her close.


Tora watched her friend on the dance floor, noting the straying hands of Rosalynn and Danni’s repeated efforts to place those hands in other places.

She jumped as a voice rumbled in her ear.

"Don’t you think we should rescue her? She doesn’t look all that comfortable." Lars voiced his concern.

Tora tapped her chin. "Mmm, I think it would be better if Kyra stepped in, maybe that’ll clue Rose in that she doesn’t have a shot with Danni."

Lars nodded. "You have a point there, and that could work, but do you think she’s willing to step in. Her mood has taken a turn for the worse this last half hour." He said thoughtfully, indicating the sprawled figure with his head.

Kyra was starting to feel the drinks she’d had and declined other offers for dances. She preferred to stay where she was, seated in a booth with her eyes closed so she wouldn’t have to see Danni with that girl.

‘You’re being stupid. Why let that incident ruin your evening, chances are it was completely innocent anyway. Okay, so that Rosalynn has been after Danni. Tora said Danni wasn’t interested in her.’

‘But she kissed her.’ The argument continued on in her head. ‘No. Rosalynn kissed Danni.’

‘And after that she went off with her.’

‘To go to that group, probably friends of her and you know Danni is a nice girl, so naturally she would go say hello.’

The discussion with herself was interrupted by the clearing of a throat. Opening her eyes Kyra saw Tora standing in front of her and she tilted her head in inquiry.

Tora girded her loins and crouched down, indicating the dancing pair to the still lazily sprawled figure. "Look, I know that kiss must have been unpleasant to see, but you have to believe it didn’t mean a thing. Danni didn’t start it, she would never do that, not after telling me how much she liked you this afternoon."

Taking a quick breath she hastily continued, "And I’m willing to bet that the only reason she’s gone with her to that group, or out on the dance floor for that matter, is because she feels guilty towards Rose. When she wouldn’t get the message she wasn’t interested, Danni stopped calling and avoided her as much as she could and we both know that’s not normally in her character."

‘Just as I was thinking. Or at least part of me,’ Kyra thought wryly.

"Anyways, as you can see Rosalynn still hasn’t gotten the clue and I can see Danni is really uncomfortable out there. So…"

Tora stopped in surprise when she saw a sudden glint appear in the dangerously narrowing blue eyes and stumbled back when Kyra rose to her full height.

Putting a steadying hand on the redhead’s shoulder, Kyra said, "I had already come to that same conclusion myself, Tor, but thanks."

She smiled down at the surprised girl. "I’ll be back in a sec, there’s something I need to take care of." A focused expression covered her face as she stalked to the dance floor, deftly avoiding the crowd on her way to Danni and Rosalynn.

Rosalynn who was trying to slip her hands underneath Danni’s shirt, despite the blonde’s protests. ‘Ah, that explains the strange expression. Fierce protector you’ve got there, Danni.’ Tora contemplated enviously, throwing a wistful look in Lars’ direction. Her boyfriend was a sweetheart, but she doubted he’d ever do something like that.

"Rose, would you cut that out." Danni snapped, having reached the limits of her patience.

"Don’t be difficult Danni, you can stop stringing me along now. First we go out and we have a good time, then all of a sudden you don’t call me anymore and then you show up here in this…interesting…outfit." Rosalynn answered, intent on not letting her dance partner go.

"I can see you were playing hard to get, but you reached your goal…I most definitely want you."

Danni stood in shocked silence, not having expected such a reaction from the other girl. ‘I thought she was a bit dense for not accepting I wasn’t interested, but this leans more towards insane if she thought I was stringing her on.’

When she saw Rosalynn was once again about to kiss her, Danni broke free and took a step back, contemplating what she could say that wouldn’t cause a big scene.

"Hi, I’m cutting in." A low voice sounded to her right and relief flooded through her when she caught sight of Kyra, instinctively moving closer to her friend.

Rosalynn faced this new person and straightened herself. "Just go away. I don’t know who you are, but this is none of your business." She spit out, reaching out for Danni’s arm but Danni saw her coming this time and pulled her arm away.

"That’s where you’re wrong," Kyra drawled, putting her arm around the blonde nestled to her side. "This is very much my business and I don’t appreciate your filthy hands all over her."

Both women locked eyes and stood in uncomfortable silence for a bit until Kyra smiled a cold smile. "So, you get lost. I want to dance with my girl."

The tall women turned around and put her arms around Danni, pulling her close as the blonde placed her arms loosely linked around her neck and they started to sway to the music, completely ignoring the staring Rosalynn who stomped off after a few moments, collecting her friends with angry gestures and making her way out of the club.

"Sorry." Danni softly said, not looking up to catch the blue eyes studying her face. "I should have come find you immediately and explain all of this…That kiss…"

Kyra ducked her head until she could look the smaller woman in the eye. "Don’t worry. I did some thinking, Tora talked a bit and I think I have a pretty clear picture. We’ll talk about this later, okay?" The dark haired woman responded, smiling gently into green eyes and managing to coax an answering smile from Danni.

"Your girl huh?" Was the next question, as the blonde played with the hair at the back of Kyra’s neck. Eliciting all sorts of pleasant sensations to send shivers down the tall woman’s spine and she closed her eyes for second to enjoy them.

"Hmm," she answered with a sheepish smile. "Do you mind?"

"Not at all," Danni sighed happily, putting her head on Kyra’s shoulder. The dark haired woman tightened her embrace, pressing her cheek against the soft blonde hair and closing her eyes. Both women were oblivious to the amused stares from their teammates as they enjoyed each other’s company.

‘This is how the evening was supposed to be going in the first place.’ The pair thought simultaneously, putting happy smiles on two faces.

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