Synopsis: After a three months of being apart Xena and Gabrielle meet up at the amazon village. There the whole mess erupts. The warrior thinks that Gabrielle is in love with an amazon named Nysa, Gabrielle thinks Xena is in love with an amazon named Rena and the whole village thinks that Xena and Gabrielle are sleeping together. Total mess! Read what’s really going on. It’s interesting.

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Xena:Warrior Princess

Mess At The Amazon Village

Written by: Nyktosia

Outskirts of the amazon village - early night

It was dark. Night has fallen. The golden stars and full moon have already covered sky. Xena was walking through the woods like a wind. So easy she slipped between the trees and bushes. Looking left, right and behind herself she continued through the woods. At once something jumped at her from behind. Xena fell down and than got a chance to look at its eyes. It was an amazon with a mask on her face.

- Damn! You’re good! Am I ever going to beat you at this?- said Xena kicking the earth with her fist.

She knew she could beat the amazon anytime she wanted but for now she decided to let the amazon think of herself as a victorius.

- I don’t know. I thought you were a warrior princess -said amazon taking her mask of.

Her eyes were grey and her face was golden from the moonlight shining at her. She looked at Xena and smiled with satisfaction.

- Take that nasty smile of your face. Better than that, take your self off of me- said Xena waiting for amazon to get up.

- Oh, yeah, sorry- said amazon getting up and offering a hand to Xena.

The warrior accepted it and got up.

- Nice to see you again Nysa. How’re things around here?- asked Xena.

- Pretty good. Lots of things happened while you were gone-

- Yeah? Like what?-

- Gabrielle will tell you. C’mon now, she’s expecting you-

The amazon started leading the way and Xena followed her. Walking down the path they joined a few more amazons and went towards the lights and music behind the hill.

Entering the surroundings of a village couple of amazons greeted them with honor but also with a smile on their faces.

- Nysa? Am I imagining stuff or do I really see everyone smiling at us?- asked Xena.

- I don’t know what you’re talking about, Xena- said amazon walking next to her. While answering Xena’s question a smile escaped Nysa’s face.

Xena looked at her with a grin – Yea right-

- I’m serious, I don’t know what you’re talking about.- Nysa’s face had grown serious and so has Xena’s.

- C’mon, tell me.- she said becoming annoyed.

- I already told you. I have no idea what you’re talkin’ about.

Suddenly as they reach the center of the village where lots of amazons were dancing the traditional dance around the fire, everybody stopped. Xena looked at Nysa’s eyes and asked herself what was happening. Nysa tried to stop her laugh than she suddenly got serious.

- What’a …- said Xena quietly looking at Nysa.

But the amazon just kept quiet and than got on her knees, as the others followed her. Xena still stayed quiet also following the procedure. When everybody had their heads down, a person got out from the cottage in front of them. Xena saw somebody’s feet standing in front of her as the hands touched her face calling her to get up. But instead Xena looked at the person.

There in front of her stood the amazon queen, Gabrielle. She smiled at Xena than pulled her up.

- Hello Xena-

- Gabrielle- the warrior smiled back- what’s all this about?-

- Nice to see you- said Gabrielle silently- Stay quiet. This is just the honoring procedure-

- Honoring procedure? For what?- whispered Xena.

- My Amazon warriors, tonight a hero stands before us! A champion!- said Gabrielle loudly turning her face at Xena - We have the honor to celebrate her grate deed. She has returned the Sword Of The Life to its proper place on the Mountain Of Peace! Tonight we celebrate in her name!! In the name of Xena!!!-

As Gabrielle finished her speech everybody started dancing, celebrating and having fun. Gabrielle looked at Xena smiling than they both walked away from the music and singing. Xena looked confused.

- What? You didn’t think you’re gonna get outta this without anybody knowing, did you?- jerked Gabrielle punching Xena in the shoulder.

- To tell you the truth, yes I did. How did you found out anyway? I mean I told you I was going to visit my mum-

- Well I have my resources- smiled Gabrielle pulling Xena in the hug- I’m glad you’re back in one peace-

- Did you expected any less?- joked Xena and suddenly she heard a sob coming from Gabrielle.

- Hey, what’s wrong?- asked Xena stepping away from a hug keeping the hand around Gabrielle’s shoulders-

- Nothin’, I’m just…Dammit Xena!- Gabrielle hit her on shoulder, than once more a little lower. Tears started slipping down her cheeks.

- Sshhh- said Xena pulling Gabrielle in a hug again.

- I heard what happened. I heard everything!!-

- What are you talking about, Gabs?-

- Oh, yea, you just go on acting all macho…-

- I’m sorry, Gabrielle, I didn’t mean to…-

- I know you were badly wounded!!! I know about a shot of arrow beneath your heart!!! Do you have any clue how much I cried when I heard that?! How could you leave me without knowing where were you really going?! And for three months!! Do you know how many nights I wondered if you really went to your mother’s?! I prayed you did!

- I know, Gabs, but try to accept it. Someone had to go and if I told you where I was going you would do anything to stop me-

- You got that right!! But you shouldn’t lie to me!!-

- I know… I’m sorry Gabby-

- Sorry is just not gonna do it Xena!!-

- I know.. I’ll never lie to you again.. Please forgive me-

- Just… Don’t ever hide anything from me again-

- I wont, I promise- said Xena hugging her best friend tighter.

After a minute they parted. Tears were still shining on bard’s face. Xena looked at Gabrielle and gently wiped the tears of her cheeks. The young amazon queen just smiled.

- Come now, this was supposed to be a celebration- said Xena smiling.

Getting back into the crowd the two of them kept silent for a while.

- So, how’re things here?- Xena decided to brake the silence.

- Couldn’t be better. By the way we got a new member-

- Yeah?-

- Yeah, she’s hard to deal with but also a good fighter-

- Good for her, so where is she?-

- Oh, she’s gone to the City Of Aloe-Vera. She should be back tonight-

- What’s her name?-

- Rena-

- Wow, strange name for an Amazon, don’t you think?-

- Well she is a little different, you’ll see-

As the celebration came to end it was time for sleep and everyone left to get their rest for it has been a long night. Gabrielle walked in her royal residence and went towards the bed. Candle that shone every night on the table on a side of the room already burnt down. Gabrielle hit her self on a head for forgetting to replace it. She thought of calling one of her servants to do it, but she just didn’t have the heart to wake them . She knew they were probably in deep sleep by now.

- No problem, I know the room by hard, I don’t need the light- she thought to herself as she started walking towards the bed.

Outskirts of the amazon village – late night

Xena was practicing her battle moves not far from village. She thought it would be a good idea since no one was around and she hasn’t missed a training not once in her life.

- Just a few moves- she thought to herself- than I’ll go to sleep-

Suddenly she heard a scream coming from the village, Gabrielle’s cottage precisely. She started running the way she has never in her life. As fastest as she could she arrived to on her destination.

- Gabrielle?!- yelled Xena.

- Xena!- a scream came from inside, almost like a sigh.

Entering the queen’s residence in a run, Xena couldn’t see a thing but she didn’t care.

- Gabrielle?!-

- Xena..- came a sigh.

Xena was standing near the door. As the moonlight shone through the door, Gabrielle could spot Xena looking for her.

- Where?…- Xena started but Gabrielle interrupted her - a little left-

Xena followed the instructions as Gabrielle spoke.

- Just a little bit more left- Once again Xena did as she was told.

Gabrielle could notice Xena was doing a fine job so she added- You’re good, keep going-

While walking towards Gabrielle, Xena hit onto a couple of things making a loud noise. Suddenly she tripped onto something and fell down. She felt something moving beneath her. As the moonlight came from the window Xena spotted two beautiful eyes looking at her.

- Gabrielle?-

- Yeah?-

At that moment a bunch of amazons came running through the door with torches in their hands. As they spotted Xena lying on top of Gabrielle they looked at each other and silently started giggling. Xena immediately got of off Gabrielle getting up and looking at the amazons.

- It’s not what you think-

- If you say so, Xena- said Nysa who was also standing among the amazons.

As the amazons got out, Xena and Gabrielle looked at each other.

- Are you ok?- asked Xena

- Not really, my leg hurts-

- Let me take a look at it- said Xena leaning down to Gabrielle’s knee.

- Be careful-

- Do you doubt my skills?-

Gabrielle smiled as Xena got her boot of. She took Gabrielle’s foot in one hand while holding the upper part of the leg in the other hand.

- Does this hurt?-

- Yeah-

- Ok, this is going to hurt a little more than that-

Xena twisted Gabrielle’s foot a bit than did some moves and placed the bone in its proper place.

- AAHH!!!!God dammit Xena!!!! - Gabrielle yelled as the pain shot through her leg.

- Sorry, I told you it’s going to hurt-

Suddenly they heard giggling of the amazons coming from outside.

- Will I be able to walk normally?-

- Not for a day or two-

- Oh, Hades!-

Some more giggling came from outside but both of them ignored it.

- Well, I better be going. You need to get some sleep- said Xena while getting up. She helped Gabrielle to her bed and than covered her with a blanket.

- Sleep tight- said Xena

- I’ll try, night-

As Xena got out of the queen’s residence, a bunch of amazons were trying to hide their looks and giggles. Xena gave them a death look and soon there was not a whisper between them. Nysa hurried towards Xena.

- Hi- she said with a wicked smile on her face.

- What do you want Nysa?-

- No need to be rude-

- This is not exactly the best night in my life, so spit it out. What’cha want?-

- What happened in there?-

- I’m not even gonna discuss this with you-

- But..-

- Goodnight Nysa-

- Night-

Xena went towards her cottage and walked in. She threw her weapons on the table near bed and than stumbled onto the sheets. She sighed.

Hades, what I am going to do?… This is beginning to be impossible to ignore. The way she looked at me tonight. The way she always looks at me. Her eyes, so full of tenderness and goodness. Her silky hair flying on the wind. Her body so beautiful as a goddess. And her pure soul… Oh Gabrielle… I missed you these three months but I mustn’t show it. You changed a bit while I was gone. It’s like you’re in love with someone…. What if you are? Oh, Gabrielle. I don’t want to loose you. You’re driving my heart crazy…. I don’t know when it started. These feelings. They had turned into something else. Feelings I have for you are not just friendly anymore. My heart aches for your closeness. Your touches. Hades!! Come now Xena!! Get a grip of yourself!! You’re getting soft!! Get that out of your mind! Gabrielle is prolly gonna marry some nice young man and you’ll be nothing but an old forgotten friend...

After hours of thinking Xena finally fell a sleep.

Amazon village – early morning

As the morning came, almost everybody was in the dining room. Xena also sat at the table leaning on the wall behind her and biting on a piece of bread.

Suddenly the door opened and Gabrielle walked in. Everybody stood up to honor their queen who was showing with her hand for them to sit down and so they did. While Gabrielle walked towards the table where Xena sat everybody could notice she was dragging her left leg. As she sat at the table, Xena smiled at her.

- Morning- said Xena

- Morinin’-

- How’s your leg doin’?

- Good I guess-

- You slept well?-

- Yeah, you?-

- Uh-huh- answered Xena biting of another piece of bread.

Silent whispers and giggles came from the amazons while they ate. Once in a while an amazon or two threw a look at their queen with a smile.

- Why is everybody smiling at me- asked Gabrielle.

- Bec..- Xena started explaining but was interrupted by Nysa who sat next to her.

- You know why- she said.

Gabrielle looked at her with confusion on her face.

- Well what about: "Xena! Xena! A little left. Just a little more left. You’re good, keep goin’! AHH! God dammit Xena!!! Oh Hades!"

As Nysa imitated the voices, sighing and screaming from the last night, amazons sitting closer to them stared at her silently laughing. Xena hit her friend in the stomach bellow the table.

- Sorry, I lived it up a little. But that is what we heard. And today Gabrielle can’t walk normally. What were we supposed to think?-

Gabrielle turned beet red and started giggling at Nysa’s words. Short after her, Xena did the same.

- You’re right that would sound suspicious to me too, but we didn’t.. .Well, you know...Ahm...- Xena tried to explain.

- Right- said Nysa nodding her head.

- But we didn’t ...- Gabrielle rose her voice.

- Whatever you say my queen- Nysa smiled.

- Let’s change the subject, shall we? Too many eyes around here- said Xena.

- You got it- agreed Nysa- So Gabrielle, was she ruff?-

Gabrielle rose her eyebrows and her eyes grew wide, she blushed again.

- So she was?-

- Nysa...- Xena warned her with a look.

- You, know Xena, you should take it easy. She is our queen you know-

At these words the warrior snapped. She stood up wanting to grab Nysa but greyeyed girl already slipped of the bench and stepped a few feet away.

- Jeez, can’t you take a joke, Xena?-

- I can, but this has gone too far and you know it-

- Ok, I’m sorry, I wont do it anymore. That was the last you’ll hear from my jokes, I promise-

- It better be-

- Can I get back to my meal now?-

- Uh-huh- answered Xena sitting down and grabbing a peace of meet.

They continued their breakfast in silence. As Xena finished her breakfast, she got up.

- I’ll see ya later, I have something to do- said Xena walking towards the door.

- Ok- Gabrielle answered with a smile.

When Xena was out, Nysa leaned towards Gabrielle.

- So...Tell me everything- she whispered.

Gabrielle sighed looking at Rhea.

- Nothing happened, ok?-

- My queen. Usually, I would believe you, but this time... A-a-

- What do I have to say or do to prove to you that it’s just a load of crap. Xena would never sleep with me. Do you understand? She’s... She would never sleep with a woman.

- Oh, you’re wrong my queen-

- Hmm?.. What do you mean?-

- I wont go deeper into this discussion, but all I can tell you that Xena had a lot of experiences-

Gabrielle was blushing slightly while they talked.

- Really? She never told me that-

- Gabrielle...-

- Yeah?-

- You’re blushing..-

- Am I? The young bard tried to hide her face.

- You.. You’re in love with Xena, aren’t you?-

Gabrielle lowered her head looking at the cup of tea at the table.

- You are-

- Promise me you wont tell tell anyone, especially not Xena-

- But if I don’t tell Xe..-

- Promise me, please-

- Ok, my queen, I promise- Nysa smiled

- Thank you- Gabrielle returned a smile to her friend.

- So I guess you really haven’t slept with her, huh?-

- Listen I’m not even sure what I feel now. I’m so confused... These feelings I have for her are not the same that were when we met. It’s like... When she died I realized I feel something a lot more than just friendship... Every time she touches me or brushes against my body or even look at me, my heart wants to scream. And when she left three months ago... Throughout this time I realized I can’t live without having her near...

Nysa carefully listened every Gabrielle’s word putting her hand over Gabrielle’s and looking at her.

- Listen, Gabrielle... This what you feel is nothing wrong. We amazons know it best. It seems to me that you are indeed in love with Xena. You just need to tell her that-

- But I can’t. I don’t want to loose Xena by telling her that I feel something more than just friendship-

- Gabrielle, you know that you wont be able to hide this forever-

- I know, I know, but...-

- Wanna know what I think? I think that Xena has the same feelings for you-

- Yeah right! C’mon, Nysa, wake up!-

- Gabrielle, I’m telling you what I saw and heard-

- What do you mean?-

- When Xena was leaving three months ago she said to me that I should guard you while she was gone-

- So, what’s strange about that? We’re best friends, she was supposed to say that-

- No, Gabrielle, she said I should watch over for you to not fall for some amazon here-

Gabrielle giggled slightly blushing.

- Really?-

- Yeah, and you should see the look in her eyes. So full of love. She was hurting that she had to leave you behind. Especially with every amazon trying to seduce you-

- What?-

- ... Uh... nothing- said Nysa covering her mouth with one hand while the other was still on Gabrielle’s.

- Nysa, what did you just said about every amazon trying to seduce me?-

Nysa sighed than looked straight at Gabrielle’s eyes getting closer so Gabrielle could hear what she was about to tell her.

- Gabrielle, since you arrived here, every amazon wants you for herself but you were too blind to notice that. All you were thinking about is when Xena is going to be back-

- That’s true-

While they were talking, Xena came back. Opening the door she walked in, but stopped at the sight before her eyes. There, at the table next to the wall she spotted Nysa talking with Gabrielle sitting closer to her than usual and keeping her hand on Gabrielle’s. Xena’s eyes wanted to burn that sight right to the ground. Her anger was growing and she couldn’t stand watching Nysa whispering to Gabrielle’s ear. Her heart was bursting into pieces. The warrior turned around and left quietly. The two girls didn’t even notice Xena walk in or out.

Outskirts of the amazon village - midmorning

Xena was walking slowly until she entered the solid part of the forest. There she started running as fastest as she could. The warrior moved like the wind between the trees and bushes. When she was sure no one was there to see her she hit the nearest tree with her fist as strongest as she could. A mark was left in a tree and the warrior’s fist was bleeding. There were no tears in her eyes only rage. Ahe started practicing her moves and kicks all around. The moves were fast and strong. Suddenly Xena stopped. She had sensed something. The warrior took her chakram and in a second it was flying through the air towards the not far tree. As the chakram cut the bough of a tree in half someone fell down from it. Xena jumped in the air and landed next to the person warning him with the sword to stay down.

- Turn around so I can see your face!- ordered Xena.

The person did as the warrior ordered. There in front of Xena laid a young woman. Her green eyes were shining with such beauty. Her curly, long, sandy-blond hair was tided up. Her face looked so tenderly while few bangs were laying on her cheeks. She wore a wide, white shirt with no sleeves, black bracelets on her hand knuckles and also she wore black leather, pants in stead of a dress. Belt with a sword was hanging around her waist Xena could see that the girl’s light brown boots were muddy so she jumped in a conclusion that the girl has been traveling a lot. Body of the green-eyed girl was smaller from the warrior’s but still muscular. All of a sudden the warrior’s rage look wasn’t so angry at all. The warrior prayed to herself that she didn’t have to kill such a beautiful woman. Suddenly the girl somehow escaped Xena’s sword and was rolling away. As the green-eyed girl jumped to her legs she drew her sword and went towards Xena. The two women fought well both thinking the same thing; - She’s good!-

The warrior hit the girl’s sword so hard it kicked her to the ground causing her to loose the sword. But the girl didn’t give up. She struck Xena’s sword with her boot and it also went flying through the air. The girl rose to her legs and went for a bare hand fight. Again there were kicks but suddenly Xena bent down and hit the opponent in her legs so she fell down. The girl’s lying position gave her a chance to do the same her opponent did. She stroked Xena’s legs the fastest as she could so the warrior didn’t stood a chance. Just in a second she was falling down right on her opponent. The two women met each other’s eyes while lying on each other. Xena grabbed the girls’ hand and pressed her legs with her own so the girl couldn’t move.

- Who are you and what are you doing here?!- asked Xena

- Doesn’t matter who I am! You’re trespassing on my land!-

- On your land?! This is an amazon territory!-

- That’s right and I’m an amazon!-

- Ha ha ha-

- What is so funny?!

- You are. I’m the champion of the amazon queen and I never saw you in my life -

- You’re Xena, right?-

- Yeah, so?-

- Gabrielle talks about you a lot-

- How the hell do you know Gabrielle?!-

- I told you I’m an amazon. My name is Rena-

- You’re the new amazon Gabrielle told me about-

- That’s right, now would you please get off of me-

- Sorry- Xena removed her hands and legs from Rena’s than rose from the ground helping her to get up.

- I wasn’t expecting company-

- I noticed. Anyway, nice to meet you- said the amazon offering her hand to Xena.

- Yeah, me too-

As the warrior rose her hand to shake Rena’s, the amazon could see blood dripping from her fist.

- You’re bleeding!-

- It’s nothing, I’ll take care of it later-

- Nothing?! It looks like you hit a bull with it!-

- Well, you’re close-

- C’mon, let me take care of it-

Xena thought about it for a while than she nodded her head fine. They both picked their swords and went to the nearest lake. Stopping at the water they crouched down. Rena ripped off a small part of her wide shirt and soaked it in the water. The warrior watched her with a strange look. As the green-eyed amazon placed the wet piece of shirt on Xena’s hand with a gentle touch the warrior swallowed hard.

- Rena?..-

- Hm?...-

- Why are you doing this?-

- I mean, we almost killed each other a minute ago and now you’re tending to my wound-

Rena rose her head to meet Xena’s eyes

- Cause I like you and cause you’re my queen’s champion-

Xena smiled and lowered her head to get a look at the wound.

- You’ll have the bruises for couple of days, but not as big as they could be if I hadn’t done this-

- Thank you- said Xena looking at the girl.

The warrior new everything about being wounded on every way and how to heal it but even though, she let Rena tend to her wound.

- My pleasure-

- C’mon let’s get going. I think the queen is expecting you-

- You’re right- confirmed the amazon getting up.

As they walked towards the village, their talking continued.

- So, what were you doing at City of Aloe Vera?- asked Xena.

- Just some amazon business. And what about you?-

- What about me?-

- Well, I never saw someone doing those exercises so good and fast in my life. And somehow I don’t think that was just an exercise-

- Believe it or not, it was-

- So far from the village? Besides, that wound on your hand was fresh and I don’t think something alive was hit by it-

Xena sighed and than looked at Rena’s eyes. Not being able to lie, she lowered her head again.

- Ok... Fine...You know the feeling when you just wish you could crack someone’s scull?-

- Yeah, I do- Rena smiled.

- Today I felt like that. My mind was raging with anger and I had to get it out somehow before I hurt someone-

- I know exactly how that feels-

- Well, than we have something in common-

They both smiled and continued walking down the village telling the stories of their battles, a moment laughing, a moment being serious, and a moment just spending in quiet listening what the other has to say. Leaning on each other in a moment of laugh and jerking along.

- You know, it’s not like me to make friends with someone in such a short time- said Xena

- Hey, I’m not like that either, but I think we have a lot more in common than we now-

- Yeah-

They looked at each other than suddenly a call of Xena’s name interrupted the moment.

- Xena!! Where the hell were you?? I was looking for you all over the place- said Gabrielle walking towards them.

- Well, you found me-

As the amazon queen came near she spotted Rena next to Xena.

- I see you two met-

- Yeah, you have a great champion my queen- said the green-eyed girl.

- I know- answered Gabrielle.

- So, Gabrielle, what did you wanted from me?- interrupted the warrior

- I was worried, you were gone for almost the whole morning and never said a word where you were heading-

Suddenly Gabrielle spotted the bruises on Xena’s fist. She took her hand in hers and looked at the wounds.

- Hades! What did you do? Hit a stone?

The warrior removed her hand from Gabrielle’s saying:

- It’s nothing, I had a fight with one of the bears wondering around-

Hearing this, Rena gave the warrior a funny look.

- I gotta go, see ya later-

- But Xena..- Gabrielle wanted to stop her.

- Bye- said the warrior already lost out of their sight.

Gabrielle looked surprised by Xena turning her back on her.

- Come on Rena, you have to tell me how was your trip to City of Aloe Vera-

Green-eyed amazon nodded and followed Gabrielle to her resistance.


Xena was leaning on a tree watching a few amazons during their fight practice. Neither one of them dared to challenge the warrior. Gabrielle stood not far behind her wanting to come closer but seeing Rena approaching her warrior, she decided to back off.

Xena felt a warm breath on her neck.

- What’s up? You afraid of getting in a fight?- jerked the voice behind her.

- Hmph! You wish- said Xena still not turning around.

- I’m challenging you-

Hearing those words, the warrior turned around to face the green-eyed amazon. Not noticing Gabrielle in a short distance a wicked smile came upon warriors lips.

- You’ve gotta be kidding. Don’t you think we had enough fighting for one day?-

- What’s a matter Xena?- the amazon leaned to her whispering into her ear-You afraid?-

Seeing that conversation and the way Rena leaned to Xena’s ear, Gabrielle felt anger overwhelming her. But she did nothing except standing there in silence and thinking

Xena, what are you doing? Why are you smiling so warmly to Rena? Why are you letting her so close? Do you like her the way I like you? No, Xena please... My warrior.. My blue sky... M- my love. I know there is nothing I can do to stop her from getting any closer to you. I know I can’t just walk over there and say: "Hey, buzz off. I don’t want to see you near my girlfriend". But I have to do something before the relationship between you and Rena turns into something more than just friendship... Oh, Xena... I thought you cared about me in the other way than just a friend, but seeing you smiling wickedly to Rena I’m not so sure any more...

- Well...Yes. I’m afraid. Of beating you to death- said Xena

- Nice one, but I don’t think you’ll even get around to hit me-

- Wanna bet?- said Xena walking away to the fighting ground.

The green-eyed amazon followed her until they came on a clear ground. Rest of the amazons stopped their practice and stepped out of the circle watching the warrior and an amazon challenging her.

- What do you want to bet for?- asked Xena.

- Hmm... The looser has to obey every order that was told her to do by the winner for one whole day, including night of course-

- That’s a pretty serious bet. You sure you want to make it?- smiled the warrior.

At that moment Rena went running towards the warrior with full speed. Jumping in the air and continuing to fly with a leg kick towards Xena. The warrior also jumped in the air and intercepted Rena with her own kick. The green-eyed amazon landed hardly on the ground but still having some strength left in her legs as fastest as she could she knocked Xena down by hitting her bellow her knees. The warrior collapsed hard. In that moment Rena regained her strength and jumped on the warrior. She sat on top of Xena and smiled victoriously. Crowd around them yelled and cheered not believing Xena was defeated. The green-eyed amazon leaned towards Xena’s face just an inch away and whispered:

- I expected a lot more from you-

In a moment Rena felt her body flying over Xena’s head. After a moment she was unable to move. This time the warrior was sitting on top of her.

- You were saying-

As the green-eyed amazon tried to move, Xena pinned her arms and legs to the ground just like she did earlier that day. This time the huge crowd around them yelled even louder. Rena was unable to even move a muscle. She was face to face just a few inches from Xena. She could feel her warm breath. Suddenly Xena felt warm lips covering her own. Her muscles canceled and a tight on Rena was so weak. The green-eyed amazon freed herself from Xena’s grip and hit the warrior in the stomach as hardest as she could blowing her away. While Xena was out of breath, Rena ran towards her, jumping in the air and preparing her leg kick. Suddenly Xena ducked down and Rena was once again hitting the ground but this time with her stomach. The warrior took the chance and tightened Rena’s hand behind her back. All that time crowd was enjoyed watching them.

- Cheater!- said the warrior.

- You’re calling me a cheater?- asked painfully Rena.

- Yes!- added Xena tightening her grip- Kisses aren’t allowed-

- Well, no one informed me-

- Right. This fight is over!- said Xena getting off of Rena and offering her a hand- Never than less it was a good fight-

Rena smiled and accepted the hand. As the crowd gave them space, they both went towards the center of the village cleaning themselves. Suddenly Xena spotted Gabrielle in distance looking at them sadly. The queen turned around and left without a word.

What’s wrong with Gabrielle? Why is she so sad?.. She looked like she was on the edge of tears.. But why should I even care? She has her little Nysa by her side now.. Oh you know why, you stupid warrior. You can’t look the person you love with all your heart being so depressed. I better go over and talk to her.

- I’ll see you later Rena-

The green-eyed amazon just nodded as the warrior turned and left.


Amazon village; queen’s residence - day

- Knock, knock- said Xena knocking on the door of the queen residence.

- Just a minute- came the voice from inside- Ok, you can come in now-

As the warrior stepped in she could see Gabrielle sitting on her bed. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were blurry. The light from the flames in the fireplace were dancing on Gabrielle’s face.

Hades! She must’ve been crying... Sitting there... She looks like an angel...

- Oh, Xena... It’s you- whispered the amazon queen trying to hide her blury eyes.

The warrior stepted forward and easily sat on the bed next to the young bard. She placed her palm on Gabrielle’s shoulder and looked at her eyes.

- Gabrielle, what’s wrong?- tenderly whispered the warrior.

- W-why would anything be wrong?

- C’mon, I know you Gabrielle, remember. It’s me-

The amazon queen lowered her head and steard at the floor trying to think of something she could say.

- Tell me who made you cry. I’m gonna brake him into peaces. I promisse you that-

The young bard looked at the warrior and pulled a weak smile accross her face. Xena tenderly smiled at her and than moved her palm closer to the bard’s face, gently rubbing her cheeks.

- It’s nothing Xena, really...-

The amazon queen lowered her head again, but the warrior took her chin in one hand and rised it to look into those beautiful eyes. She could see the tears on the edge just waiting to fall.

- Gabrielle..- said the warrior gentler as she could.

In that moment a tear streamed down the bards’ face. She couldn’t hold it anymore. Xena tenderly wiped off the tear not removing her eyes from the bards’ than moved her face closer. Her lips were placed on the Gabrielle‘s foreahead. As the warrior gave her a soft kiss, she got up saiyng:

- I’m gonna give you some time. Call me if you need anything-

Gabrielle nooded as Xena turned around and left the queen residance. In that moment the bard burst into tears while falling onto her knees.

Oh Xena!! If you only new the person who made me cry is you..

Xena was right outside the queen resitdance and she could hear the quiet soobs coming from inside but she walked away. The warrior was moving slowely down the village towards her cottage.

If I stayed a minute more in there by your side Gabrielle, I would burst into tears. I love you so much but I promissed to myself I’m never going to tell you because than you could leave me forever...But now... I guess I already lost you. Dammit Nysa!! How could you do this to me? And what did you do to my bard that she’s so sad?

The warrior entered her cottage to find Nysa sitting on a chair next to a little table.

- Nysa.. What do you need?-

- 5000 dinnars should do just fine-

- Don’t make jokes with me. I’m not in a mood-

- Soo-rry-

- Uh-huh-

- What is up with you, Xena?-

- What do you mean?-

- What is going on?

- Nysa, I’m really not in a mood to solve your readdles, what are you talking about?-

- I’m talking about you getting too close to Rena-

- Who I get close to, is not of your damn buiseness!-

- Since when?-

- Since you betrayed me!-

- Betrayed you?! When? By doing what?-

- Oh, come on Nysa!! I saw you whispering with a smile to Gabrielle’s ear!

- Wha..-

- I saw you sitting so close to her you almost ended up in her lap!-

- But Xe..-

- I saw your hand over hers-

- Would you list..-

- I saw her blushing as you talked to her!-

- That’s not what happ...-

- You know, I don’t even want to hear your explonation!-

- Xena!!-

- I trusted you!-

- Xena, wait!-

In that moment the warrior left the cottage. Nysa rose from her chair walking towards the door, wanting to follow Xena, but when she was out, the warrior was already gone.

- Damn!!!- said the grey-eyed amazon- What a mess!! I better talk to Gabrielle.-


Xena was standing behind one of the cottages spying on Nysa who just walked into the queen’s residence.

- Bitch!- whispered Xena.

The warrior stepped out of the cottage shadow and went towards the stables. She slowely entered and spotted Argo.

- Hey, girl!- said Xena smiling- long time no see-

The warrior walked towards her horse and than gently stroked her mane.

- I didn’t have much time for you in the last few days. I’m sorry for that girl. A lot of things are going on around here- whispered the warrior into the mare’s ear still stroking her mane.

The mare looked at Xena like she understands what is the warrior talking about.

- Hang on, girl. We’ll be leaving soon. And it’s gonna be just two of us, like in old times- smiled Xena pushing the hurt and the tears deep inside.


- What?!- questioned Gabrielle.

- You heard me, Xena thinks that the two of us are ... Well you know...And that’s why she’s angry at me-

- Oh, Hades, Xena... Wait... Does that mean that she’s... In love with me?-

- Yeah, she is. I told you that before-

- But she can’t be! She kissed Rena!-

- She didn’t kissed Rena, Rena kissed her-

- But she liked it! I saw it with my own eyes. Her muscles canceled when she felt Rena’s lips-

- Just because her muscles canceled doesn’t mean that she’s in love with her! Don’t you understand Gabrielle?! She loves you!-

Hearing all those words, Gabrielle placed her palms on Nysa’s cheeks and looked in her eyes.

- Look I appreciate everything you’re trying to do, but this one is on Xena and only her. If she realy loves me, as you say, she’ll fight for me. I know her, she’s not going to give up. She never did in her life-

- But Gabrielle! She’s as scared as you! You know how much you’re scared of telling her because she might leave you? She has the same problem-

- Well I’m gonna leave her anyway cause now she thinks I’ll probably stay here with you-

- What are you..?-

- I want you to help me play along-

- Excuse me? You want me to hurt Xena? I can’t!-

- But how elese am I going to find out if she really loves me?-

- I don’t know, find some other way. Just please don’t make me do that to her-

- There is no other way! You have to help me-

Nysa thuoght about it for a while than she looked at her queen.

- Alright- she said still not fully wanting to do what the queen had asked of her.

Gabrielle took Naysa’s hand in hers and went outside.

- C’mon "love"!- smiled the queen- Time for dinner-

- Uh-huh- followed Nysa.

Soon they entered the dining hall and saw everybody starring at them, some jelous some surprised, some just smiling. Gabrielle searched the room with her eyes looking for Xena. And there she was, sitting at the usual table next to the wall. The meal in front of her was untouched and her eyes gazed deep into the ale next to her plate. She didn’t even sppoted the pair comming in, she couldn’t. Then suddenly her sense told her someone was approaching. With the corrner of her eye she saw Gabrielle and Nysa holding hands and walking towards her. As fastest as she could, she therw the food from her plate on the floor underneeth the table just so it would look like she’s already done.

- Hey!- Gabrielle said.

- Hi!- Xena responced doing well in hiding the pain-

- Mind if we sit with ya?- asked the queen.

- No, not at all-

The two sat and kept looking at each other and smiling.

- I see you’re feeling better- said Xena.

- Yeah, thanks to Nysa here-

The warrior smiled at the two of them.

- So, Xena, what’ve you been up to lately?- asked the grey-eyed amazon.

- Oh, nothin’ much-

- I saw the fight you had with Rena today. She’s pretty good, don’t you think?-

- Well yeah, she knows how to fight if that’s what you mean-

At those words Gabrielle touched Nysa bellow the table.

- Yeah, we knOW!- she screamed acidently and looked at her queen.

Gabrielle just smiled.

Xena felt anger rising in her throat and fists.

- Well, I’m done- she drank up the last sip of ale and rose from the table- I’ll leave you two alone. See ya in the morning- she smiled and left for the door.

When Xena was out of the dining room the smile vanished and she could feel tears burning beneeth her eyelids. Slowly she walked to the stable, picked up the saddlebags in the corrner and placed them on Argo.

- Hey girl, I told you we’d go soon. I think that time has come-

The warriror quietly led the mare out of the stable and towards the gate of the village. She new everybody was in the didning room and no one would see her except the guards. As she approached the gate an amazon guard greeted her.

- Do me a favour Kleio and give this to Gabrielle when you see her- said Xena climbing on the mare.

- Alright- agreed Kleio.

Soon, Xena was on the outskirts of the village, riding slowly away in the moonlight. Her heart ached more than ever. Like someone stung a knife in it and ripped it appart. All she could see in front of her eyes were Gabrielle and Nysa together. She tryed to loose that image, to hope that was all just a dream and she would wake up anytime now, but it was reality. Because this much pain you can feel only in your real life. Her eyes burned so much and she couldn’t hold the tears back anymore. The round shaped crystals slode down her face so pure. Not even a sigh was heard, only the galooping of the mare. Like a whisper she was gone. Lost in the darkness of the forest.


Amazon village - night

The dinner was over and everybody went towards their rooms and so did Gabrielle still holding Nysa’s hand in hers, hoping Xena’s going to see them.

- My queen!- yelled the voice accross the village.

- What is it?- she looked at the person approaching.

The amazon stopped in front of her and handed her a letter with a respectfull vow.

- Thank you Kleio, who’s it from?-

- Xena, your majesty-

Gabrielle looked surprised than moved her hand- You may go-

In a second amazon was gone. Gabrielle and Nysa went to the queen’s residance and sat comfortably in front of a fireplace.

- Let’s see now- Gabrielle unrolled the letter.

As longer as she looked at it as sadder her look was getting.

- Gabrielle, what is it?- asked Nysa- Read it out loud-

- Dear Gabrielle

By the time you read this, I’ll probably be far away. Forgive me for going away without saying goodbye, you know I hate that- Gabrielle stopped to let out a little laugh but it was so sad that the grey-eyed amazon thought it was more of a cry- Oh well, you’ll get over it, you’re a strong bard, oh pardon, amazon queen. I came to a conclusion that you will probably stay with Nysa in the amazon village and I didn’t want to be in the way of your happiness- the bard’s eyes filled with tears and her hand started shaking but she kept on reading- I wish you a happy life my amazon queen, bard of Poteidaia.. Tell Nysa I ordered her to take good care of you.


By the time Gabrielle finished reading her face was all wet. She stumbled on her knees, lowered her head and pressed the letter closer to her heart. Nysa kneeled down to her, and huged her.

- It’s going to be ok- she tried to comfort her.

- What have we done?! Arteimis!-

- Oh, Gabrielle.. Xena loves you much more than you could ever imagine. She left not trying to part us because she thinks that you’re happy with me, that this is the life you’ll choose-

The queen just kept on crying on Nysa’s shoulder.

- We shouldn’t have done this to her Gabrielle-

- I know!!!!-

Nysa backed of from the hug and cuped the bard’s chin into one hand.

- Listen! You have to go after her! She only left a few hours ago. You can still catch her- said the amazon and pulled her queen up.

Gabrielle looked at her friend.

- GO!!!-

The bard decided that she will indeed go after her loved one. No matter what it takes she’s going to find her.

Gabrielle ran out of the residence and went towards the gate of the village.

- Guard, get me a horse!!- she screamed.

As soon as she reached the gate, she climbed on a waiting horse and rode away into the darkness. The guards were left without a word.


Xena was sitting next to the camp fire on a log staring at the flames. The only noise around was Argo’s bretahing and the wood cracking in the fire. Warrior’s face was neutral and her blue eyes clear like a crystal. Not a tear in them, not a blink. Her hands on each of her knees. She was trying to think of aynthing but the bard, yet those were the only thoughts in her mind. All those things they went through together...

Suddenly Xena rose from the log and went towards the lake near by.

Maybe the only thing that’ll keep me from thinking of you, my bard, is cold water.

She stripped her clothes and dove into the water. The coldness of it pierced through the warrior’s bones but still she was not shivering.

It looked like she was swimming in the moonlight. Her sense of someone approaching turned on again and she dove deep into the water.

The hooded person has just entered the camp.

- Looking for somethng, punk?- asked the voice behind the person.

It was Xena, naked and wet, holding a sword in her hands.

- Turn around so I can see your face!-

The person turned around and removed its hood.

There in front of Xena stood the amazon queen.

- Gabrielle? What are you doing here?- asked the confused warrior while letting down the sword.

Looking at Xena all naked and wet, the bard swollowed hard.

- I was looking for you-

- Well you found me, even though i don’t know why the bother-

- What do you mean you don’t know why the bother?! You just diecided to leave!! Just like that!! You saw me happy and you have to ruin that with your leaving?!?!

- I didn’t..-

- You can’t stand to see me happy is that it??!!!!-

- No, I-

- That’s it!! That’s why you left!! To ruin my happiness!!-

- Hold on a minute!! To ruin your happiness??!! You have your happiness right there in that goddamn village!! What else do you want??!!!!-

- You didn’t even say say goodbye!!!! You didn’t even asked me if I’d go with you??!!!!!!- screamed the upset bard.

- If you’d go with me??!! Who the hell are you kidding Gabrielle?!!!! What do you want from me?!!! You have your little Nysa by your side now!!!! What else do you want??!!! Do you want me to stay there too so I could watch that bitch crawling all over you?!!!!! To see you kissing her and holding hands?!!! To say I’ll see you two in the morning of a night when two of you are going to sleep together??!!!!!- warrior’s eyes filled with tears but she was not going to let them fall, not now.

The bard was left speachless. She saw love in those blue eyes. She saw saddness of a broken heart and deep in her voice she heard a cry. The bard herself started to shed tears.

- You bitch!! And they call you a mighty warrior princess?!! You can't even see when someone’s in love with you!!!-

Now Xena was out of words. No matter how inteligent she was. Everything in her head blocked.

- You know what I want from you?!!! You know what?!!! I want you to say you love me!!- cried the amazon queen.

In that moment the warrior gently lifted the bard’s chin and looked in her wet eyes crying herself but smiling happily.

- I love you with all my heart- she said and moved her face closer to the bard’s.

She kissed her softly while their lips melted together in passion. When they parted and opened their eyes, the amazon queen smiled.

- I love you too- she said

-The End-

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