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Faekin (Never Forget Me)

By Orhea the dreamer


Part 4

Appearances are deceiving.

That being said, I have to admit that sometimes oh great goddess a woman likes to be deceived!

At 9 a.m sharp I was retrieved from my house in a sleek black car that had a horse as a hood ornament. I'm assuming then that the car was a mustang. I sank into the seat so smoothly, that for a second it felt like I was melting. The interior was grey, and there were all sorts of gadgets you'd expect from a luxury car, but my mind didn't stay on that , no, my eyes were devouring the jean clad hottie in the driver's seat. She was in a pair of black jeans, with a shirt that was deep royal blue, buttoned up and the sleeves were rolled back to the elbow. Her hair had been combed back into a neat ponytail and was clasped with a black band. A few firey strands stuck out, framing her face, one particular one was pushed behind her ear and just brushing over her smooth neck. I wondered briefly what it would be like to bite right there…


“Hmm?” I hadn't been listening to a word she said.

She smiled and I was once again struck by how sharp her teeth seemed. “Did you sleep okay?”

No…”Yeah I slept alright”


I made a face at that and shifted my gaze to the window, where I watched the neighborhood pass by in a blur of greens and pastels. “Why do you say that?”

“You've got baggage under your eyes. Tells me that just like myself, you can't sleep for shit.” She shifted gears and we began to pick up speed as she turned on to the freeway.

“I thought we were going for coffee.”

“We are, but since its our first date, I figure we should at least get a nice cup. Trust me, I'm a cop, I know where the good coffee joints are.”

I smiled. “You know I've always hated cops.”

“Oh well human cops can be a drag, but they have a job to do, some are good, some are bad, but that's with anything don't you think?” She shrugged.

“I just have had bad experiences.”

“Thought so… You're family died in a fire?”

I sighed and tapped my finger on the glass a moment. “Yeah, I was in school at the time.. I went to university. Suddenly I get this call. Cops, telling me everything I ever knew was dead and hey, I needed to come sign off on some paperwork. .. The insurance took care of the buriels but my folks were in debt up to their ears so.. Well there was nothing left. I sold the property, there should be a mini mart built on the lot soon enough.”

I could feel her eyes on me, and when I turned to catch her she'd already turned her attention back to the road. “Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to grill you. Just trying to get to know you, ya know?”

“Yeah.. “

“So why work at an Irish pub? You said you went to college.”

I shook my head. “Didn't finish… “ I would have said more but I decided to leave it at that. I didn't feel like crying. “What about you? A cop? Clearly your family is rich.”

Alice gave a short bark of laughter. “Huh, money should never be your reason for living.” She shrugged. “I keep trying to dump it, keep getting more back. My family owns stocks and bonds from several different businesses; my brother handles the family investments. I put my share to charity, a month later; I've got another sum of money. I like making my own money. I like living by my own rules. You can't do that when you're rich. Too many people expect too much from you. “She pulled into a quaint shop on the corner of two streets. It was decorated with brown and tan paint with black letters in front that simply said “Neighborhood Espresso”. The shop had large windows, making the inside viewable from the parking lot.

I unbuckled my seat belt and opened the door to let myself out.

Alice was out and at my side in a few long strides just as I was about to shut the door. I shut it with a gentle shove and brushed a loose curl from my hair as I looked at the door. “I can smell the coffee from here. Smells good.”

“Tastes better.” She grinned and offered her arm in a surprisingly courtly gesture. I looked at it a moment, then hooked my arm in hers and allowed myself to be led to the door.

We sat down at one of the diner like tables and I immediately picked up one of the little menus situated near the napkin holder, more out of habit than anything. The atmosphere was laid back, yet I was still a little tense, it was a first date of sorts. I skimmed the menu with a calculating eye. I was so used to budgeting that I couldn't help it, I just added up the prices in my head. As usual the coffee was outlandish, yet no worse than any other coffee joint I'd gone too.

“Im thinking that chocolate fudge cake is looking delicious,” Alice said, and I looked over the menu to glance at her.

“This early in the morning?”

She grinned. “Somewhere else in the world it's dinner time”

I couldn't help it, my lips started to twitch, and a sugar pink giggle rose from me. What the hell was that? I didn't do that cutesy girlie laughter… I felt myself turn warm. “Good point. A chocolate chip cookie never hurt anyone.”

“My kind of woman, so you know what you want?”

I took one last glance at the menu and nodded, folding it in front of me. “Yeah I know what I want.”

She nodded “Tell me and I'll go make the order.”

“Chocolate chip cookie and spiced chai tea, hot with a splash of milk.” I watched Alice nod and unfold her long form out of the chair. As she walked away my eyes couldn't help its natural gravitation to her firm rear end. I felt that familiar pang of arousal that always accompanies Alice. I squirmed in my seat and then smoothed out imaginary wrinkles in my blouse. It was lucky I had something at least decent to wear. It was white, with little purple flowers all over, it was loose enough to not accentuate my curves, yet tight enough to give a teasing idea of what lay beneath it. I paired the blouse with a pair of jeans and my standard, customary tennis shoe. I suppose I could have shopped for boots at one point, I just never got around to it and this ‘date' popped up on short notice.

Alice returned a moment later with my cookie and her slice of cake. “They'll bring the coffee to us in a short while.”

I took the cookie which was on a place and ripped a piece of it off, popping it into my mouth. I took a moment to save the rich chocolate and buttery flavor. It was good... It seemed like Alice's pupils expanded a moment, and she licked her lips. “Perhaps I should have gotten the cookie.”

“Mm,?” I swallowed. I was going to ask what she meant but the drinks were brought and I took a moment to clear the rich taste of chocolate off my tongue with the spicy, very hot chai tea. As it was too hot and I didn't want to risk scalding my tongue, I took a very small sip, then lifted the lid off the container so that the heat could release from the cup. Hot air rises, cold air sinks… Alice's coffee smelled strong it too was likely scalding, yet she took a good sip from the container and set it down, using a plastic fork to finally tear into her cake.

We sat in silence a moment and I found that my nervousness seemed to slip away. It was a safe, companionable silence, one in which I was very aware of her company. Every now and then I could feel her eyes on me, yet the feeling wasn't so intense, just questioning, like she had so much she wanted to know. I'm sure I gave her similar glances when I tore my eyes from the window to watch her. Eventually our eyes met again and I couldn't help the smile that spread my lips. “This is nice.”

Her smile answered mine. “It was a good idea. “ I saw her drop her hand, it layer next to her plate, slid toward me , then violently jerked away, disappearing underneath the table and likely resting in her lap. I was aware of the pull between us then. Like a cord that jerked us from one end to the next, if one side pulled the other side followed, and so I reached my hand underneath the table, across our legs, and managed to find her fingers, tangling mine and hers together. My heart leapt with the contact we locked eyes and it seemed I was holding the air in my lungs for a long painful moment. I felt her squeeze my fingers and let go. “Thanks” she whispered.

Reluctantly, I pulled my hand away. “Thank you” I responded. “This is so weird.”

“I bet you don't even know what just happened.” She rose from her chair. “Want to go? If you don't' mind I'd like to take a walk. There is a park not far from here.”

I picked up my tea, the cookie was long gone. I frowned at the empty plate. “Someone ate my cookie.”

She blinked, and started to laugh; I smirked as I rose from the chair and started for the door. We were in the car before I asked her what she meant.

“I called for you” She said as she slipped the key in the ignition and started up the car. “You answered.” Puzzled, I lapsed into silence and she pulled out of the parking lot. I watched her profile as we drove, taking in the line of her jaw, the curve of her nose, the length of her lashes. My eyes traveled to her lips and lingered.

“ I don't understand.” God why did she have to smell so good? All I could think about was how gorgeous she looked, how good she had to taste, and how much I wanted too… My mind stopped when the car swerved and we stopped on the side of the road. Frowning I looked around to see the issue. “Whats wrong?”

She was gripping the steering somewhat tightly.. I actually saw the material start to flex under her fingers. I reached out to touch her… “DON'T”

Startled and hurt, I pulled my hand away. Fine, I was only trying to help… I turned to look out the window. Her rejection of my assistance only served to remind me of her original feelings on my humanity. It somehow made me weaker… AS IF! I had pulled myself from my own personal hell and made a life… Okay so it wasn't great, yet I'd survived! My chest heaved, and I contemplated leaving the car.

“There is something I have to confess.”

I didn't look at her. I didn't like how my eyes stung so much. I didn't like how Alice made me feel. One moment she could make me feel higher than a cloud, hornier than a goat, or so lower than dirt. I didn't like that at all.


“What?” I growled.

“Will you look at me?”
There was a moment of silence, and I could hear cars whizzing past us on the freeway.

“I don't want to.” I know I was acting like a child. I didn't care. I felt her hand slide onto my arm. It was a gentle grip. It felt… nice. I jerked my arm away.

“I am sorry.” She sighed, “It seems like all I do these days is apologize to you. I didn't mean to reject you Kit. Its just that when you touch me I- Kit, look at me?”

I crossed my arms over my chest defensively and met her gaze. What I saw was sincerity, and a little contrition. Her lips were tight too, I guessed due to the emotionally charged atmosphere.

“I like to look you in the eye, so that you can judge for yourself whether or not what I tell you is true. Kit… I didn't tell you something… You recall what I said about mated pairs? “ She growled, glanced away , then at me again. “I can feel you. I can't read your mind of course, yet your emotions are like an open book right now. Right now you're a little mad at me. You felt rejected and… hurt. “ She swallowed loudly, and I saw regret flash in her expression. “I dislike hurting you… You need to understand something Kit. Whatever attraction you feel for me I feel twice as much. I feel your attraction and my own. If you were a full fae you would experience the same… Truthfully if you were full fae we'd have already completed the ritual. “ Her gaze flitted to my neck, the mark was there, fainter still. Her tongue snaked out to lick her lips, and then her gaze met mine again. Her dark, large pupils were intense in their desire to convey the truth to me. “I have wanted to rip off your clothes since almost the moment I saw you. Great goddess, you have no idea!” She laughed then, a dry, self-mocking laugh. “I spent years training to control my emotions, to stem my passions. Faekin feel things more violently than a human as comparison. Nothing prepared me for you Kit Larsen, all those years of training seem like a waste. Feeling you wanting me like you do… You have no clue how I've wanted to have you. In in the hospital, in your apartment, here in the car, the coffee shop… “

With each location she mentioned I'd increased in awareness. I don't know if it was the sound of her husky voice alone or the deep seated need that poured from every syllable yet it only served to switch my anger and hurt into something violent and lustful. I wanted her right there on the side of the road with the traffic zooming past. I wanted the taste of her in my mouth her flesh on my flesh. I wanted to take her, to be taken; over and over until we could push aside all the negative feelings and find some sort of wild release.

Then her mouth was on me. Her lips pressed against mine and I felt myself falling vack. A little sound squeaked from my throat and I felt myself crush against something soft.. her arm? Her tongue pressed at my teeth and my mouth opened for her. I sucked her in, demanding to receive her as she was demanding entry. She tasted like chocolate and coffee, she tasted perfect! My nipples hardened, I felt myself go damp with need, and my arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer, demanding more as we devoured each other. And then I was reaching for her shirt, my fingers messing with the smooth buttons, working at them one by one.. She was faster than me. I felt my bra snap open, my heavy vreasts released, and were met by her smooth hand, only slightly chafed with calluses, her thumbs caressed my nipples and I groaned. “Alice, oh my god..” She'd taken her mouth from mine, nipping my chin with her sharp teeth, working her way down my neck and shoulder. I would have given her all right there, in the car, on the side of the freeway…

Alice stiffened though, and jerked herself away. She made a sound akin to a frustrated growl and a pained grunt. “Not this way..” The intensity of her eyes made me want to dive over to her side. They were so intense in hue, it was not humanely possible for anyone's eyes to radiate such a color like a blue highlighter!

She jerked her gaze away and turned into her seat. In five seconds we were on the freeway, we took the nearest exit, looped under a bridge, and got on again. She was definitely going well past the speed limit, yet every ounce of me was aching with so much pure, raw , need, she could have drove us into a ditch and I wouldn't have noticed. It was even hard to sit still.

“Have your keys ready.” She said, as we turned down my street some minutes later. “Have them ready or we're going to end up shocking the neighbors. “

My lust soaked thoughts focused, and I fished around my pockets for the keys. The car slid into the driveway and parked smoothly, and in a second Alice was out the door and around to the other side. My door swung open before my hand could touch the handle. I clamored out of the car, walked the few feet to the door and pushed the key into the lock, sliding it open. I didn't set a foot inside before Alice turned me around, pressed me against the open door and ravished my mouth. The keys fell from my hand. I felt her fingers hook into my jeans and then they were quickly falling to the floor. I didn't have time to get self-conscious, I just wanted her naked, and quickly. I had her shirt half off anyway, so I rejoined the effort to remove it but Alice had other ideas. She gripped my wrists with her hands, her grip firm, yet gentle, and pushed them over my head. She adjusted so that my wrists were pinned under one, slender hand as the other moved down and jerked up, pulling my blouse over my head in one fluid motion. She released me, and took a step back, her gaze dropped to take in my body.

Even in that heady state of arousal this time I did start to feel a little self-aware. My hands dropped to cover my waist. I did have a spare tire, and I had to remind myself to walk more…

Alice said something in that weird language then made a sound with her teeth, pulling my arms apart. “Don't be silly. “Her fingers looped around the straps of my bra and slowly, she removed it. I didn't see disgust in her look, only raw, primal hunger when her gaze finally met mine she brought her lips to mine again. This time the kiss was slow, achingly slow, and my heart skittered with the change of pace. Her hands slid down my sides, and I felt her drop down a little, her mouth sucking in the top of my right breast as her hands hooked under either knee.

“Wait you can't pick me…” I squeaked as either of my knees were put on either side of her waist, my crotch pressed against her belt buckle, causing me to hiss at the sudden jolt of pure pleasure from the friction. “I'm too… too heavy” She ignored this comment all together. Her mouth found my nipple and I forgot what the hell I was talking about, instead my fingers clawed into her back and I pressed myself into her mouth.

Somehow I found myself sinking into the bed. Alice's weight was on me for just a moment, and she pulled back long enough to finish off her shirt. There was a white tank underneath that was soon discarded, followed by a no frills, black bra. Her skin was like smooth cream. Her nipples were a dusky rose color, firm and erect. I reached up to touch them, but she rolled away to discard her pants and underwear. I was entranced with her beauty, the smooth way she moved, the elegant outline of her shape, she was all woman and I had never wanted anyone more than her… And then those intoxicating eyes trapped me, and she was crawling towards me. I couldn't stop the progression; in fact, I gave into it, reaching out to meet her. My hands reached up to stroke her shoulders, down her arms and over her chest. I was marveling at her, taking her in, but she was no longer in the mood to play. We were in a position where my legs were slightly tucked under me, and she was looming over me. She rose up and our mouths met in a tangle of soft and wet. I fell onto the mattress, pulling her with me. It felt so good to have her hot, smooth skin pressed against mine. She pushed my knees apart and settled in like she'd always been.

Her mouth slid down devouring my body like a starved woman fresh from the desert. She slid down further and further until finally that pulsing at the apex of my thighs was engulfed by the sweet suction of her lips. I gasped, the world faded out and my fingers tanged their way into her fiery hair, pulling her closer, commanding her to stay, to not stop. Her hot, wet, smooth tongue slid over my clit and then sucked it in again, just as she spread me open with her fingers, I was wet and waiting and there was no barrier against her. I writhed like a wild cat, jerking my hips in tandem with the smooth, firm strokes of her mouth and hand. “Oh my god… Alice…” She grunted and the vibration from the action sent me over the edge, for the first time in my life I screamed while I came, and likely took a few red strands of hair with me.

We didn't stop.

She hardly gave me a moment to calm down before we were rocking our hips together she waited for me to cum again before she allowed herself her own release. She pressed her face against my neck gripping my shoulders so hard I almost thought they would break. She placed a kiss on my neck and rolled onto her back. I rolled over and put my head on her shoulder, my hand slipped up to cover the place just above her heart. She lifted a hand to hold it there, and I felt warmth, a tingling warmth radiating under my fingers. “I am aware that humans tend to take things slowly, when they are serious in a relationship. For example perhaps sex would take longer.”

I smirked. “I don't know, these days that's not always the case.” My hand slid down, now that I had the time, I wanted to feel her skin. I paused when I felt a slight bump. “What's this?” I pushed up to see a small scar.

“I was shot. The exit wound is on my back.”

I frowned massaging the old wound with my thumb then I leaned over to kiss it. “You got them didn't you? “


“The one who shot you.”

I looked up from my position. Her mouth was set in a thin line and for a moment she seemed far away.

“Yeah I did.”

Over the course of the afternoon and toward the evening we'd made love a couple of times, once in the shower and once more in my room, I finally pled exhaustion and hunger and she pulled away from me long enough to fix a late lunch. I made grilled chicken fajitas and we downed them with iced tea while half naked in the kitchen. Then we sat in the living room watching tv until Alice rose from her position on the couch. “Phone's going off.”

I frowned after her. “I didn't hear anything.”

Sure enough Alice disappeared into my room. I shrugged, assuming it was work and snuggled into the couch. My hair was drying in all directions of curl and frizz, and for once I didn't care. For once I felt truly desirable and truly content with myself and it wasn't just Alice's acceptance of my flaws that did this, it was my own acceptance. For once I'd been made to understand that what I was doing to myself wasn't necessary. I am how I am, and I might as well embrace it.

Alice appeared again fully dressed and shoving her phone into the breast pocket of her shirt. “I've got a lead, I need to go. “ She walked to me and I lifted my chin, we kissed like we'd done so for years. Her hand caressed my cheek and she lingered looking into my eyes. “That mark isn't going to go away for a while now. We either complete phase three and it becomes permanent or it remains faint lines for at least a year or more.” This time she kissed me hard and deep so that my hands were gripping the front of her shirt to keep from falling over. She pulled away abruptly and moved swiftly to the door.

“Wait… Alice! Was that phase 2? Alice!” Either she didn't hear me or ignored me for by the time I was at the door I could see her car rounding the driveway.





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