Disclaimers** For this story there is going to be cursing, possible sexual situations involving consenting adults and innuendo, also the potential for carnage and blood. I recommend that you are of consenting age before getting into it.

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Runaway Priestess

By Orhea (the dreamer)


Part 1

Part 2

“Time to get up.” Danu gazed at the woman sitting next to her. She hadn't gotten a lick of sleep. Apparantly, the priestess liked to move around in her sleep and it wasn't long before she'd nodded off and pressed herself into Danu's body, in such a way that no matter how much squirming, she'd almost always get pinned. There was a faint floral scent, mixed with the musk of incense that clung to Karaya like a second nature. It wafted lazily into Danu's nose, filling her senses, causing her fingers to itch too..

Told you daughter, you should just give in to yer baser nature!

“Quiet old man.” The words gritted out through her teeth.

Don't have ta, yer the clan's seer, ye are bound to us until ye join us gurl.

As if she'd ever forget. The blazing tattoo on her upper right arm would never fade, could never be burnt away. It was the mark of a seer, a clan's warrior chief. Talaith-vala.. Rarely was a female born to the title. The last one had come over a hundred years ago, Brighid of ire. In her rein she'd managed to expand the clan's wealth and holdings, as well as populate the isle with several bastards… However she'd been well praised for her many good deeds. The Talaith-vala was given mysterious powers, on top of her druid ones, and so the title was greatly revered, perhaps a little feared. No one born to the title could escape destiny, or so it was said. Most of the ancestors that spoke to her were indeed formal Tailaith-vala. She hadn't had the pleasure however, to hear the feminine voices of her foremothers.

Joost take her! She's practically beggin for it!

Irritated, and pushed out of her brooding, Danu growled and twisted out of the sleeping woman's clutches. She was making her way to the tent flap when Kara finally stirred.

“Something wrong?” Her voice was soft, husky with sleep.

Danu glanced over her shoulder. The turban had been discarded, and the waist long braid slid down her back like a fiery whip. “We should be getting up. It's time to move along.” She managed to get the flap untied and slipped out of the tent. None too soon in her opinion…


How could the woman manage to look so.. brilliant in the morning?! Karaya lifted herself to a seated position and stretched her legs and arms. She'd gone to bed with her body as far away from the other as she could get within the confines of their shared pallet, she'd tossed and turned for a while, then her body had brushed up against something warm and she'd slept like a babe. She wanted to slip back into the covers and sleep more, but she knew better. The coolness of the desert would eventually fade into blazing, stifling heat, it would be better to get moving before that started. With a loud groan she pushed to her feet and began to fold the blankets. The shuffling from outside indicated that Danu was busy putting together their breakfast.

Kara rubbed her face and brushed off her wrinkled robe. She was low on options, she didn't like the idea but.. Sighing, she fingered the gold arm band. She'd have to sell it the next place they stopped. She couldn't run around forever in priestess garb. The fabric was already starting to feel stiff and dingy. She hadn't thought about what she would do when she decided to run, only the necessity to get away. No one would rule her; so long as she lived she swore it. Strong in her willpower, Kara tapped her sandals free of sand and slide them on her feet.

They dined on olives, bread, and a few pieces of dry, hard cheese. Danu graciously shared her water with Karaya.

“Are with headed to Sumer?” Karaya savored what she decided to be her last swig, gazing up at the cloudless sky.

Danu turned her distracted eyes to the woman and gave a slight nod. “Aye, closest place, and we need some things. Do you have anything in the way of money?”

Karaya shrugged and removed her arm band, holding the delicate piece of jewelry up. “I plan to sell this.”

Danu blinked at that. “You sure? It's not something you really need? It doesn't have any sentimental value does it?”

Karaya gave a sad smile. “It matters little right? I doubt you own much. You seem like the sort to travel lightly.”

Danu crinkled auburn brows at that. She'd left with a small trunk of gold, but the passage overseas and sand had been a treacherous one. Her little supply was down to a pouch and she still hadn't found Ingrid, or her stupid lackey Virk. “not much but enough” In truth, she was thinking about selling her torq, but she doubted it would bring much, considering the desert people would have never seen such jewelry. It too had allotted of sentimental value, which is why she left it in her bags, rather than wore it.

Kara patted Danu's muscular arm. “I can also perform favors for money.”

At that Danu rose to her feet and sputtered. “Ta hell ya will! You're not gonna sell yerself like that just for.. “At the shocked look on Kara's face Danu stopped mid sentence. “I mean, to sell yourself is a bit extreme” Hel, there were women in the village that did things like that, widows and the like. Why was she getting so upset? Maybe it was because Karaya was a priestess, and before some days ago, a virgin, and the idea of some man crawling on her silky body made Danu see red.

Kara on the other hand lifted a dark brow. “I was thinking you know, making charms and blessing items.. It is kind of a lie since I am not an official priestess, but I thought it couldn't hurt.”

Instantly Danu felt a little foolish and looked away, hoping the heat in her cheeks didn't manifest into redness. “Ah, oh that, aye, that is something.”

Something akin to realization registered in Karaya's eyes and she gasped. “Danu!” She slapped the other woman's arm and rose to her feet. “As if I'd.. I'd do that… “She sputtered a few times then growled, irritated, and started her walk in the direction of the city on her own.

Afraid it's the old insert foot into the mouth thing girl. “AH shoot yer mouth!” Danu ignored her ancestor's chuckles as she quickly rolled the tent and hoisted it up. Wonderful, could the day get any worse?


Apparently, things could get worse.

As soon as they'd hit the small city of Sumer Kara had disappeared into the crowds. The little witch was fast on her feet! Danu tried to apologize for the assumption, which had never come easy to her, but Kara had remained stoically quite.

She's abut as good as a clan warrior aye? I like her, all fire and guts…

“You like anything female grandda.” Danu had to purchase a camel with her meager funds, and to take her mind off of things, she was tending to the animal.

Aye but can ye say ye don't?

Old bastard had her there…

“It doesn't matter. Is there anythin in the wind?”

We think Ingrid is moving north again.

Danu paused what she was doing and stood upright. “You mean she's headin home?”

There was a minute of quiet.


“Shite!” Ingrid was a witch in the worst sort of way. She was a bender of magic, a twisted person who sought to make others suffer for her gain. Through pain and vice, Ingrid thought to rule the island. Danu refused to let her. She needed to find her friend. She needed to explain things..

Ye really think ye can let the pretty priestess go?

“I have no choice, Ingrid must have a plan, maybe she's hired mercenaries or some sort..”

You won't be able to.

“Why not? Karaya could never live so far away from everything she knows. She may find sanctuary in another temple..”

She is your soul mate.

Once again Danu stopped in her tracks, a wave of fear followed by a chill that had nothing to do with the hot, dry air raced up her spine. “No..”


What a beastly sort of woman to think ill of her! Karaya grumbled under her breath, picking up polished glass discarded from the mine. The men were digging for rich metals, and the glass chunks they found was either taken to be melted into ornaments, or the smaller pieces cast aside. She'd managed to find a buyer for her armband, and though it had not fetched as much as she hoped, shed' still managed to get a decent bargain. She used a little of her precious money to buy a simple skirt, and a halter shirt that left her golden midriff exposed. She also now wore rough fabric veil the color of blood tucked behind her ears. It was to shield the back of her head from the sun, and work as a covering over her nose and mouth when the desert sands became unruly. She could perhaps make medallions from the glass and sell them as talismans, not much, but it should fetch some money.. Her priestess garb needed washing, so once she'd filled her pouch full of the glass pieces, she brought herself to the washing well.

In the desert, water is precious and so wells were often taxed; one was asked to pay two copper coins to use the well. She begrudgingly handed over the pieces and took the time to wash the delicate cloth until it was once again gleaming. She reasoned she should keep it; it would make her a more believable acolyte when she went to sell her talismans. It was when she hung the clothes to dry that she felt an unusual breeze roll over her body.

“No…” Quickly, she grabbed her bag and shoved the wet robes in it.

“Karaya! Don't run! You are my wife, stop being so stubborn.”

Thick, beefy arms wrapped around her waist and Karaya began to scream. This was not what she wanted! Suddenly her thoughts of happiness and freedom seemed to float away, leaving in its wake a hollow sense of despair.

“NO!” She'd have to conjure something! Anything she tried to conjure might end up hurting herself instead, she needed to think, and fast…

Then she heard a voice that sent a wave of relief through her adrenaline spiked body.

“Let her go or I'll carve out yer spine.”





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