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The Princess and the Roady

By. Orhea

It was dark out, but the young, petite figure standing behind the circle of tents was unafraid. Jesse Kramer brought her hands together and rubbed them aggressively. Somewhere she heard the whiny of a hoarse and the faint roar of a truck engine. It was the last day of rodeo, and the cowboys would probably spend the rest of their night getting drunk and making merry. Here, it would be quiet, and later, in the early hours of the morning the horses would be brought out to run and herded back into the trucks. Overnight it would be as though the rodeo had never been.

The thought of the rodeo ending kind of made Jesse sad. This meant the spirited girl she'd met just days ago would be packing up and moving to the next town. They'd promised each other though, that they'd find a way to communicate. She could sneak away and give Jesse a call and she'd promised she'd send a letter whenever she could. "Someday we'll make a go of it, you and me." Corrine would say. "Just you wait for me. I'll get myself a spread and raise some cattle, and you can come out to the farm." That was just yesterday. Jesse had been rubbing her hands together, just like she was now, trying to get out what she had to say. Corrine, ever the bold Corrine, had pulled her close and smashed their lips together. Such an action had led to further, desperate explorations, tempered with innocence, until they'd found themselves panting heavily and half buried in hay. Jesse had never known anything could ever be so exciting. No, she'd been the small town girl, a local lawyer's daughter, who happened to stumble upon the daughter of a rodeo clown. Jesse had led a sheltered life, where as Corrine had tasted the salt of the earth.

Jesse remembered the day fondly. Her dad was grilling her about the SAT, reminding her that she had to do well if she wanted to get into a good college. As if she didn't know! It was still a year away but he'd signed her up, without her permission, for extra classes in the next town over. She'd already had less of a social life. She'd finally yelled at him to 'just leave her alone' and run out into the street. It was busy and crowded with the extra number of people coming out to visit the rodeo. She'd slipped behind a building in hopes that her irritated father would pass when she'd spotted her.

A tall, lean girl, still a bit awkward with youth, dressed in a faded t-shirt, ripped blue jeans, and a pair of well worn, brown boots. Her long hair was in a black ponytail at the nape of her neck, partially hidden by the cap she wore on her head. Awed, Jesse watched the girl's larger, gloved hands, wrap around a feed bag and haul them into a dusty red ford pickup. She stood there for a while, routed to the wall her mouth had gone dry and her heart had skipped a few beats. The girl had stiffened, as if feeling herself being watched and turned around. "Whats a pretty thing like you doing around this way?" Icy blue eyes framed in thick, long lashes gazed at her, her well shaped, but thin lips turned up in a half smile. Jesse had melted on the spot, and shot off a rapid explanation.

Just then Jesse was knocked out of her memory with the sound of the jostling of a bag and boots scraping against metal. Then, her presence filling up the moonlight, Corrine emerged from behind a tent, cursing under her breath. When her eyes met Jesse's the hard expression on her face softened for a second, than hardened again. Jesse felt the familiar sensation of her senses kicking into overdrive, tinged with a bit of concern when she noticed Corrine's split lip and the beginnings of a shiner on the girl's right eye. "Corrine? Everything alright?" She asked softly.

"We need to talk" Said Corrine, grabbing the smaller hand in her own. Long, slightly callused fingers wrapped around smaller, softer ones and she led Jesse over to the outskirts of the camp sight, walking behind an empty trailer so that no one would see them. Once there Corrine sat down her massive bag, and grabbed both of Jesse's hands, bringing them to her lips. "I can't stay with him anymore. I just can't. If that bastard hits me again I swear to heaven I'm going to kill him." Her thick, husky voice broke with emotion and she brought Jesse's chin up, giving her a light, tender kiss.


Corrine had never thought the answer to one of her heart's biggest question lay in a package only five feet tall. There she had been though. Her skin was the color of honey, accentuated by the dusky rose colored dress she wore. Her back pressed against the back of the feed store's wall. Her dark eyes were wide and glossy, the chocolate brown curls on her head highlighted in hues of gold and red with the sunlight. "I'm sorry I just.. My dad was being a jerk. I kind of ran away." She'd said, and took a step forward.

Corrine had smiled. "I know all about jerk fathers." She said. "If you want to hide out a bit.." She took off her gloves, shoving them in her back pocket before turning to sit on the tailgate. "Come here, take a load off" She tapped the spot on her left side, then thought better of it and removed a bandanna from her pocket, wiping of the area. "Don't want your dainty dress getting messed up."

"Thank you" The girl gave a genuine smile of relief, her honeyed cheeks pinked faintly. The whiteness of her teeth set a contrast to her full lips, and she hopped up next to Corrine, her own shorter legs dangling off the ground. Corrine marveled at the girl's thin ankles, the left one was embellished with a thin gold chain. Her gaze raked up the girl's petite form, taking in the slight curves. She had the body of a mother type, all soft and curvy, something a man could hold onto in the wee hours of the night. Corrine was no man though. A problem her dad had constantly complained about, and even more confusing, had made herself into something strange. Her desires were alien, perverse, according to what the old man said. She shuddered at the thought. Corrine was a girl in all the technical terms, but she had no interest in men. No, she had more interest in the curvy, homey types like this one here. She could never bring herself to tell anyone. Her papa would probably put a bullet in her head, was her reckoning. To her thinking, bullets belonged in the back of soda cans or safely in their guns.

"Um, is there something wrong with my dress?" Asked the girl, and Corrine had the decency to blush. "No no, you look fine.. I mean, the dress is nice." She added lamely, mentally wanting to slap the back of her own head. "So tell me about all your problems." She said, giving the other girl a nudge. This caused their bare arms to brush together, sending a tightening feeling from Corrine's breasts that radiated low below her navel. They'd spent the next half hour talking, and Corrine had agreed to meet up with her later in the evening.

She'd never intended to kiss that girl. She was trying to be honorable, but the previous night she'd known they'd be shipping out. Jesse's eyes had been so round and soft. Then the silly girl had gone to say. "I.. really like you Corrine. I'm going to miss you so much! You have to promise you will write. " Corrine watched tears rise up, feeling her own tears threaten. She hadn't cried since she was nine and gotten bit by that brown recluse, yet Jesse had brought out so many emotions in the stoic girl. Longing, desire, happiness, contentment, and now sorrow. Before she'd known it, she'd wrapped her arms around that soft waist and kissed her. Jesse hadn't pulled away like she'd expected. Jesse hadn't been disgusted. No, shed gripped on and did her best, with her own limited experience, to kiss Corrine back. This sent a new spark into both girls' bodies, and Corrine had found herself stroking soft, round breasts, kneading honeyed skin beneath her callused fingers and delighting in the tickling sensation of Jesse's soft lips pressing into her neck. They hadn't gotten much further than that though Corrine's body had throbbed for it. She hadn't wanted to spook Jesse anymore. As they'd laid together, elbow deep in hay, Corrine's arm firmly around the smaller girl's shoulders, and she'd felt the most at home she'd ever been in her life.

Corrine remembered that feeling now, the air was slightly chill from rain and Jesse shivered. She was still looking up at Corrine expectantly. With a sigh, Corrine pulled the smaller girl into her arms and pressed her nose into the top of her hair, sinking into those rich curls and basking in the faint scent of roses and jasmine. "You know I think I love you" She said. "Come with me?"

"What?" Jesse glanced up at her nervously. Her dark eyes searched blue, questioning.

Corrine kissed her, kissed her hard, her lip cracked and she tasted a bit of blood, but mingled with that was the taste of Jesse. Jess was honey and warm, sweet, blissful agony. "I said I love you" Said Corrine, every inch of her body throbbed with it, and her insides were heavy with desire. "Come away with me Jesse. I don't know where I'm headed, but I don't want to leave you."

"What? You mean run away? I.. I can't.. what about.. family and.. "

With a sinking heart, Corrine knew she couldn't ask it of her. Jesse had a rich, lawyer daddy, a successful, nurse mother, and two siblings. Still, deep down she felt hurt and a little betrayed. She stiffened and took a step away, trying to hide the tears that threatened to fall. Over head more clouds slipped over the moon, darkening the area. "Yeah I get it." She said quietly. "I mean, you got a cushy life and all, and you wouldn't know where you'd be getting your next meal or whatever. "

"No, it's not that." Said Jesse. "It's just, not wise. You should come to my house, I'll ask daddy.."

"Che, you'll ask your rich, fancy daddy if he'll help the poor undereducated roady? Will you tell him that the roady wants to do wicked things to his precious 'princess's' body? Then what will he do? He'll hang me out to dry, and I don't know what kind of pain he'll cause you. It isn't natural, what I want with you." Corrine finally turned to look in Jesse's eyes, and instantly regretted it. Hurt and anguish marred the lines of Jesse's face. She sighed. "Ah hell Jesse, I'm sorry. " She reached out, afraid to touch her, afraid to be rejected. Jesse stepped into the embrace, wrapping her arms around the taller girl's too thin waste.

"Maybe he would, but I don't care! Corrine.. I want.. I mean, I think I love you too. If I were to run away he'd just come looking for us, and you might get thrown into jail or something. "Her shoulders shook and she gave a heart wrenching sob. "What do we do? I just.. I don't want to be without you Corrine."

Clinging together, the two young women wept until fat drops of water dampened their heads. Reluctantly, Corinne sniffed and picked up her bag. "Common, I'll walk you home."

In mutual anguished silence, the girls walked hand and hand into town; they made their way into the nicer part of town, and towards the front of a large white house with an old fashioned wraparound porch. It was one of the prettier houses Corrine had ever seen, the paint was kept up to date, not chipped or fading, and there were two rocking chairs pressed closer to the walls of the house at a safe enough distance from the drizzling rain. Corrine was leading Jesse to that porch when Jesse stopped, squeezing her hand.

"No, this way." Said Jesse, she let go of Corrine's hand and ran to the side of the house where and ivy covered trellis ran up the side, right next to a half open window. Corrine was about to ask what she was up to, but the slighter girl gripped the trellis and hauled herself up. In a few minutes she was treated to the sight of Jesse's slip as the girl crossed from the trellis into the open window. The rain was picking up, a faint crackle of thunder ripped the sky, and with a reluctant sigh, Corrine adjusted the bag, praying that the trellis would hold her weight. She was soaked by the time she made it into the room. Jesse had turned the lamp on by the side of the bed, she locked the door, carrying two fat towels in her arms. "Here" She whispered, draping the towel over the taller girl's shoulders.

"Thanks" Said Corrine. The towel smelled fresh, like lavender and citrus. She dropped the bag on the wooden floor, careful to avoid the carpet, and dried herself off as best she could. "Shame to dirty such a nice towel."

"Tch, its what a towel is for." Responded Jesse. "You know I hate it when you go on talking like I'm better than you, cuz I'm not."

Corrine gave a slight smile at this. The smile turned into one of horror as she watched Jesse pull her shirt over her head, revealing a pale pink, heart shaped lace bra that left her hardened nipples clearly visible beneath the flimsy material. Corrine's mouth went dry and she shut her eyes, opening them again, unable to look away. Next Jesse removed her skirt and slip in one go, her short legs stepping out of the damp material that clung to her skin. The blood roared in Corrine's ears now, as her eyes were treated to more stretches of honeyed skin, and the faint outline of the dark hair of her sex beneath the thin, matching panties.

Their eyes locked, Jesse's brown eyes were rounded again, soft with an aching that matched the sensation in Corrine's heart, along with a secret desire to intense for even Corrine to pull away from.

"Corrine.." Said Jesse softly. "I don't want you to leave. I have this feeling that if you go, I'm not going to see you for a very long time. The world out there, it's a mess. I don't want you to end up sick, or hungry or, caught up in drugs or booze or even worse! But I know.. I know I can't stop you, and I don't have any solutions. "She moved closer, and Corrine dropped her towel as the scent of roses and jasmine engulfed her, drowning her in a need too intense for her own mind to understand. "So I want us to finish last night. I want you to be my first, I want the memory of you everywhere." Jesse's voice had gone husky, and she gripped the sides of Corrine's head in her hands, demanding a kiss.

Corrine had always been the first to kiss, the first to initiate contact. She'd supposed she had been the more aggressive of the pair. Jesse was a mixture of shy, quirky, and bold that left you confused and delighted in the same breath. This was no exception, in Corrine's assumption. She'd dreamed of this. She'd wanted with a sheer sense of single minded intensity ever since she first laid eyes on this one. Even so her body shook, she wasn't sure if it was from the cold or from the mixture of rollicking emotions, as Jesse's equally shaking fingers unbuttoned her shirt, pushing it over her shoulders.

"You are so beautiful." Jesse whispered, her hands gently squeezed the swell of Corrine's breasts. Corrine had a smaller chest, so she often enough got away without a bra, or just with a sports one when she was working. The sports bra she was currently wearing was white, and see through with the rain water. Jesse's fingers brushed over hardened, lean muscle, tanned from hours in the sun, and started a whole new bout of shaking as they worked at the belt buckle of Corrine's jeans. "Do you want me to stop?" She asked through chattering teeth.

Corrine found the gumption to move and she grabbed Jesse's chin. "God no!" She said, kissing her lips with all the intensity she could muster. Inside her a dam broke, and before she'd known it, she was falling onto the pink quilted bed, trailing hot kisses over the side of the girls ear and neck, just loving the taste, the color, the feel and the smell of her skin. Jesse made little sounds in the back of her throat. Her fingers caught the little band that held Corrine's ponytail and slid it off, running her fingers through the dark, and damp, silken mass. The ends of Corrine's hair dripped cold water onto Jesse's hot, overly sensitized skin, and when Corrine peeled off that scrap of lace, freeing Jesse's breasts, Jesse bit down hard to cover the yelp of need that settled hot in her loins.

"Corrine.. " Jesse said, and sucked in air when the over woman's hot breath wrapped around a budded nipple. Over time, Corrine managed to get out of the rest of her clothes, and the pair settled naked under the blankets to explore each other's bodies further. Often enough they had to muffle each other's moans with deep kisses or a gentle hand over the mouth. Corrine had proved more experienced, but Jesse had matched her vigor until finally, satiated, the two fell asleep, tangled in the blankets and exhausted.

Corrine awoke earlier, just before sunrise and pulled the sleeping woman under her chin. The few dalliances she'd had with some of unsatisfied cowboy's wives were pale in comparison to the frantic night she'd just shared with this one. One honeyed leg was flung firmly over Corrine's hips, pinning her there, while Jesse's chin rested right on her chest. The wild mass of curls on the other girl's head tickled her neck. Still, instead of grinning like a fool her ice blue eyes scanned the room, taking in the details of Jesse's life. Her Jesse was a little princess, there was a whole shelf dedicated to certificates and trophies she'd won over the years, and books were everywhere. Jesse moaned in her sleep, rubbing herself against Corrine's side.

A lump rose in Corrine's throat, threatening to turn into a sob. She hated leaving, but she couldn't get over her pride to stay, and she would never return to her father. He'd found out she'd been fooling around with Jim's wife, and he'd laid into her good. She was grateful she didn't bruise easy, and the old man had grown feebler over the years, giving her the advantage of youth and resilience to fight him off. "You are sick and unnatural and I wished the good lord had taken you along with your sweet momma!" He'd said, shattering any further love she might have had for him forever. Now all the love she had laid snugly in her arms, breathing hotly against the low valley between her breasts, and she was leaving it. Jesse's life had been perfect without her, uncomplicated, fruitful. If Corrine left now, Jesse wouldn't know she was gone until she was well on her way. She couldn't bear the thought of seeing more tears in those soulful eyes. "Heh, there you go, sounding all poetic." She said to herself. Jesse stirred again and Corrine clamped her mouth shut, closing her eyes to enjoy one last moment, the sensation of Jesse in her arms. Then, reluctantly, she sipped from the bed. Her long, lean, body was now sore from the previous night's endeavors and the hours of work before that. Jesse whimpered in her sleep as Corrine covered her still form and brushed a warm, lingering kiss to her temple. She'd been treated to the awakening of a wildly passionate lover, a person who saw to giving more than receiving, and reveled in the fine dance of both.

The wind picked up outside, blowing at the lace of the curtains as Corrine dressed quickly, opting to put on fresh clothes and shoving her damp ones into a side pocket of the bag. With one last lingering look, she memorized every inch of the room, down to the scent in the air before slipping out of the window. Her booted feet made clicking sounds as she made her way down the sidewalk. With a little less than two hundred bucks to her name, Corrine bought a bus ticket to the next town over and set off in search of her new life.

Maybe someday they'd meet again..

God willing..


Jesse opened her eyes only when the ray of sunlight hit just right over them. Still, she pulled the covers over her head, thinking about the previous night. How the storm had picked up, delivering a nice back drop to their at first shy, but slowly growing bold advances. Corrine's larger, rougher hands had delivered soft, gentle touches in their passion. It was like nothing she'd ever read before. She'd recalled how Corrine had paused, just inches away and politely asked permission before she'd entered her. It had been a strange, almost painful sensation that quickly turned into molten pleasure. Her heart fluttered in her chest and she felt her cheeks grow warm. Where was Corrine? Maybe they could.. if she were up to it.. That thought in mind Jesse threw the covers down and sat up right.

Her heart sank when she saw the bag was missing. All traces of Corrine had been stripped from the room, except for the faint smell of leather and soap she'd come to love so much, and the tattered ball cap resting on Jesse's dresser. She must have gone quick.. To Jesse's personal anguish, tears filled her eyes and she buried her face into her pillow, great sobs wracked her body.

Jesse was certain she'd never see her rugged roady again.


Ten years later

"I said no." Jesse groused into her phone as she made her way up Main Street towards the local diner. Ten years had passed since she'd gone from sweet, lively girl to ice princess, and made a name for herself in the field of law. A field she'd not wanted for her. She'd let her father drive her, and her anger for him fueled her ruthless tenacity to be the best. All her dreams of owning a simple organic farm, and painting and drawing had gone to a screeching halt, sacrifices to a dream not her own. She'd gone off to college, scored well, and then upon graduating, accepted a position in her father's law firm.

Then the anxiety attacks started. She'd begun to pop antacids like candy, lost sleep, drank to much coffee, and lost pounds of weight. She never stopped moving, not until her body made the decision for her and she'd collapsed in the middle of one of her hearings.

"Take a breather" Her mother had said. "You're killing yourself and you're not even thirty." Her father, embarrassed and disappointed, had said little else.

It wasn't until she'd looked at herself in the mirror, recognizing that her ample bosom was way to big for her far to tiny waist, that she'd realized maybe she'd had enough. .. She'd sent herself to rehab for the eating disorder, and spent months and thousands in therapy, which her father's firm had quietly paid for.

"Why not?" The voice on the other end complained, snapping her back to her present circumstances. It was her former secretary, Gabby; she'd called asking if she'd need to clean up Jesse's office for her.

"Because I'm quitting the full time schedule." Jesse shrugged though Gabby couldn't see. "I'm going to buy that house up on Grady Avenue, and fix it up. I'm not looking back."

"You mean you're moving to Danville? You're not going to be a lawyer anymore?"

Jesse sighed in response, turning into the restaurant and looking for a booth. "Well logically I have to practice still. I'm just going to pick and choose my cases." It could be a career suicide, but Jesse had had enough of life in the fast lane, even for her tender years and she just wanted peace. "I'm going to supplement that with a part time position I've got lined up."

"You didn't take that! Doing charity cases for the city? Common!"

It was enough money to keep her from starving, and still she could put some aside for her retirement. She was a bit younger than they would have liked she was sure, but she was determined to prove she could more than handle it. "Yeah.." She took her seat in a dimly lit corner of the room. "That is the one. I've already given dad my resignation. Let him groom some other sop for it. I'm sure he's relieved. Anyway, gotta go, lunch." With that she hung up the phone and picked up the menu. She'd figure she'd be visiting here frequently now until she got a new stove for her place, might as well get used to the options. Blissfully, she was unaware of the ice blue eyes that watched her every movement.


Ten years, and not a day went by that she didn't think of that woman. It was a quiet obsession buried deep within Corrine's heart, driving her to succeed. After she'd left Jesse that night, she'd found herself roaming from town to town, doing odd jobs and living in abandoned buildings, taking showers from water hoses and youth buildings. It was in such building, just outside of L.A., that she'd met a tough talking social worker that set her on her current path. It turned out, Corrine hadn't been as dumb as she'd thought herself. She'd taken grant money and loans out for medical school. Medicine of all things! The social worker, now affectionately called Raz, stayed on her ass, knocking her down a few pegs when she got cocky, and bolstering her up a bit when she started talking defeatist, and then Corrine had graduated and it had all seemed worthwhile. That is until she'd hit the e.r. She emerged out of there a year later, exhausted and emotionally raw. It wasn't that horrible, wrenching sensation she'd gotten the morning she'd left Jess, or the terrible sense of defeat she'd gotten when she'd been beaten to nearly an inch of her life and sent to the L.A. E.R., it was a long tired, long weary feeling, and the sense of need to 'go home'.

Problem was, the only place that ever felt like home was the inside of Jesse's arms. She could still smell the flower scent that was uniquely Jesse; still taste the muffled moans in her mouth. She still had passionate dreams that left her panting, sweating, with her hand between her legs in the early morning hours. She started fishing for positions near Kirkville, and hit pay dirt in Danville. She was a new doctor, not yet earning sincere respect in her field, but the old doctor was retiring and he wanted to groom someone to take over his family practice. So she'd come here of all places, full of anxiety, wondering if Jesse still lived in the same house, if she'd even be remembered. Would the same feeling that had twisted her guts inside wash over her? Would her lips taste the same? Best not to think of lips yet, she'd thought dejectedly, the woman would certainly hate her now. She'd been here for a month, driving up to Kirkville on the weekends and 'casually' slipping by Jesse's old house. She'd never seen the woman. Now, after having a long afternoon going through files with old Doctor Marsh, she'd decided to get a bite at the diner. She'd just sat down when the tinkling of the bell drew her attention.

There, standing in the doorway was Jesse Kramer. Gone was her round, youthful face. In fact, her cheeks were a bit gaunt, putting over emphasis on her doe eyes. She wore a loose dress the color of buttercups that hung off her body, only caught by her high, ample bosom. She'd grown maybe an inch or two, and she'd grown up top. Her hair was barely contained in a loose clip; bits of chocolate curl framed her face. It sent a shiver down Corrine's spine, and she wondered what it would be like to bury her fingers in those soft curls once more.

Jesse hadn't seen her. She'd held a phone to her ear and slipped over to the opposite side of the room. One slender leg folded over the other and she played with her menu until the phone call ended, then she sat the phone down and gazed at it intensely.

Why was she here? Had she moved here? Why was she so skinny? Was she sick? Corrine's heart did a belly flop. Could fate be so cruel and strike Jesse with some sort of terminal illness just as they were about to make contact once again? Did Jesse have the same feelings? So much could have happened in all the years! There was a sad, lost look in Jesse's eyes that was painful to see as she turned her gaze from the menu and looked up at the waitress. This is when Corrine's eyes found her left finger, relieved that there wasn't a ring there. She watched Jesse close the menu and hand it to the waitress before turning her eyes to the room, scanning the area as if she'd never seen it before.

Then their eyes met, and an electric bolt shot across the room and into each woman's system. Jesse looked away, disbelieving, and then returned her eyes back to Corrine's. 'That's it baby, it's me.' She knew then and there that even if this woman did reject her. She wasn't going to stop trying. She'd let go of the hopes of being 'normal' her first year of college, when she'd found there was more people like her living openly, finding love, than she would have ever dared guess. The realization that she wasn't the only one who felt like she did had opened the world up to her, and she'd embraced it. With that, she'd embraced the idea of Jesse, and she'd held it in her heart that someday, if she'd done anything right in this world, they'd meet again.

Gut churning, but keeping her features cool, Cork, made her way over to the woman. They never once dropped gazes.


Corrine had grown.. More ways than one. Gone was that rugged look she'd missed so much. Right now she was in a sensible pants suite, impossibly long legs meeting up to lean hip, then up further to high, tight breasts and further still to icy, icy eyes. Jesse took it all in, the curve of her firm jaw, the way her neatly trimmed fingernails clicked lightly on the table when Corrine had stopped in front of her. The scent of leather was gone, replaced by a deep, earthy perfume.

Jesse swallowed her tongue and moved an inch away. "What do you want?" She asked, and she was briefly unsettled by the look of hurt that entered the other woman's eyes, yet flashed away so quickly one would think it was never there.

"I guess I deserved that." Oh heaven! Corrine's voice had deepened into a rich, chocolate burr. "Do you mind if I sit? I'd like to explain.."

Instantly defensive, Jesse was going to say no.. She didn't need this in her life! She'd gotten through a hard patch; all she wanted to do was lick her wounds with slow, tedious work and quiet weekends at home. Corrine Nichols was NOT the answer to her prayers. This was a disaster. "NO NO you smooth talking, rough handling.. sexy.. so damn sexy.." Her breath caught. In the end, her curiosity won out, laced with bittersweet emotions of that old desire and longing. She released her breath in a slow gush. "Alright." She nodded to the seat across from her. She heard Corrine sigh. "Thanks" and sit down.

"I thought it would be easier for you to just leave; easier for me. I didn't want to taint the memory of what we..we shared. " Corrine's fingers twitched as if she wanted to lift them to her hair, but she laid her palms flat instead and brought them to her lap.
"You took my virginity." Said Jesse. "You said you loved me, and then you didn't even let me say goodbye. When you left I cried in my bed until I didn't have any more tears left, then I went on with my life like you were just a bad dream. " Once the words were said Jesse instantly regretted them, and the crestfallen expression she saw reflected in the blue eyes she'd dreamed about for years. Then suddenly, her anger sparked like a match to dry grass and she added more. "I worried about you. I thought maybe you'd get sick or die or, or worse! People are violent and wicked and you could have been raped or beaten or.." She closed her mouth, surprised by the surge of emotion that sent a fountain of tears brimming behind her eyes. She barely noticed the waitress placing her simple chicken salad in front of her.

"I ah.. I deserve that too. I'm sorry Jesse." The words were ground out with emotion, reminding Jesse of the girl Corrine had once been. Her lithe, tough talking roady.

"I'm sorry too." She said. "The past is the past. Can I ask what happened?" She had to know, in spite of her pain she had to know that Corrine had been alright.

"Allot of things happened Jesse. I travelled around for nearly a year, got beat up and sent to the E.R. I met allot of people, and Raz, who helped me turn my life around. Went to med school.."

"You're a doctor?"

Corrine's lips quirked and she scratched the back of her head like she used to when she was feeling self conscious. "Ah, yeah, a doctor. Uh.. well I haven't been practicing long. Took some advanced classes to get ahead. I just barely completed my residency. I'm taking up for old Doc Marsh. I ah.. took the job hoping to see you again. I knew it was a long shot but.. I haven't stopped thinking about you Jesse. So did you become a farmer?"

Jesse shook her head. "I became a fancy lawyer like my dad and joined his firm; hated every minute of it. Tried to kill myself.. and now I'm just taking it easy."

Corrine offered an unreadable expression and turned her gaze away. "Sorry to hear that. .. "

"It's in the past." Jesse, trying to act unaffected, picked up her fork and laid into her salad. The table grew into an uncomfortable silence. Then she looked back at Corrine when she shifted in her seat.

"So you didn't get married?"

Jesse contemplated her straw before sipping her soda. "No.. I dated a guy once.. but it didn't work out. I dated a girl once too, came out to my parents, my dad was livid, heh.. but he figured, so long as I did everything else right he'd over look it. " She shrugged. "I was hoping to find with Kat some of the excitement I had with you.. "

Corrine's cheeks were burning red, Jesse assumed it was embarrassment, but for Corrine it was barely repressed jealousy. "Did you?" She said tightly.

"No" Said Jesse simply. "The relationship ended as quickly as it had started. Now I just don't care anymore. I want a nice, quiet life to toil out my days, and then I'll meet my maker and maybe try it again, who knows."

The flat, empty tone of Jesse's voice was like nothing Corrine had ever heard coming from the woman's lips. She'd wondered if she'd played some part as the source of that pain. Was it all her fault? "Corrine, you piece of shit..." "I'm sorry." She said again.

"And once again there is no need to apologize. " Jesse checked her watch. "I have to go. I suppose I will be seeing you around town." She reached into her pocket, plunking down a twenty.

"Bye" She said, and she swept up, taking with her the scent of roses and jasmine, and leaving the young doctor stunned and greatly unsettled.


It was raining when they met again.

Three weeks had passed since she'd laid eyes on Corrine. In that time Jesse had made a point of ordering her food ahead at the diner and just picking it up. She did that for a week before she finally splurged on a new oven. It was then that the electrician delivered a crushing blow. The wiring in the house needed some updating, and it would set her back a few grand. She'd spent another week eating from the diner and being kept from sleep by the eerie darkness at night. How she'd wished she'd had someone to cling to! However time and experience had taught her that she couldn't find so much safety and solace in the arms of another. Sometimes asking for more was simply asking for too much.

The morning she saw Corrine again began with heavy clouds and a low drizzle that tapered on and off for a few hours. By mid afternoon the electrician cut on the lights and Jesse was exceedingly happy at the news. Content, she plugged in her appliances and ventured to the grocery store to stock up. She started with the staples, picking out vegetables and fruit, then the baking isle for flour and sugar. Thinking she might like a nice, lean steak tonight, she made her way over to the butcher counter. Things were beginning to look up.

Then a familiar rich voice sent her jovial mood into doomsville. If she were being honest, she'd also admit that the fall was cushioned by a healthy dose of desire, but she was not into being honest today.

"So.. ah.. did you have an eating disorder? Is that what you meant by killing yourself? Jesse, it wasn't because of me was it? Because I'm not worth all that.." Of all things to burst out with...

Jess shivered and jumped to the side, taking her wrapped steak from the butcher and shoving it in her buggy. "No it wasn't because of you! It was because I hated my life and the fact that I'd worked so hard and felt nothing for anything!"Seeing that people were starting to stare, she lowered her voice.

A loud crackle of thunder shook the ceiling and the pair locked eyes, both reminded of a previous thunderstorm they'd spent together. Jesse was the first to look away. Nervously shoving a curl over her ear, she steered her buggy to the dairy section.

"Hey I'm a doctor so .. maybe I could help you find someone to.. "

Damn the woman for being persisting! "I already have a doctor." Jess responded crisply. "A therapist; as you can see.." She gestured to her laden buggy. "I'm not doing so badly now."

"Jesse.. "

Something about the tone of Corrine's voice made her look up. "What?"

"I'm sorry."

"God dammit don't say that again!" She gasped and covered her mouth. Now she was shocked AND unsettled, thanks to this leggy brunette who managed to poke through her defenses like a knife through silk. She needed a breather. "Sorry. .I mean.. I have to go.."

Once again she left the young doctor stunned and watching her go.


What had happened to the sweet, shy girl , with curves meant for honest lovin that Corrine had known? In her place was a bitter, thin, shrew. Though Cork grudgingly admitted she was starting to fill out those curves again. Proof of that was the definition of Jesse's retreating back side. She recalled briefly when the smaller woman had shyly gotten between her legs on that long ago night, how she'd kneaded those round globes with her fingers whenever the girl's lips had found a particularly good spot...

Shaking her head from the memories, Cork grabbed her basket tightly with her hands. She'd originally just come to stock up on deli slices and cheese and bread. Maybe some eggs and milk. Cork thought cooking was okay, but if it was just for herself what was the point? So she'd normally live off instant noodles and sandwiches. Today was shopping day, so she was on her way to the dairy section when she spotted Jesse. Corrine didn't quite understand it herself, but every time that woman was in the same room as her, they gravitated like two high charged magnets. She noticed the tiny gold studs in Jesse's shell like ears, and she'd been caught off guard with the sudden urge to nibble at the sensitive flesh. She was pretty sure such an advance would not be welcome so instead, she approached the woman, determined to clear the air. Then she'd opened her big dumb mouth and said the exact opposite of what she'd meant too. "Cork, you dumb fool."Maybe if she hurried up she could catch up with Jesse. Her strong jaw tightened with the grim determination that had seen her through the years. With quick, purposeful steps, she made her way to the front of the store all the while trying to come up with something she would say. "Sorry, I'm a dumbass, go out with me? Yeah, real charming, spaz." There were only two checkout counters open. Hoping to cut time, Cork went to the other lane, watching Jesse check out across from her from the corner of her eye. She wanted to pinch the clerk's nose and tell him to hurry up when she saw the woman steer her buggy to the doors.

"Damn" She mumbled under her breath.

"What was that ma'am?"

"Nothing!." She groused.. "I mean plastic's fine thanks." Hanging her bags off her long arms, she started through the doors just as the sky opened up.

As luck would have it, Jesse was having a devil of a time loading her bags quickly. Seeing the other woman in distress, Cork made her way over in a few long strides. Maybe her luck would win after all. "Here, let me help" She said.

Jesse looked up sharply, a panicked look that twisted Cork's gut passed through the smaller woman's eyes."No I'm fine thanks."

Like a flash the nervousness washed through Corrine, being replaced quickly by her short temper, Cork had had enough. She dropped her own bags to the ground and put her hands on her hips. "Listen woman! There is a tempest going on and your soaked, and you've got enough food to feed an army! You're not going to give away anything by JUST LETTING ME HELP!"

She must have startled her because Jesse blinked and gave a soft nod. "You're right. Thank you" She said grudgingly.


With that , both women loaded the car in mutual silence. Jess shut the trunk and ran her fingers through damp curls. "You want some coffee? We're pretty much soaked anyway."

It took only that and Corrine's day was looking up. "Yeah you've got it real bad kid," still, she wasn't going to bite the olive branch. She knew she had few chances to win the skittish woman over. "I'll ah.. load my stuff in the truck. Quick." She said, and ran across the parking lot to do just that.


Jesse watched Corrine's gazelle like legs lope over to a big, shiny blue truck and watched her throw her bags in the cab. She winced mentally, hoping the woman hadn't bought eggs. Why was she doing this? Oh yeah, because Corrine was sexy, rangy, decent, and.. shit she couldn't get the woman out of her system! Why couldn't she just tell her no? Why couldn't she say 'leave me alone' and actually stick to her conviction? They'd been children when they'd declared love for each other and fell into each other's arms, things were different now they were adults.. she..

Corrine turned, smiling, and ran her fingers through her ebony hair. It was tied loosely in a ponytail that hung limp in it's current soggy condition. A familiar memory of that same dark, damp hair sliding over her skin had her glancing quickly down and Jesse had to lick the water off her lips to prevent dry mouth. Corrine was less formal today, wearing a dark t-shirt and a pair of well made jeans. Jesse was half expecting to see the boots, but sadly, she was wearing white sneakers.

She didn't stop approaching until she towered over the smaller woman. Her icy blue eyes turned soft with a hint of laughter. "Well, let's get that coffee. You must be chilled to the bone." She said."Dumb luck I didn't bring an umbrella. "Her rich voice ran over Jesse's body like warm chocolate, and Jesse shivered.

"Yes, here.." Conveniently, the little corner coffee shop was just a short walk away, and they weren't much worse for wear by the time they got there. Jesse ordered a simple caramel latte and Corrine ordered coffee black.

Jesse sat down at a low round table and gave Corrine a raised brow.

Corrine responded with double brows. "What?"

Jesse felt a giggle bubble up and let it slip out. Corrine broke into a smile. "What?" She asked again.

"Some things don't change huh? Black coffee." Said Jesse and she sighed, playing at a napkin with her fingers.

Corrine gave an easy grin and rolled her shoulders. "I guess not. I still like horses. Haven't ridden in a while but, I still want to have a few someday. I dunno how it will work out. I just think if you want something, you just gotta aim for it and hope for the best you know?" Her coffee was brought and she blew over it, taking a sip. "Not bad."

It took another moment for Jesse's coffee to arrive. She simply held it in her hands, soaking in the warmth. "Can I ask you something?"


"Did you really agree to be a small town doctor just to come and find me?"

Corrine licked her lips, a simple act that sent her pink tongue darting out. Jesse was reminded just what that tongue could do and the resulting thought scattered her thoughts to the four winds and caused her to squirm in her seat. Finally, Corrine answered.

"Yeah, I did.. Jesse, I never forgot about ya, never. I tried to, thinking your daddy would convince you to get married to some over played, pompous, ass or worse and I would have already lost you. I.. I still dream about you." Her voice cracked.

Jesse took that as a tell tale sign that Corrine was telling the truth. "I do too. The dreams I mean." She said quietly, and brought the cup to her lips, the coffee was still scalding, so she sipped it very little at a time. She hadn't meant to reveal that, but it was out now. She couldn't bring her eyes to Corrine's again, but she felt that blue stare straight to her toes.

"College was good though. I met lots of cool people. It was allot of work." Corrine sighed deeply. "I used to shoot the shit with some of the guys, that's where I got the nick name Cork. It kinda stuck." She shrugged. "Sometimes I call myself that in my head."

"Cork?" Said Jesse, and she felt herself smile again. She was smiling allot more than she was used to today. "I actually kind of like that."

Corrine straightened. "Yeah?" She said. "Glad to hear it. " Their hands were on the table, inches from each other. Jesse wanted to grab those long fingers, feel for the calluses she'd memorized, had Cork managed to scrub them off? Changed them like she did everything else? Jesse refrained from the impulse, too much temptation.


Cork saw Jesse's hands inch closer, then slowly ease away again over the rim of her cup. She could feel it's closeness still. There was an electric pulse that existed between them, sparking to life every time they locked eyes or touched. Cork wasn't the type to believe in fairy tales, but if such a thing as a soul mate existed, this woman was hers. There was no other way to explain this.

Unable to resist the torture any further, she brushed her fingers over Jesse's and when the other woman didn't pull away, she gripped the smaller hand into her own. God her fingers were satiny soft! She wanted to bring that palm to her lips and kiss every finger, one by one.

"Corrine.. Cork.. "She heard Jesse say, and how she loved the sound of her name in that feminine voice.

"Yes honey?" Cork sought the other woman's eyes, becoming anxious when Jesse wouldn't meet her.

Jesse finally did meet her, her darker eyes wide and frightened. "Cork.. I don't know about this." She said.

Reluctantly, Cork sighed and released her hold. "is it because you don't want people to know? Or is it because I've fucked things up completely?" Her lips were tight in a thin line but she wouldn't look away. Somewhere she hoped that something in her own eyes would convey the tremendous sense of feeling she had for the other woman. "Please.. god.. I've done some shitty things in my time, but I'll take this one gift.."

"It's not that I don't want people to know… Its.. "Jesse sighed and pushed herself up from the table, grabbing her latte "I should go." She left a tip and was slipping out the door, quite fast for a little woman.

"Dammit!" Cork hit the table a bit too hard, causing it to jostle and the coffee to nearly topple over. She scooped the cup in her big palm and loped after the woman. She finally caught up with her, feet away from her car and grabbed her arm.

"NO! You are not running from me again! Please, Jesse.. Jesse.. I still love you.. I've always loved you. Are you telling me you don't feel anything for me but contempt?" Her voice broke, tears swam into her eyes. It was the worst case scenario and try as she might; she hadn't prepared herself for it.

The rain had died down to a temporary slow drizzle. She watched Jess brush the droplets from her face, and saw the familiar anguish the other woman shared there. Cork hated making Jesse cry. She hated that Jesse had cried that night, that Jesse had been sick and she wasn't there to help her. She wanted to pull the smaller woman in her arms and never let go, to shelter her from all the bad. The feeling was humbling and horrifying all at once.

"I.." Jesse choked and tried again. "I don't hate you Corrine. I still feel.. I feel those feelings. I don't understand why! Why do we explode inside every time we meet?"

Corrine held her own breath, temporarily dumbfounded by Jesse's question. It was the same question she'd been asking herself for days.


The words had torn from inside of Jesse. It was painful, but a bittersweet release. Ever since that first day she'd met this woman she'd wanted to throw caution to the wind and melt into her. She wanted to posses her, to be possessed by her. It was a hunger that had forced her out of the realm of her comfort zone and sent her smashing into world she did not understand. She was a sinking ship in a sea of Corrine, and she couldn't stop it. She didn't want to!

They gravitated closer like the moon and the earth, smaller woman gazing up at the taller. Brown eyes damp with tears, finding its mirror in the blue. Then their lips met and for either woman their worlds collided. Jesse found herself surrendering to the sensations, opening her mouth against the other over and over, until they were breathless and Corrine stilled, having pressed Jesse against the side of the car.

Her breath came out in ragged bursts against Jesse's neck that sent her body into rapid shivers which had nothing to do with the cold. "Holy.. holy Christmas.." She heard Corrine say, and she felt those lips press against the base of her neck.

"You see?" Jesse heard the whine in her own voice. She was unwilling to stop her body from pressing firmly against the harder form. "It's always like this Corrine.. I don't.. Don't understand. "

Corrine's rich laughed rolled over her ear and she felt the taller woman's teeth nip at the lobe, causing an instant pool of desire to swell low in her belly. "That's because we're soul mate's honey. We belong together. .." She pulled away slightly and tilted Jesse's chin. "Tell me you felt this, for just a flash, for anyone else. Tell me that?"

Jesse licked her lips, the taste of Corrine's black coffee reminding her of that sensual plundering and shook her head. "No, never; I tried, but never."

Corrine gave a devil's smile and kissed her again. "I thought not. Neither have I. Jesse, it's too painful to be away from you. I can't stand it. We can start this slow if you want." She sighed and Jesse was surrounded by the taller woman as long, strong arms wrapped around her, and their foreheads touched. "Anything you want Jesse. I'm not going to run away again. "

With all her might, Jesse wanted to believe her. Old hurts were hard to set aside. "When we make love again, will I wake up next to you?" Jesse asked quietly.


Cork couldn't repress a smile. Jesse has said 'when' not 'if'. "If I crumble into a pile of hot ash right on the spot you can't hold me accountable but, yes, hell yes." Cork was treated to warm arms that wrapped around her middle, and Jesse's scent wafting up to her nose. Ah.. yes! This was it! She felt at home! It had been so long she'd almost forgotten how blissful it could be.

"Go put up your groceries. You can come to my place tonight." She heard the other woman say, and Cork's heart gave a triumphant leap.


"And Cork?"


"Bring a change of clothes."

Cork laughed.

"Yes ma'am!"


The evening found them sitting in Jesse's living room on the couch.

"Sorry" Said Jesse apologetically. "I haven't gotten a dining table yet. I figured it didn't matter since I wasn't planning to entertain guests."

"I've had my meals in far worse condition." Replied Cork with a shrug. "This is good." She said, taking a bite of cornbread.

Jesse smiled and sat her plate down, curling up on the couch. She'd opted to dress casually, and judging the way Corrine looked at her, it was a good choice. "What did he do that night? " She'd known that Corrine's father had been abusive, but to her teen mind it would have been considered a betrayal to report him, Cork had begged her not to.

Cork polished off her corn bread, took a sip of soda and sighed, leaning back. Her long legs were clad now in looser jeans that had a slight tear over the knee. The jeans disappeared into a pair of black boots, hearkening to the roady of old. Cork had apologized for her attire and Jesse had brushed it off. She actually preferred Corrine this way. She seemed more relaxed and in her own skin. There was bright blush creeping up Corrine's neck and her lips quirked.

"Well.. ah.. I was fooling around with some of the wives.. One, Jimmy's wife, well.. Papa found out." She tried to shrug it off. "I think if he wasn't already so drunk he would have gotten his gun and shot me. "

"Jim's wife?" She was surprised she was unable to hide her jealously.

"No, not like that. Well yeah, but I stopped messing with her that first day I saw you. All the others paled in comparison. "

Jesse relaxed, appeased. "I'm sorry."

"No need to be. It's in the past."

The two women looked at each other and laughed.

This time, it was Jesse who moved first, lifting a hand to touch Cork's cheek. "I've always found you so damned beautiful." She shook her head, and leaned in for a light brushing of the lips.

Corrine gave a slight tremble. "This ah.. it's a nice house." She seemed reluctant, waiting for Jesse to decide how far things would go.

"Thanks" Said Jesse. "There are two bedrooms upstairs. I bought it to have my own space. Its quiet, peaceful.. "

"That's.. that's good"

"Mm hmm.. "



"How far do you wanna go with this? I mean, I just want to be clear.. "

Jesse grabbed the collar of Cork's shirt, pulling her closer and they sank into the couch, sharing a searing kiss. "As far as you'll take me." Jesse's fingers worked on the buttons of Cork's blouse.

"I'll take you princess, anywhere you want to go…" Cork replied, trailing burning kisses across the other woman's jaw and down her neck, pausing to nip at her ear again.

Jesse gave a purring laugh that stimulated her lover's senses in response to that and her fingers found harden nipples, giving them a rough rub. "Ah.. well take me to the moon and stars and back again." She added that last beet cheekily.

"Yes ma'am" Replied the former roady, as she wrapped her mouth over a particularly tasty morsel of skin.

How Jess loved when Corrine said that! Her low, sultry voice turned into gravel when she spoke. It drove her wild, making her movements more frantic. The two finally divested of clothes, paused to pant in between kisses. When Jesse tried to dominate, Corrine staved her off, trapping the smaller woman's wrists with the palms of her hands as lips and tongue rediscovered Jesse's honeyed curves. When Cork's hot breath finally managed to roll over Jesse's sex she cried out and bucked, but the taller woman's grip did not cease. She teased and toyed and milked every last second of her lover's release, only satisfied when Jesse was whimpering, quivering and begging inaudibly. When Jesse finally climaxed, Corrine loosened her grip and Jesse wrapped her arms around the woman, clinging tightly.

Jesse's eyes were moist with tears as she sought to return the sensation to her love, stroke for stroke, and when Corrine cried out her name she sobbed, burying her face against Cork's thigh. It took Cork a moment to come back to earth before she reached down and dragged the woman up her long frame. "What's wrong?" She asked, wrapping her arms around shaking shoulders.

"I .. I dunno.. it's just.. just emotional." Jesse choked out.


Cork felt her own eyes mist over with tears and she kissed the silken curls on Jesse's head. "I know what you mean." She said gruffly.

They laid there a long moment, and when emotions had been put in check Jesse took Cork's arm and led her to the main stairs.

Jesse's grown up room wasn't so much different from her girl's room. Well, there was less pink, thank heaven. Corrine didn't think she could spend the rest of her days in a pink room.. Then she eyed the soft roundness of Jesse's rump and decided that hey, maybe it wouldn't be SO bad if she had to.

She allowed Jesse to push her onto the bed, and watched the woman grin mischievously as she reached under, pulling out an old shoe box. "I keep things I don't want to lose here." She said, and flipped it open.

Cork was presented with a worn, faded ball cap. She gazed at it a long moment before the realization dawned and she smiled back to Jesse. "You kept it?"

"Well you left it. Guess a part of me always hoped you'd come back."

"You do love me."

They locked gazes. "I do.."

They made love again, slow and tender, and then, worn out, drifted, entangled in each other's arms.


It was about half a year later when all of Jesse's insecurity melted away. Over the months Cork had visited so often that she seemed to be gradually moving in, her toothbrush found it's way into Jesse's bathroom, her spare stethoscope hung over the bedpost, on and on to the point where Jesse asked Corrine to just move in formally. It made no sense in Jesse's mind that Cork would keep up her apartment when most of her clothes and things were at Jesse's house.

So now, officially 'shacked up', Jesse was lying in bed, tucked in her favorite spot at the crook of Corrine's arm, her thoughts roaming as she gazed out the window. She'd insisted on cracking it so that she could hear the sound of the storm while they leisurely stroked each other's passions until they'd surrendered to fulfillment and drifted in and out of sleep.

The sun was rising, and Jesse watched it with great interest. Its light had just reached her chest when Cork's breathing changed and Jesse could feel her press a warm kiss at the top of her head.

"Morning." She said, her voice turned pure, sexy gravel in her sleepy state.

Jesse grinned, feeling her heart leap in her chest before nuzzling contently against her lover's breast.

Cork continued with, "Last night was the best house warming party I ever had."

Jesse's laughter was muffled by Corrine's chest. She grinned to herself when she felt the other woman tense beneath her. "Good morning doctor." She finally said, and lifted up to kiss her soul mate's waiting lips. "I was just thinking that this is not the first sunrise we shared together.. but more importantly, it won't be the last."

"No it won't." Cork agreed, and she lifted a leg, rolling onto Jesse's body. "I like you like this.. soft and curvy." She said, then she lowered her lips and kissed her breathless.

"I want to see more sunrises with you, promise?" Jesse's request dragged out into a moan when Cork nipped over her collar bone. "Corrine.." She groaned out, "promise?"

Corinne was busy stroking interesting parts of her princess's skin, but the former roady paused just long enough to grin devilishly and smack their lips together.

"Yes ma'am"

Satisfied, Jesse relaxed and allowed Cork's callused fingers, turn satin as they wrung out pleasure from her body.

A soft breeze, kissed by the previous evening's rain blew at the lace curtains of the window, and outside the sun took dominance high in the sky.

The End

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