Camping With Joxer

By Oversoul



Xena felt the soft fur under her legs as she knelt on the pelt near the fire. She was naked in the firelight and she undulated her arms in poetic movements around her body, touching herself. The shadows and flames painted her body and she glowed the color of burnt amber as she undulated slowly at the hips, rising in a rhythmic dance. Soft gasps punctuated her steady breathing.

Beneath her, laying naked and face up between her thighs was her lover... her love... the bard with the sweet, sweet tongue. Xena groaned slow, deep and long until it sounded more like a growl. She worked back and forth over Gabrielle's mouth, the tongue swirling around in the juices and flicking deliciously over the clit.

"Mmmm.. Gabrielle... slow down... I want to feel you do that for a long,long time."

Immediately, she felt her bard slow her tongue to a soft, languid swirl. She smiled down at Gabrielle and moved back so that her clit rubbed against her lover's chin. In the firelight, Xena could she her juices shining slickly as they flowed down over Gabrielle's lips and cheeks.

"Anything for you," Gabrielle whispered back. She jutted her chin against Xena's clit and moved her jaw back and forth, rubbing the clit.

"I need a long, slow orgasm, love," Xena purred as she pressed down onto her bard's chin with her clit.

Gabrielle brought her hands up to cup Xena's ass. The muscles of Xena's perfect ass tightened and flexed as Gabrielle pulled her forward so that she could reclaim the clit with her tongue.

"Un aahh... no touching, my sweet. You do this entirely with that wonderful mouth of yours," Xena chided with a laugh as she pulled back from the bard's busy tongue.

Gabrielle dropped her hands to rest on Xena's upper thighs... she *had* to touch the warrior with her hands in some way. She couldn't help herself.

With innocent eyes, the bard looked up at Xena expectantly. Xena teased Gabrielle with her eyes and a smile pulled at the corners of her mouth. She touched the bard's forehead and brushed the hair back from her flushed face.

"I'm a little cold," Gabrielle said softly as she met Xena's eyes. Her passive position exposed her to the cool night air and only her upper body felt warm... in fact, where Xena's body touched hers she was damned hot.

Without answering, Xena twisted backwards and folded the fur pelt up over the bard's body, tucking her inside the soft folds. As an after thought, she groped for a blanket that lay close by and draped it over her own shoulders. It cascaded down her sides and covered Gabrielle's arms and hands as they rested on the muscular thighs. She wanted no more interruptions. Nothing was going to stop her from her slow ride to liquid fire.

Xena winked at Gabrielle and rode forward teasingly from the chin to the waiting mouth. She shuddered slightly when she felt the soft tongue lick her pussy from the clit to the cleft. Oh, yes ! No more interruptions, sweet Aphrodite. Gabrielle only had slight moments so wash her tongue over

Xena's hard clit. She needed more juice... she needed to...

Xena continued her forward undulation until her oozing juice hole poured into the bard's mouth and her clit bumped against the bard's nose.

She held the position, letting Gabrielle lap at the thick flow and spread the smokey tasting oil up through the folds towards the clit. Xena closed her eyes, her head tilting slightly back.

"We've been traveling with Joxer way too much," Xena hissed, letting her body absorb the pleasure of the tonging she was receiving. She flexed slowly at the hips and ground her clit against the tongue that loved her.

"Way too much... I don't even want him 50 feet away at his own camp anymore... oohhh, gods... I hate having to sneak away... build a separate fire... hide... unggg... what we're doing... oh, Gabrielle... just like that, love."

Xena wrapped the blanket around herself a little tighter as she concentrated on moving her hips back and forth over the mouth.

"We have to tell him..." Xena groaned. "I can't go without touching you when I want to... ummm... baby... lick... yes, lick"

She looked down into the bard's slitted eyes... her entire face wet with sweat and warrior juice. Xena's heart lurched when Gabrielle closed her eyes and suckled on her clit... slow, teasing sucking. The jolts of pleasure went from her clit right up spine to her own face. Sweet Aphrodite, the bard was good at this... this slow sucking and licking that drew out the pleasure as long as Xena wanted it. When Xena was ready, she would encourage the bard to help her work towards an explosive orgasm...but that was a long way away.

"I'm going to tell him first thing when I see him," Xena hissed through gritted teeth. She pressed her lips together as she slid back and forth in her primal sexual rhythm. The hair on her pussy was soaked and plastered to Gabrielle's cheeks. So much juice oozed from her it was coming in thick strings of clear nectar. It foamed with little bubbles as Gabrielle added her saliva to the mixture.

"First thing... lick up there... ungg... first thing."

Xena began to hum quietly. She selected an old traditional lullaby and hummed it as she continued to pivot at the hips. She raised herself slightly on the backstroke and held herself for a moment trying to decide something.

She finally gave in to herself and slid up so that the bard's mouth covered her aching clit.

"Suck hard, Gabrielle...."

The bard complied but she knew that Xena was no where close to wanting to come yet. No, this was one of those mad little moments where Xena just wanted to feel the raw sensations of having her pussy sucked. It was one of those moments you wanted to feel if you had unlimited oral sex at your disposal... no foreplay, no crashing finish... just sucking and then...

Xena drew her hips back and Gabrielle lost the connection with a sucking pop of her mouth.

"Ooh... that was nice," the warrior purred. She felt Gabrielle's hand clutch at her thighs and arch her back.

Xena chuckled deep in her throat. "A liiittle distressed, my bard?"

Gabrielle nodded and got in a few quick licks while she was at it. She sighed and then waited for the warrior to put her clit into her mouth again. Instead, Xena just moved enough so that Gabrielle had to extend her tongue to touch the dripping clit.

"I don't ever want to have to plan these moments with you again," Xena growled. She continued her slow ride as she began to hum the melody again.

Xena was on the third verse when she heard the characteristic crashing through the trees. Before she could meet Gabrielle's panicked eyes she leaned forward and flipped the edge of the thick fur pelt up over the bard's head and resettled the blanket around her shoulders and thighs.

"Hello, my warrior chums !!"

Joxer came to a halt on the other side of some chest high bushes and looked into the second campsite. All he saw was Xena kneeling on the thick,lumpy pelt beside a campfire. His smile faded from his face when he saw that the bard wasn't here.


But Xena knew the bard was there... oh, did she know! Gabrielle took advantage of her full cover and began to lay into Xena in the most maddening of ways.

"What do you want, Joxer?"

"Where's Gabrielle?" he asked stupidly. "Why are you sitting like that?"

"Gabrielle is down at the river collecting bulrushes for me.. us.. It's that time, Joxer."

"Oh, cuz I coulda helped her, you know... protected her while she..

Time for what?"

Xena arched an eyebrow and stifled a moan... sweet Athena, the bard was wickedly lapping at her clit... daring her to retain her composure.

"Oh... OOOHHH..." Joxer nodded as an embarrassed flush covered his face. "Are you all right?"

"Nothing I haven't endured and lived through before," Xena answered quickly as she slid back from Gabrielle's mouth. A gasped escaped her and she tucked her chin to her chest, her eyes squeezing shut.

"Can I get you anything?" Joxer offered. He showed no signs of leaving. Xena could tell he had something on his mind.

"No.. No... Gabrielle is taking care of everything."

Gabrielle confirmed it with a flick of her tongue.

"What would you like, Joxer?" Best to get this over with... fast.

"Well... now that you ask..."

"Ye... yes?" Oh, gods... she felt Gabrielle become inspired... wicked.

"Can I join you?" he indicated with a nod towards the fire.

"I don't think so..." Xena laughed wryly. "RIGHT THERE... is close enough. STAY... right there. Yes, right there."

Joxer narrowed his eyes and looked at the warrior. "You okay?"



With that explanation, Xena rocked back and forth across Gabrielle's hidden mouth. She closed her eyes in a near swoon. Gods... she felt as inspired as her bard did at this moment.

"Pain, huh?"

"You have no idea."

Joxer paused a moment, looking towards the river. It was dark and he knew he wouldn't see much.

"I wanted to talk to you about Gabrielle."

Xena felt Gabrielle's right hand move from her thigh and slowly creep towards her ass. She checked the placement of the pelt and blanket before she bent at the waist to lean slightly forward. There was no fighting the bard's intentions.

"What about Gabrielle?"

"Aren't you afraid of her drowning in the dark?" he asked suddenly.

Xena couldn't help but laugh. With each chuckle she felt herself ooze buckets onto Gabrielle's lips and tongue. She felt a muffled snort against her pussy as the bard tried to save herself from the sweet flood.

"Gabrielle can do laps with the best of them, Joxer."

Oh, gods... she was going to do it !! Right here, in front of Joxer.

Xena remained slightly bent as Gabrielle worked her thumb at the puckered entrance to her ass. A little spreading of juices all around and she felt herself open for her lover.

"Okay, well... you know how much I like Gabrielle, right?"


"And that I'd do anything for her?"

"Do... anything... yes."

Xena closed her eyes as Gabrielle eased her thumb into her ass and kept going until it was buried all the way inside. She straightened up and settled herself on the thumb buried deep inside her.

"I was thinking of asking her to marry me."

For a split second, all movement ceased... even their breathing.

"Continue..." Xena urged and she smiled as she felt the bard renew her work on her clit.

"Well, I just love her innocence and purity... like a Hestian Virgin..."

Xena felt the thumb wriggle inside her butt and another snort against her pussy.

"Absolutely," Xena agreed. She placed her clit into the bard's mouth to keep her occupied with more important things. Xena pressed down into Gabrielle's mouth and the bard began to suck vigorously on the swollen clit that filled her mouth.

"And my mom would just love her..."

"Just as much as I love her."

Gabrielle sucked. Xena's legs began to twitch. Oh, fuck... could see do this? She was about to brace herself when Gabrielle all but stopped.

"We could have a big wedding and the whole town could come."

"I'd like to come," Xena all but gasped.

"I'm sure Gabrielle wouldn't have it any other way," Joxer grinned happily.

"She would love it if I came."

Xena pulled the blanket tighter when she felt Gabrielle's left hand slide up her abs to her breast. The seeking hand found the stone hard nipple of the warrior and squeezed just as she started to suck on the clit that filled her mouth. The harder she squeezed Xena's nipple the harder she sucked. Xena felt the pressure increase in both areas.

"Do you think she'll be coming soon?" Joxer asked impatiently.

"As soon as she takes care of this pressing matter for us," Xena answered. She felt her legs weaken and almost pitched forward but the heel of the bard's left hand on her ribs kept her upright.

"Good, because I really think..."

"Joxer!! Don't think," Xena groaned, "just do it!"

Xena began to bounce slightly on her knees. Her nipple felt like it was on fire and getting hotter as the bard clamped it harder between her fingers. A liquid warmth went from Gabrielle's sucking mouth right up and into the warrior's clit to her belly. Fuck !! Oh, fuck!! Gabrielle.

"Thank you, Xena. I will," the idiot answered enthusiastically.

It was game over for Xena. Her thighs vibrated under the blanket as the bolt of her orgasm shot the liquid fire through out her entire pussy.

Gabrielle jammed her thumb hard up inside Xena's ass at the same time. The orgasmic warrior's head snapped back and she drew in a long groaning hiss of air.

"Geez... really hurts, huh? I'm glad I'm not a woman."

Up, up, up .... Gabrielle's mouth held her there... and then she crashed back down... every pulse pouring cum all over the bard's face... every pulse matched by the bard's thumb.

Xena brought her head up and looked into the fool's eyes as the liquid fire had its way with her. She could feel Gabrielle lapping at her, swallowing and moaning with each surge of her lover's orgasm.

"Want me to get Gabrielle for you?" Joxer offered as he watched

Xena's strange expression. He turned to head toward the river.

"Stop.." Xena exhaled finally. Her orgasm was almost over but Gabrielle was still relentless.

"Stop?" Joxer asked.

Fuck... this was incredible... she was barely finished her orgasm when she felt a second one piled in on top of the first... and the bard just kept on sucking as Xena stared into the idiot's confused eyes. Athena, save me now from screaming out loud!!

"Go back to.. your camp," Xena croaked, "wait there."

Joxer frowned. "You'll come soon?"

A third orgasm broke from her already twice used clit. She had to get Joxer away from them or she was going to surely drown her lover.

"Fuck, Joxer... gimme a break here!!" Xena groaned as she tried to back away from Gabrielle's mouth. It still had a hold on her but the sucking had mercifully ceased.

"Okay... sorry." With a flourish, he saluted her and left the way he had arrived.... stupid.

Xena waited until Joxer's footsteps faded before she pulled back the flap of the pelt and exposed Gabrielle's flushed and sweaty face. As the bard pulled in great gasps of air she withdrew her thumb from Xena's ass and let the crushed nipple go. Her cheeks glistened with warrior cum and steam began to rise from them in the cooler night air.

Gabrielle kicked off the folds of the pelt from her body and Xena hitched herself up and scrambled down the length of it until her mouth found the bard's drenched slit. No foreplay was necessary. Xena knew her lover had to be as hot as she had been and so began to suck Gabrielle's clit with purpose. She put her palms together and folded the baby and ring finger of each hand over each other. What was left was four fingers, two from either hand, held together and plunged deep into the bard. Xena alternated between fucking Gabrielle while she held her clit in one long drawn out suck and letting her hands remain still inside the bard while she sucked wildly on a near bursting clit. A very few frantic moments later and Gabrielle was pouring her juices onto her lover's tongue... and Xena drank all of it like sweet water after a long walk on a hot afternoon.

Steam rose from both their bodies as they fell into an exhausted tangle of arms and legs on the pelt. Even the pelt steamed.



No answer, just giggling.

"What's so funny?" Xena asked with amusement.

"Still want to tell him to leave?"

Xena merely grinned slyly when her cunt involuntarily throbbed *its* answer.

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