Going Home

by: Patricia Winterburn



The standard disclaimer. The characters of Xena and Gabrielle belong in their entirety to Universal and Renessaince, and to their writers and whoever else owns the property. No copyright infringement was intended and this is all in fun.

No R rating warning is needed, but the hint of subtext is there. No violence.


Greece. It had been a long time since she had set foot on this shore. "Xena," Gabrielle called. "We are finally home." She felt the familiar hand touch her shoulder. "Thankyou Gabrielle, now I will be able to rest."

The trip home had been eventful. Upon leaving Japa, Gabrielle had headed for the land of Chin. Eve was there teaching the people about Eli and the way of love. Gabrielle would never forget the look on Eve's face as she approached her.

She knows, I don't even have to tell her. Eve wept for hours. It wasn't until the next sun that Gabrielle got a chance to explain the turn of events that led to her mothers death. "It was her decision." "I couldn't talk her out of it and we know how stubborn she can be." "Knowing mother, Eve thought, she must of felt it was the right thing to do." Gabrielle placed a gentle hand on Eve's shoulder. "Those were her exact words." It was also hard to explain that Xena's ghost was with her all the time, as she relayed messages between the two. Expressing Xena's love for her daughter gave the bard a warmth in her heart, she hadn't felt in along time.

"Come with me to Egypt, Eve." "From there we'll both take your mothers ashes to Amphipolis, to bury them with Lyceus. "I can't Gabrielle, my work here is not finished." "Mother will understand and I'll return home when I can."

The voyage to to Eygpt was long and lonely. "Even after all these years, I still get seasick." The familiar laugh she heard was a reminder of days long ago. "No, Xena, I am not tapping on my wrist." "The last time I did that, well I'd rather not remember what I ate."

The land of the Pharaohs hadn't changed much since her last visit with Xena. The only difference was a sphinx baring a resemblance to Cleopatra.

Her meeting with the pharaoh was not what she expected. "You want me to negotiate a treaty?" asked Gabrielle . "I thought you needed a girl with a chakram?""As Queen of the Amazons, Gabrielle, your negotiating skills precede you." "I need your wisdom and guidance, but, if it comes to that, yes, "was his answer.

A month passed before both sides agreed to the treaty. It had been a tense time, but finally it was over. "I thought it would never end," Gabrielle sighed. "Neither did I", said Xena. "I hope you didn't mind the little visit I paid to that warlord?" "No Xena, I didn't, thank you." "Even dead you haven't changed." she chuckled.

"Let's see if other things haven't changed either." "I wonder if sex with a ghost actually counts? " a smiling bard asks her warrior.That sly grin of Xena's was her only answer.

The Pharaoh thanked Gabrielle for all her help. "Stay, be on my council." he asked. "Your wisdom will be welcomed among my senators." "I can't, but thank you for the offer." "I have to return home."

After landing in Greece, it had taken three days of travel to arrive in Amphipolis.

Gabrielle arrived at Xena's family crypt. "This is where our friendship began," she thought. "But it will never end." Quietly she pulls out Xena's urn. "This seems so final," she spoke softly. "I have no words left to say, no tears left to cry." "I have been to the ends of the earth and back home,for you Xena." "This is my final act of love." She placed the urn in the crypt with Lyceus. "It's hard doing this alone." she spoke. A familiar phrase filled her ears. "Your're not alone." A startled Gabrielle turned around to see her standing there surrounded in an aura of bright light. "Did you think Eli would allow me up there, knowing you'd only get yourself into trouble." "Somebody has to stay and watch over you."

Gabrielle sank to her knees and the tears came out. "Xena," she cried. "Are you alive?" "Sort of" came the reply. "I will always be here with you, Gabrielle, until it is your time as well." "We are one soul , that can never be parted." The words had no sooner left Xena's lips when Gabrielle jumped up and went running into the warriors arms. "Then I plan on living for a very long time." came the reply.

Xena just smiled knowing that her bard would indeed. "Oh, I have a message for you from Ephiny." "Come on , your Majesty, the Amazons are in trouble again."

Gabrielle smiled as they left walking hand in hand. A smile came over her lips. "So begins the journey again."


The End.

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