By Patty S

Disclaimers: This is an Uber/Alt story, which means a loving relationship between two women is depicted here. If this isn’t your cup of tea, click elsewhere. Though they were born of my imagination, there may be a resemblance to a certain couple on a certain TV show set in Ancient Greece.

Violence: Nope. None. Nada.

Sex: Um, yeah. Some. <g>

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She slipped her long arms into the sleeves of the black silk jacket, and then pulled her ebony tresses into a tight ponytail at the back of her neck. Pale blue eyes stared back at her as she appraised herself in the mirror. She ran a slender finger along her squared jaw, then took one step back and closed her eyes.

The silence of her dressing room helped her to center herself. The white baton gripped in her right hand, she raised her arms and signaled them to begin…


The Overture of the Barber of Seville reached a crescendo, sending shivers down her spine as it always did, and a tiny smirk to her lips. The image of Bugs Bunny was never far from her mind during this piece, and it took all of her willpower not to laugh. She briefly wondered what her musicians would think if they could see the tiny embroidered Bugs Bunny on her panties.

The piece concluded and she turned to the audience to take a bow. Sweeping her right arm around, she indicated that the Orchestra should stand and share in the applause. She clapped briefly for the group of musicians, bowed to them, and then stepped down to shake hands with the First Violinist.

He gripped her hand a little longer than necessary and she groaned inwardly. She always hated touching his sweating palm, seeing his excitement become so obvious. As she pulled away from him, she let her gaze sweep across the ensemble. She stopped when a pair of sweet green eyes met and held hers, causing her heart to do a little skip. There, amongst the non-descript horns sat a petite blonde woman. Her hands tightly holding her French Horn and her eyes immediately looking away upon contact with Samantha’s.

Taking a deep breath, Samantha released the First Violinist’s clammy hand and gracefully left the stage. She barely heard the accolades of those backstage; her mind firmly fixed on those green eyes, her heart listening to the tiny whisper in her soul.


She looked right at me! Jordan grinned, polishing her horn. Those incredible blue eyes looked right at me! I know I wasn’t seeing things. Her heartbeat quickened at the thought, and she had to close her eyes to calm down. There was no way the great Samantha Rossilini had even noticed her. A plain horn player…not even first chair! Jordan brushed away her unruly bangs, deciding a haircut was overdue.

From the door of the dressing room, Samantha watched as small fingers moved back the soft blonde tresses. "You need a haircut."

"I know." Jordan sighed, turning around to find herself captivated by electric blue eyes. Her throat tightened and for a moment, she forgot to breathe. "Maestro…"

Samantha held out her hand to stop the young woman from standing up. "Please, don’t get up. I just came to, uh…" To what? "To um," had there ever been a moment in her life when she was at a loss for words?

"Yes?" Jordan released the white knuckled grip she had on her instrument, trying not to get her hopes up.

"I’m on my way to get a bite to eat. Would you care to join me?" Please say yes…please.

"Of course." Jordan jumped up so fast she nearly tripped over her chair.

Samantha reached out and caught the tiny blonde before she could lose her horn and her

dignity. "Good. I’ll be ready to go in half an hour. Meet me at the backstage door."

She was gone before Jordan could reply.


The moon was full and bright, casting an eerie shadow across the backstage door. Standing along the walk that led to the parking area, Jordan checked her makeup for the fifth time in less than ten minutes. Having only a few minutes to get ready, the blonde woman had quickly touched up her face, hoping she didn’t look as pale as she usually did. Her mother always said she looked sickly. Jordan sighed, hoping that for one night of her life, that was not true.

She smoothed imaginary creases in her slacks, tugging her denim jacket closed. The wind was cold coming off the Ohio River, making her shiver. She started when warm hands closed on her shoulders and a soft voice whispered in her ear.

"You need a thicker jacket."

"I know," she replied, crossing her arms and turning to find herself face to face with Samantha Rossilini. Was it natural to have eyes that blue? Jordan allowed her gaze to wander a moment, openly staring at the handsome creature before her.

Samantha was clad in a tight leather jacket that accentuated her trim figure. Dark jeans clung to her long legs, where Jordan was caught staring. The Maestro smiled. "You like the look?"

"It’s, um, not what I expected." Jordan tore her eyes from those legs, looking up into pale blues. But I like it!

Samantha noted the appreciation in those soft green eyes and smiled. "I’m not anything like what you’ve imagined." She waggled her eyebrows and leaned closer to Jordan. "So, shall we?"

"Of course." Jordan hooked her small hand into the crook of Samantha’s arm, allowing the Maestro to guide her to the car.


"Dinner was great." Jordan paused at the door to her hotel room, her face turned slightly away from Samantha. "Thanks."

"I should thank you." Samantha took the key card from Jordan’s trembling hands, sliding it in the lock and opening the door for her. "May I come in for a bit?"

Green eyes met blue and any hesitation vanished. "Of course." Jordan slipped past her tall companion and into the hotel room. "It’s not much…I’m staying here while my apartment is refurbished. There aren’t any amenities."

"Amenities are overrated." Samantha closed the door, letting her gaze take in the small room. A double bed nestled along one wall, a small nightstand beside it. There was a table and single chair next to the armoire that held the room’s TV. The open closet held Jordan’s white suits, her toiletries laid out neatly along the single porcelain sink.

"Would you like a drink? I’ve got a few of those little bottles you get on the airplane." Jordan held up the items in question.

"Oh, those are cute." Samantha accepted a tiny bottle of Jack Daniels. "Got any ice?"

"Of course." Jordan filled two plastic cups with ice, handing one to Samantha. The Maestro poured whiskey for each of them.

Samantha held her cup to Jordan’s, taking a moment to allow for the sudden butterflies in her stomach. The last time she had been this nervous was when she first conducted for the New York Philharmonic. A slow grin crept across her face. "To a new beginning."

"A new beginning," Jordan replied softly, taking a sip of her drink. "Mmm, you make a good bartender."

"I have many skills."

They looked at each other, a strange recognition passing between them.

Jordan removed her denim jacket, feeling the heat of the room finally warm her up. "Can I hang up your jacket?"

"Sure." Samantha removed the black leather jacket, handing it over.

For a moment, Jordan held it close to her face, breathing in its oddly familiar leathery scent. "You know, I always wanted one of these," she said, hanging it up.

"Take it."


Samantha grinned. "The jacket. You can have it. I’ve got four more just like it."

Jordan just stared at her for a moment. "No offense, but I’m sure it’s way too big for me."

Samantha crossed the short distance between them, cupping the blonde woman’s chin in her hand. "Nah. Isn’t oversized the style now?"

"I guess," Jordan whispered, tipping her face up, and catching the unmistakable look in those pale blue eyes.

Leaning forward, Samantha caught Jordan’s lips in a feather light kiss. The blonde responded immediately, wrapping her arms around the taller woman’s neck and pulling her head down, deepening the kiss.

Samantha gripped the sides of Jordan’s face, moving her head gently to the side as her lips traveled down the smooth skin of the smaller woman’s neck. Warm lips nipped Jordan’s earlobe, causing her to squeak. It made Samantha laugh.

"What’s so funny?" Jordan asked, even as she leaned her head back to give Samantha better access to her throat.

"You…squeaked." Smiling blue eyes winked at her. "I think it’s cute."

Jordan rolled her eyes. "Cute?"

"Yeah," Samantha returned to kissing the exposed skin before her, "cute." Her lips traveled down Jordan’s neck, pausing as impatient fingers released the buttons of the blonde’s shirt.

Samantha’s ebony hair flowed over her shoulders as Jordan released the ribbon that held it back. Jordan ran her finger through silken tresses. "Your hair is so soft."

"Like your skin." Samantha gently pushed Jordan onto the bed, her lips never losing contact with the breasts she was busy exposing.

Jordan allowed herself to be lifted onto the bed, settling down in the center as Samantha stretched her tall frame out beside her. For a moment, the two woman just stared at each other, afraid to speak as the moment suddenly became more than they had expected.

Jordan reached out to unbutton Samantha’s shirt and found her hand caught by a larger one. "What is it?" She asked softly, uncertainty filling her voice.

"Let me." Samantha kissed Jordan’s hand, and then released it so she could remove her shirt. The black bra was expertly removed and carelessly tossed across the room. It was soon joined by Samantha’s jeans and panties.

Jordan stared openly at the beautiful body beside her, barely able to believe what was happening. She reached out to touch it, but found her wrist caught again. "Samantha, let me touch you," she breathed the words, barely able to control herself.

"Not yet, love." Samantha kissed Jordan’s fingers, then set her hand aside, moving back to the blonde’s mostly unbuttoned shirt, which soon joined the pile of clothing on the floor. Warm hands slid up her flat stomach to unfasten Jordan’s bra.


Samantha almost didn’t hear her, stopping when she felt small hands grasp the sides of her face. She looked up to see tears in Jordan’s eyes. "What’s wrong?" She felt a familiar panic rising into her throat.

"I love you." Jordan caressed her soft cheek and smiled. "I just had to tell you that."

"This is our first date. We haven’t really known each other more than a few hours. How could you possibly know you love me?" Even as Samantha asked the question, she knew the answer.

Jordan traced her new lover’s lips with the tip of her finger. "Can’t you feel it? The connection between us?"

"Yeah, but I didn’t know what it was."

"It’s our souls, Samantha. We’ve finally found each other."

"Through time and distance, life and death…we’re finally home."

Jordan placed her hand over Samantha’s heart. "Home."

"Just like I promised."

"What?" Jordan sat up a bit. "What promise?"

"I promised I’d always be right here…in your heart."

Jordan smiled as a strange memory washed over her. "And I promised that where you go, I go."

"So it would seem." Samantha pressed her lips to Jordan’s, drinking in the sweet taste of her.

Jordan let herself sink into the blue depths that hovered so close and surrendered to the beauty of it all, welcoming home the other half of her soul.

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