A Word To The Wise.

By: Pat Winterburn aka. tap, the wizard.

Disclaimer: This story is a continuation of Detective Amanda Ellis and Dr. Sandra Wilson from my Solstice contest story: Snow, Hot Chocolate and You.

Detective Amanda Ellis first appeared in Missy's bubblewrap fic contest and won't go away. lol.

Seems a few people were upset with me that I didn't solve blondies murder and didn't carry on with Sandy and Amanda's relationship. Hope this fixes the problem. As always if your under age or are not into two women in a loving relationship, find something else to read.

"Warning , Will Robinson, Warning!": Seems I'm getting over my shyness for graphic love making.

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Dr. Sandra Wilson stood looking at her reflection in the mirror. In the last 48 hours, she had only managed to grab a few hours of sleep.

"Damn flu bug." She muttered to herself.

San Diego had been hit with a flu epidemic. What people didn't have it, would soon be getting it. Most of the staff at the hospital were sick with it and Sandy had been stuck with trama duty in the ER for this afternoon.

As she finished splashing cold water on her face, a nurse came bursting into Sandy's office.

"Better get down stairs Doctor." The aging woman yelled out. "A police officer's been shot and the other one is screaming her head off for you."

Sandy tossed the towel aside and ran out with the nurse. The elevator ride down seemed to take forever and when the doors opened she walked into kaos. Police officers were everywhere and the nursing staff stood their ground assuring them the doctor was on her way. By the time Sandy reached the ER, she could only hear one voice that stood out amongst the rest.

Detective Amanda Ellis stood 5' 10" tall. Her brown hair was bouncing as she was yelling at an orderly to get Dr. Wilson down here now. Her face was beet red from anger and Sandy was sure Amanda would have a stroke any minute.

"Detective!!" Sandy yelled out. "Keep yelling like that at my orderly and I will have security toss your ass out the door."

The detective looked at Dr. Sandra Wilson and the tears started to run down her face.

"It's Mitchell, Sandy. A fucking shooter got her."

This, Sandy thought is what I hate most about this job. It's someone I know and care for. Enough of this she thought. Do your job Wilson.

Sandy pulled the sheet down and removed the dressing to expose the wound on Mitchell's abdomen.

"Dear God, she said looking at Amanda. I'm going to need a miracle."

" Can you save her?" Amanda asked through her sobbing.

Looking defiantly at Amanda, Sandy just nodded her head and said, "Damn right I will. She still owes me $10.00 from our poker game on the weekend."

"Get her up to the OR and I want x-rays , NOW!!" Sandy yelled at the awaiting orderlies.

As Mitchell was being wheeled away another ambulance pulled up to the doors of the hospital. The two paramedics brought in the wounded body of a young white male. He had been shot in the chest and was still loosing blood.

As Sandy went over to assess his damage, Amanda grabbed her by the arm.

"He was her shooter. I nailed him Sandy and I never miss a clean shot." Amanda looked into Sandy's eyes and made her understand that she wanted this bastard left to die.

"But I'm a doctor Amanda, I don't make judgements. My job is to save lives, even his."

Amanda opened her mouth to speak, but the paramedic closed the subject for them. "Flat line, doctor. We lost him."

A nurse came running up to Sandy. "They're ready for you in the OR doctor."

Sandy removed her bloodied glove and touch Amanda's cheek. "Let me go and rescue your partner's butt." She spoke softly. "We'll discuss this at home later."

Amanda nodded and watched Sandy head for the elevator.

"I love you, Sandy." The detective whispered quietly under her breath.

After six hours of surgery, Sandy headed back up to her office to catch some well deserved sleep. Detective Mitchell Blake had been shot once in her abdominal area. She had lost a lot of blood but somehow Sandy had managed to patch her up and hopefully repair all the damage. The worst part had been the tearing in the bowel. As tired as the doctor was she manged to smirk at her own thoughts. Thank goodness Mitchell had eaten all those spicy chicken wings the other night. The smell from her bowels almost knocked me out. When she wakes up I'm personally going to make sure she gets an enima.

As the doctor approached her office, Joan Miller her secretary was sitting there with a coffee and danish on the counter for her.

"Morning Doctor, here's your breakfast." She informed Sandy

"It's morning?" Sandy's vision was blurry from lack of sleep and couldn't tell what time it was.

"Joan, what day is this?"

"It's Wednesday morning and you've been here since Sunday night." The secretary announced.

"By the way, you have a very grumpy body sleeping on your couch in your office. I would suggest you don't wake it, lest you fear she will shoot you by accident."

Joan just laughed and returned to her computer, checking out the days reports.

Sandy just groaned, knowing that body would be Amanda's. "She better not start asking me twenty questions. I'm going to shift her ass over and sleep beside her. Good thing the couch is oversized."

Thinking Joan was ignoring her, Sandy went to enter her office.

"Shower first. She'll shoot you for just smelling like you do." The secretary said never lifting her head.

Sandy just laughed.

As the tired doctor entered her office, she noticed the blinds were closed leaving the room in semi darkness. Amanda was still sleeping on the couch.

Every muscle in Sandy's body ached and as much as a shower sounded inviting, Amanda's peaceful body looked even more inviting. To hell with it Sandy thought as she crawled in beside Amanda wrapping her arm around the still snoozing cop. "Share the quilt, you hog."

She was asleep in minutes.

As Amanda started to awaken, her senses felt the presence of a warm body nestled beside her. It was an odd sensation to feel such contentment. The detective had never felt this way with any other lovers and most certainly not with her many one night thank you's. It had only been two months since their skiing vacation together and their relationship seemed to be growing closer each day. Phone calls, lunches, dinners, movies all seemed to fit in perfectly with their schedules, but neither one had mentioned about sharing the same address. It just seemed to be too soon for either one, but it was getting harder not to share the same life. Sandy's new apartment was close to the hospital, but Amanda's new townhouse, since tranferring back to San Diego, had lots of room for both of them with each one having their own office if so desired.

Amanda pulled her sleeping partner a little closer to her and wondered if the time was right to ask the good doctor to move in and be her partner in life. A thousand thoughts were running through Amanda's head when the red head sleeping beside her finally stirred.

"Hey." Amanda said stroking Sandy's back. "Go back to sleep."

Just then Sandy's pager went off.

"No rest for the wicked, Amanda. You of all people should know that." Sandy whispered into Amanda's ear.

Sandy glanced at her pager. "Get up Amanda, Mitchell's awake."

Two dishivled looking woman entered into the ICU room of Mitchell's. The beeps and hums of the machines gave Amanda a chill, but her thoughts quickly turned to that of her friend and partner on the force.

"Hey Mitch, you still hanging around this lousy hotel?" Amanda softly spoke to her friend and gently kissed her on the forehead.

Two blood shot eyes slowly opened and looked around at her surroundings.

"Ellis, you bitch, did you have to follow me into Hell?" Mitchell's voice was thick and slurry from the pain medication but she managed to give her partner a grin.

While Sandy was checking over Mitchell's vital signs, she noticed the tears in Amanda's eyes. Quickly Amanda wiped them off her face and gave her head a shake. Cops, Sandy thought. Think it's a weakness to cry.

"Ive called your mom, Mitch. She's flying in tonight. I'll pick her up at 6pm. The larger cop was now holding on to Mitchell's hand, while Sandy was adjusting the IV.

"I hate you, Amanda." Mitchell grinned. "Mom will be all over me and I'll have to shoot her, just to get her to leave me alone."

Sandy cleared her voice. "I hate to break up this happy conversation you two are having, but, how are you feeling Mitch?"

Mitchell thought for a moment. "Like I got my ass kicked by Ellis in our self defence class." She somehow managed a small laugh.

"Can you wiggle your toes for me? Good. How about your fingers? Good. Ok, looks like I did a good job on patching you up." Sandy leaned over and gave Mitchell a kiss. "You still owe me $10.00 from poker the other night and $6000.00 for the surgery."

Mitchell looked at her in horror. "$6000.00 are you nuts?'

"Hey, that's my family rate, you got off cheap." Said the now grinning doctor.

Sandy checked the machines one more time. "Get some rest Mitch, you've got 2 days before it's poker night."

"Come on Amanda, let her sleep."

As the two women were about to leave, Mitchell called out to Sandy to talk with her.

"The shooter?"

"Amanda got him." The doctor smiled at her patient.

"Tell her thanks."

"Tell her yourself, you big dope. Now get some sleep."

With that Sandy turned and left the room.

Sandy caught up with Amanda at the elevator.

The detective was leaning against the wall, tears running down her face.

Sandy took a tissue from her pocket and wiped the tears from her lovers cheeks.

"Seems I've healed a lot of boo boo's today. What is it with you big dumb cops?" The doctor managed to get her friend and lover to smile.

Amanda took in a deep breathe and steady her body.

"Thank you Sandy, I owe you so much for saving Mitchell's life."

Sandy put her arms around Amanda and let the detective lean her head on the smaller doctors shoulder.

"She's not just your partner, Amanda she's our friend and I love her too."

Amanda nodded in acceptance.

Sandy placed both hands around Amanda's head, lifting it up to meet her eyes.

"We have to talk about a few things, Amanda."

"You are going to pick up Chinese, bring it over to the apartment and tell me what happened."

Amanda again just nodded her head.

"I got a page from Captain Anderson, he wants my, quote, ass in his office 5 minutes ago with the report filled out."

"That's fine Amanda, I have to finish filling out Mitchell's medical report. I'll meet you at the apartment later." The tired doctor reached up and gave her lover a small kiss.

Amanda gave Sandy a hug and smiled at her. As she turned to leave, she grinned at her doctor and said. "Take a shower will ya."

Sandy stuck her tongue out and kept walking.

As Amanda walked out of the hospital, the bright sun light made her eyes squint.

Looking around she tired to remember what did happen and how life as she had known it yesterday had all been blown to shit.

She spotted her SUV parked in the doctors parking lot. I drove here she thought?

"Please God." She said outloud to a small bird picking seeds on the lawn beside her. "Please tell me that I'm still sleeping and this is the worst nightmare I've ever had."

The bird flew away with his prize and left the detective standing there in thought.


Detectives Mitchell Blake and Amanda Ellis sat at the small cafe table drinking coffee and going over the report of a case that Amanda had been working on.

Amanda had been with her lover and friend Dr. Sandra Wilson at a ski resort two months ago to re-new their relationship, when they had become involved in a homicide case. One of the guests of the resort, a blonde haired woman by the name of Ellen DeBouis had been found murdered on the ski slopes. The local sherriff, some goof by the name of Edwards, had refused to allow Amanda to help out in the case. It had been driving her crazy and she was determined to solve the woman's case. With Mitchell's help, they were almost ready to issue a warrant for the arrest of one Donald Mannor, a one time lover of Ellen's, when all hell broke loose.

Amanda had just come out of the washroom, while Mitchell was paying for their coffee, when a man started screaming at the counter clerk and demanding money. He was waving his gun in the young woman's face and when Mitchell reached for her revolver, he turned and fired it at her. Mitchell's body hit the floor, blood spilling in seconds. As the stunned male looked down at her, he didn't see Amanda pulling her revolver from under her blazer. Detective Amanda Ellis broke every rule she had ever lived by in the past 15 years as a police officer. She never said one word to him. She just shot him square in the chest and watched him fall. Putting her revolver away, she quickly grabbed a stack of napkins from the counter, ripped Mitchell's clothes open and pressed the napkins on her partners wound. With the other hand, she flipped her radio open and told the depatcher, "officer down at Brian's coffee shop corner of Church and Wellsley. Send two ambulances, I have wounded the shooter."

That's what really happened. Her report to the Captain would read a bit differently. She didn't think anyone would care. A cop had been shot and almost killed. There was an unwritten rule about shooting or killing a "cop killer", it was a case closed. A job well done.

Upon leaving the police station, Amanda had picked up her lovers requested menu of Chinese food. She had phoned ahead to their favourite restaruant and ordered her usual. Two orders of sweet and sour chicken, two orders of shrimp, chicken fried rice and vegetable chop suey.

Sandra's BMW was in her assigned parking spot when Amanda arrived. She parked her SUV in the visitors parking and used her key to open the front door of the building. Entering the elevator she pressed the third floor button and exited when the doors opened. Sandra's apartment was number 310 at the end of the hall. Using her own set of keys that Sandy had given her she opened the door and walked in. Placing the food down on the table she heard the shower running and chuckled to herself. I think I will join her as the detective smelled her own clothes and nodded in agreement.

Opening the bathroom door Amanda called out to her lover. "Sandy, it's me. Want company?"

"Sure, you can scrub my back." Came the reply.

Amanda stripped out of her clothes and placed them on the sink counter. Opening the glass shower doors, she was welcomed with warm water and a wet soapy lover.

Sandy handed her the washcloth with some soap and said with a smile. "Get busy."

Amanda complied with her lovers wish and was rewarded with Sandra's skillful hands washing her body in return.

Neither one spoke, just exchanged smiles and small kisses. When each of them were sure the other one was clean, they exited the shower and took on the task of drying each other and slipping on t-shirts and jogging shorts.

Both women then sat down at the small kitchen table enjoying their meal and sipping some white wine.

Sandra was the first to break the silence.

"You finished your report to the Captain?"

"Yes. Did you finish yours on Mitchell?" The detective inquired.

"Yes. Jim Fisher is on duty tonight. If anything happens with Mitchell, he's going to call me here." The doctor expertly used her chop sticks to pickup a piece of shrimp.

The detective nodded her head and used her chop sticks to pick up a piece of chicken.

Both of the women looked at their prize and then at each other.

"I guess we need to talk tonight, don't we?" The detective looked back down at her plate.

"Yes, we do." Replied the doctor.

"Can we talk and eat at the same time?" Sandra looked at her lover with big pouty eyes. "This is really good and I am starving."

Amanda nodded. "Do you want me to tell you everything that happened, or what I wrote in my report to the Captain?"

"Everything Amanda." Came the reply. "I want you to tell me everything."

Amanda told her lover the story of what happened yesterday and then appologized for thinking Sandy would even think of not trying to save the shooter. "It was wrong of me to try and stop you from saving him. I'm sorry, but I was crazy and................... please forgive me?"

Sandra pushed herself away from the table, her food gone from her plate. The detective pushed her chair back allowing her lover to sit straddling her lap. Two small hands cupped Amanda's face and two green eyes bore into her soul.

"There is nothing for me to forgive, hon. You did your job and I did mine." "Question is Amanda, you shot him in a manner, not according to police procedures. Can you forgive yourself?"

Hard as Amanda tried, the tears in her eyes spilled down her cheeks. "I didn't want a partner. In fifteen years I've lost two good friends. One in the line of duty and the other in a drowning accident."

Sandra nodded her head and wiped Amanda's tears.

"Mitchell and I have become good friends in this past year. She's wormed her self into my life and heart like a bad virus."

Both women laughed as Amanda continued.

"I can't loose her or her friendship, Sandra. That guy was scum, he could have shot other people as well. I had to stop him."

Sandra looked deep into Amanda's eyes and knew Amanda was telling herself whatever she needed to believe. A sad look came over the detectives face. Sandra leaned down and kissed the detective's tear stained cheek. She then kissed two soft lips. When Amanda didn't respond to the kiss, Sandra looked at her lover, the face was still sad.

Sandra hopped off Amanda's lap, grabbed her hand and led her into the bedroom.

Amanda just stood there staring down at her own bare feet.

Sandy tossed her t-shirt and shorts and stood naked before her detective.

"Look at me." Demanded the doctor.

Amanda raised her head and swallowed hard at the sight before her.

Sandy's red hair and green eyes seem to ignite the otherwise pale soft skin of the doctors. The cool apartment air made Sandy's nipples stiffen and Amanda could feel her own eyes darken with desire and a flood of warm liquid pool in her shorts.

"You are beautiful." Were the only words Amanda could utter.

"Take your cloths off Amanda and lie on the bed." The doctor's voice took on a no non-sense tone and Amanda did as she was told.

The two women hadn't pushed their relationship. They had only made love twice in the two months since their ski trip and then it had been soft and gentle. Each slowly getting to know the other and re-affirm their feelings. Most times they were together, both had been content just to kiss, hug and snuggle together.

This was something even Sandra wan't sure she knew what she was doing, just knew it felt right.

Amanda lay on the bed wondering what was happening to her. This was something she did to her lovers. Not them to her. How did she allow Sandy to get her into this position? When two green eyes that were filled desire met her own brown ones, Amanda didn't care anymore. She reached up bringing Sandy down on top of her body. She felt the doctors lips upon her own, demanding entrance into her mouth and she allowed her. The battle for dominence was on, as the two women fought to control each other.

Sandra grabbed both of Amanda's arms and shoved them hard down on the bed over the detectives head. "Don't make me tie you. Leave them there until I tell you otherwise."

Amanda's head was spinning and had no other choice but to leave her arms there. Sandy had pinned her down with the weight of her body and even though Amanda outweighed her by a number of pounds and could toss her at any moment, she chose not too. Something in her soul needed this and she just allowed it to continue.

She felt Sandy's thigh force her legs apart as the doctors mouth moved down to the detective's breasts. The good doctor had learned a few new techniques with her mouth and teeth over the years and she applied this well toned skill to Amanda's breasts. Each one of Amanda's breasts were crying out for attention at the same time. Although Amanda's senses were in overdrive she felt her lovers fingers sliding over her wetness.

"God, Sandy, your killing me. Let me touch you." Amanda couldn't believe she was begging her lover.

Sandy's reply was simple. She entered into Amanda with two fingers and started to pump in and out. Soon she added another one. Amanda's hips arched up into

Sandy' thrusts and soon could feel the orgasm building. Within moments Amanda screamed Sandra's name promising undieing love for this woman to any entity that would listen.

When Sandra collasped on Amanda's sweat soaked body, she looked into her eyes and said. "Now touch my soul, like I've just touched yours."

Amanda rolled Sandy onto her back and complied to her lovers wishes.


Within two weeks of the shooting, Detective Mitchell Blake was out of the ICU ward and into a room on the surgical ward. Her progress had been remarkable considering the extent of her wounds and although she protested and vowed revenge, within days of her shooting, Dr. Sandra Wilson, had personally administered the promised enima.

Her friend and partner Detective Amanda Ellis had made it a habit to visit with Mitchell each night after work. The two were usually found by Dr. Wilson swapping lies, talking about work or just watching whatever sports event was on the t.v.

"I've got some good news for you today, Mitchell." The red haired doctor came bouncing into the room after her long day, to find both detectives sound asleep with the baseball game on.

"Cops." Sandy said to no one in particular.

One set of brown eyes opened up and smiled. "Hey my woman, what's up?"

"Obvious not you two." Came the smart ass reply.

Amanda just snickered at Sandy's remark and then Mitchell opened her eyes as well. "What's the score?" She asked.

"Doctor 1, cops zero." Came Sandy's reply.

"Oh and by the way, you mooch, I am kicking your sorry ass out of here tomorrow." The doctor stated while she re-examined Mitchell's chart.

Mitchell just groaned. "This means my mother will be staying with me forever, doesn't it?"

Both of her friends just laughed.

The next morning Amanda arrived with Mitchell's mother to take her home. The detective would still be off duty for a long time yet and even then would be assigned desk duty until such time as she was fit to return to active duty, but she was just happy to be going home.

Amanda waited for Sandy to enter the room to give everyone the good news at once. She had arressted Donald Manor last night. She had finally obtained a court order and in their search had found the matching gun that had killed Ellen DeBouis. He had been stalking her for months since their breakup and he had followed her up to the ski lodge. The present she had been carrying for her new boyfriend Derek Forest, never reached him. Donald had threatened Derek to leave his girlfriend alone and Derek had left the country "on business" overseas and didn't know that Ellen had been murdered until his return last week.

As Detective Ellis had led Donald Manor in handcuffs to the waiting police car, she swore she could see Ellen standing there saying to her. "It's a roof." Amanda just smiled and said "housetop."


Six Months Later:

"Holy shit Sandy, what's in these boxes." A very grumpy dectective was cursing as she was carrying each one of them up the stairs of her townhouse.

Dr. Sandra Wilson was busy placing the last of her personal items in the bathroom.

"Medical books. I'm a doctor remember?"

"Yes, how could I forget". Came the smart ass comment. "You practice your bedside manner on me everynight."

The detective was too late in ducking, as a bathroom towel went flying into her face.

Amanda just laughed. She's been moved in for 5 minutes and throwing things at me already.

Sandra stood outside the bathroom, hands on hips. "Don't you have work to do, my slave?"

Amanda bowed. "As you wish my Queen of my heart."

Both women just laughed as Sandy walked up to Amanda and put her arms around her.

"A word to the wise, you big dumb cop." Sandy looked up into Amanda's eyes and kissed her.

"And what would that be, my love?" Amanda replied.

"I'd better be the Queen of your heart, because I've got a few commands to issue.

Amanda's eyebrows shot up in surprise.

Sandy placed her finger inside Amanda's shirt and pulled her towards the bedroom.

"Get naked, on the bed, now!!"

Detective Amanda Ellis smiled as she put her hands over her head. "I surrender."

The end.

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