Kissing You

by Paully Adams

Disclaimers: Xena, Gabrielle and any other characters featured in the actual TV series are copyrighted to MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures; just borrowing for this story.

Kissing You (love theme from Romeo & Juliet) was written by Desree and Tim Atack and published by Sony Music /ATV Songs LLC/Fox Film Music Corp./Love Lane Music. Also borrowed for this story. (BTW, If you haven't seen this film, go out and rent it today!)

The rest of the story and other characters are mine. Please contact me before using any of my stuff. Thanks.

SPOILERS: None that I can think of.

ROMANCE WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This story depicts scenes of romance between two women, but nothing explicit. This is a romance in its purest form.

I want to thank my beta readers Helen, Janet Catran, and redxena for all their hard work in making corrections and suggestions to this story.

The day was here at last. Xena looked at herself in the looking glass in Chilapa's hut. "Impressive. I hope Gabrielle likes it." Xena took another look at her outfit. *Yep, the tailor did an excellent job.* The long-sleeved, creamy white silk dress gently caressed her curves and flowed to the white deer sandals she was wearing . The blue stitching which detailed the collar and the sides of the dress was a combination of the detail work on Xena's armor and the designs of the Queen's seal. The blue silk robe's sides and trim was the same detailing on the dress and the color brought out the cobalt in Xena's eyes. In her hair, which was worn lose and free, was a white and blue comb that was decorated with baby's breath.

A knock came upon the door. Xena looked at herself one more time before answering. "Come in."

Chilapa, the Queen's regent, came in. She looked at Xena from head to toe and smiled. "My, my, my. You look absolutely stunning. Our Queen will be impressed."

"I sure hope so. I want everything to be perfect." Xena stepped towards Chilapa. "Do you have it?"

"No." An expression of fear and shock passed on Xena's face. She opened her mouth and was about to say something when Chilapa threw up her hand. "Now, before your stoic reputation goes up in flames, let me tell you what happened. I had it. But then I gave your gift to Hercules to hold, since he is standing by you in the ceremony." Xena breathed out a sigh of relief and quickly closed her mouth. Chilapa laughed. "Hercules will be here in a few candlemarks. Are you ready?"

"I've been ready. I've waited for this day for a long time."

"Well, no matter how long you've waited, the rest of us have been waiting longer." Xena quirked up her eyebrow and waited for Chilapa to continue. "Let's just say that we all knew that you and our Queen were meant to be. When you two first walked into this village we all thought that you two were already an item. We've been waiting for this bonding ceremony for years. It's about time. There are some gifts for you and Gabrielle that are a couple of years old now." Chilapa smiled. "Well, its time for me to check up on your soulmate. See you later."


"Where's my boots?!? Where's my necklace?!? Why can't I find anything?!?" Gabrielle paced from one side of the hut to the other. She looked under the bed for her necklace and looked on top of the table for her boots. "UGH!"

Cyrene and Hecuba shook their heads as they watched Gabrielle.

"Calm down daughter."

"Your mother is right dear. You are not going to find anything in your state."

Hecuba rose from her chair and grabbed Gabrielle's hand, forcing Gabrielle to stop pacing. "Why are you so nervous?" She looked into her daughter's green eyes. "Are you having doubts?"

"Of course not mother. I love Xena. I've been waiting for this day ever since I first realized that I didn't want to ever live without her. I just want everything to be perfect."

"Then calm down before you cause yourself a heart attack. Everything will be perfect. You and Xena love each other. That is all that matters." She guided Gabrielle to the bed and sat her down. "You know, I was just as nervous when I married your father." Hecuba reached out and touch her daughter's cheek. "But trust me dear, once Xena sees you, and you see her, the world will disappear, and the only thing you will see is her, and she you. You two are the only ones who matter today. So calm down."

Gabrielle smiled. "Thanks, mom."

A knock came from the door. Cyrene motioned Gabrielle and Hecuba to stay where they were as she stood to answer the door. Chilapa smiled and came in.

"My Queen, are you ready?"

Hecuba answered for her daughter. "She's almost ready. She just has to put her boots and necklace on." Hecuba walked over to the table and found the necklace. Cyrene, in the meantime, looked under the bed and found the missing boots. They both turned and smiled at Gabrielle. Then the three of them burst into giggles.

"Okay, okay. You two are right. I need to calm down." Gabrielle put on her boots and necklace. "Well, how do I look?"

"Are you looking for an unbiased opinion?" Cyrene asked.


"Then you better ask Chilapa."

Gabrielle turned to Chilapa. "Well?"

Chilapa let out a low whistle. "Let's just say that if Xena was not the intended bond mate, at least half of the nation would challenge for your hand."

"And what about the other half?"

Chilapa smiled an evil smile. "The other half, my Queen, would settle with being your mistresses." Then group broke into a hearty laugh.


"Dear, are you ready?"

Herodotus turned in the direction of his wife's voice. "Yes dear."

Hecuba looked in her husband's eyes. "Are you okay? How are you doing with this?"

Herodotus sighed. All he wanted for Gabrielle was for her to marry, settle down in Poteidaea, and have lots of kids. Of course, Gabrielle had other plans. "You know this is not the life I wanted her to have." He paused. "When she first started to tell stories and dream about the world, I knew that Poteidaea was too small for her, but dreams die hard, and I did not want to let go-- of her or of my dream. But the last time she came home, even I had to admit that Xena and Gabrielle shared a love so special. What I'm trying to say is that all I really want for her is to be happy. And now I know that Xena would do anything to make Gabrielle's dreams come true."

Hecuba smiled. "Yes, even if it means making sure that men could participate in the ceremony today."

"Yeah, she's one of a kind isn't she? Well, I guess if Gabrielle must travel the world and tell her stories, I can't think of anyone I would have her travel with. Except Hercules."

"Maybe you should tell Gabrielle that. I know she would love to here it from you." Hecuba gave her husband a hug. "But when you tell her, leave the Hercules part out."

"Yes dear."


Xena and Hercules stood at the rising in Artemis' temple. Xena could see her friends and family taking their seats. At first, both Gabrielle and she wanted a small service. But because of Gabrielle's status as Queen of the Amazons, and the number of friends Xena had made in her quest for redemption, the list grew longer and longer.

"How many people do you think are here Hercules?"

"Well, I say that there are at least 100 here for the ceremony. And I guess a few more will be here for the 2 day celebration afterwards."

Xena sighed. "I hate crowds."

"Yes, but that this particular crowd is here because they love you and Gabrielle."

Xena thought back on her darkest days. "You know, when I was a warlord, there was no one I really trusted. Then I met you and Iolaus and my world began to change. Then Gabrielle came into my life and my heart." She paused. "Tell me, how did I become so lucky? What did I do to deserve this?"

"You know, Gabrielle asked Iolaus that same question last night. I'm going to tell you what Iolaus told Gabrielle. Love is not something earned, it is something given. You and Gabrielle loved and trusted one another through so many hard times. You've saved so many lives and have helped others find their path. You two deserve this." Hercules grabbed Xena's shoulder. Xena's eyes spoke a silent thanks.

The music began. First the drums gently drummed out a slow beat. As the drums grew quiet, the lyres and woodwind instruments gently added their voices to the choir. As on cue, a gentle light appeared on the rising. As the light vanished, Artemis appeared. She looked over to where the members of the nation were seated. They all raised and bowed to her. She then looked over at Xena and smiled. Xena smirked.

The woodwinds grew in intensity. Down the aisle, came Xena's love; on her left was her mother, on the right her father. Behind Gabrielle was Chilapa. No one could see what the Queen had on because her face was covered by the Royal Mask, and her outfit was covered by a green silk robe, fashioned similar to Xena's. At the rising, her parents gave her a hug and took their seats. Gabrielle stood by Xena and Chilapa stood on the other side.

Xena waited for a nod from Artemis before removing the mask from Gabrielle. She handed the mask to Hercules and then she then took both of Gabrielle's hands into her own and raised them to her lips. She gently kissed each of them, all the while staring into the eyes of her soulmate.

Artemis then proceeded to nod to Chilapa, signaling her to remove Gabrielle's robe. A number of ahs came from the gathering.

Gabrielle was dressed in soft white deer leather. Her sleeveless top bared her shoulders as the front dipped low, showing a little peek of cleavage. The top was in a halter design, allowing Gabrielles firm abs to show. Her skirt was short and adorned with fringes that ran down the sides and the bottom. On each side of the fringes was the same detail work that was on Xena's dress and robe. Around her neck was her necklace adorned with blue and green feathers and a wooden pendant. The pendant bore markings similar to the ones on her staff that identified her as Queen of the Amazons.

Of course, Gabrielle might as well been nude, for Xena did not look down at the clothing. She just had eyes for Gabrielle.

Gabrielle smiled and returned Xena's loving gaze. Cyrene and Hecuba, who were siting next to each other, looked at one another. Hecuba whispered, "I bet you that a storm could blow threw this place, and those two would not even notice."

"Yep, they are in their own little world now."

Artemis looked at Xena and Gabrielle. *Yes, they are a perfect match. Nothing will ever break their bond. They will be the cornerstone of the new Amazon nation.* Artemis spoke to the gathering. "Xena and Gabrielle have written their own vows." She turned towards Xena and nodded.

Xena refused to take her eyes off her love, fearing that this was all a dream. She placed both of Gabrielle's hands in her left hand, then she place her right hand above her right shoulder and waited for Hercules to place her gift in the palm of her hand. Hercules took the gift out of a small leather pouch and placed it in Xena's hand. Xena brought her hand back down and prepared herself to say her vow:

My bard

I don't know just when I fell in love with you,

But once I started, I knew that I could never stop.

Even though I had started on the road of the greater good before I met you,

It was you who kept me there.

Since the first time we met,

Our hearts knew that we were destined to be together for all time.

Whenever the darkness was about to overcome me,

Your light would shine, leading me back to my path.

When my nightmares consumed me,

Your voice and touch calmed me.

Your smile, your hugs, your kisses, your loveare what get me through each day.

I pledge to you my soul, my life, my skills, and my love for all eternity.

Even death itself cannot tear us apart.

I will always be with you.

For I am nothing without you Gabrielle.

You make me whole.

As she spoke those words, she placed her gift on Gabrielle's hand. The ring was one of a kind. It was gold, and the jagged markings were the same found on Xena's chakram. On top were two small round gems, an emerald and a sapphire.

Gabrielle covered a gasp with her free hand. Tears of happiness streamed down her cheek. Xena wiped her cheek as they smiled lovingly at each other.

Chilapa reached around Gabrielle and place her gift in her hand. Gabrielle took a deep breath to gather herself and then spoke her vow:

Xena my love,

Even though I am a bard,

I do not have the words to expressmy love for you.

I've never felt this way before.

I never knew love could be this deep, this passionate.

I never knew love could have a life of its own.

I knew the moment I set eyes on you that you were special.

I knew I had to follow you.

You took a young girl full of impossible dreams and helped form her into a woman who could turn those dreams into reality.

You help me find my way, and allowed me to make mistakes.

Because of you, my eyes were opened to both the good and bad, the light and the darkness and all the shades in between.

My world was black and white before you came.

Now my world is full of color.

I pledge to you my love, my body, my talents, my mind, my trust, and my heart for all time.

You were right; neither heaven nor hell can separate us; our love is an end unto itself.

I will never leave your side; I can't, because without you, I would only have half of a soul.

You hold the other half.

I'm not whole without you, my Warrior.

You make me complete.

When she was done, she placed her gift on Xena's finger. The silver ring had the straight markings of the chakram. In between each marking was a small round blue-green stone. In top of the ring was a pair of Sais that crossed each other, forming an X.

Artemis nodded to the musicians after the vows were spoken and a young woman stood and began to sing a bonding song. The song was written by Joxer, a gift to the couple. No one had heard it before, but he knew it was perfect. He picked up his lyre and strummed along as the woman sang.

For I can stand a thousand trials

The strong will never fall

But watching stars without you

My soul cries.

Living hard is full of pain

Oh, Oh the aching

Oh I'm kissing You

I'm kissing You

Touch me deep

Pure and True

Give to me forever

Cause I'm Kissing You

I'm Kissing You

The other lyres and woodwinds joined in. A rich interlude floated on the air in the temple. Artemis looked at Gabrielle and Xena, who had their foreheads touching, as tears fell from each of their eyes. "Seal your love with a tender kiss." No one had to tell them twice. The woman continued to sing.

Oh you know

I love you now

Cause I'm Kissing You

I'm Kissing You.

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