Xena and Gabrielle - Heart of Darkness

by Gerald Pavano



I claim no rights to Xena, there is no monetary value exchanged, no connection with the Studio - I don’t know them and they certainly don’t want to know me. Saucy tale here so 

if two women together isn’t acceptable to you please move on. Better still perhaps this could be  a learning experience. If I had to summarize XWP in one word it would simply be - “interpretation.” Xena and Gabrielle have been created for us to enjoy so how tantalizing is it that we get to explore the Xena universe with them.

Xena helps Gabrielle explore her fantasy and what did happen on Gabrielle's wedding night.

After watching "Heart of Darkness" I felt compelled for some strange reason to continue the episode.

The objective of course was to have Lucifer commit the 7 deadly sins sending him rather than Xena to rule Hades. In an X rated version, during the orgy scene everyone would be getting it on and although I understand Xena’s intentions with Lucifer - she wields her sexuality as she does her sword-  Vergil burying his face in Gabrielle’s bare breasts I found revolting. So I opted for the R rated version. Xena would summon Tara in Calliope telling her dancers: “Guys, shirts off pants stay on, girls, flimsy dresses and hmm no sex.” That would have been suspiciously directed at Gabrielle and Virgile. (Why was he so insistent on Gabrielle as his partner Xena wondered) “Make it titillating everyone as we are sending Lucifer to Hades” would have been Xena’s announcement to the performers. Then there was this: G jealous of X  for kissing Lucifer, X jealous over G for rolling around with Vergil. They both agree that the dark side is intoxicating (the way they delivered those lines whew!) The plan works - the  hell mouth closes and Xena walks off and the story continues  - - - 

Xena headed for their loft at the tavern. Her long legs quickly took her to their room where she stripped down to her shift. Gabrielle’s words kept ringing in her ears “Don’t go getting all emotional on me.” “Really Gabrielle you have no idea !”  Xena was still feeling the lust and sexual tension from the day’s events as Gabrielle bounded into the room not quite understanding what appeared to make Xena upset. “By the Gods” exclaimed Gabrielle “We did it, we sent Lucifer to Hades and I didn’t lose you - aren’t you happy - what’s wrong?”. “What kind of stunt was that” Xena shot back “having to watch you climb all over you know who, kissing his neck and rubbing yourself all over him.” The bard was dumfounded “Xena, we had a mission to make Lucifer jealous all I did was” - - Xena didn’t want to hear it. “That did not include you exploring Vergil. Did you enjoy feeling his sex between your legs, did you make him hard, did it feel good!”  Xena growing more angry just couldn’t shake the lust and jealously building within her. “Xena, that’s not fair” the bard was now on the defensive “We were supposed to make Lucifer jealous - right? Our dance together - when you held out your hand I came to you. Everyone in the temple stopped and turned their eyes towards us in amazement. Our sexual tension filled the air - that piercing look in your eyes, the touch of my hand as I caressed your cheek we were as one.” “Yea” exclaimed Xena ”and Lucifer and Vergil couldn’t wait to get their hands on us.” “Xena, you noticed I did lure Vergil away so you could finish your business with Lucifer.” “Sure Gabrielle right into that lurid dance. Did you enjoy wrapping your legs around him and having his hands grabbing your ass!” The bard uncharacteristically shot back “No different than you leaping, legs spread, onto Lucifer - was this your usual approach?”  “I was in the moment Gabrielle and don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that dance with Virgil.” Getting more and more enraged “ It’s not the first time you felt it between your legs, after all you were married.”

That did it, Xena had gone to far bringing up Perdicas as tears started to swell in Gabrielle’s eyes. “Stop it please stop” as she held her hands up in defense. The bard was stunned “So that’s it, jealous all this time for something  that was tragic and devastating to me! Why are you acting this way.” Xena couldn’t stop “Well you did consummate your marriage didn’t you?”  “Well kind of I guess, I’ve never talked about it” relented the bard. “Maybe it’s time I tell you what happened that night.” “No wait” protested the warrior knowing she had gone to far, “you don’t have to explain, and I never wanted to ask - it hurt to even think about it. Gabrielle knew that this was Xena’s attempt at an apology but she continued “Please Xena, hear me out. This is something I have wanted to tell you, after all I do share my life with you. It’s because of you I have been able to explore and understand my sexuality.”

“You know I was a virgin remember? The Titans knew and everyone in that village - how humiliating was that!” “Gabrielle this is not necessary” insisted the warrior. Ignoring her the bard went on - “I didn’t know what to expect that night. We sat in front of each other wearing our shifts and Perdicas slipped mine down exposing my breasts. No one has ever touched me there except for you. He said they were so big on such a small body and reached out and felt them. Then he took my hand and slipped it under his shift and had me grasp his “staff” as he put it. It got hard and he said it felt good. Then he laid me down, pulled up my shift and entered me. When he did it hurt, Xena it really hurt and then I started to bleed. I guess I panicked and pulled away. He was so understanding but laying there I could only think of your touch, your kiss, and I remembered seeing the hurt in your eyes - I knew - I knew!” “Gabrielle, I was only thinking of your happiness “- “Xena I know, I know.” In nearly a whisper Xena barely heard the words “I never explained to him what was truly in my heart. I feel I betrayed him and now I will have to accept and live with that guilt. I loved him in my own way but not the way he wanted. When the sun rose you were there and Callisto and then” — the bard’s voice trailed off. Xena shared her anguish - Callisto slew Perdicas in front of them. Putting her arm around the bard’s waist, Gabrielle gently laid her head on Xena’s shoulder as she had done so many times before. As Xena stroked the golden hair, nothing was said, a song without words, their souls in silent communication. 

Gabrielle finally broke the silence. “Xena, I admit I am inexperienced in that way and curious but I have learned my sexuality through you. I would never let Virgil enter me. I don’t need a ‘staff’ like my amazon sisters do on the nights of the full moon. Yes, I have fantasies but you are what I need - my life is with you, don’t you understand that by now. The point is my warrior I don’t crave that, what I need is you.” Xena rolled her eyes, no stopping her now she knew  the bard was on a roll. “In case you haven’t noticed I’ve grown into quite a women and a fighter.” Trying to lighten the mood, Gabrielle continued  “ What did you think of my leather outfit pretty sexy huh?” “Well, Xena conceded with a smirk, “ the skirts get shorter and the breasts get bigger. “So you have noticed” the bard answering with a sly grin. Xena smiled “Couldn’t help but not Gabrielle.” Squaring her shoulders Gabrielle answered in a  soft murmur “I can fantasize and be captivating too!”

Still bewitched by the days events and knowing Gabrielle must still feel the same, a sly expression came over Xena’s face. I think maybe it’s time to explore my bard’s fantasies and her sexuality. “Slip out of your britches,” Gabrielle new that voice and the desire from within. The day’s events had also taken hold of her as she advanced towards the warrior. Xena was now lying prone on the bed with two fingers between her legs and in her best sultry voice “I too have a staff” motioning to the bard - “mount me!” As if in a trance, the bard advanced, slipped out of her skirt and proceeded to mount her warrior. Once again nothing more needed to be said. Sinking into Xena sweet ecstasy swept over Gabrielle’s body - “Yes, yes, oh yea!”

  Apprehensive at first, she felt her body tremble, her face flush as Xena proceeded with a slow undulating rhythm (here fishy fishy.) The bard groaned as she sank deeper into the “staff”- -  was this to be my fantasy she thought. As Gabrielle worked herself, visions began fluttering through her senses. Her mind started to wander, faces flashed before her, men she had responded to in so many different ways. Faces she cared for, helped, respected, nurtured, feared - Joxer, Phyllis, Eli, Iolaus, Aries. As she pushed herself harder and harder against the “shaft” Xena provided for her, suddenly everything merged into one face, a beautiful face with two blue pools beckoning her - - Xena!

Knowing Gabrielle was nearing her peak, Xena reached up and slipped off the bard’s brassier being rewarded with two beautiful pink tipped breasts. Gabrielle’s head shot back, legs tensed, abs tightening - and now she had the added pleasure of Xena holding her swollen jutting breast. Gabrielle could no longer hold back the fire that was burning inside and collapsed on the beautiful face before her, calling out “Xena, my Xena” as a smile of approval appeared on the warrior’s face. Pulling at Xena’s shift, two circular sunset red tipped breasts with extended nipples met her and still writhing from Xena’s touch, Gabrielle began to suckle the one with the tiny scar and little beauty mark - sweet ecstasy!

Xena looked down transfixed by the sight and gazed at the sculptured back, the strong shoulders, and the contours of the bard’s body. The muscular legs, although shorter than hers, had always been a sexual turn on for her. They both shared small scars and bruises - Gabrielle would write them in her scrolls as badges of honor. Gazing at the bard’s body, Xena couldn’t help herself and swiped her finger at the sight of a trickle of blood from Gabrielle’s knee, and with the bards wetness tasted the mixture - sweet, tart, different. Gabrielle gasped - “she is tasting me” instantly  remembering the time under the spell of the Bacchae biting into Xena’s soft fleshy neck. She remembered feeling the pulse, the taste which turned Xena into a Bacchae which in turn helped her destroy Bacchus. The warrior still carried the two small bite marks on her neck again forging their relationship even deeper.  Xena was right when she exclaimed to Lucifer “Gabrielle and I have done things together you could never understand.” Just another chapter of their never ending story.

Gathering her thoughts Gabrielle realized that it was now her turn, she must please her warrior. The lust and sexual tension was still in Xena and must be relieved. Now it was her turn to quell the lust and desire in Xena’s breast. Yes, remembering what Aphrodite showed her, Xena let out a short gasp as she suddenly found herself sitting on her bard’s face. Gabrielle was strong. Finding herself on top, Xena was quick to take full advantage of her position and started to grind away on the bard. Gabrielle instantly recalled what Aphrodite had taught her, loose hands on the hips so she could move, go deep inside her, lick, rub, bite. Gabrielle’s thoughts were an erotic whirlpool. Desperate to fulfill Xena’s needs, she was being rewarded with what started as a low primordial moan, now becoming a hunger such a deep hunger. She could feel Xena’s body reacting to her. The long legs tightening against her hips, the warrior’s head and body swaying to a silent rhythm - she too felt it. Gasping for breath, Gabrielle continued her quest to make the warrior understand that she is hers and hers alone. Xena, in this hypnotic trance, had already succumbed to the lust and sexual tension the days events had brought and Gabrielle, yes her Gabrielle was giving her the release she so badly needed. With her arms outstretched, the warrior called to her bard as her own body stiffened and collapsed in its final finale.

But as Xena hit her peak, she fell forward hitting her head on the bed post sending them both tumbling to the floor. Lust turned to giggles as Xena, breathless from Gabrielle taking her through a sexual experience never before felt and totally unexpected, slowly recovered with a questioning look on her face. “Oh you liked that!” announced the bard off handedly with a knowing glance at what would be Xena’s reaction, “Aphrodite showed me.” “She did what!” as the blue eyes instantly turned into a jealous icy glare. Gabrielle knew that look. Answering in that sweet demeanor that always  managed to disarm the warrior she went on. “Xena, oh Xena do you remember the drawings on the wall in Aphrodite’s temple, recalling the fact that Xena was familiar with most of the positions, well I explained to her that I wanted to please you so she helped me pick out something I was actually capable of doing.” Xena shook her long black mane and with a small grin simply stated - -  “Great choice!”

Still sprawled on the floor, Gabrielle propped herself on one elbow. The bard, at Xena’s frustration, was on another roll and would not be denied. “You know my warrior we share our lives together. Aphrodite understands and accepts us but others even Joxer don’t see it or want to recognize the life that we have chosen together. I don’t understand, we work hard at our relationship, we save villages, take down warlords for the greater good. We are such a positive force together no matter what the gods throw at us don’t you agree?” “Gabrielle, answered Xena shaking her head “it sounds like one of your scrolls writing itself.” “Yea,” Gabrielle giggled ”you’re right, now who’s thinking like a bard there’s hope for you yet!”.

A quietness now filled the room. It was late, the sun had long disappeared and through the window’s wooden slats an eerie glow illuminated two bodies, entwined together almost encircled in a stop motion dance. Both were still reveling from a sexual ecstasy that only they could have shared. They had won another battle and were at peace now not knowing or caring what the gods had in store for them on the morrow. They were making their way through life together - the love was unconditional. The warrior and the bard - bound together that even the gods couldn’t separate never mind comprehend.


“Xena?” “Yeess” “Can we get on the bed now!”

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