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Violence: Sorry to admit but, I am no good with writing violence it would be like you were reading about toddlers fighting over a toy. So its implied in this part but not graphic. LOL writing Sex is easy violence for me a whole other thing.

Subtext: Yes two women are in love so if that is not your thing move along

Sex: Nope not in this part. If you want that check out part two. Or reread it. There is a mention of it.

For this to make sense you must read (Xena and Amazon Children’s Field Trip) Part 2 (Xena’s Field Trip of The Bet Won) you can still skip for the story to make sense. I would also suggest reading Part 3 (xena and Gabrielle’s Field Trip of Aphrodite’s Mystery Potion)

Xena’s Field Trip to Save the Amazons

By: Perverted F.O.X.

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Xena’s Field Trip to Save the


Xena was sitting on the edge of the roof swinging her legs back and forth looking off into the distance and thinking about how much her life had changed within the last 3 years. Xena seemed very at peace with all of the changes too. Gabrielle had finished her work with the other Amazons like she had planned within a week after taking Aphrodite’s potion. Then they decided to move into Cyrene’s Inn and help her out and also give her some time with her granddaughter. Xena and Gabrielle were also expecting both women working on her third term. Xena was enjoying the nice fall day soon it would be too cold to sit outside and enjoy the weather.

Xena flashed back to the night when Aphrodite offered to help them have another child.

Xena, Gabrielle, Cyrene, Eve and Aphrodite were all sitting down for a meal on a nice spring evening. Cyrene insisted on making it even though Aphrodite had offered to pop in a meal for them. Cyrene looked over at the Goddess and cleared her throat. Xena knew that look it was used on her many times when she needed to spit something out.Aphrodite looked up at her then at Xena and Gabrielle who were now looking at her.

“Gods Xena you would never think I was older than your mother with the looks she gives me.”

Xena smiled seeing that her mother doesn’t take crap from the Gods either. She remember Cyrene almost fainted the first time Aphrodite walked into the Inn, but over time Aphrodite and Cyrene became very close and they loved to gossip with each other. Aphrodite even let mother play match maker for a few of the villagers.

“Well Aphrodite I just find it best to listen to her. So do you have something you need to say to us?” Xena looked over at Gabrielle who was feeding Eve then back at Aphrodite.

“Ok, I will just come out with it. Xena, Gabrielle I would love to give you a present if you want it.” Aphrodite stopped and waited for a response.

Xena arched her eyebrow and pushed her lips out a little bit. “What kind of present are we talking about?”

“Oh, um, well a gift of life kind of present.” Aphrodite’s voice squeaked and she clenched her teeth together and closed her eyes tight expecting to get yelled at.

Xena was about to do just that before she felt Gabrielle’s hand on her leg. She looked into the luscious green eyes and relaxed.

“Aphrodite, can we have time to think about it?” Gabrielle said very calmly.

Aphrodite opened her eyes and relaxed herself. “Yeah, sure all the time you need not pushing you at all. Just thought well you would be ready for another one. Since Eve is almost two years old.”

“We will give you an answer later k?”

“We’ll all be here for a very long time take all the time you want.”

“Yeah, I really don’t think I like knowing that my daughter is going to be able to influence history as she sees fit.” Cyrene said in a very serious tone and looked over at Aphrodite.

Aphrodite threw up her hands in defeat. “Hey, now don’t look at me it was Gabrielle’s choice on which way she chose to save her family.”

Cyrene looked in surprise she was never really told the story about Eve and well her new heritage. She also never really asked for an explanation on how everything happened. All she knew is that her daughters were married and that they were immortal and had a baby that was well immortal and had three mothers in a way and that in the future her granddaughter would have a big choice to make.

Xena stood up and took Eve from Gabrielle. “Well Aphrodite, this is our cue how about we take Eve and get her ready for bed and leave Gabrielle here to tell mother the story?”

“Sounds like a great idea but, are we going to get Eve ready my way or the mortal way?” Aphrodite got up from her seat gave Cyrene a hug then kissed Gabrielle’s forehead before getting to Xena’s side.

“Guess we can do it your way tonight.” Xena kissed Gabrielle’s cheek and walked up the steps behind Aphrodite.


Gabrielle walked into their bedroom and sat down on the chair next to the window. Xena sat up on the bed and looked over at her lover wish she could read thoughts.

“Xena I would love for us to have more children. I know that none of our other children will have a big responsibility like Eve will be faced with. The thing that does worry me is that we just can’t go around making our whole family immortal they will die some day as we live on. I don’t think I could continue living forever always remembering the ones we left behind.”

Xena crossed the room to sit in front of Gabrielle on the floor. She took Gabrielle’s hands into hers and kissed them.

“Gabrielle, we do not have to worry about that, because whatever path they choose we will always see them later, either in their next life or in the Elysian Fields. They will never fully be away from us. Gabrielle this is more of your choice than mine I would love for us to have a whole house full of kids but, not if it’s something that will make you unhappy. I only need you Gabrielle and that will always be true.”

Gabrielle smiled down at Xena and leaned over and kissed her on the lips softly.

“Xena, let’s do it why not you know? I feel that we can do anything together.”

“Are you sure Gabrielle?”

“Yes, I am positive let’s have another baby.”

Xena jumped up and down for joy in front of Gabrielle. The blonde just sat back and took in the sight of her tough warrior jumping up and down like a little girl about to get a pony. Xena stopped and looked over at Gabrielle.

“When do you want to do it?” She got down on one knee so that she was at eye level with Gabrielle who was still sitting in the chair.

“How, about tonight the weather is beautiful.” Gabrielle looked back out the window at the stars.

“Ok, then great! Aphrodite!” Xena waited a moment to see if she could feel Aphrodite’s presents.

“Aphro-“ Xena was cut off when she saw Aphrodite pop into the room on a pink fluffy chair.

“Yes, Xena by the Gods no reason to yell I was down stairs with your mother. Can I just say with you guys I am like so glad Cupid can handle things otherwise no one would fall in love anymore.”

“Aphrodite, you done rambling now?”Xena asked with her very best pouty face on.

“Yes, I guess I am when a warrior has their pouty face on you know they want something and when Xena Warrior Princess gives you a pouty face you know you want to hear what she wants. So spit it out what do you want from the Goddess of Love tonight?”

“We would like to have our present.” Xena said and then gave Aphrodite a very cheeky smile.

“Well, you both don’t waste much time do ya?”

“Guess not, Dite and my warrior wants a house full and you know with her pouty face I just can’t refuse.” Gabrielle smiled down at Xena who was now sitting on the floor and leaning against her.

“Ok, well who is going to give birth?”

“She is.” Both Gabrielle and Xena said at the same time. Xena stood up like her hair was on fire.

“Oh, no Gabrielle it’s your turn I have already given birth twice. I am good for now.”

Gabrielle looked down at her hands. When she looked up there were tears forming in her eyes.Xena went over to Gabrielle and hugged her tightly and brushing her fingers through her lovers hair.

“Xena, what if I give birth to another child like Hope? I don’t think I would ever want to live through that again. It destroyed us for so long I just don’t want to go through it again.”

“Gabrielle, this baby would be created out of love not just our love but, with the help of the Goddess of Love herself. I highly doubt that we will ever have a child like Hope again. I really want you to have a more positive experience. I guess we both had no luck on our first pregnancies. Solan was never allowed the chance to feel my love till after he died and Hope was forced upon you. This time I promise it will be different. I want you to have the chance I had with Eve she take after you so much I have to wonder if she got any part of me at all, with her golden blonde hair and her Everest green eyes.”

Gabrielle pulled away from Xena’s embrace and smiled at her. Xena wiped away the tears that had fallen down the blonde’s face.

“Ok, I will do it as long as you do it with me.” Gabrielle smiled became a little wicked.

“What, do you mean as long as I do it with you?”

“Darling, I think she means for both of you to be pregnant at the same time. Wow. How slow are they making warriors now a days?”

Xena looked at Gabrielle very shocked at the idea. She looked into Gabrielle’s eyes to see if she was joking or not which all she could see was her adamant bard looking back at her waiting for an answer.

Xena was just about to speak when she felt Gabrielle put her hand on her mouth.

“Xena you said you wanted a house full of children. Fastest way to get there is if we have children together. Even though I don’t know what you mean by a house full but, we can take it a couple at a time.”

“I don’t know Gabrielle two babies at the same time. We had our work cut out for us with Eve you really think we could handle well twins?”

“Twins sounds like a great idea hm.” Gabrielle thought to herself trying not to show the evil smile she had on the inside.

Xena looked at her trying to wonder what she was thinking. Then she looked at Aphrodite who seemed to be hearing Gabrielle’s thoughts. No, itseemed that the two were having a conversation unheard by the rest of the world.

“Well, you both drink this and make love to each other and by morning you both will be expecting. Have fun.” Before Xena had a chance to say anything the Goddess was gone leaving her alone with Gabrielle not knowing what was just planned.

Gabrielle saw a bit of fear in Xena’s eyes but, didn’t say anything to get rid of Xena’s fear she planned on using it tonight. Gabrielle got up poured the liquid into two cups and handed one to Xena.

“To motherhood again.” Gabrielle said and drank the liquid.

“Here goes nothing.” Xena drank the liquid and was surprised that it tasted far better than the potion Aphrodite gave them before.


“XENA! XENA! Gods damn it Xena what in Tartarus are you doing up there?!” Cyrene put her hand on her hip and blocked the sun from her eyes with the other one.

Xena shook the thoughts away and looked down at her mother who was very far from pleased with her at the moment. Xena stood up on the edge of the roof and was just about to flip off of it and land next to her mother when all of a sudden she was standing next to her mother.

“Damn Aphrodite!”

“Xena, apologize to her right now! I asked her to do that in your state you should not be on the damn roof anyways.”

Xena clenched her teeth and gave her mother an evil glare.

“Go, on now say you’re sorry I raised you better than this Xena and don’t think because you’re all grown up and pregnant again that I won’t throw you over my knee and give you a good swat on the ass in front of everyone.” Cyrene started to tap her foot.

Xena knew she was stronger than her mother but, she also knew that if her mother was going to spank her that she would have to let her. She also knew that she was being very serious about doing it in front of everyone so she swallowed hard.

“Sorry, Aphrodite and thank you for protecting me.” Xena said trying not to sound too sarcastic at the moment.

Cyrene knew it was a big step for her tough warrior daughter so she let the sarcasm slide for now.

“Xena, I came out here because it seems as though both Gabrielle and Eve are very sick. I know Gabrielle is pregnant but, she should have stopped throwing up by now. Eve is also throwing up and they both have high fevers.”

Xena looked very worried and ran into the Inn and to their bedroom. When she entered she found Gabrielle snuggling Eve who was now coughing. Xena kicked herself mentally for not coming to check on them sooner. She had went off this morning to do some drills, then went to the market and even chopped some wood for her mother before she decided to relax on the roof for a bit.

“Xena, I bet we are fine just sick that’s all no need to worry and this is not your fault come here please. Wait maybe you shouldn’t don’t need you sick either.”

Xena didn’t care at the moment she walked over and kissed both Gabrielle and Eve on the head. Ok, that is not normal they are both burning up. Then Xena felt that there was something very wrong she just didn’t know what it was.

“Gabrielle, I going to get someone to send for a healer ok? Then I am going to talk to mother be right back.” Xena rushed out of the room not waiting for an answer.

“Mother! Mother! Mother!”Xena ran around the Inn looking for Cyrene.

Cyrene exited the kitchen looking at her frantic daughter. “Yes, Xena?”

Xena spun around and almost knock herself along with her mother to the ground thankfully for the both of them she caught her balance.

“Mother there is something more wrong they aren’t just sick.”

“Xena, you are over thinking it both of their immune systems are low. Gabrielle’s for being pregnant and Eve for being so young.”

“No, there is something more I can feel it.”

Just as Cyrene was about to say something she saw a young Centaur walk into the Inn with a woman over his back. The Centaur seemed to be about 8 seasons old.

“Xenan?”Xena said very confused to see him in her mother’s Inn.

“Xena, please help. My mother is sick she told me to bring her here because she has a message for you.”

Xena was about to walk over to Xenan when she felt a hand on her arm.

“Xenan follow me let’s get your mother onto a bed.” Cyrene turned around and both Xena and Xenan followed.

They laid Ephiny onto the bed Cyrene left the room to get some water.

“Xena” Ephiny spoke in a very low tone.

“Yes, Ephiny? What’s wrong why are you so sick? What’s going on?”

“Xena please listen to me. Please I am very tired and I don’t know how much longer I will live. Xena something is happening to the Amazons they’re getting really sick and several have died. I think something has happened to Artemis and Athena because everything the healers do nothing is helping us get better.”

Xena looked over at Ephiny’s son he looked terrified.

“Xenan please go find my mother and have her make you something to eat. Oh, and let her know that Centaurs are vegans otherwise she will have you eating rabbit stew before you know what hit you.”

“No, I am fine I don’t want to leave my mother.” Xenan straighten up he was trying to be so strong but, this was no place for a boy.

“Xenan please, listen to Xena I will be fine. Remember what I told you about Xena if anyone could fix this it would be her.”

Xenan walked over to his mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then he looked up to his name sake the last time he saw her she yelled at him to get out and to leave her alone at the time he didn’t understand he was too young. His mother a couple years after that explained death and what had happened that day that stuck so fondly in his memory. He hugged Xena for a brief moment and left the room.

“You have raised a strong boy there Ephiny I bet you’re very proud.”

“I am Xena I need to ask you something.”

“Ephiny I know what it is and don’t think about it you will get through this.”

“Xena I am being serious please. You know that Xenan’s father is dead and the Amazons won’t take him because he is a man and because he is a centaur. Sorry to say I don’t trust any of the centaurs with my son as I would with you and Gabrielle. If anything happens to me please tell me you will raise him.”

“Ephiny nothing is going to happen to you I won’t let it, but to make you feel a little better yes if anything happens to you Gabrielle and I will take him in. Now excuse me please I have to go and play pregnant hero.” Xena kissed the Amazon on the head and left the room.

She saw Xenan and her mother playing a card game at one of the tables.

“Mother I have to go I will be back soon, but right now I have to get all of this fixed. Yes, I was right there is something bigger going on. Ephiny told me that all the Amazons in her village have the same sickness and they got messages from the other neighboring villages about it too, seems to be claiming a lot of lives.”

“Xena then why aren’t you and I sick or even Xenan since he has been with his mother this whole time?”

“Must just be affecting just the Amazons and since Eve has Gabrielle’s right of cast she is considered an Amazon. Please can you stay here and watch after Gabrielle, Eve, Ephiny and her son.”

“Xena I want to go with you. I want to help the Amazons please let me go with you.” Xenan looked up at Xena hoping there was a chance to go with her.

“Xenan I know you want to help but, what would help me most is if you stay here and help my mother. She is going to need help taking care of the sick ones and she could probably use your help with fire wood while I am gone. Can you stay and help her for me?”

Xenan shook his head he preferred to be closer to his mother anyways and Cyrene seemed nice enough to stay with.

Xena gave him a hug then kissed her mother on the head and ran back up to the room where Gabrielle and Eve were resting.

“Gabrielle?” Xena whispered.

“Yeah, come in Xena.” Gabrielle could barely see her since the shutters were closed and there were no candles lit.

“Mama mama me no feel good.”

Xena walked over and picked Eve up she cuddled her for a moment and walked over to the bucket as soon as the child was lowered down to it she lost what was left in her stomach. Xena picked her back up and walked over to the nightstand there were mint leaves sitting on a plate and she put a piece of one in Eve’s mouth. She kissed her daughter’s cheek and put her back on the bed next to Gabrielle. The child cuddled up next to her mom and fell back to sleep.

“Gabrielle, Ephiny arrived a few minutes ago. I guess something must have happened to Artemis and maybe even Athena because all of the Amazons are sick and some have died from whatever it is you have. I have to go and find a way to fix it.”

Gabrielle tried to sit up but, Xena put her hand on her shoulder and kept her down.

“Xena, I am going with you.”

“Gabrielle, you can’t first off you’re pregnant and secondly you’re pregnant and sick and third you need to stay and help with Eve. Please don’t fight me on this. I can move faster alone I want to fix whatever is going on with the Amazons before it’s too late.”

“Xena, you forget you’re pregnant too, but I hate to admit you’re right. I will stay a sick pregnant Amazon is no help. Is Xenan here too?”

“Yes, he is down stairs he will help mother with the fire wood and whatever else. He offered to come with me but, he is so young and I know he really wanted to stay here.”

“Poor little guy I bet he is scared out of his mind maybe I can tell him and Eve a story later.”

“That is my bard always thinking about someone else when she might lose her own life.”

“Xena, we know our future I am not worried about myself or Eve, just the lives of the one inside me. Xena the baby by birth right is an Amazon.”

“Gabrielle stop you will be fine and so will our babies if I have anything to say about it. I am going to go now I hope to be back soon. I am also going to put you and Eve into my bedroom down stairs so that it’s easier for Mother and Xenan to get to you. Ephiny is in Torias’s room which is right next to my old room.”

Xena even at six months pregnant could still easily pick up her pregnant wife and daughter. Gabrielle held onto Eve tightly while Xena cradle them both and walked down the stairs. Once Xena had settled Gabrielle and Eve into her old room and said her good byes to everyone she was out the door and heading to Argo.


“APHRODITE!” Xena walked around Aphrodite’s temple trying to keep herself from breaking anything.

Aphrodite popped in knowing that this was not a good kind of call since normally now a day’s Xena would call for her nicely and from her mother’s inn and she never really had to come to the temple to get her attention. Aphrodite looked at Xena she knew something was really wrong.

“Xena, what is it? Please stop pacing you’re making me sick.”

Xena stopped and took a deep breath. “Aphrodite, why is my wife and daughter and oh yeah the rest of the Amazon nation sick to the point that some are dying.” Xena was trying really hard to stay calm since Aphrodite had done so much for them.

“Um, Xena yeah that is why I haven’t been around so much. Hera has captured Artemis and Athena for betraying her and not telling her that she was on the too be killed list. I guess she faked her death and well right now the Gods that are alive are looking for the place that Hera hid them.”

“Aphrodite, whydon’t you guys just ask Hera where she put them?”Xena started to pace again and she rubbed her fingers on her temples trying to stay as calm as possible.

“Weellllll” Aphrodite was a bit nervous she knew how Xena could get when angry and then again when angry and pregnant.

“Well, what Aphrodite you are trying my patience.” Xena said through clenched teeth.

“Well Ares was trying to prove something to Zeus and he killed Hera so yes she is finally gone as promised but, that dumb brother of mine didn’t listen to the part of why we were looking for her.”


“Well, well, well if it isn’t the pregnant stay at home warrior.” Ares sat down in one of Aphrodite’s chairs after popping in un-invited and had a smug look on his face.

“Well, this pregnant warrior is now going to kill you. Since you have now messed with her family once again!” Xena tried charging for Ares when he shot a small bolt of lightning hitting her arm.

Xena could feel it through her whole body and all of a sudden felt fear not for herself but, for the life inside her.

“Ares! How dare you just to let you know I will be letting Zeus know about that.” Aphrodite was no longer pink and happy her face was red and even the once pink outfit she was wearing turned red.

Ares actually looked scared for a moment he had never seen so much anger in his sister before. He didn’t even know she was capable of that much rage. He was just about to escape when he felt the passion behind Aphrodite’s anger his whole body tensed as he convulsed on the ground of her temple.

Xena stood there motionless she had never seen that much anger ever in Aphrodite. She would make sure to never piss the Goddess off from here on out. The shock didn’t hurt that much but, damn that was fun watching Aphrodite do that to Ares. Aphrodite took a deep breath and turned back into her happy pink self.

“Now, Xena I have Hercules and Iolaus out there and since Hera never does anything half ass I also joined them up with Autalocus just in case. So, please go home?” Aphrodite was hoping the warrior would bite.

“Aphrodite, even you know me better than that. So either I can ride around on Argo trying to find the guys myself since I am assuming they are close to finding where Hera hid them which, would take me days maybe longer if I go in the wrong direction. Or you can simple take me and Argo to them your choice but, either way you know I am going.”

Aphrodite blew out a deep breath knowing she wasn’t going to win. At least she tried if not for Xena’s sake but, for Xena’s families sake.

“Ok, Xena you win lets go.”

“Bitch!” Ares yelled towards the two as they exited the temple and headed for Argo. Xena saw Aphrodite shock Ares once more she couldn’t help but, laugh at the pathetic sight.


Hercules stood looking into the distance he could always tell when one of his Godly family members were close. He didn’t feel threatened so he knew it wasn’t Ares. He waited a moment and saw floating hearts he had a smile on his face which quickly went away when he saw who Aphrodite had brought with her.

Aphrodite looked over Xena’s shoulder since she was sitting behind her on Argo she cringed a little when she saw the very unhappy face of her half brother.

“Now, Hercules you know I didn’t give your sister much of a choice so don’t be giving her the stink eye.” Xena dismounted Argo and Aphrodite popped next to Hercules.

“Xena, that look was for you I know Dite tried her best to keep you away from this she did a pretty good job too since it’s been two months since the problem started.”

Xena did not like the fact that she was kept out of the loop for so long.

“Oh, Dite so this has been going on for a while let me guess no one felt the need to tell me any of this why? Because I am pregnant? Wouldn’t be the first time I fought and was pregnant what is the difference this time?” Xena looked coldly at Aphrodite.

The Goddess shook a bit then got up the courage to talk.

“Now, Xena you know that I know you are fully capable to fight and protect yourself when pregnant but, well this pregnancy is different.”

“What do you mean by different? I am not playing games here you know mine and Gabrielle’s track record with giving birth so you best spit it out!” Xena was trying not to freak out at this point. The thought of having a child like Hope came into her mind and her world started to spin.

“Xena, Xena no it’s nothing like Hope please try to calm down. Xena didn’t you realize how much bigger your stomach is compared to Gabrielle’s? You and I both know the woman eats a ton on her own and even more when she has an excuse, but you aren’t eating for two hun you’re eating for three.” Aphrodite looked at the now pale warrior.

Hercules walked over to Xena and helped lower her onto a log.

“What do you mean three? Like me and two babies?”

“Yes, that would make three hun.”

“What, why, how, who?”

“What would be twins, why because Gabrielle asked, how because I am a goddess I can do anything and who that would be your wife again.”

“Ok, don’t need to think about this right now. To be honest I feel the need to kill someone. Let’s just get moving and I am not taking no for an answer from anyone do you all understand ME!”

Four heads nodded knowing there was no point in fighting Xena on this, but hopefully they would all survive traveling with pregnant Xena who was a little more pissed off than she normally would be.

“So, Hercules I would like to be home for dinner I assume you have found the location by now right?”

“Yes, there is a cave on the other side of that hill with a warning sign etched out by Hera herself saying Beware all who enter will feel the wrath of Hera. It was a pain in the ass to find it well hidden and if you weren’t smart enough to look for the sign in the first place you would already be dead. I bet she has hidden traps and a bunch of other fun stuff waiting inside. So are you ready to have some fun?”

“Yes, I was born ready for this kind of thing. Let’s go.”

Before anyone could react Xena was on Argo riding hard in the direction of the cave. Leaving well the men to run after her but, Aphrodite decided not to stick around this was not her kind of thing.


Xena stood outside the cave examining it trying to see if there were any traps that would be set off when just entering the cave. She came to a conclusion that the entrance was safe but, didn’t know how far into the cave the traps would start. Xena was just about to go into the cave alone when she felt a fluttering in her stomach. She stopped for a moment and put her hands over here belly softly strokingherself.

“Now, now you two it’s ok Momma will protect you nothing will happen to me or you-“

“Especially, with three of your Uncle’s helping your mom along the way.” Iolaus said to Xena pregnant belly. Then he looked up to see two very ice blue eyes looking down at him. He knew he shouldn’t have said it but, he decided to anyways.

Xena pushed Iolaus out of the way and snarled at him, and then she headed into the darkness of the cave. She heard feet scurry to catch up to her.

“Xena, mind at least walking a little slow so, that we can all stay together?” Hercules said trying not to show in his tone that he was worried for the pregnant warrior.

“Yeah, I guess that would be better. Autalocus are you ready to start picking locks if we need it?”

“I am always ready for that why do you ask now?”

“Well, I have a feeling that Hera didn’t just leave Artemis and Athena wondering around a cave or a cell most likely they are in chains of some kind.”

“Ah, got it no problem you guys take care of the killing and I will help the damsel in distress.” Hercules laughed really hard at the comment and slapped Autalocus on the back which, caused him to lose all the air in his lungs.

“Gee, big guy think you could smack me a little harder I could drop dead right here.” Autalocus was saying through coughs.

Iolaus was stuck in his thoughts when all of a sudden Xena grabbed his collar and pulled him back making him land really hard on his backside.

“What was that for?” As he started to sit up the floor came out from under them and both Xena and Iolaus where now dangling over a dark pit. Xena was holding onto the ledge and she just caught Iolaus as he fell past her in her other hand.

“Give me one second and I will have you both up here.” Hercules lowered himself to grab Xena’s wrist bring them both up together.

“Damn it, Iolausthink you could pay attention before you get us all killed? Ok, well you and Autalocus at least.” Xena was trying to calm her temper the fall had scared her more than it should she was use to that kind of thing happening to her, but she didn’t like it happening when she had others to think about.

“Sorry ,Xena won’t let it happen again. What do you mean just me and Autalocus you can die too you know.” Iolaus was brushing the dirt off of himself well, dirt he couldn’t see.

“No, Iolaus that is where you’re wrong. Hercules and I have something in common Immortality it’s a long story that you can ask Gabrielle about later. As for now I would like to continue I wasn’t kidding about being home for dinner. Hey Aphrodite think you could give us some light?”

As soon as she requested a torched appeared in her hand and one in Hercules hand. Autalocus jumped he wasn’t use to things coming out of nowhere.

“Think maybe I could get some wine and a nice lady.” Autalocus waited a moment and got no response.

“Eh, I tried. So Xena when did you become so chummy with the Goddess of love that she will grant a request just like that?”

“Oh, about the time I found out she is Eve’s third mother in a way.”

“What?!” Three voices echoed through the cave.

“As, I said long story ask Gabrielle. So how are we going to get to the other side? I know I could easily flip but, a little worried the ground might fall through on that side too. What do you think Hercules?”

“I could always throw Iolaus over there to test that theory.” Before Iolaus had a chance to react Hercules had handed the torch over to Xena and picked him up.

“Remember try to roll not land on your feet.” With that Hercules heaved Iolaus to the other side.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH oooooooph” Iolaus landed with a thud on the ground across from his so called friends at the moment.

“Hey, what’s the big idea? Immortal heroes get scared to jump over here themselves to test that out?”

“Well, I couldn’t test it being pregnant and all. Hercules couldn’t test it just in case there is a rock slide I will need the big guy to get out of here and well we didn’t throw Autalocus because, he is paying attention not to cause the ground beneath us to disappear so you were the best choice. Now catch.” Xena threw the torch to Iolaus.

“Hercules your next.”Xena said Hercules backed up a bit ran forward and jumped across the pit with the torch still in his hand.

“Ok, come here Autalocus.” Xena was going to enjoy this maybe a little too much right now.

“Now, Xena what do you think you’re going to do with me?” Autalocus started backing away from her he was just about to run out the way they came when he felt her grip on his shoulder.

“Autalocus, you know you won’t make it across yourself so I am going to help you. Stop being a big baby.” Xena walked back over to the ledge she grabbed Autalocus’ collar and the top of his pants and swung him over the edge.

Autalocus closed his eyes tightly and said a prayer to any God that would listen at the moment. Then he felt that he was caught by someone when he opened his eyes he was cradled in Hercules arms.

“Um, well thank you.” Autalocus pushed off of him so that he could get his footing on the ground.

Xena took a few steps back she was just about to run forward when the fluttering in her stomach stopped herself again.

“Ok, you two knock it off I can’t keep from killing us if you keep making me nervous.” Xena scolded her belly she was not happy at all right now. All she really wanted to do was to relax in a nice hot bath with her wife but, no she is out saving Gods.

Seemed as though the babies heard her once she thought it was clear to go she ran forward flipped and landed on her feet in front of Hercules who helped brace her for a second.

“Not, a damn word from any of you.” Xena saw the surprised faces of her friends. Xena never publicly talked to herself or her pregnant belly but, right now it seemed the only way to get the fluttering to stop.

They group continued down the dark tunnel.


The group had made it finally to the end where there was a door with a locked that needed to be picked. As Autalocus did his magic the others relaxed. Hera definitely did not want anyone getting to Athena or Artemis. She had soldiers that if you killed them they multiplied which they figured out after killing the first two groups the only way they got past them is because Autalucos ducked and one of the soldiers killed another and they both died, which made the fight harder because they had to get the soldiers to kill each other.

After that they ran into more traps such as arrows shooting out from the walls, pits full of rats, turning walls and even an explosion which the group was split into two and had to move the rock between them. All this did was piss Xena off she was kicking herself mentally for not making sure that the Gods that she was told were dead were actually dead.

“Are you done yet?” Xena asked like an impatient child.

“Almost, there one moment.”Autalocus was doing his best. Finally with all to all of their relief the lock came undone.

“Geesh you would think the Queen of the Gods could do better.” Autalocus was just about to open the door when he was grabbed by Hercules.

“Autalocus if you found that easy then most likely there is a trap on the other side and I think someone who really can’t die should open it.” Hercules winked.

Xena, Iolaus and Autalocus stood behind the closest wall so that they were safe from whatever might come from behind the door. Hercules slowly opened the door relieve that nothing came shooting at him. Then he checked around the door for anymore buttons or levers that might trigger another trap. Once he was happy he signaled for the rest to join him.

There as Xena thought both Goddess where hanging from the ceiling wrapped in a think chains separately.

“Chains must be Enchanted right? Because if you two are just having a party and hanging out I won’t be so happy.”Xena said with a huge smirk on her face. If the two weren’t cause the Amazons to be going through Tartarus she would leave them there.

“Yes, they are ready to get us out of here? I assume you’re here because my Amazons are in trouble and that would also count your wife and child.”

“Yes, it would and please you know I would never come to save a God without good reason.”

“Xena, this is what it says to free Artemis. The one that holds her chosen one will set her free by sharing the thing she treasures most with the one they cherish most. I will assume that is you, because to be honest I don’t see any of us having children or holding anything right now. So, what is the one thing you treasure most with Gabrielle?”

Xena thought for a moment. Well technically Gabrielle and I both treasure Eve and we share her, but we also share her with others. I am also not going to have sex with Artemis so that can’t be it. Ah damn it I got it.

“Hercules, give me a lift will ya.” Hercules shrugged his shoulders and lifted up Xena so that she was now eye to eye with Artemis.

“What are you doing Xena?” Artemis was a bit nervous having her so close.

“Will ya shut up and kiss me so we can all get out of here?”

“You, can’t be serious you think you hold my chosen one after the last child you had killed most of my family you’re funny, and a kiss that is what you treasure most with Gabrielle?”

“Artemis, honestly I have been through Tartarus to save two Gods that were suppose to die if things had gone another way. Yes, one thing that Gabrielle and I cherish most is a kiss well besides sex but, that is more of a treat. I would have said Eve but, if you think about it we share her with everyone else. So can we get this over with or you gonna wait till more Amazons die?” Xena closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss Artemis.

Artemis was tired of fighting and worried for her Amazons she would have to treat them to a good hunt this season. She leaned in and shared one of the most passionate kisses she had ever had in her life time. Then the chains disappeared and she was floating in mid-air. Xena broke off the kiss and felt a little guilt for what she had just done.

Hercules put Xena down and she walked over to the side Athena was on to read what it said to set her free.

“The ones that lie together must kiss the one thing they have given up to be together. What in Tartarus does that mean?”

“Oh, don’t worry about it Xena mind taking Autalocus and Artemis out of here? I will take care of this one and come to your mother’s inn right afterwards.”

“Whatever, see you then.” Xena was kind of curious but, she was tired and ready to get home.

“Where to Autalocus?”Xena asked him and yawned.

“Well, before I was interrupted I was actually heading to your mother Inn.

“Artemis do you mind? Oh, and don’t forgot Argo please.”

“Not, a problem Xena let’s go. You did save the lives of my Amazons after all, and well we both know now you carry my chosen one. I think it’s the least I can do.”

“Oh, don’t worry Artemis I think I can find something more in the future.” Xena stretched out her arms above her head and yawned again. Then Artemis grabbed Xena and Autalocus’s hands and with that they were gone and in Xena’s mother’s Inn.

“Ah, Xena you just made it back in time for dinner. Who are you friends?” Cyrene said she was thankful that she was use to things just coming out of nowhere. It had been three years since she met Aphrodite so things didn’t surprise her as much.

“Well, mother this is Autalocus King of Thieves and don’t worry he is a friend so he won’t being doing any stealing while he is here and this is Artemis Goddess of the Amazons.” Xena felt a presence of someone else about to come in. As they showed up Xena introduced them too.

“And you know Iolaus and Hercules and their female friend is Athena Goddess of Wisdom who somehow got trapped. Athena Gabrielle, Eve and Ephiny are right through there can you go and take care of them and then moved onto the rest of the Amazons please. Artemis when Athena is done I would like a list of all the Amazons that died of this sickness please. Especially from the villages Gabrielle or I have been too please if you wouldn’t mind. I would like to send our condolences to them.”

Athena walked off in the direction Xena pointed to with the help of Cyrene.

“Not, a problem I will get right on that. Also I know you both are expecting soon and I will send two Amazons to verify the sex of your children to the Amazon nation. I know you don’t agree with that but, it is a rule and I would like to send them out before the snow comes so that they can settle in. You might end up having babies on your birthday and perfect timing that would be since they would be here for the winter Solstice.”

“Ah, you take that back last thing I want to do on my birthday is give birth. Then, again I won’t be able to do much this year since I am pregnant.”

Artemis laughed and disappeared. Athena came back into the room where Xena was now standing alone.

“Xena, they should be right out. I am going to leave now have a bunch of healing to do. Have a nice evening.” Athena was gone before she even got a response.

Xena then felt two arms slide from behind her and rest on her belly. She also felt the belly of another press into her back and lie their head on her shoulder blade.

“You kept your promise and didn’t get hurt so once we aren’t so big I owe you one.” Gabrielle kissed the exposed skin of Xena’s shoulder.

“Oh, no my bard you owe me a lot more than that. Guess what I found out today?” Xena slide around to face Gabrielle only to be slightly separated from her by their pregnant bellies.

Gabrielle scrunched her face together and batted her eye lashes up at Xena.

“Why, my love I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Gabrielle gave her the biggest smile she could.

“Oh, is that so? Now someone is asking for a spanking.”

“No, mama no spank mommy!” Eve toddled over to her mothers and hugged Xena’s leg. Xena bent over and picked her up resting her on her belly.

“Why, not mommy did bad behavior.”

“What she do?” Eve now looked over at Gabrielle not really understanding what was going on.

“She didn’t tell Mama about something.”

“Oh, Xena tell her you’re not going to spank me she doesn’t understand. Hey Eve, why are you sitting on the babies?” Gabrielle tried to distract her.

Eve might look like Gabrielle but, she was as stubborn as Xena, which just made her cuter the only difference from the looks of Gabrielle was that Eve’s hair was a bit wavy.

“Why you no tell Mama about something?” Eve was adamant to get an answer. “And I is not sitting on babies they safe right mama?”

“That is right they are safe now that I know there are two. So mommy why you no tell mama about something?”

“Because mommy loves mama very much and she thought mama would like the idea.”

“Well, Eve should I still spank her?” Xena looked into Eve’s eyes and they both got a very devilish smile on their faces.

“Yes!” Eve said very loudly.

“Well, you heard her mommy you get a spanking.”

“Don’t worry mommy will get mama back later.”

“Awe, how cute yet so disgusting.”Ephiny walked into the room followed by Xenan.

“Yeah, yeah whatever I just saved your life again Amazon so tell anyone about this and I won’t be there next time.”

Xenanface tighten and he glared at Xena he didn’t even notice when his hoof started to tap. Xena looked at him and decided to say something.

“Now, Xenan I was just joking with your mother she knows if she ever needs my help or Gabrielle’s for that matter we will be there for the both of you.”

“Pony!” Eve said to Xenan it was the first time she noticed him and she had never really seen a centaur before well not one that she could remember.

“Now, Eve that is not a pony that is Xenan he is a centaur and in a way your cousin.” Gabrielle corrected her quickly so that Xenan’s feelings wouldn’t be hurt.

“It’s ok, Aunt Gabrielle some of the Amazon’s call me worst things and Eve is too little to understand. Thank you Aunt Xena I guess when it comes to my mother I am very protective. Eve want a quick ride before dinner?”

Eve looked at Xena with a huge smile and that was all she needed to do. Xena put Eve safely on Xenan’s back and he walked her out to the back yard.

“Be careful” four voices called out to them. Cyrene had just walked in the room when she saw him walk outside with Eve on his back. The four started to laugh together.

“Well I Xena I guess when we were told we would grow up to be like our mothers that just came true.” Gabrielle said then kissed Xena on the cheek and then sat down on a stool closest to her.

“I guess so but, I don’t know if I like it.” Xena laughed and got a smack on her arm from her mother.

“Oh, just you wait till you have more little ones running around then you will be like mother this and mother that. How was your trip?”

“It was fine nothing I couldn’t handle right guys?” Xena said louder so that Hercules, Iolaus and Autalocus would get the hint to come over.

“Right nothing she couldn’t handle ma’am”

“Now, you stop right there with the ma’am stuff. I hear from Gabrielle you guys are like family so you call me Cyrene or you can call me Mom but, never ma’am got it?”

“Yes, Mom” They said in unisonknowing Xena’s temper they really didn’t want to be on the bad side of the one who raised her.

“Good, now who is hungry dinner is ready. I could use a few hands to carry everything out and to set the table. How about you boys do that while Ephiny and I get the children ready to eat.Xena, Gabrielle don’t even think about lifting a finger if you do not just mommy will be getting a spanking later.” Cyrene winked and walked off with Ephiny to go and get the children ready to eat. Then the guys did as they were told.

Xena sat down at the table next to Gabrielle. “I swear that women misses nothing at all. Did you know she threaten to spank me earlier for being on the roof?”

“Yeah, I heard about that and you shouldn’t be up there anyways are you just asking to fall?”

“No, it’s just a place to think guess I could have chose a better place. Sorry, forgive me?” Xena did her best boo boo lip and batted her eyelashes.

“Oh, stop please you know what that face does to me. You look so pathetic when you do that. You’re forgiven and forgive me for not telling you that we are going to have 3 babies soon?”

“Yeah, guess when I told you a house full you weren’t kidding about getting there faster with us both being pregnant, to be honest I was a little freaked to find out especially from Aphrodite but, I am good now. Can you please stop keeping stuff from me?”

“Xena, I would have told you but, Aphrodite wasn’t sure at first if she was able to then once she was able to figure out the way I wanted to surprise you that’s all. Other than that if it’s not a surprise I will tell you deal?”


To be continued…



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