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This story takes place after The Bitter Suite.

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The two women sat on opposite sides of the campfire, each brooding in their own thoughts. The only sounds that broke the ominous silence were the rhythmic scrapings of a sword being sharpened and the scratching of a quill on parchment. Occasionally the petite blonde would look up from her writing to steal wistful glances at the darker woman whose face was a mask of concentration as she tested the sharpness of her blade.

The relationship between Xena and Gabrielle had been had taken a drastic turn since Hope ruthlessly murdered Solon. The anguish Xena felt pushed her to the edge of her sanity. The rage that consumed her caused her to nearly kill her best friend. In the strange dream-like world of Illusia they were able to work past the pain and anger and forgive each other, but not completely. The wound was still too raw and Xena preferred to bury it deep inside. In the beginning Gabrielle made several attempts to coax her to talk about her feelings and get them in the open so they could move on.

With a heavy heart, Xena looked over at her partner who was leaning intently over her scroll, her hair shielding her face from view. Xena felt a twinge of regret as she watched Gabrielle busily writing.

She missed Gabrielle's endless, bubbling enthusiasm as much as she missed holding her in her arms after they had made love until they fell asleep. She couldn't remember the last time her and Gabrielle had made love. Her warm smile and sensuous kisses haunted Xena's dreams, but they were mingled with the vision of her only child's lifeless body as she held him in her arms. The memories were hopelessly intertwined and the lingering pain stubbornly refused to allow her to let her guard down completely.

She knew her cold indifference was hurting the woman she loved and she hated herself for it. She never was the one for sensitive chats and she was unsure how to approach the sensitive subject. Especially since Gabrielle had long since abandoned hope of talking to her. Frustrated she went back to sharpening her sword. If I keep this up, she thought to herself, all I will have left is a dagger.

Gabrielle forced her hand to keep moving despite the fact she had stopped writing anything intelligible several days ago. She couldn't concentrate on her stories, but if she didn't do something she knew she would go completely insane. She spent her nights across the campfire from her lover and best friend, but she never felt so alone in her life. Often during the night, Xena would stir violently in her sleep tormented by horrible nightmares. Gabrielle would cradle her in her arms and gently rock her love, offering whatever comfort she could, consumed with the guilt that she was the cause of Xena's anguish. Gabrielle would murmur softly to her distressed lover until she settled back down. The bard would then return to her own bedroll and cry herself back to sleep. She knew she would never forgive herself for her part of Solon's death and she did not expect Xena to forgive her either. If only she could have seen her daughter for what she really was before it was too late, this whole mess would never have happened.

With a disheartened sigh Gabrielle gave up on her writing and decided to go to bed. Setting aside her writing materials she crawled into her bedroll alone. She listened intently to Xena's movements. If Xena wouldn't speak to her, Gabrielle would at least take what comfort she could from the sounds she made as she went about her nightly rituals.

Xena put away her sword and sharpening stone when Gabrielle went to bed. The bard was turned away from her and Xena allowed herself to openly gaze upon her beautiful form in the firelight. She felt an ache that started in her heart and went deep into her soul and she had never felt so unsure of herself. Xena paced back and forth by the fire and debated what she should do. After several minutes she made her decision. She picked up her bedroll and laid it out next to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle's pulse raced when she felt Xena lay down next to her. She wasn't sure what Xena expected of her. Pretending, to be asleep Gabrielle rolled over and cuddled up next to her partner in an attempt to work her back into the warrior's heart. Xena hesitated briefly before she reached her arms around the smaller woman and pulled her in close.

A slight smile played across Gabrielle's lips. It was a big step for Xena to make. Snuggling up to the woman she loved was a vast improvement over sleeping in the cold, dark night alone, just a few feet away from her. During that lonely time Gabrielle had longed to feel the warrior's arms around her and have the strong, steady rhythm of Xena's heartbeat lull her to sleep.

The next morning Xena awoke before Gabrielle. The smaller woman was curled up tightly against her, one arm draped across her chest, her warm breath caressing her neck. Reluctantly, Xena got up to prepare breakfast.

Gabrielle woke up soon after. She stretched languidly, spotting Xena next to the fire.

"Good morning", she beamed.

"Hey," Xena answered, not even bothering to look in her direction.

Gabrielle's heart sank. The walls were back up and she was shut out. Dejectedly she got up and began to break camp. When breakfast was ready, they ate in silence and headed out on the road.

They spoke little as they traveled. Whenever Gabrielle asked Xena a question all she got were gruff, one-word answers and Gabrielle couldn't take it anymore. She would either win back her warrior's heart or loose her forever. She had to know one way or the other.

The discordance had been going on for several weeks and Gabrielle couldn't take it any more. Her heart and body longed for her warrior and it was time for her to take a stand.

On the road to Athens, Gabrielle suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. Xena coolly turned to the bard wondering why the sudden stop in their progress. "What's wrong?" She could barely contain the tremor in her voice.

"Xena, I can't take this any more." She looked pleadingly at her lover, tears rolling down her cheeks. "We are going to talk this out, right here, right now or I am not taking another step." She took a deep, shaky breath before making her final statement and prayed she wouldn't regret it. "If you chose to go on without me then don't plan on ever seeing me again."

Xena dreaded the conversation, but it was long over due. She felt a lump in her throat when she heard Gabrielle's words. She was hoping that Gabrielle would once again try to coax her into talking, but she did not expect the ultimatum.

She dismounted from Argo and slowly strolled up to the blonde.

"So, you want to talk, let's talk." She stated nervously.

With Xena standing so close to her, regarding her with those beautiful blue eyes, Gabrielle forgot what she wanted to say and broke down completely. "Could you please hold me?" Her body shuddered with the force of her sobs and Xena could feel her heart break. She wrapped her arms around Gabrielle and held her tight.

"Gabrielle, please don't cry." She could feel her own tears slip down her face.

"I can't help it. I love you so much and I miss you more than you can imagine." Her tears strangled her voice.

"I can imagine. I feel the same." Xena admitted sadly.

Gabrielle pulled herself from the taller woman's grasp, anger mixing with her grief. "Then why are you doing this to meÖto us."

Xena looked at her with regret. "I hurt. I know we want to put all the pain behind us, but I'm having trouble letting it go completely. I want to trust you again, Gabrielle."

"Don't you love me enough to give me another chance? I don't know what to do to make up for what I have done but I will die for you if that is what you want." She was now crying so hard that she was barely coherent. "I know what I did was horrible but I didn't mean it. I am so sorry." Her legs collapsed from under her, but the warrior's strong arms kept her from falling.

"You did what your heart told you. You can't blame yourself for that."

"You do," came the choked response.

"Gabrielle, I am so sorry, so terribly sorry. I love you."

Gabrielle's teary green eyes gazed deeply into Xena's blue. "Xena, I love you. Please let me back into your heart. I can't live without you, and I don't want to live with this pain between us."

Xena gently placed a kiss on top of Gabrielle's head, breathing in the clean smell of her hair. "Gabrielle, I couldn't stand to loose you. You are my whole world. I'm sorry I've been shutting you out. I just needed time to heal, but I realize that I can't heal without your love."

The two stood in the middle of the road crying in each other's arms until they had no more tears to shed.

"Will things ever be the same between us?" Gabrielle looked up at Xena hopefully.

"No. They will never be the same." Gabrielle's face fell and her heart ached as she tried to pull out of Xena's grasp, but Xena held on tightly to her, smiling warmly. "Gabrielle, after all that we have been through, our love is stronger than ever. Now we know that nothing can ever come between us again."

Gabrielle buried her face in Xena's neck. She never wanted to let go but Xena gently nudged her away.

"Come on," Xena urged. "If we don't get moving we won't get to Athens by nightfall. You do want to sleep in a warm, soft bed tonight, don't you?"

"That depends. Will I be sleeping in it alone?"

Xena leaned in and softly brushed her lips against the bard's. "Don't count on it."

Gabrielle happily agreed to ride behind Xena. She wrapped her arms around her warrior's waist and rested her head against her strong back. For the first time in a long time she felt like she was home.

They made good time and reached the city much sooner than they expected. Athens was bustling with activity. Gabrielle was eager to see the sights and do a bit of shopping. Xena rolled her eyes at her enthusiasm, but she was overjoyed to get her exuberant bard back. Gabrielle always worked herself into a frenzy when they were in a big city. She couldn't help herself; she loved the hustle and bustle of the city. It was a pleasant change of pace from the solitude of the road. Of course, sleeping in a real bed and eating something that they didn't kill themselves was always a welcome treat.

After stabling Argo, they wandered over to the crowded marketplace. Gabrielle dragged Xena from booth to booth ogling the wares and leaving the merchants wondering what had just happened as she haggled them into one bargain after another. Xena sighed with relief when Gabrielle finally decided she had enough and was ready to check into an inn. Checking into an inn, Xena couldn't have been more thrilled to drop the armload of packages she was carrying. She was sure that they had enough supplies to last them at least a year.

"I'm starving," Gabrielle announced. Xena couldn't believe that her bard could possibly still be hungry after all the snacking she did in the marketplace.

Xena stifled a moan. All she wanted to do is get off her feet and get some rest. An afternoon of shopping with Gabrielle was more exhausting than fighting an entire army by herself. The bard did other things that could wear her out as well. Xena smiled wryly at the thought.

Gabrielle grabbed her arm disrupting the fantasy that was stirring Xena's desires. Reluctantly, Xena allowed herself to be dragged out of the room towards the tavern.

The dining area was crowded, but they were able to find a quite table in a dark corner. They pushed their way through the crowd, ignoring the rude comments and catcalls of some of the gruff looking patrons.

As they sat down a particularly filthy man made a lewd comment about what was under Gabrielle's bodice. Xena gave him 'the look' and the man immediately decided that he needed to be somewhere else and left them in peace.

Xena studied her partner carefully. "Feeling better?"

"Much better, thank you. How about you?" Gabrielle asked cautiously.

"I'm feeling great." She reached across the table and took Gabrielle's hand in her own. "Thank you."

Gabrielle was dumfounded by the expression of gratitude. "For what?"

The warrior smiled. "For being in my life, for loving me and for never giving up on me."

Gabrielle grinned and blushed slightly at the heartfelt statement. "You're welcome."

Silence settled over them as they gazed longingly at each other. Not the same silence that kept them emotionally apart during the recent weeks, but one that expressed their love more than words could say. The rest of the room faded away and they felt that they were the only two people in the world.

"Are you still hungry?" The sultry tone in Xena's voice let Gabrielle know that all was truly forgiven and she was in the mood to play.

Gabrielle felt flush and a warm, fuzzy feeling began in the pit of her stomach and quickly spread to the rest of her body. "I'm starving, but not for food." The sight of her gorgeous warrior sitting across from her with a look of love and desire on her face took her breath away and her heart pounded in her chest. She was grateful to be in her lover's good graces again.

The barmaid arrived with two steaming plates. Before she could set them down Xena and Gabrielle jumped up dropping several dinars on the table and ran back to their room. The barmaid gave them a puzzled expression, as they ran off, not even bothering to taste the food. She pocketed the generous tip with a shrug. As long as they tipped well, who was she to judge?

In their haste they nearly ran over an elderly couple in the hallway. The couple watched wide-eyed as the two women nearly tripped over each other trying to get into their room.

The pair arrived back at their room trembling with anticipation. The moment the door was closed Xena pinned Gabrielle against it with her body.

"I've missed you, Xena." Gabrielle breathed.

"I've missed you too, my love." Xena leaned in and captured Gabrielle's lips with her own. The intensity of the contact added fuel to a fire that was already raging out of control. Gabrielle pressed her tongue into her lover's mouth. Xena willingly allowed the wanton invasion, eagerly sucking on the penetrating muscle before snaking out her own tongue, enticing Gabrielle into an erotic dance.

She then moved her hand between their bodies, massaging and the warm swells of flesh through the thick green fabric of Gabrielle's bodice. Gabrielle's blood flowed through her veins like liquid fire and she felt her excitement streaming down her quivering thighs. She wanted to be more than close to her lover, she wanted Xena to be inside her, filling her completely.

Xena untied the laces on Gabrielle's bodice and pulled the garment away, exposing the firm, round breasts. Gabrielle moaned into Xena's mouth as the taller woman stroked the tantalizing flesh, teasing the nipples to full erection.

As much as she was enjoying the taste of Gabrielle's mouth, there were other delicacies that awaited her. When she pulled her mouth away, Gabrielle whimpered at the loss of contact, but it was replaced by another moan when she realized where her warrior was going.

Xena slowly knelt down in front of her and without ceremony pulled Gabrielle's skirt and panties off together in one fluid motion. She smiled when she saw how excited her bard really was and felt a sharp tug between her own legs. Her mouth watered as she beheld the most beautiful sight she could ever see, her bard, naked, dripping and ready for her.

As Xena rose to her feet, she burned a path on Gabrielle's silky skin with her tongue, starting at the patch of golden curls at the apex of her legs and slowly worked her way back to her lover's waiting mouth, tracing the perfect lips before melting into another searing kiss.

Gabrielle trembled with excitement and desire and had to lean against the wooden door to brace herself for the long awaited sensual assault. With unsteady hands she undid the clasps on Xena's armor allowing it to drop noisily on the floor. Her hands were shaking too much as she attempted to remove the leather shift. Xena helped her out by removing the last physical barrier between their bodies and letting it fall to the floor with the armor. Each woman could feel the heat emanating from the other's body.

With rubbery legs, Gabrielle focused on putting one foot in front of the other when Xena took her by the hand and led her over to the bed. She sat down heavily, grateful that she was able to traverse the room without stumbling.

Smiling seductively, Xena once again knelt down in front of her. She removed Gabrielle's boots, placing a gentle kiss on each foot as she removed them from their confinement, and then removed her own boots before crawling onto the bed, gently pulling Gabrielle on top of her.

Xena gently pulled the long blonde tresses out of the way as Gabrielle leaned in for a kiss but instead of their lips joining, Gabrielle nipped gently on Xena's lower lip. Xena groaned at the sensation and grabbed onto the bard's shapely ass, sculpted by years of walking across the countryside. Gabrielle gasped rubbing her mound desperately against Xena's craving more stimulation for her throbbing center.

"Gods, Xena, I need to taste you."

Obligingly, Xena spread her legs farther apart, opening herself fully. She could feel her wetness pouring out of her. "I'm all yours," she moaned.

Like a hungry child in a candy store, Gabrielle wanted to sample everything she saw. She started at the exquisitely long neck, placing soft kisses along its length. Working her way lower, Gabrielle lavished the sensitive underside of her generous breasts, savoring the salty flavor of her skin.

The hardened peaks were too tempting to ignore any longer. She licked slow circles around a darkened areola causing the nipple to become impossibly harder, reaching out begging for her attention. Gabrielle flicked at the hardened bud several times before finally sucking it into her mouth. The normally stoic warrior was quickly loosing control; her breath coming in short, ragged gasps. She spoke only one word, "Please." Gabrielle understood and readily complied. Placing a random pattern of kisses along Xena's well-muscled abdomen, she worked her way lower.

She nestled herself between Xena's powerful legs, working her tongue between the velvety folds. Xena was so wet that Gabrielle thought she might drown in the abundant fluid. She greedily drank in everything her lover had to give, reveling in the tangy taste of the nectar. The more she consumed, the more Xena produced until her face was coated in the sticky substance.

An idea came to her and she grinned wickedly as she pushed her breast up and rubbed her taut nipple against Xena's inflamed bundle of nerves. Xena cried out and Gabrielle knew she was onto something. She stroked her breast along her warrior's slit, her erect bud teasing the slick opening. She released her breast and her mouth latched onto the engorged clit, sucking and licking the quivering nub, creating the friction she knew her lover needed.

Xena pumped her hips into the busily working mouth. An intense soul searing heat spread through her like wildfire. She held on as long as she could to enjoy the ride, but Gabrielle's oral skills proved to be too much, screaming out her lover's name as the powerful waves of the climax overtook her senses.

In the room next to theirs the elderly couple they nearly ran over earlier could not help but hear the activity going on. With bewildered expressions, they decided that if they ignored the sounds, they would go away. They couldn't have been more wrong.

When Xena's orgasm finally subsided she noticed Gabrielle peering at her from between her legs with a self satisfied smile on her face that was glistening with her juices. Her eyes went wide and she thought she might pass out as Gabrielle sat up and began to lick her breast clean, moaning as she performed the joyous task. "Mmmm. Xena, you taste so good on my breasts."

Xena watched intently, mesmerized by the erotic scene. Despite the fact she had just experienced a mind shattering orgasm, her clit was already pulsing with need. That would have to wait; right now she had an uncontrollable craving for bard flesh. She pounced on the smaller woman catching her off guard. Gabrielle squeaked in surprise when she suddenly found herself on her back with her warrior lying on top of her.

"Now it's my turn for some fun," Xena leered. Gabrielle shivered at the sultry sound of her voice and her body shuddered with excitement.

Their lips met in a bruising kiss that left Gabrielle breathless. Xena roughly groped the bard's swollen breasts, pinching and twisting the rock hard peaks. Gabrielle squirmed beneath her, arching her back to pressing herself harder into the manipulating hands.

"You like it rough, don't you my love?"

All Gabrielle could manage for an answer was a primal grunt.

Pleased with the response, Xena pressed Gabrielle's inflamed mounds of flesh together, ravenously sucking on both nipples at once. Gabrielle's eyes rolled back in her head as all conscious thought left her. All that she was capable of was enjoying the sensations her warrior was giving her.

Xena could taste herself on the bard and it turned her on even more. She did taste good on her breasts. She then nipped and kissed her way down dipping her tongue into the tantalizing navel. She lapped at it as a promise of things to come.

Gabrielle needed to be consumed by her warrior and her body was screaming out for release. She twined her fingers through Xena's silky locks and gave her a gentle push towards her demanding center. Xena knew the torment Gabrielle was going through. There would be time for more leisurely lovemaking later. Right now there were several weeks of pent up desire that needed to be taken care of.

She gently parted her outer lips reveling the swollen nub that twitched and throbbed when it was exposed to cool air. Gabrielle was open and ready for her. She hesitated for a moment, breathing in the musky smell of her lover's arousal before diving in to devour her. She thrust her tongue into the warm, dark center of her being. The smooth walls clamped down on her, holding her in place. Xena pushed past the resistance to delve deeper into her lover's center.

Xena furiously pumped her tongue in and out of the slippery tunnel as her nose rubbed against the hardened bundle of nerves sending electrical charges through her bard's body. Gabrielle bucked her hips erratically, but Xena was able to keep up with her wild movements, grabbing on to her ass to help keep her in place.

She redoubled her efforts and was rewarded when she felt Gabrielle's body galvanize as the orgasm tore through her. She screamed out her pleasure, clutching tightly to the back of Xena's head she nearly drew blood with her nails. Xena barely noticed as she continued her ministrations, drawing out the climax for as long as possible.

When Gabrielle hips finally stilled, Xena pulled herself up to lie next to her. Brushing the sweat soaked bangs from Gabrielle's angelic face Xena placed a gentle, almost reverent kiss on her cheek. Gabrielle smiled softly.

"Xena," she whispered.

"Yes, love."

"I want to make love to you."

The elderly couple sat bolt upright when heard the impassioned scream. Settling back down, they sighed in relief at the silence that followed. After several minutes the moans began again in earnest and they knew that they would be getting no sleep that night.

The End.

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