Blood Lust
Battle rages everywhere around me,
    And I know I am the cause.
As countless fall beneath my sword,
    It enters them again and again without pause.
Blood flows, bodies fall lifeless at my feet,
    A feral grin crosses my face,
Adrenaline flows through my body,
    This evil I embrace,
And for the first time in forever, I feel alive!!!!!
Rage courses through me,
    Calling my name.
And I cannot resist it,
    I am blessed that it came.
Revenge and death
    Are now what I see,
This all encompassing rage,
    Is all that is left of me.
It's power burns me, I feel alive!!!!!!
This darkness fills me,
    Covers the hurt, the pain,
As the glory of the kill
    Fills my soul like a stain.
This feeling feeds me,
    I've found my way,
To ease the emptiness,
    To find my stay.
And howling at the moon, I feel alive!!!!!!! 
Now the battle is over,
    The victory won,
But deep within my soul,
    I know I've only begun.
The warmth of blood flowing,
    It's scent in the air,
The fear in my victim's eyes,
    For only this I do care.
And when blood lust calls again,
    Then, oh then, I will be alive!!!!!!!         

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