Gabrielle's Vision

I look into your eyes,

and see the deepest blue.

Then looking even deeper still,

I see the hidden you.

You say you are darkness,

And all evil could be.

How I long to show you,

all of you I see.

The inner strength, the goodly heart,

Compassion for those in need.

I've seen the darkness fade,

through loving words and deeds.

You say I'm your light, you strength,

Your reason to live, your very best of friends.

But if you knew what's in my heart,

Would then my torment end?

Or would you scorn me,

And turn and walk away?

End this love of friends

  Without another day?

As these questions circle my mind,

I see you gently smile.

And there to my surprise,

See love there all the while.

You touch my face, speak my name,

And I fall away.

Into the depths of your love

With you to always stay.

I feel your kiss, taste your lips

My heart it comes alive.

No other place for me to be,

than here right by your side.

To know the deepest part of you,

To feel you deep within me.

These are the things I want to be,

For us to always know.

Never doubt this love I hold

So deep within my soul,

For it is yours, without end,

And forever throughout time.

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