Heart of Darkness
Heart of darkness,
    Soul so black,
One step on the path,
    There's no going back.
Walk onto that road,
    And no there's no end.
Once a heart's broken,
    There is not a mend.
Seeking to return
    To innocence lost,
You find no turning back,
    You see only a ghost.
Of a person you once were,
    Who you'd thought you'd be.
And though it hurts you,
    Something you must see.
Now that you know,
    You can embark,
Moving ever forward,
    Finding the spark.
For each day is a step,
    One following the other,
To find peace in ourselves,
    To be there for one another.
For in this one thing,
    We hear the truth,
Together we'll stand,
    Our souls ever soothe.   

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