Love's Unending

Blood stains the field red,

Bodies cover the ground.

War is what I now do,

Death follows me around.

With all the death, the pain,

Never did I truly know fear,

Till I saw her fall,

Her look my way with tear.

In that look, saw her regret,

The loss and agony,

Of life unlived,

Of what was meant to be.

In that moment,

I knew loss,

The only one I love,

The light of life, my all.

Before I knew her,

No direction was known,

And watching her fade away,

My hope is gone.

Enemy rushes me,

No more reason to fight,

My world gone empty,

Darkest of night.

His sword thrusts through me,

I fall to the ground,

I smile sadly,

Finally freedom is found.

I lie down beside her,

Touch her cold cheek,

Know she is waiting,

For her I'll seek.

Closing my eyes,

Drawing last breath,

Kept our promise not to leave,

Even in death.

I open my eyes,

Elysia unfolds,

Beauty and peace,

My future does hold.

Looking up, I see her smile,

Redemption has come.

She opens her arms and says,

"Gabrielle come home."

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