When Fates Collide
When Fates collide,
    With you and me,
They take away,
    What's meant to be.
Without a trace,
    The love we shared,
Is far removed,
    It's no longer there.
Then across a crowded
    room I see,
The eyes of love
    looking back at me.
In that one look,
    Soul touches soul.
And my heart it breaks,
    Where did our love go?
Like moth to flame,
    My heart draws near.
Despite my life,
    My hopes, my fears.
To be with you,
    I would deny all.
To feel your touch,
    To answer heart's call.
Knowing the truth,
    Can never return,
To life without you,
    For in me you burn.
So for this love,
    I'll live and will die.
Without hesitation,
    Or questioning why.
For standing in love,
    With you should I be,
Despite Fates tampering,
    This is our Destiny.

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