The Dixie Stampede



The is Uber fiction. Characters while mine, do remarkably resemble two of our favorite subjects, which are not mine.

Sexual content: Nothing graphic about this, but the idea is still there. The reader must use their imagination to fill in between the lines. But if you have an active imagination--well you get the picture.


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Stale Smoke thickly hovered over the crowed bar room, as the the patrons below danced, played cards and drank. All the businesses in Cottonwood were enjoying the Gold Fever Rush. But none more than the Dixie Stampede, a local saloon and brothel. Not one of your average brothels mind you, the Stampede was a cut above. The place was always clean, the music light and airy and there were always dozens of sweet smiling faces to greet the patrons. Guns were checked at the door and unruly drunkenness was not tolerated, those who violated these rules were immediately thrown out of the saloon. One could say this was a Gentlemen's Bar and those who didn't like it could always go down the street to one of the local dives. But in the years it had been open only two such occurrence had taken place. There wasn't many rules you had to follow, because you suppose to be there to have fun and relax, but the house did have certain rules when it came to the working girls. The most important rule was that business was never conducted down stairs, flirting and dancing was the only thing allowed, all monies were collected up front and the "ladies" always had a say in who they took to their rooms. These rules never bended and were seldom ever broke, thanks to a few strong armed giants that constantly lurked the saloon.

The music along with the smoke whirled up to the balcony as the proprietress casually leaned on the brass railing over seeing the crowd, something she always did. The Eastern Lady turned Westerner, always had her green eyes on the crowd. Money and freedom had been the reason for the move out west, but hard times forced the Lady to use what she had to make money. And the only thing Dixie Fadora had at the time was her body. Not that this was her first choice of professions, but after several back breaking, low paying jobs, when a local brothel owner pulled her aside one night and offered her a job, she couldn't refuse. The money was ok and the hours were even better, but the conditions were somewhat hell. This was something Dixie never forgot and vowed when she opened the Stampede that her "ladies" would have it better than she ever did. And they did, all the girls had their own rooms, were allowed to keep all the money they made and had the right to pick and choose who they entertained for the night. The only thing Dixie ever collected from them was a monthly boarding fee. And the only thing she expected was was that they always keep themself clean and neat. This was not a trashy place and she wouldn't have her girls looking trashy. Another one of her peeves was ignorance. Dixie made sure that all her "ladies" could read and write, if they didn't she taught them. Believing strongly that women had much more to offer than just their bodies.

A heated card game was her focus at the moment. Green eyes scanned the room in search of one of her hired intimidators. But as usual, she found they were already watching the table, looking for any signs of trouble. Her small frame relaxed again on the brass railing, gently tucking back her fine strawberry-blonde hair. Familiar footsteps stopped behind her, she smiled.

"Packed house again." a low toned voice spoke from behind.

"Of course, it's Friday night." Dixie looked over her shoulder at the curly haired blonde, a warm smile graced her faced. But she always had a warm smile for Ellen, one of the first women who had come to work for her, who by the way was now an equal partner. An arrangement that the two of them worked hard to achieve. The Stampede was originally backed by a private backer, sort of a gift to Dixie, but with strings attached. A situation Dixie didn't like having. So between the two of them over the years enough money was raised to pay off the note at the bank and the Stampede now had two new owners.

"When it is not Friday night, lately I can't tell the difference. It's been this crowed for over three months." The blonde chuckled, as she wrapped her arm around Dixie's waist.

"Hey I'm not complaining," her knowing smile light up the place, "Thank God for the Gold Rush. I haven't seen money spent so freely like this in ages."

"Yeah well, I think we better look into hiring some more help, the girls are getting worn out. I'm just glad they're a bunch of sex maniacs." They both laughed. "Wouldn't kill ya none to help pick up some of the over load ya know." Ellen tossed out the comment.

"Hey, I do my part, in fact one of my best customers is setting right over there." Dixie's head moved to gesture the location.

"Hell Dix, Cal doesn't count." Brown eyes looked over to the dauper woman sitting in the corner. "I was talking about help with the men, it's been while since I've actually seen ya take one up to your room."

"Just one of the fringe benefits of owning the joint, I can be extra particular in who graces my room. Beside who do you think does all the book keeping for this place?" green eyes sparkled with mischief. Dixie noticed the worried look on the blonde's face. "But your right, we do need more help. Guess we can put out the word and see what show's up." knowingly smiling. "By the way how many rooms do we have open?"

"Three. But ya know, just adding three more won't help. We really should think about expanding. Maybe we could add on a boarding house." Ellen commented.

"We could, there's enough in the bank to cover it. I'm all for expanding, plus it might help to get some of the less fortunate working girls into a better place." Dixie sincerely noted.

"Don't let anyone ever tell you that you don't have a heart Dix. Your got to be one of the most compassionate, sympathetic and caring whores' I know." Ellen teasingly complimented.

Stern green eyes looked hard on the blonde. "Ellen you know I hate that word, it's so degrading. Why do you use it?"

"Just to get your goat." Playfully slapping Dixie's arm. "Come on Miss Sensitive, let's get a drink, plus ya got a customer waiting." Ellen joked and hooked her arm into Dixie's.

"Your a bad one Ellen Mars. I should just kick your butt all the way down the stairs." Dixie teased.

"Bad to the core, but you know ya love me." Sticking out her tongue. Only to have it trapped, as Dixie's hand gently squeezed her cheeks.

"One should never stick one's tongue out, unless they plan on using for something worth while." Dixie quietly explained, capturing the protruding tongue with her teeth, then teasing the tongue into a deep kiss. Both pulled away slightly winded. "And yes, I do love your surly hide, God only know why though." Rolling her green eyes upwards. She continued down the stairs, leaving the blonde to stare after her.

"No wonder you make more money than me. I'd pay double to get kissed like that." Ellen charged.

Dixie stopped her descent, and walked back up, stopping just inches from Ellen's face. "Why pay for something you can get free." Kissing the blonde deeply again. "Just one perk of being a owner." Patting the blonde's butt and moving back down the stairs.

"Damn got to love those fringe benefits." Ellen chuckled, touching her burning lips.

"Come on you wicked thing, there's money in those pockets, just waiting to be spent." Dixie chuckled as she walked.

"Yep everything here is for sale." Ellen tossed back, as she followed the smaller woman down the stairs.

Dixie only shook her head and went towards the corner. As usual when gorgeous strawberry blonde graced the saloon, the room's volume lowered. Polite greetings could be heard from the patrons, men tipped their hats and the place seemed to brighten up. Everyone admired the fair skinned woman, her smile was infectious. Many a man stood taller and smiled bigger in hopes of catching the stunning woman's eye. But tonight it seemed she had eyes for only one. Miss Cal, as she was affectionately known, one of richest cattle woman in the territory. Being the only daughter out of seven son's, it was no wonder the woman wore pants, smoke cigars and could out drink any man. The fact that the object of most of their desires would be the one to entertain her didn't damper their spirits none. Miss Dixie was worth the wait and there was always tomorrow night.

A sweet smile was flashed towards the corner as the small woman continued to work the room. Dixie always made sure she greeted her guests, before she attended to business. Her frame stopped at the table were the tense card game was being played. Everything halted, the seven men all stood to greet the hostess.

"Looks like ya have a hot game going here boys." She smile widely. "Charlie, Bob, Lenny, Pete, Red, Jim." She greeted each of standing men. Stopping when she got to the tall stranger in the white Stetson, with the most piercing blue eyes she had ever seen. "I'm sorry but we've never met." Extending her hand, knowing full well she would of remember meeting him. "Dixie Fadora, I'm one of the owners of this establishment." a large calloused hand took her own small one.

"Wil Stanton, ma'am. It's a pleasure meeting you." The rich deep toned voice offered.

"New in town Mr. Stanton?" she offered, taking note that he hadn't yet released her hand.

"Yes Ma'am, been here a few days." Noting where her eyes were, Wil released the soft hand.

"Come to check out the Gold or you just passing through." Dixie asked, almost disappointed that the stranger let her hand go.

"No Miss Dixie, Gold doesn't much interest me. I"ve come to help out my uncle. He was injured a while back and needs someone to oversee his ranch." Wil offered.

Dixie was momentarily lost by the richness of this man voice. "How nice of you. And who is your uncle? Does he live around here?" asking the simple question, hoping she didn't sound to hopeful that the uncle live near by.

"Ray Cashon, owner of the Double O Ranch. You know him?" Wil asked.

"Oh yes, we all know your uncle very well, Mr. Stanton." Dixie smiled, noticing the concerned raised brow. "I don't mean personally, Mr. Stanton. I just know of him. He's quite an influential man about these parts." Hoping the explanation would ease the look she was getting.

"That he is and I didn't mean for you think." Blue eyes look apologetic.

Dixie interrupted him, "Don't worry Mr. Stanton, it kinda come with the business. You say you know someone and folks think you really "know" them." She chuckled, a sideways glance to the corner told her the expectant guest was growing impatient. "Well gentlemen, I will leave you to your game. Ya'll try and behave yourselves."

"You too, Miss Dixie." Red up and teased.

"Oh Red you know, I always behave myself." Dixe sweetly smiles at the loyal customer.

"That sweet demure of yours may fool some, but not the ones who "know" you, Miss Dixie." Jim quickly added.

"See what I mean Mr. Stanton." Dixie winked to him, "GoodNight Gentlemen." And she left the table And headed for the corner to see if she couldn't wipe the pout off the rancher's face.

"Most well "known" person in this town, she is." Red chuckled, as he picked up his cards.

"Oh And so easy on the old eyes, but hard on the heart. I think I fell in love with that filly the first time I laid eyes on her. Never felt anything so soft as her." Jim put in his ante.

"You And ever other fool in this town, Old Man." Bob retorted, throwing in his ante also.

Wil's eyes watched the gently sway of her hips, as she made her way to the corner. Totally lost in the hypnotic sway. Keen blue eyes watched intently as the gorgeous woman sat down next to the man in the corner.

"Hey Wil, ya gonna bet sometime tonight?" Red ribbed him.

"Umm sure." pulling his thoughts back to the game, but still keeping one eye on Dixie. After looking at the cards, an ante was thrown in. "Whose that fella she with?" trying to sound casual.

"Why hell that ain't no fella. That's Martha Calhoune, owns the Lazy C Ranch. Damn rich woman she is." Bob explained, And chuckled to himself.

"Umm, you don't say." Wil mused, keeping in check the smile that threatened to escape.

"Yep, Miss Dixie keeps everyone happy. And that one too." Bob pointed to equally attractive blonde working the room. "Now that's Miss Ellen, she's the other owner of this place. As far as I can tell they are the only two that go either way. The rest just take men only."

"So they have alot of women customers?" Wil asked, throwing in two cards.

"Not many, but there are a few." Bob continued, throwing in three cards. "Hell we've even seen Belle Starr And Calamity Jane in here, when their in town. Not mention Ruby Diamond, the famous singer."

"Ya don't say. Quite an impressive client list." Wil smiled And continued to watch the corner.

"Guess so, but it doesn't matter none, she's worth the trip to town. Even if she only comes up And talks to you, it's worth it." Bob wiggled is brow at the newcomer. "Royal Flush." he announced And threw his cards on the table.

Most of the men seated grumbled And threw their cards down. Wil took the opportunity to remove himself from the game. "Well Gentlemen, it's a long trip back to the ranch. It was nice to sit And play with you." tipping his hat to the seated men. He headed for the corner.

Clearing his throat to politely interrupt the intense conversation between the two women. "Excuse me ladies." Slightly tipping his head. "I just wanted to say good night Miss Dixie. I look forward to seeing you again." Taking her hand And lightly kissing the back of it. Blues eyes peeked out from under the brim of the hat.

"It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Stanton, it will be my pleasure to see to your needs next time your in town." Dixie's green eyes flamed. "Oh I'm sorry, Wil Stanton, this is Martha Calhoune, she owns the Lazy C Ranch, it's not too far from your uncle's place." Turning to Martha, "Martha, this is Ray Cashon's nephew."

"Nice to meet you Wil." a strange look passed between the two. "I didn't know Old Ray had a nephew. He's always going on about his niece." Snapping her fingers, trying to recall the name.

"Oh that would be my sister, he's kind of partial to her." quickly interrupting the think woman.

"Wilemenia!" she snapped. "Yep he's always going on about her." Martha concluded.

"That's right, she's got my uncle wrapped around her little finger." Wil chuckled, "Guess he's not the only one though, kinda partial to her myself." smiling broadly. "Well good night Ladies, it was a pleasure meeting you both." once again tipping his hat.

Now it Dixie's turn to watch, as Wil walked out of the saloon. "Hum, nice ass on that one." she chuckled.

"Not bad, but I've seen better, yours for one." leering at the strawberry blonde.

Once clear of the saloon, Wil stopped, using a nearby post to lean on. Taking off the white Stetson, to unleash pinned up raven hair. "Damn woman." cursing the knowing rancher. "How ya gonna get yourself out of this one Wilemenia Stanton." shaking her raven locks loose. Continuing to walk down the street, she stopped to notice her reflection in the dark store window. "That's what ya get for passing yourself off as a man." talking to her reflection. "Now the most gorgeous woman I ever seen thinks I'm a man." looking to the image in the window. "And why wouldn't she, nothing feminine about this get up." wiping her hands over her face. "Guess I'll just have to sweet talk my way out of this one." laughing to herself as she headed for her horse.



Several weeks had past by before Wil was able to visit the Stampede again. With her uncle being laid up, there was alot of work to catch up on. The days seemed to drag, most of her thoughts were filled with green eyed woman who captured her complete attention. Before entering the saloon Wil dusted herself off and adjusted the Stetson. Once in her blue eyes search the room till they found the strawberry blonde.

Dixie was seated next to a uniformed soldier. The handsome man stood up, when Wil approached the table. "Good Evening Miss Dixie." Wil focused on the beautiful face.

"Oh Mr. Stanton, Good to see you again." Dixie bubbled over with excitement. "Colonel Braxton, this is Wil Stanton." introducing the two men. They shook hands, each eyeing the other. The colonel unspokingily made it known that the lady was already taken.

Dixie couldn't help but notice the crestfallen look on Wil's face. She almost wished she could pass the Colonel off to some else, but that wasn't her way. "Wil if you would like I could see if one the girls."

"No thank you." Wil interjected. "Was just stopping in to get a drink, then have to head back the ranch, the wagon's loaded with supplies." offering the lie.

"OK, but if you change your mind." She sweetly smiled.

"Didn't mean to intrude, just wanted to say hello. Nice to meet you Colonel." offering her hand to the soldier. With that Wil turned to head towards the bar.

For as much attention she paid to the tall stranger, Dixie wondered why she didn't pass the Colonel to someone else. Never in all the years she had been in the business had someone come along that totally captured her thoughts. "What is it about you Wil Stanton, that sets my heart to thumpin like a jack rabbit." the silent thought ate at her. "This is going to be a long night." She thought looking to the large clock on the wall.

Several more missed chances occurred between the two. It seemed that everytime Wil came in, Dixie was already busy. And each time she watched him walk out looking like he lost his best friend.

Having turned in early, Dixie sat crossed legged on her bed, several large ledgers were spread out in front of her, she jumped when she heard the knock. "Come in."

"Hey just checking on you. You alright?" Ellen concernly asked. Her partner just hadn't seemed like herself lately. She crossed the room to stand at the foot of the bed.

"Yep, just going over the books. Wasn't in the mood to socialize tonight." weakily smiling.

"Wouldn't have anything to with the fact a certain tall dark headed stranger hasn't been around lately would it?" Ellen casually remarked. Nothing usually escaped her attention.

"You don't miss anything do you?" Dixie smirked to the blonde.

"Nope, especially when it comes to you. Come on Dix, spill it. He's gotten to you, hasn't he?"

"Oh El, I've never met someone who makes me feel like this and I've never even slept with him." Dixie shook her head.

"I think that's why they call it love, darlin. Maybe this Stanton fella is your other half." Ellen moved to sit on the bed.

"You and those old stories, there nothing but folklore El." Dixie scolded.

"Your so wrong Dix, I really believe we all are just searching for the one that makes us whole and when that someone comes along, our heart know it immediately." tucking back a stray lock of Dixie's hair.

"Foolish nonsense." Dixie gruffed, picking up the now scattered paper.

"Believe what you will. If you'd quit being so stubborn you'd see that I'm right." Pulling back the covers. She quickly stepped out of her dress and undergarments and climbed into bed.

"May I ask what your doing in my bed?" Dixie stood over the reclining blonde.

"Figured I'd take advantage of some of these fringe benefits you keep talking about." Ellen replied, pulling back the covers and patting the sheets.

Dixie started to remove her own dress, "No wonder I make more money than you. You really need to work on your seduction techniques." She began laugh.

The blonde crawled from underneath the covers, making her away to edge of the bed. Ellen pulled Dixie closer and began to help her out of the half taken off dress. Starting at the neck line Ellen placed soft kisses where ever there was exposed flesh. "What were you saying about seduction?"

"Umm I forgot now." Dixie whispered totally enraptured by what the blonde was doing to her.

"I may not be the blue eyed wonder, but I'll have to do." Ellen muttered in the crook of Dixie's neck.

"What blue eyed wonder?" Dixie replied, pulling Ellen up for luscious kiss.

"That will cost you extra." Ellen teased when they parted.

"Oh, you are bad." Dixie wickedly smiled as she pushed the blonde back onto the bed.


Half the upstairs was rudely awaken as Ellen's voice yelled out from her doorway.

"Landsakes Ellen, it early watcha yelling for, you know Dixie's not here. It's the third weekend of the month. She's gone to the lake to be with Annie." Mary informed the bellowing blonde.

"Shit I forgot. Sorry I woke you up." Ellen apologized. "Gee Dix, usually tells me when she leaving." the blonde shrugged and returned to her room.

Down stairs at the bar Jake the bartender shook his head. "Sorry about that Mr. Stanton, they sometimes forget this is a place of business."

"No need to apologize Jake, I'm sure they're not use to having customers in here this early." Wil offered, as she finished up her drink. "Well I guess I'll get that side of beef unloaded for you then I'll head back home." Wil had every intention of staying till the object of her dreams came down, but now knowing Dixie was not around there was no need to stay. Thanking Jake for the drink, after he explained it was on the house, Wil set out to get her task done and then to figure out just where this lake was and who the heck Annie was.

After several rounds of questions Wil was certain she could find the remote lake. It was afternoon before she finally located the turn off that Dixie must have taken. When they said remote they weren't kidding, a body could ride right by the lake and never even known it was there. After about another half hour, Wil finally could see a well built log cabin just ahead.

The dark skinned woman hanging the clothes out, noticed the wagon approaching. "Girl, get yourself in the house." directing the little blonde girl to do as she was told.

"Miss Dixie, there's a wagon coming up the road." the woman announced.

Dixie came from around the back of the cabin and watched as the wagon came to a dusty stop. More than a little concerned that someone had made their way up to the cabin. When the dust settled the first thing she saw the familiar white Stetson. Her heart about leaped out of chest.

"Afternoon Ladies. Hope I'm not intruding." Wil gingerly offered, trying to read the small woman expression.

"Afternoon Mr. Stanton. How on earth did you find this place?" Dixie tried to sound displeased at the intrusion, but was failing miserably.

"Well it wasn't easy let me tell you." climbing down from the buckboard. "I hope you don't mind, I over heard one of the girls telling Miss Ellen that you were here and I really wanted to see you. And I'll go if you don't want to be bothered." siliently praying that Dixie wouldn't send her away.

"No please stay, I mean it must be something important or I'm sure you wouldn't of rode all the way out here." Dixie offered, reminding herself to breathe, just the sight of Wil Stanton took her breath away.

"Thanks, just let me hitch up the horses." Wil replied and lead the horses to the post, tying them securely.

"Care for a glass of iced tea? Or water, I don't have any whiskey out here or I'd offer you some." Dixie asked.

"Tea would be nice. Nice place ya have here, no wonder you like it. Not a soul around." Wil replied, dusting her pants off.

"Then Tea it is, come on in. It's just a bit cooler in house, not much though." Dixie suggested, entering the cabin followed by Wil.

Dixie left to get the tea, leaving Wil to look around. The cabin was neatly decorated, one could definitely tell a woman lived here. "Take a seat Mr. Stanton."

"Please call me Wil." lowering herself into the chair.

"OK Wil, what brings you all the way out here?" green eyes studied him from over her glass.

"Well I, umm...Don't quite know where to start from." nervously fidgeting in her seat. A small giggle from behind the curtain saved her for a moment.

"Can I come out now?" the small voice called from behind the curtain.

"Sure you can come out." Dixie answered, as the little blonde made her way out. "Wil I'd like you to meet Annie. Annie this Wil Stanton."

"So this is Annie. Nice to met you little one." half a days worry seemed to fade away.

"Is Mr. Stanton gonna stay for lunch Momma?" the child openly asked.

"Well Annie, I guess that up to him. You are welcomed to stay if you would like to." Dixie looked expectantly to Wil.

"I would be honored to join you ladies for lunch." Wil announced, looking at the mother and daughter sitting together.

"I'll have to warn you, it's not much. We were actually going to have a picnic by the lake." Dixie removed the child and got up, offering to refill Wil's glass.

"Can't think of a nicer way to spend the afternoon." Will handed her glass over, then relaxed in the chair. Endless questions ran wild through her head.

As they walked to the lake and talked Wil got see another side of strawberry blonde. This one was a gentle and loving mother. "Do you know who her father is?" the question just popped out, before Wil could retract it.

"No, one of the biggest hazards of the job. I just couldn't give her up. I know I'm not the best mother, but I do what I can." Dixie spoke quietly so Annie wouldn't hear.

"If you ask me, I think your doing a fine job, more than most would do." Wil leaned closer as she spoke.

Dixie's breath caught when she felt his words on her ear. The rest of the walk was in silence.

They reached the lake and spread out the blanket. The three enjoyed a nice quiet lunch. After cleaning up, Annie was more than ready to go swimming, obvious because she was stripped before Dixie could stop her.

"Sorry about that, she not used to have anyone else with us." Dixie offered, as she covered the child with a blanket and helped her on with her under clothes.

"Don't worry and don't let me stop the two of you from enjoying yourselves." Wil answered back.

Now dressed the child bounded off to the water, as Dixie sat back down. Not quite knowing what to talk about Dixie started off with a general question. "So is Wil your real name or is short for something?" focusing her attention on the lake and the child.

Wil froze, not for sure just how to answer. A bit relieved that Dixie wasn't looking at her. "Try the truth you fool, it's now or never." an inner voice rang out. "No Wil is sort of a nick name. My real name is Wilemenia." holding her last breath, uncertain to how Dixie was going to take this news.

"What a nice name." Dixie uttered, her attentions still focused on the splashing child. Then it hit her..."Wilemenia"...realazation hit...her attentions snapped back to the tall one, her green eyes burned with fury. Wil could see she was mad. As if burned by a branding iron Dixie jumped up and towered over the sitting "woman". "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!" she yelled. "HOW COULD YOU LET ME GO ON THINKING YOU WERE A MAN. OF ALL THE INSENSITIVE THINGS I'VE EVER HEARD OF." the smaller woman paced as she ranted on. "GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS SO STUPID." She stopped pacing and slapped her forehead, "DIDN'T YOU HAVE ANY REGARDS FOR MY FEELINGS. HOW I MIGHT REACT TO THIS NEWS?" her heated glare warned Wil not to say anything. "OH THIS IS TO RICH FOR WORDS, ME OF ALL PEOPLE, WAS DUPED. YOU KNOW I WAS..." pointing her finger at the imposter. Her words caught in her throat. She couldn't finish her thought, not now because she was to angry and not now because the situation had changed. Turning away she headed towards the lake edge. Tears burned her skin as they fell.

Wil knew she better do something quick, her chances to clear her intentions were fading fast. Jumping to her feet, "DIXIE! Please let me explain." it was enough to halt the retreating woman. Grateful that the fiery woman didn't turn around. Getting to see yet another side to this amazing woman. "I'm truly sorry Dixie. It wasn't my intention to trick you. I had every intention of telling you that first night, that you had presumed wrong of my gender. I came to tell you at the table, but then Martha jumped in with her comments and I got cold feet and just went along. And everytime I came in to see you, you were busy. There never was a time I could just get you alone to explain. At one point I felt like shouting it out to the whole saloon, but..." Wil stopped talking, her gaze went to her boots.

"But? But what Wil?" Dixie questioned, still keeping her back turned.

After several moments of silence Wil continued, knowing she had to be completely honest. "This is my safety net, Dixie. Passing myself off as a man allows me to do all the things I've dreamed of with no limitations. With no one to tell me I can't do it just because I'm a woman. I've been places and done things that most women would never even consider doing, I enjoy my freedom. And it's all because folks think that I'm a man that I get away it. Take Miss Cal for example, she may dress and act like a man, but everyone knows she's a woman, so that limits her abilities. I can't and won't live like that. It's not a fair world we live in Dixie, women are second class or less in some eyes."

Wil's words were so true and Dixie knew this. She herself epitomized the "or less", she was known for being no more than just a whore. Wil stood and watched the fair woman's back for a bit, then sighing heavily she decided it was best she left. "Again I'm sorry if I hurt you, that was never my intention." when Dixie still didn't turn around Wil walked away.

Wiping away the tears, Dixie went to the lake to get Annie out, then wrapping the blanket around her, she instructed her to stay put. Dixie's gaze fell upon the retreating figure. Who was she to judge Wil and her motives. Wil's lifestyle afforded her to do all things she ever wanted and more. Something that Dixie had always longed for herself. Dixie believed whole heartedly that women were worth more and could do more than they gave them selves credit for. "WAIT!" the single word stopped Wil in her tracks, small feet doubled timed to catch up.

Wil slowly turned around. Dixie halted herself in front of the tall woman. "Excuse me, but I don't think we've been properly introduced." watching the crooked smile form on the blue eyed beauty's face. "Dixie Anne Fadora." holding out her petite hand.

"Wil Sta...I mean Wilemenia Stanton, but folks call me Wil." slightly tipping the white Stetson, then taking the offered hand. They both laughed.

"What made you change your mind? I thought I'd really blown it." Wil searched Dixie's sweet face.

"Well for starters I realized, who am I to judge your motives or wants. Me of all people. Then I realized that it doesn't matter what you do or didn't have." her green eyes lowered to indicate in what area she was referring, "It was the who I had feelings for, not the what. You Miss Stanton have done what no one else has ever managed to do. You've touched my heart and in my line of work that can be dangerous." her warm smile light up Wil's heart.

"I so glad you changed your mind and I'm even more glad I have touched your heart. But that's not all I want to touch. I want, no I need to touch all of you." Wil smiled.

Dixie's knees felt as if they would give way any second. Quite enjoying this new feeling. "Oh don't worry you'll get your chance, but first." Dixie stepped forward, taking off the white Stetson and tossing it to the ground, quick fingers unpinned the midnight colored hair, the same fingers threaded through the thick mass, bringing down the beautiful face to her level. "Need to check out the merchandise first." wickedly smiling. Her soft lips brushed against Wil's, a teasing tongue caressed the quivering upper lip, then the bottom one, before parting the pair. She wasn't surprised to find Wil more than receptive to her advances. The kiss deepened into a ragged breathing dual.

"I'd travel the world and back to get kissed like that again, some talent ya have there Miss Dixie." Wil's words tickled Dixie's ear.

"Oh I have many skills Miss Stanton. Years of experience ya know." Dixie winked.

"I bet you do and I hope you plan on showing me all those skills too." blue eyes burned with desire.

"All in good time, but now I have supper to get on the stove and one very wide eyed child back into her clothes." Looking over her shoulder to the attentive little bundle.

"You'll find I'm very patient." stoking the smooth fair cheek.

Dixie smiled and turned to retrieve Annie and their things, Wil picked up the basket, as Annie climbed onto her mother's back. "You staying for supper Mr. Stanton." Annie looked Wil straight in eye.

"That's Miss Stanton, Annie." her mother corrected.

"OK Miss Stanton, but are ya?"

Wil looked to Dixie to see if it was OK with her. The broad smile indicated it was more than alright. "Only if the supper invitation includes breakfast in the morning." hoping she hadn't overstepped herself.

"That all depends on how good you are Wil." wickedly smiling to the dark haired woman.

"Miss Dixie, you'll to find I too have many skills." grinning happily.

"Then I guess your staying for dinner." Dixie trotted ahead, bouncing the child on her back. Wil smiled as she watched the pair scoot ahead. "Guess that fence is gonna have to wait to be fixed." Laughing to herself as she picked up the pace.

"She's passed out." Wil quietly announced, having come back in from checking on her horses.

"Oh I know, she's been out for about fifteen minutes. It just feels so good to hold her." Dixie replied, stoking the fine blonde hair. "What on earth did you get into outside?" commenting on the dirt all over the front of Wil's clothing.

"That horse, you call a dog was using me as a carpet." Wil answered, hanging her hat on the stand.

Dixie suppressed the laugh. "Oh, he didn't hurt you I hope. Butch tends to forget he's not a lap dog." her green eyes light up, but her smile out shined them.

"Nah, we were just playing." Wil found she couldn't help but smile back.

"Good, then I guess I'll get her tucked in and I'll be right back." the look in her eyes said much more though.

Wil swallowed hard, amazed that this slip of a woman could reduce her mush. "I'll be here." the words kind of stuttered out.

I hope that didn't take to long?" the gentle words whispered in her ear caused Wil to jump.

"No I was just reading this..." having turned around to talk to Dixie, Wil's mouth suddenly went dry. The petite slim frame was covered in a soft silk robe, save for the abundant cleavage showing itself, the strawberry hair was tucked neatly in a bun, with the exceptions of a few whisks of hair dangling down at the temples. "book." finally finding enough control to finish her sentence.

Dixie stood there watching Wil try hard to compose herself, knowing full well she was making awfully difficult for her to do so. "First thing first. We need to get you cleaned up, then..." taking Wil's hand and helping her from the couch.

"Then?" still staring.

"Then we get to see if your worth "having" for breakfast." Dixie made it clear that something other than food was on her mind.

Wil was speechless as she followed Dixie into the large bedroom. Which was most definitely inhabited by a woman. A far cry from her own that was sparsely decorated. She had never seen so many frilly things in one place. Soft lace curtains, light colored down blankets, you name it, it was here. But what caught her eyes was the large steaming tub in the corner of the room. "How in tarn nation did you ever get that monster of a thing in this room?"

"Well actually, I had it brought in before they put up the last wall." guiding the leggy cowpoke to the chair. "Here gimme your boot." taking off the first one, "Just so happens that's my favorite possession." removing the other one as well.

"I can see why." Smiling and wiggling her freed toes.

"Holds two very comfortably. Three in there is a bit cramped though." taking the boots and setting them by the door.

"You've had three in that tub?" untamed thoughts whirled around that idea.

Dixie laughed, "Sure have, me, Annie and the dog."

Wil's thoughts halted.

"I never conduct business here Wil. Save for Ellen and the girls, no one else ever comes here." Dixie made the point known. "Your the first outside person to ever see this place." adding something smelly to the steaming water.

"I hope my being here doesn't..." a finger on her lips stopped any further words.

"This isn't business Wil, this is pleasure." removing the finger. "Now what say we get you out of these duds and into that tub." Dixie announced, Wil's hands shot up to start unbuttoning her shirt. No, no." grabbing the anxious hands. "Let me. I'm more than a bit curious to see what you have hidden under there." skilled fingers began to work the buttons free.

"Hope you won't be to disappointed, but you won't find a hairy chest." Wil remarked, swallowing hard, tightly reining in her impulse to rip off the frilly robe.

Dixie leaned in close. "I actually prefer it that way. As a matter of fact I perform women to men. They're so much softer." kissing the earlobe.

Wil's blue eyes were enjoying the upclose cleavage. "Then why do you do it?" immediately regretting her statement, hoping she hadn't gotten to personal.

"It's a job and I've very good at what I do. Besides it's hard to leave it behind you. Tried once, moved away and everything, but found that no matter where I went, someone always recognized me." her sad expression tore at Wil's heart. Dixie lifted Wil's chin up, "This is who and what I am Wil Stanton, I'm not some innocent little school marm, nor am I trash, but all the same I've got alot of wear on this hide. If this bothers you or if you can't deal with my past let me know now. I'm not in the habit of letting my heart get broken. I've never had anyone affect me the way you do, never wanted anyone as much as I want you and I've never wanted to be needed by someone. But I find myself wanting and needing you and needing you to want me. I can't explain this, but I have a feeling once I start this, I won't want it to stop." taking a few step back. Dixie's heart was beating so fast she thought it pop right out of her chest.

Wil sat silent for a few minutes, she needed to make sure what she was about to say came out just right. "We have alot in common you know, with the exception of our professions. I would of never imagined that someone could touch me so deeply or want to for that matter. I can't think of anyone I want more than you...and not just right now, but always. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like I have been looking for something my whole life and then I saw you and all you did was touch my hand and suddenly my whole life fell into place. I knew that night my search was over. My heart had found it's keeper. I don't care about your past Dixie, all I care about is now and the future. I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you." their eyes stayed connected through her whole speech, but neither moved.

Finally Dixie took one step forward, knowing it was the first step in the right direction, knowing with all her being that she needed to touch and be touched by this beautiful woman setting before her. Wil didn't wait for Dixie to step any closer, long arms reached out and hauled the slight frame onto the waiting lap. They shared a kiss that would of made any church going folk blush; deep, needing, and possessing. Each pulled away breathless. "Damn you are good at what you do." Wil managed to get out.

"Oh you haven't seen or felt anything yet." Dixie seductively purred. Her hands not so gently stripped the shirt of it's buttons. "Well what do we have here?" noting the binding that was wrapped around Wil's upper torso. Wil blushed slightly, but didn't say anything. Dixe reached over to the little table next to the chair and pulled out a pair of scissors, snapping them open and closed. "You won't be needing this anymore." giving Wil a smile. Several passes with the scissors did the trick. Dixie's breath caught, as she admired the luscious mounds that had been freed.

"Heavens Wil, no wonder you have such good posture." Dixie chuckled, throwing the cut up binding away. "What other surprises await?" soft hands snaked up the sides of bare skin to remove the shirt, carefully avoiding the freed mounds. Sliding off Wil's lap, "Up." helping the taller woman to stand. She quickly unbuckled the belt and ever so slow unbuttoned and slid the pants down Wil's shapely hips and legs. "Endless beauty." She half muttered. Wil stepped out of pants to stand complete naked before the smaller woman, whose smile was now extending from ear to ear.

"I take it you like what you see." Wil managed, trying not to feel self conscious.

"Very much so. Your a vision. Now I see why you have to hide it. There's nothing masculine about this body." stroking the well toned arms. "Come your bath awaits My Lady." leading the raven haired vision to the tub and helping her in.

"Wil sighed as her body hit the heated water. "A body could get use to this." slowly sinking into the water.

"Yes it could." Dixie replied, for her part she would love to get use to pampering Wil. Deft fingers worked the clothe and soap into a rich lather, using the slightest touch she started to wash the creamy skin. The clothe freely roamed Wil's body as she hummed. A couple of quick rinses and she positioned herself behind the tub, first she removed her robe then she took the long tresses into her hands.

Wil's body tingled all over, more than enjoying the gentle touch of the strawberry-blonde. Her mind wandered back trying to remember the last time she ahd someone else wash her hair. A vision of her mother came to her, but some how it didn't feel this good. "That feels good, you have a very soft touch."

"Bet this is the first time you've allowed yourself to be pampered, isn't it." Pulling the clean wet hair aside, she let her lips glide over the wet neck and down the strong shoulder. Her bare breast coming into contact with Wil's back.

"Yep." swallowing hard when she felt the contact of skin. "Are you naked back there?"

"As the day I was born." Dixie smiled to herself, continuing the soft kisses. "Is it making you uncomfortable?" wickedly smiling, knowing full well it was, but in a good way.

"I'd say excited is a better word." Wil promptly sat up in the tub, her hand found Dixie's and she quided the dry naked body up till Dixie was standing before her. "Your everything I imagined and more." hungry blue eyes took in the sight.

"You've been thinking about me?" a finger pointed to herself.

"Non stop from the first time I saw you, but nothing compares to this." Wil replied, guiding Dixie into the tub.

"Guess I'm just as guilty, thought of you too. Of course you didn't look anything like this though." Dixie chuckled. "Guess you can't always judge a book by it's cover." slowly lowering herself onto Wil.

"Guess not, but you'll find I'm a pretty easy read." Wil huskily replied, using her hands to adjust Dixie's hips.

"Well I could of told you that Wilemenia Stanton. It didn't take me long to get this far, now did it." Dixie replied. Her thighs stradled and trapped the long legs.

Their hands began to move over each others body, tentatively at first, slowly increasing to erratic. Wanting lips kissed, knowing hands explored, hearts beat out of control. Wil's impatience to have more, caused her to heft the small frame around her waist and with care she lifted them both from the cool water. Hurried hands dried the excess water from their bodies before they collapsed in the bed. Wil trapped the younger woman's body under her own, nothing was going to stop her from having her desire. Dixie's whole being was moved by the gentle caresses, strong hands brought her over the edge numerous times, passionate kisses connected their souls. Not one single inch of flesh went untouched or tasted. With some parts being touched and tasted more than others.

Hours of endless passion later, the two spent women laid perfectly spooned together, their breathing and hearts beat in perfect unison.

" asleep?" Wil whispered into the strawberry blondes hair.

"No, just laying here." She sleepily replied.

"I was just wondering. Does this mean I get to stay for breakfast?" Wil asked.

Dixie raised up and kissed the blue-eyed rancher, "It definitely means you get to stay for breakfast. In fact I already know how this book ends." loving smiling down to the only person who has ever touched her heart.

"I'm not that easy. Am I?" Wil heart overflowed with joy.

"I'm afraid you are." stroking Wil's cheek. "Want to hear the ending?"

"I already know the ending darlin." Pulling the small frame back down. "The Rancher and the Lady walked towards the sunset hand in hand, never looking back." Wil replied, pulling the warm body closer to her.

"Yep that's what I was going to say, but ya forgot one thing." Dixie answered back.

"What?" Wil questioned.

"And they lived happily ever after."

The End

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