Kacey and Natalia headed in different directions when they left the Mess Hall. Kacey to her quarters and Natalia to the Brig with her armed escort.

The Brig was located near the Storage Bays. There were four cells with only one occupied. The Sergeant sat on his bunk with his lawyer.

"The laws have not changed Sergeant. You do not have to say anything that will incriminate yourself. If you are unsure, say nothing. Your lawyer will advise you." Natalia stated.

"Yeah okay." He said.

The Brig guard unlocked the cell door. He put zip cuffs on the prisoner before he led him out of the cell and to the interview table, where Natalia and her guard waited. He sat down across from her. He smiled a nasty smile.

"Well, well, well where did you come from cute stuff?"

"Sergeant Castor, I am Natalia Esperanza the prosecutor on your case."

"Prosecutor, that is too bad. No matter, what are you doing after this bogus case is over. I can show you a real good time beautiful." He reached across the table to touch Natalia's hand which she quickly removed from his reach as she leaned back in her chair. Her guards reached for their guns. Natalia held up a hand to stop them. She felt her skin crawl. It would be so easy to just have them shoot the piece of garbage. The Sergeant licked his lips and smiled again.

"Sergeant you are facing serious charges. I would like to hear your side of the events from the day in question. This interview will be recorded for your protection."

"What ever that fucking bitch said is a lie. She has been after me since before we took off."

"Sergeant I advise you not to say anything." The lawyer said.

"Stuff it will you. I want to talk to this very sexy woman. They need to know the truth" He argued.

"You said she was after you. Can you tell me how she acted?"

"The way she would look at me and smile, or the way she would walk when she knew I was watching or even the little touches. Oh yeah she wanted me. Wanted me bad. Then when I take her up on it, she balks and pretends. She is nothing but a teasing whore bitch. Especially in front of that damn dyke Colonel. Guess she didn't want to get caught fraternizing with an officer. She thought I could help her advance faster and played me. So sweetheart are you married or seeing anyone? Does he keep you satisfied, because I can surely do that. I bet you are one hell of a wild cat in bed."

"Sergeant I have heard all I need to hear. Private you can escort the prisoner back to his cell." She stood and shut down her computer. "Sergeant, your trial will start tomorrow morning. See you in court."

"I would rather see you naked in my bed, but there is time for that after this bogus trial is over. How about it sweet cheeks. You and me?" The Sergeant got in his final shot as the door clanged shut behind him.

"Time to get out of here gentlemen. I need to go to the Bridge." The quickly left the Brig and entered the lift. "Go get a coffee or whatever. Thank you for your help. I will page you if I need you again. They snapped to attention and left. The lift door opened onto the Bridge. Anya turned when the lift opened and Natalia got off.

"The Captain is in her Ready Room."

"Thank you Commander." Natalia pushed the chime at the door.

"Enter." Kate's voice filtered out.

Natalia entered and before the door was fully closed behind her she said, "I need a good stiff drink or a really hot shower or both."

"I take it you had your talk with the Sergeant? Sit." Kate pointed to the chair in front of the desk. She then reached down in her bottom drawer and removed a bottle and glass. She poured a good amount of the golden liquid into the glass and handed it to Natalia. "Drink"

Natalia took a drink and felt the welcomed burn all the way to her toes. "That is really nice."

"Jamison's finest Irish sipping whiskey. Want to talk about the interview?"

"See for yourself." Natalia opened her computer and pushed play before handing it to Kate. Natalia sipped her drink while Kate watched the interview in silence. She pushed stop when it ended.

"Now I could use a drink and shower. That is one sick son of a bitch. This is going to be really nasty tomorrow."

"He is a delusional sexual predator. He convinced himself that Private Hastings was after him. Do we have any information on why the General was so anxious to get him off earth?"

"General Millhouse was very closed mouth about it. His personal file is locked."

"Captain you must have computer people on board don't you?"

"We do. Some one has to be able to fix these things if they go down. What are you thinking?"

"I am thinking we need to see what is in that file."

"Then we need a hacker." Kate opened her crew file and searched the name list for the person she was looking for. "Captain Jensen to Ensign Jessica Marley."

"Marley here Captain."

"Ensign would you come to my Ready Room immediately?"

"Yes ma'am. On my way."

"Does she know her way around computers?"

"She was hired by High Command to try and break into their hyper secure systems. Took her less than ten minutes. At that time she was only fifteen. She then designed the systems they and we are using today. If anyone can open that file she can."

"Should Kacey be here. She is the Sergeant's commanding officer and deserves to see what is in his file."

Kate nodded. "Captain Jensen to Colonel O'Malley"

"Yes Captain" Kacey answered.

"Kacey I need to see you in the Ready Room immediately."

"Be right there Kate."

"Kacey better change into legal clothes. Don't want you thrown into the brig for indecent exposure."

Kacey laughed.

The Ensign and Kacey arrived within seconds of each other. They entered the Ready Room together.

"Kate what is going on?"

"We need information and I hope the Ensign can get it for us."

"What is it you need for me to do Captain?" Ensign Marley asked.

"I need you to open a sealed personnel file. Can you do it?"

"I can certainly try Captain. May I use your computer? "

Kate stood and gave her chair to the Ensign. She sat down in front of the computer and started typing. Her fingers flew over the keyboard. She brought up Personnel files.


"Sergeant Barry Castor. UWMC" Kate said.

"Ensign Marley typed the name in the search box. This brought up a picture of a file folder with a large padlock on it. Her fingers flew over the keyboard bringing up page after page. More key strokes and the file opened to nothing but blank pages. Just the Sergeant's name listed at the top.

"What the hell? Why lock an empty file?" Kate uttered in shock.

"Captain the information is there if you know how and where to look for it. Even if information is deleted it is still out there forever. You just know how to retrieve it."

"Please tell me you can retrieve the information?"

"I can." The Ensign continued to type as page after page opened and filled the file."

"There you go Captain." Ensign Marley stated and pushed back from the computer.

"Thank you Ensign. I ask that you say nothing about this to anyone."

"Yes ma'am. Will there be anything else Captain?"

"No Ensign, that will be all."

The Ensign saluted and left the ready room. The three women gathered around Kate's computer. After a few minutes, Kacey said "Oh my God...

To be continued...

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