"Go ahead Bridge"

"We have an incoming transmission from the Megarans."

"Finish your coffee Kacey" Kate said. "We are on own way."

Natalia was on the bridge next to Anya when they came on the Bridge. She smiled at Kacey

They took their places on the Bridge. Liam smiled when he smelled the brandy.

"On screen. Audio only." Kate ordered.

"Had to used spirits to calm her down, Katie." Liam whispered in Kate's ear.

"It was either that or a tranquilizer dart." Kate told him. "While we are taking care of this would you call Sick Bay and have a Doctor come up as just a precaution?"

"Certainly Katie. Now go be with Kacey" Kate joined Kacey near the screen as symbols appeared. The translation followed.

Your time is almost up. Are you ready to surrender the Chosen One?

"We are in the final stages of preparations. Be advised that because the Chosen One is a well respected and highly decorated member of this crew, we will be providing an Honor Guard to escort her. To make sure she reaches you safely."

"Laying it on a bit thick aren't you Kate?"

"I did not say anything that was not true, Kacey Deal with it."

Symbols appeared. That will not be necessary. The Chosen One will be perfectly safe.

"I have no doubt of her safety. This will be the last time we will be able to honor her."

The Honor Guard will be allowed.

"Thank you. We will start in fifteen minutes."

"Lass are ye ready to give the order."

Kacey nodded, took a deep breath and touched her communicator.

"Colonel O'Malley to Hanger."

"Go ahead Colonel."

"Major, begin final preparations for the Honor Guard." Kacey ordered. "And Mike, good journey. Launch in twelve minutes."

"Thank you Colonel. Good luck to you also."

The waiting began. The minutes ticked down. They all watched the clock. At the five minute mark, Kacey looked at Kate.

"This is your show Colonel. Give your orders."

"Lock onto the coordinates for the weak areas. One gun for each. Lower shields in the launch area."

"Yes ma'am"

"Colonel air lock doors are closing." Rhea stated. Kacey closed her eyes for several seconds. She felt Kate's hand on her arm in support. "Atmosphere is lowering. Launch doors are opening." Kacey opened her eyes and watched the clock.

"All yours Kate. Just as I told you." Kacey said as she turned control of the Stingers over to her Captain and sister.

"Launch first half of Honor Guard." Kate spoke into her communicator. It took less than a minute to launch the ships.

"Ships launched."

"Launch the Chosen One's ship and remainder of the Honor guard." Kate played her part well in the event the Megarans were monitoring their inter ship transmissions. They had to make the Megarans think that Kacey was on one of those ships.

They waited. "All Honor Guard ships have been launched and awaiting further orders." Major Anderson's voice came over the communicator. Kacey watched the clock tick down the final seconds. She nodded to Kate when time had run out.

"This is the Captain, Proceed."

"Yes ma'am. Setting coordinates for the Megaran ships."

"Close launch doors and ready next wave." Kate said.

"Would you put them on screen please?" Kacey asked. Within seconds the Honor Guard came into view. Kacey walked closer to the view screen, with Kate at her side in support. They had reached the point of no return. "One minute to go. As soon as the decoy blows, shoot out the weak spots, then target the clouds the Megarans are hiding in." Kacey stated.

"Ten seconds to go." They watched the Honor Guard fall back and fan out. Kacey ran her hands through her normally neat hair making it messy as a sign of her nervousness and worry.

A flash lit up the sky as the decoy ship detonated. ""Fire" Kate ordered. "All ships fire. Launch remainder of stingers." Shots from every gun on Andromeda fired with deadly accuracy. The field was destroyed in the first round of shots. Kate felt Kacey grab her arm as the dizziness hit when the field came down.

"Target and fire all guns at the clouds." Kacey ordered. That was the last order she gave as she slumped to the floor unconscious. The Bridge was in chaos. The Doctor ran to the front of the Bridge.

Anya grabbed Natalia to keep her from rushing forward. "Let the Doctor work." She told the younger woman. Liam joined Kate and placed a comforting hand on her arm.

After a few second hesitation the Megarans fired back. Their shots hitting the shields making the ship rock with the force. The deadly accuracy of Andromeda's and the Stingers guns decimated the Megarans. Explosions lit up the clouds around them.

"Cease fire." Kate ordered. "Megarans, your Chosen One is dead. Cease fire and let us go in peace." Kate wondered how true her words were as the Doctor worked on Kacey Her voice was strong despite her worry about Kacey's condition.

Another round of shots from the Megarans rocked the ship.

"Send another round at them. Full spread." Kate ordered.

More explosions in the cloud cover was proof of their accuracy. "Hold fire." Kate ordered. "Megarans, this is you last chance. Cease fire. This is your last chance to back off."

The clouds moved away. Symbols flashed across the view screen. You are free to go. We will mourn the loss of our Chosen One.

The crew watched the clouds move away leaving a great deal of space junk in their wake. The suddenness at the end of the battles end caused a few seconds of stunned silence. Then the Bridge broke into cheers.

"Major Anderson to Captain Jensen."

"Go ahead Major."

"Your orders Captain."

"Fan out and keep guard. We are getting the Hell out of here." Kate told him.

"Yes ma'am, We will cover your flanks."

"Lieutenant Minor, lets put some distance between us and the Megarans. Warp seven."

"Aye Captain, warp seven." The ship started to move. The stingers fanned out to cover three sides of the big ship.

"Captain, we need to get the Colonel to Sick Bay immediately." The Doctor stated. Several Bridge crew stepped forward to help carry Kacey to the waiting stretcher. Kate and Liam led the way up the stairs. After she was gently placed on the stretcher, Kate nodded to Anya to release Natalia.

"Liam you had better get mom."

"Aye lassie, tis not something I am looking forward to be doing."

"Captain, we have this. You and Anya need to be with your sister." Rhea stated.

"Thank you." Kate turned to the Bridge crew. "Thank you all." Her voice broke and she followed the stretcher with Anya at her side. Natalia had a firm grip of Kacey's hand as the lift doors closed.

To be continued...

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