For two additional days, they all took turns reading or talking to Kacey. Liam read Peter Pan, one of Kacey's all time favorite books. Kate told her about all the latest gossip on Andromeda. Anya told her about what the twins had been up to and how they were waiting to visit, or the latest recipe she tried. Patricia and Natalia talked about wedding plans. Even the Marines talked about the latest upgrades and repairs. There were voices in her ears all day and night.

Patricia and Natalia, leaned on the bed so they could softly talk to her. "We just about have the menu planned for your reception." Patricia said. "I promise you that your wedding day will be milk free."

Natalia gasped. She motioned for Patricia to look at Kacey's face and the smile that was not there earlier. "I will get everyone here." Patricia said. She called Liam on her communicator.

"That's it sweetheart come back to us. Come back to me." Kacey turned her head towards the sound of Natalia's voice. "You need to wake up to help me plan our wedding. I need you to wake up."

"Wedding." Kacey said in a near whisper. Her voice hoarse from lack of use.

"I will get the Doctor." Patricia said. "You keep talking to her."

Doctor McCloud came into the room followed closely by Liam, Kate and Anya. She shone a light in Kacey's eyes, which caused her to turn her head away from bright light.

"Keep talking to her Natalia." The Doctor said.

"Kacey sweetheart, can you squeeze my hand?" They watched her hand for any motion. It was several seconds for there to be any sort of reaction. "She did it, she squeezed my hand. It was very slight, but she did it." Tears filled her eyes, as she smiled at everyone. "Can you open your eyes? Come on let me see those beautiful baby blues."


"I am right here. Try to open your eyes."

They watched as she struggled to open her eyes. Her eyelids fluttered open and closed quickly. "Hurts" she said.

"Computer lower the lights by fifty percent." The lights dimmed.

"Try again child." Patricia said.


"Yes darling, I am here. Try again."

Kacey licked her dry lips. Dr. McCloud motioned for the passing nurse. "Could you bring me some chipped ice?" The nurse nodded and left. She returned a few minutes later with a cup of chipped ice and a spoon. Patricia took the cup and spooned ice into Kacey's mouth. Kacey opened her eyes and blinked several times to get past the blurriness. She looked at the smiling faces of her family. She stopped at Natalia's face and smiled. Her eyes started to close.

"Tired, so tired." She said as her eyes closed.

Dr. McCloud checked her out. "She is asleep"

"How can she be tired she has been asleep for over a week?" Kate asked.

"Not asleep, Captain. Unconscious. There is a big difference. But she has woke up and spoke and responded to commands. That in itself is an excellent sign."

"How long will she be asleep?" Anya asked.

"She will wake up when her brain is rested."


Twenty four hours later, Kacey woke up again. She was thirsty. Ice was place in her mouth. She sucked at it greedily. More was offered.


"No little sister, it's Kate." She offered Kacey more ice. "Mom took Natalia back to their place to get her to eat and rest. She will be back later,"

"Kay. Kate did we win?"

"We did. Thanks to you, we did."

"The Megarans?"

"We have not seen any sign of them since the battle ended. What do you remember?" She offered her more ice which was readily accepted. Kate signaled the nurse.

"We were, we were in your Ready Room. You gave me a spiked coffee."

"That's right."

"It is about time you came back to the land of the living, Colonel. How are you feeling?" Dr. McCloud asked.

"Like the turd end of a water buffalo, Doc."

"Are you tolerating the ice chips?"

"They do not want to come back up."

"Good. We will keep you on those for a couple more hours and then try something tea and broth."


"Herbal tea first, Colonel. Have you tried to see if there are any lost bits?"

"We were just doing that." Kate replied and gave Kacey more ice. "What happened when we left My Ready Room?"

"You told the Megarans about the Honor Guard and you managed to get them to agree."

"That's right."

"I, I told my pilots, I told them to do their pre flight checks, then turned everything over to you." Kate gave her more ice when she paused. "You sent the first half of the stingers out then the decoy. Then the rest of the Honor Guard."


"The decoy expolded and the guns took out the field. I got real dizzy and I think I may have grabbed your arm."

"You certainly did. You gave me a heck of a bruise. You have quite the grip."

"I told tactical to fire at the clouds and... and I do not remember anything after that."

"That is when you collapsed. You have been unconscious for over a week. Why don't you rest for awhile. When you wake up again, Natalia will be here." Kate told her.

Kacey closed her eyes without argument. Her slow even breathing told them she was soon asleep."

"Her short term memory seems to be intact. Now we just have to worry about her long term." Dr. McCloud said.

To be continued...

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