Sick bay was a flurry of activity. Each bed was occupied with various degrees of injuries. Those with minor injuries were sent to the hospital with qualified medics in attendance. Those with more serious injuries were lined up in the triage area. The Doctor looked at the scans in front of him.

"Doctor, the Colonel's family is in the waiting area along with the Marines you requested."

"Is the Colonel still unconscious?"


"Lets keep it that way for now. Resetting that shoulder will be very painful. I cannot give her anything for the pain with her head wound."

"Do you want to see her family first. Her mother is very upset because we will not let them come in."

"I will talk to them now. Are all the Colonel's cuts cleaned and bandaged?" The nurse nodded, as the Doctor walked into the waiting area.

"Captain, Commanders, Mrs. O'Malley, let me start by saying that the Colonel is alive. She has several injuries that were in need of attention. Besides the head laceration and several cuts on her back, she also has a concussion and a dislocated shoulder. She is still unconscious."

"Can we see her Doctor?" Patricia asked.

"I want to get her shoulder reset before anyone sees her."

"I want to be there when..."

"No Patsy darlin. I know what has to be done and tis not a sight you would be wanting to see. You do what you have to do lad." Liam stated and put his arm around his wife.

"Thank you Commander." He turned to the Marines. "You men come with me."

The Marines followed the Doctor into Sick Bay. The door closed behind them. Anya held Kate in her arms as they waited. The Queen walked in on the scene. Several bandages covered a myriad of cuts.

The men gathered around the bed where their commander lay.

"You two need to get a good grip on her legs. Lay across them if you need to. Lieutenant the same on her right arm and shoulder. Captain, I will need you to put you hand here and here." He indicated a spot near her head and upper arm just under the shoulder. Make sure you are in a comfortable position and have a good grip. I don't know how far I will have to pull to get the shoulder reset. This has to be done in one smooth motion."

"Doc we have all done this before and know what it takes. Do what you have to do." The Captain stated. "Sorry Colonel." He whispered.

"All right, lets get this done. Ready?" They all nodded. The Doctor took a deep breath, picked up Kacey's arm and pulled the arm slowly and smoothly. From the second he pick up her arm she started to thrash about. "You have to keep her still. I only want to have to do this once." Kacey screamed as the Doctor pulled her arm. He felt the muscles and tendons pull and the bone line up. He release the arm to go back in smoothly. The joint went back into place with an audible pop. Kacey jumped and even though still unconscious she screamed again.

Everyone inside and outside the Sick Bay heard her screams. Liam tightened his hold on Patricia. Kate cried softly into Anya's shoulder.

"Liam let me go I need to be with Kacey."

"No Patsy darlin. Not yet. But the worst is over. Let them finish." Liam said softly as his wife cried.

The Marines walked out of sick bay. The saluted Kate, spoke softly to Patricia and Liam then left the waiting area. Natalia approached the four.

"You Majesty, please join us." Liam said.

Kate hastily wiped her face and turned to the Queen. She took deep breath. "Your Majesty, please let me introduce my parents. Commander Liam and Patricia O'Malley and my spouse Anya Jensen."

"It is a pleasure to meet you all."

"Your Majesty," Liam said, "Tis a pleasure. Please join us."

"Are you sure? Before you answer, Mrs. O'Malley, you need to know I am the reason the Colonel was injured. I wasted time arguing with her about leaving and it cost her."

"Queen Natalia, I wish I could be angry with you, but I cannot. The reason my daughter is laying in there now is because she takes her oath very seriously. Her orders were to make sure you were safe. She did just that. In her mind no injury would ever stop her from following orders. Please join us your Majesty."

"Natalia, please. I am now a Queen without a country to rule." Natalia said with a smile.

"Bridge to Captain"

"Damn it." Kate angrily stated. "Go ahead Bridge."

"The Stingers have all returned along with the shuttles and the remainder of the survivors. They report no additional survivors found."

"Thank you Bridge. Relay to them Good Job. Lieutenant Minor take the ship up to one hundred fifty thousand kilometers and hold there. Advise all ships to follow."

"Yes ma'am"

"Communications contact Central Command and advise them that the mission has been completed. Tell them our coordinates and we are waiting for the rescue ships."

"Yes Captain."

The communicator went silent. They waited another twenty minutes before the Doctor came out.

"The Colonel's shoulder has been reset. All cuts and lacerations have been closed. We did have to shave her head around the lacerations. She is still unconscious. Which for right now is a good thing. When she does wake up she will be in a great deal of pain that I can not give her anything for."

"When can we see her?" Patricia asked.

"Right now. We have moved her into a private section of Sick Bay. Do not be shocked when you see her. Right now she is in a device that will keep her arm and shoulder immobile. The tendons and muscles around the shoulder were pulled when we reset the joint."

"Will there be any lasting damage?"

"She should make a full recovery and be back playing the violin long before I think she should. As of this point Captain, Colonel O'Malley is relieved of duty for medical reasons."

"Good luck with that Doctor." Liam stated.

"I will show you where she has been moved."

Natalia hung back as the family walked into the Sick Bay. Liam held the door open. He looked at her and smiled. She followed the family.

Kacey lay on the bed. Her eyes still closed. The white of the bandage stood out in stark contrast against her dark hair. Her arm was encased in a metal brace to hold it immobile while it healed and her arm was strapped across her chest.

"Oh my poor child" Patricia cried.

"She will not like for ye to be callin her that Patsy." Liam said.

"It is just so hard to see her like this."

"Darlin if you had seen this happen you would have thought her injuries to be much worse. It was Natalia who helped her to her feet and into the shuttle."

"You all saw this happen?"

"Mom from the second she left the hanger, we had a video lock on her." Kate told her mother.

"I want to see that video."

"No mom, you really do not"

"Patricia," Anya stepped in. "Believe me it is not something you want to see."

"Patsy darlin..."

"Don't," Patricia interrupted. Don't any of you presume to know what I want and do not want to see."

"Katie, she is right. She deserves to see for herself."

Movement from the bed and a gasp of pain from Kacey stopped their conversation. They watched as Kacey licked her lips. Patricia leaned down to speak softly to her daughter.

"That's it sweetheart. Time to wake up. Let me see those beautiful blue eyes. You can do it."

Kacey opened her eyes a fraction then shut them quickly. "Too bright" She whispered.

Kate spoke. "Computed lower the lights in Sick Bay room for by fifty percent." The lights dimmed.

"Try again Kacey." She opened her eyes again.

"Welcome back little sister." Kate said

"Younger sister Kate." She responded.

"How are ye feeling lassie?" Liam asked.

"Like I was hit by an asteroid. What happened?"

"How far back can you remember?" Anya asked.

"Found the Queen. Got her out of the palace... we argued... beautiful stubborn woman..." Natalia blushed at the comment. "Had to pick her up... almost got to shuttle... then nothing after that."

"It was not an asteroid that hit you. But you were hit by falling debris. You were dazed but the Queen was able to get you up and in the shuttle."

"The Queen, is she safe?"

"I am right here Colonel. Thank you for saving my life."

"Had to save you. Could not let someone so beautiful die. What are the damages?"

"Cuts and bruises, a concussion and dislocated shoulder."

"That's why I feel like shit. How did I get here?"

"Natalia said you insisted on piloting the shuttle yourself until you passed out. You managed to turn the auto pilot on before you lost consciousness. We were able to tractor you in. How you were able to get that close with those injuries is a miracle." Liam told his daughter. "You also mentioned something about the wee folk being around and having a wee drop too much."

"You can see the whole thing when you are better." Kate said with a smile.

"Will I still... violin... play violin..." She stopped as she lost consciousness again.

Patricia whispered in her ear. "Do not worry darling, you will still be able to play." She straightened just as the doctor walked in.

"She woke for a short time doctor." Anya stated.

"Was she lucid?"

"Yes she remembered everything up to being hit with debris."

"She will be in and out for a couple days. We will have her on concussion watch through the night."

"What is that?" Kate asked.

"Someone will wake her every hour or so and ask her questions to make sure she has not lost anything."

"Can we help doctor?"

"As a matter of fact you can. We are still backed up with injuries from Marcus Prime. That will help."

"We will all take shifts." Patricia stated. "After I watched that video." She looked pointedly at Kate who sighed.

"Bridge to Captain"

"Go ahead Bridge."

"Captain I have Admiral Tacker on line. He is demanding an update."

"Tell Admiral Tucker what he can do with his update..."

"Katie." Liam exclaimed.

"Tell the Admiral I will get back to him shortly."

"Will do Captain."

"While you take Patricia to your Ready room, I will wait here Kate." Anya said. "Seeing it happen once was enough for me."

"Do you mind if I wait also?" Natalia asked.

"I would like the company." Anya said and kissed Kate before they left.

To be continued...

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