"Bridge to Captain Jensen."

Kate came out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel. Her hair wet from the shower. She picked up her communicator. "Go ahead Bridge."

"Captain, you and Queen Natalia are needed on the needed on the Bridge."

Anya came into the bedroom and listened to the conversation. "What is going on?" Kate asked.

"The geologists say that Marcus Prime is not going to last much longer. Last quake measured a nine point six."

"Be there shortly. Notify Commander O'Malley."

Kate dressed quickly, grabbed a sip of coffee. Kissed her wife and children.

"I will take the children to day care, Kate. Then join you on the Bridge."

"See you there darling. You girls be good today." They both nodded.

Kate left their quarters, walked the short distance to Kacey's quarters where the Queen was staying and rang the bell.

"Come in." The voice from inside said. Kate pushed the button and walked in. She took in the folded blanket and pillow on the couch. Other that than not a thing was out of place to show that anyone was in the quarters.

"Good morning Captain" Natalia said.

"Not sure how good a morning it will be, your Majesty. I just received word that Marcus Prime is about to be destroyed. I don't know if you want to see that happen." Kate said. "Your Majesty, you know you could have used Kacey's bed instead of sleeping on the couch."

"Want to see it? No, but I owe it to my people to stand witness to the last throes of a place we have called home for many years." Natalia followed Kate out the door and into the lift. "I felt funny about using the Colonel's bed. So I found blankets and a pillow in the closet."

"Deck one" Kate stated.

"I know this will sound ghoulish, but I feel I owe it to all my people who lived, were born and died on Marcus Prime To be a witness to its final moments. To say a final good bye."

"No it is not ghoulish at all, your Majesty. It is your History. A History of your people and their survival."

The lift door opened on the bridge. Kate directed Natalia to the third chair in the command area of the bridge. The chair that would normally be Kacey's when she visited the bridge. Liam walked in shortly after and sat between Kate and Natalia.

"How are ye holding up lass?" He asked Natalia who only shook her head.

"On screen." Kate ordered.

The video screen lit up. Off in the distance they could see Marcus Prime.

"Can you zoom in Ensign?"

"Yes ma'am." The Ensign pushed buttons and the video changed to a relative close up of Marcus Prime. They could see all the damage the quakes left behind. The square where Kacey landed in front of the palace was gone. As was the palace and all the building in the city. All that was left was a tremendous hole. They watched as a series of quakes hit causing pieces to fly off into space. One final quake hit and the explosions that followed, destroyed Marcus Prime, until nothing was left but dust. Many pieces flew out toward the Andromeda.

Natalia watched through tear filled eyes as her home was destroyed. She said her final good bye to the only home she had ever known.

"I am so sorry lassie," Liam said. "Tis never easy to lose your home no matter how it happens. Tis never easy."

"Thank you Commander." Natalia said softly.

"Captain you have an incoming message from Captain Peterson with the rescue ships."

"On screen." Kate ordered.

"Captain Jensen, I am Captain Peterson of the star cruiser Orion. We are about five days away."

"That is good to hear." Kate said.

"Unfortunately we are being held up by the Perseus meteor shower. As soon as it passes we will be on our way again. It may take a day or two extra. We are carrying extra supplies for you as well as a special package from High Command for your eyes only."

"We are holding at four hundred fifty thousand kilometers above the coordinates for Marcus Prime. It was destroyed a few minutes ago."

"We will adjust our heading Captain. Orion out."

The screen went dark and showed only the space dust still floating about.

"A special package for my eyes only. That sounds ominous Liam." Kate said.

"Aye Katie it does." Liam responded.

"Captain," Natalia said, "Looks like you will be stuck with me a while longer."

"I do not think of it as being stuck with you."

"I agree lassie. I also think my daughter like you."

"You can not take anything she said as truth. She was in a lot of pain and just regaining consciousness."

"Time will tell, lass. Time will tell."

"Liam would you see about getting Queen Natalia a communicator?"

"Of course Katie darling. Did you get a chance to get to Sick Bay this morning?"

"Barely managed a sip of coffee before I got the message. How about you?"

"Aye, you mother and I were up around zero four hundred hours."

"Anything wrong?"

"No Katie, you mother spent most of the night pacing and worrying, so we went down to the Sick Bay. Once she saw that Kacey was sleeping, she was able to relax and finally dozed off. I left them both sleeping."

"Someone else had that same type of night Liam." Anya said from her post directly behind them.

"Is there anything pressing that needs my immediately attention?"

"Not a thing Katie." Liam answered. "Seeing how our shifts are not scheduled to start for another hour, how about I buy you three lasses a cup of coffee then we can go see your sister?"

"Lieutenant the Bridge is yours"

"Aye Captain."

The group left the Bridge as the Gamma crew retook their places.

To be continued...

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