Beyond the Farthest Planet

by Psyche-b

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"KACEY." Kate yelled. Maximum warp to her last coordinates. Go to red alert. Shields at maximum."

The view screen showed the Stingers as they surrounded Kacey's shuttle. The ships all returned fire with the still unseen craft. An explosion followed lucky shots from the Stingers and Kacey.

"How long until we are at their coordinates?"

"Two minutes Captain."

"Kacey, hang on. We are coming to help you." Kate stated.

"Roger Kate. The ships that are attacking are cloaked. We can only guess where they... Wait."

"What is it? Kacey report." Kate ordered. "KACEY."

"Hang on Kate." Kacey yelled over the sounds of battle. "Come on you bastards, fire at me so that I can see you." Kacey taunted her unseen foe. "There you are." Kacey fired. "Gotcha you son of a bitch." She swore as an explosion sounded. "They have to uncloak to fire their weapons. Watch for it." She ordered. "It will just be for a second and it will be a small area. When you see anything out of the ordinary, lock your weapons on it and fire."

More and more explosions sounded as the Stingers and Kacey began to decimate the cloaked enemy. The Stingers that ran guard duty around Andromeda entered the battle. Andromeda arrived within seconds. The big guns locked on the weapons signatures and fired. The enemy numbers were quickly outgunned by the superior fire power of Andromeda. Once hit, the cloaked ships became visible.

"Cease fire." Kate ordered. Andromeda's guns fell silent as they waited for any signs of resistance. There were no further shots fired at them.

"Looks like their buddies bugged out." Lieutenant Minor stated.

"I think you are right, Lieutenant." Kate said. "Damage report?"

"No damages reported, Captain. The shields held."

"Good. Kacey what are your damages? Are you injured?"

"No injuries except to my pride, Kate. Those bastards knocked out my engines. I will need a tow in. While we are at it how about towing in a few of the enemy fighters so that we can find something out that could help us in the future? Who know we might even be able to copy their cloaking technology."

"Good idea Kacey." Kate said. "I will see about a tow for you."

"We have this Captain." One of the pilots stated. "Two Stingers backed up to Kacey's shuttle. Tow cables snaked out and latched onto the hull of the Shuttle. Other Stingers prepared to tow the enemy fighters into the Hanger.

"Drop shields over the Hanger." Kate ordered. "I will be in the Hanger. Commander you have the Bridge."

"Aye Katie."


Kate waited behind the air lock doors as the next wave of Stingers went out. The incoming ships landed. Those Stingers towing damaged fighters pulled their cargo into the Hanger. The last to land was Kacey's shuttle. The Hanger doors closed and the atmosphere restored. Once the air lock doors opened, Kate ran to Kacey's shuttle. The Marines pushed it into the repair area. Mechanics converged on the shuttle as the ramp opened. Kate grabbed her arm.

"Are you sure you have no injuries?"

"Hold on Kate." Kacey said "Check the exhaust port. I took a hit there and it knocked my engine off line."

"We will check it out Colonel and have this baby purring in no time."

"Good. Get on it, I want another crack at those bastards. Also tear apart those fighters. See if you can find their cloaking devices and find a way to adapt them to our ships."

"Will do Colonel."

Kacey turned to Kate. "You look like Hell Kate. Come into my office."

As soon as the door was closed, Kate grabbed Kacey and pulled her into a tight embrace. Kacey could feel the tremors pulsing through Kate's compact body. Kacey held her for several heartbeats before leading her to the couch where she pushed her down. She went to the replicator.

"Brandy neat." She said. The glass materialized. Kacey brought it to Kate. "Drink" She ordered. Kate took a healthy swallow of the brandy. The color returned to Kate's face and the tremors subsided.

"Are you all right? Really?"

"Kate I am fine. The only injury I sustained was to my pride. Those fuckers got in a lucky shot and hit the exhaust port. The only area the shields do not cover. Knocked out my engines." Kacey sat next to Kate. "Finish your drink." She ordered.

"Hey who the Hell is the Captain here?"

"There you are." Kacey joked. "You had me worried."

"DO YOU THINK THIS WAS SOME SORT OF GOD DAMN JOKE?" Kate yelled. "You could have been killed out there today."

"I know that Kate, but I was not hurt. The new shields held."

"Why were you pushing the speed out there? Don't tell me it was just to see how the new sensors worked at higher speeds."

"I was for the first few minutes."

"Why the Hell did you continue after the initial test?"

"Truthfully, Kate, I don't know. Wait, yes I do know. I wanted to find the source of those masked signatures before you made me turn around."

"If you had been out there alone as you usually are, you would have been in big trouble."

"Kate give me some God damn credit here. Why do you think I had five Stingers with me? I told my pilots to stick together. I was not going to go against my own orders."

"That is good to here. But let me tell you this little sister. If you ever hope to go back out there you had better wise up, because I could always clip your wings again. You are no longer a wild and crazy teenager any more. You are a married woman with a child on the way. It is time you god damn start acting like one and stop taking chances with your life."

"You are right Kate about most of what you said. I should not have been so foolish out there. "

"WHAT?" Kate could not believe what she heard. "Would you repeat that?"

"You heard right. I admitted it was a foolish thing to do."

"Who are you and what have you done with my sister?"

"I am right here, Kate. Relish the fact that I admitted I was stupid, because it will never happen again." Kacey admitted. How did Natalia take to my being a sitting duck out there, while pirates were shooting at me? Was she upset?"

"We all were. You had better be prepared to do some major groveling tonight."

"I think you may be right. Any suggestions?"

"Anya loved foot massages when she was pregnant, especially when she had been standing all day. She still likes them occasionally. Flowers, candy, dinner and dancing might also work." Kate told her. "Kacey, I want you to promise me you will stop the reckless behavior out there."

"I can not promise that Kate. However, I will try my best to not take chances when I am out there. But Kate remember one thing, I was not the wild and crazy teenager, you were. I remember those parties you told me about. I was just boring and antisocial."

"Fair enough. Now go take your wife out for lunch and start groveling. Oh, dad found out about your smoke sticks. He was surprised that you still used them and that I knew, we all knew you still used them. I think it is time to stop calling them your good luck charm after today."

"Nah, I am here aren't I. The luck is still there."

"You are hopeless." Kate stated.

"But you still love me, Kate. Admit it."

"Go take Natalia to lunch."


                                 CHAPTER 17 B

      Kacey made several stops before she returned to her quarters.  She had logged off duty early to get everything prepared.  First stop was the shop deck where she purchased several items.  Then to the Mess Hall to pick up their dinners.  She took out the candles and set the table. She placed several discs in the player and turned them on.  She replicated two roses, red and  yellow.  The red she placed by Natalia's place.  The yellow she would hand to her as soon as she walked in the door.  Kacey checked the time before moving into the bedroom where she laid out the outfit she purchased for Natalia.  A quick shower and she dressed in her dress blue uniform.  

      She heard Natalia enter the code for their quarters as she came out of the bedroom.  Kacey quickly lowered the lights and picked up the yellow rose as she waited for the door to open.

     "Kacey is something wrong with the... oh?"  she took in the sight of Kacey in her uniform and the rose.

      "Sweetheart, I am so sorry I gave you cause to worry today.  I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."  Kacey handed the rose to Natalia.

      "That was absolutely beautiful, Kacey.  I love you."

      "This is just the beginning of what I hope will e a magical evening for you.  Kacey took Natalia in her arms and kissed her.  "There is a special outfit on the bed for you.  I will get our dinner set out while you change."

      "Flowers, a new outfit, candlelight, dinner, romantic music, are you after my forgiveness or trying to seduce me?"

      "Both, which ever one works."  Kacey said and kissed Natalia again.  Natalia went into the bedroom to change.  Kacey lit the candles and took their dinners out of the heating until.  She filled their plates.  She fixed Natalia a cup of tea from the carafe and poured herself a brandy.  She carried the tray to the table.  After she finished she sat on the couch and watched the closed bedroom door.

      She stood up when the door finally opened.  Natalia came out wearing the light green robe that hugged her in all the right places.  She smiled at the sight of her love.

      "Did you buy this for me or for you, Colonel?"

      "Yes.  You look absolutely beautiful.  Even better than I pictured."  Kacey offered her arm to Natalia.  "May I escort you to dinner?"

      "Certainly Colonel."  Natalia said and took Kacey's arm as they walked to the table.  Kacey held out her chair for her.  "Kacey did you by any chance remember to cancel the girls practice for tonight?"

      "Shit no."  She hit the private call button on her communicator.  "Kate?"

      "Yes Kacey."

      "I need to cancel the girls lesson for tonight."

      Kate laughed.  "All right.  Make sure you put the time to good use groveling."

      "Bye Kate."  She disconnected.  "Yes I have cancelled the girl's lesson for tonight.

      Natalia picked up the red rose.  "I love you too, Kacey."  They ate dinner.  "What did Kate mean about groveling?"

      "I hope to earn your forgiveness for my lapse in judgment today."

      "Does that mean I get to do whatever I want to you tonight?"

      "Yes.  What ever you want to do."

      "Oh I get to use my imagination."  Kacey swallowed audibly.

      "Will I regret this?"

      "Wait and see sweetheart."

      They finished their dinner and desert.  Kacey cleared away their dirty dishes and put them into the cleaning unit.  Natalia watched her.

      "Would you like another cup of tea?"

      "What I want, is to dance with you"

      "Your wish is most enjoyably  my command."  Kacey went to Natalia and offered her hand which was readily taken.  Kacey led her to the living room where she held her as they moved with the music around the room.  Natalia rested her head against Kacey's chest and listened to the strong steady heart beat beneath her ear.  She raised her arms to Kacey's neck and pulled her head down for a kiss.  She teased the lips with her tongue.  The lips opened readily.  Their tongues danced for several heartbeats.  When they separated, Natalia lay her head back against Kacey's chest.  She smiled as she picked up on the quicker rhythm.

      "I think you enjoyed that Colonel.  Your heart beat has increased."

      "After that kiss, only a dead person would not respond."  They stopped dancing.

      "Please don't mention dead people.  You could have been one of them today."

      "I am sorry sweetheart."

      "You are forgiven for that comment but only that comment.  I have not yet thought of a suitable punishment for your actions.  I will let you know when we can stop dancing."

      "I could dance with you all night.  You feel so very good in my arms."

      "I love being in your arms.  So safe and protected and very, very loved."  She pulled Kacey's head down for another kiss.  Kacey was breathless when Natalia returned her head to Kacey's chest.  She worked one button free on Kacey's uniform tunic, while Kacey skillfully moved them around the room.  She felt the second button open.  Natalia moved her hand down and the third button opened, then the fourth.  She reached up to loosen Kacey's tie.

      "Can I help you?"  Kacey whispered.

      "Nope, I can do this, Colonel.  Why doesn't the Marine Corps use clip on ties?  Those would be so much easier to remove."

      Kacey chuckled.  "It builds fortitude?  The Marine Corps feels we should be able to take the time to fasten a real tie.  You can send that request to General Millhouse and the President asking them to change the ties.  I can suggest removing a tie is easier with two hands."

      "Are you making fun of me Colonel?  That would not be a good thing right now."

      "I would not dream of doing that Talia."

      Natalia raised her head and used both hands to loosen the perfectly knotted tie.  Kacey bent down to allow Natalia to lift the tie over her head.  Natalia dropped the tie on the coffee table.  She unbuttoned the top button on the white shirt.

      "When you are in your uniform, at what point are you considered out of uniform?"

      "If we were out in public, I would have been considered out of uniform, the second you undid the first button on my tunic."  Kacey stated.

      "What about in your own quarters?"

      "There are no rules then."

      "Good."  Natalia kissed her again, while she worked on the shirt buttons.

      Kacey felt herself responding to Natalia's actions, as they continued to dance.  Kacey felt Natalia's hand pull her shirt out of her trousers and slip inside her shirt and run her fingertips over her chest and captured her breast.  Natalia rubbed the breast through the bra and felt the tip grow hard.

      "Kacey, did you mean it when I said I could do anything?"

      "I certainly did."

      "This is what I want you to do.  I want you to go into the bedroom.  Remove all your clothes and lay on the bed with your eyes closed.  I will be in shortly."

      "Can I ask one favor?"

      "Nope.  Go Colonel."  Natalia said and gave her a small push.

      "Yes ma'am."  Kacey said and went into the bedroom.

    Natalia waited for several minutes to give Kacey time to followed her instructions.  She turned the volume of the music up a small amount before she want into the bedroom where Kacey waited for her.

    "Make sure you keep your eyes closed."

    "I will."

    Natalia knelt on the bed and leaned over to kiss Kacey.  Her tongue demanded entrance which was readily granted.  She felt Kacey responding and brought her hands to tease her nipples into firmness.  Then she quickly left the bed.

      "No peeking."  Natalia ordered.

    Kacey could hear Natalia moving around their bedroom.  She listened as Natalia took items out of their special drawer and tried to guess which items she would use.  Then the only sound she could hear was the music.  When she returned, she felt Natalia's mouth on her breast, gently nipping the sensitive flesh.  Her nipples hardened under the assault.  Then she was gone again.  Kacey moaned in protest.  With her eyes closed, Kacey could only hear movement.  The next sensation she felt was one of ice cold as she felt drops on water on her nipples. 

    "What the Hell."  She gasped.

    "Shh, you are not allowed to talk, Colonel."  The ice cold drops continued.  Her nipples hardened further from the cold.  She gasped with each drop.  Then she felt the tight constrictions as Natalia applied the clamps and tightened them slightly.  Then the cold was back. The clamps were tightened again.  The drops continued.  She felt Natalia move her legs apart.  Then her hand as she probed her center and entered her quickly.  "I think you are enjoying this Colonel."  You can nod if you are."  Kacey nodded her head.  "That's good."  Kacey felt Natalia reach across her body and take something from the night stand.  She gasped when she felt the cold against her clit as the ice Natalia put in her mouth came in contact with her over heated skin. "Kacey roll onto your stomach.  I will not let you roll off the bed."  Kacey turned slowly towards Natalia's voice.  She stopped when the clamps came into contact with the bed.  "All the way over."  Kacey took a deep breath in preparation for the discomfort that was to come and lay on her stomach.  She waited for the discomfort to level off.  She was caught by surprise by the slap and started to moved.  "Lie still."  Natalia ordered and delivered several more slaps.  Kacey knew that was not her hand and groaned as the slaps continued.  Her breathing sped up. The slaps stopped and Natalia was gone again.  The cold was back as Natalia rubbed the ice chips over the redden sore flesh.  Kacey hissed at the stinging. "You can turn over now sweetheart."  Kacey obeyed Natalia's orders. 

You did tell her she could do anything.  Suck it up O'Malley .  She told herself.

    Kacey took a sharp breath as Natalia entered her again quickly.  She had not felt that filled.  Natalia began moving her hand driving Kacey closer and closer o the edge but denied her release.  Kacey felt the clamps tightened again.  This was beginning to get very uncomfortable for her.
"You are being very good Kacey.  Is there something you would like me to do?"  Kacey nodded.  "Show me."  Kacey brought her hand down and opened herself for Natalia's view in hope that she would take the hint.  Natalia took Kacey's hand and placed it on her clit.  "Show me."  Natalia said again.  Kacey started to move her hand against the hard bead.  Natalia kept her hand in contact with Kaceys as she pressed down to put more pressure on the bead.  "Do you want release?"  Kacey nodded.  "Then stop and remove your hand."  Kacey moaned but did as ordered.  She felt Natalia's mouth on her, sucking and nipping at the bundle of nerves.  Natalia increased the tempo of her hand and tongue and soon Kacey went over. Natalia kept at her not letting her climax end. 

    "Shamrock."  Kacey gasped.  Natalia stopped her motions.

    "Are you absolutely sure?"

    "Shamrock."  She repeated.

    Natalia slowly removed her hand and lay her head on Kacey's firm stomach as she looked up at her love. "You can open your eyes now sweetheart." Kacey slowly opened her eyes and looked down at Natalia smiling up at her.  Natalia moved to Kacey's side and removed the clamps.  She lightly kissed each abused tip which caused Kacey to gasp in pain.  She held Natalia in her arms.

    "Is it all right to talk now?"  Kacey asked.


      "What did you use?  That was not your hand."

      "Just a little something Anya and I found in the replicator inventory book.  You should check it out sometimes.  There are all sorts of guides in there also.  Some that Anya was not aware of."

      "I knew Anya would be a bad influence on you."  Kacey joked.  "What can I do for you, holder of my heart?"

      "Use your imagination.  I know you have one."   


To be continued...


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