"Kacey, I can always rescind permission and demand you return immediately to Andromeda." Kate stated.

Kacey shook her head. "Sorry mates, that is all I have. The Captain is watching. Go back to your herd." Kacey said as she walked back to the camp fire. The animals made a sound like a whinney.

"Did you have horses when you were younger?"

"I did most my life. I was also a member of the Marine Honor Guard and Dressage team all four years I was at the Academy."

"What is Dressage?"

"I have always considered it to be like ballet on horseback. Horse and rider have to preform a series of pre determined movements from memory. It take a lot of practice as the commands are non verbal and communicated through the hands, knees and feet. The movements must be smooth and invisible to those watching."

"Between your studies, music, horses and the Marines, your days must have been forty hours long."

"Standard twenty four, but, that is why the first date I had ever gone on was when I took you out to dinner on Andromeda. I never had time for anything else, especially a love life."

"I am really glad then. That way we can learn together. I have an idea. What would you say to going inside, closing the ramp and locking out the rest of the world?"

"I would say you start bringing in our stuff while I put out the fire." Kacey poured a pail of water on the fire, kicked dirt on the remaining embers to make sure it was out. She helped Natalia bring in the rest of their supplies. Before she entered the shuttle, she pushed the private call button. "Good night Kate. Remember video on the outside of the shuttle only." Kacey heard Kate's laughter as she closed the ramp.

"The only illumination inside the shuttle was the lights above the bed. " Computer darken all shuttle windows." The windows darkened and shut out the rest of the world. Together they brought out the inflatable mattress and set it on the floor. Kacey pushed the button to inflate the mattress. She grabbed sheets and a thermal blanket from one storage area and pillows from another. They made the bed.

They took care of their personal needs. Natalia made Kacey go first, as she removed several items from her back pack. Kacey lay on the bed as she waited for Natalia to come out of the bathroom. The door opened. Kacey swallowed to moisten her throat that was suddenly very dry. Natalia wore an emerald green peignoir set. The sheer robe portion revealed a matching bra and pantie set. Kacey watched as Natalia walked slowly towards her.

"Do you trust me Colonel?" Natalia asked.

"Completely." Kacey whispered.

Natalia reached to the shelf near the bed and removed an object she handed to Kacey. "You have to minutes to look all you want but you can not touch. After those two minutes you are to put the blind fold on. Understand?"

"I understand." Kacey barely managed to get out.

Natalia set the timer. She slowly undid the tie holding the robe closed and let it slide to the floor. She turned full circle and let Kacey see her. When she once again faced Kacey she reached up to very slowly undo the tie holding the bra in place. She slowly let it fall to join the robe. Once again she turned around. She then undid first one tie then the other on the panties. She let them fall to the floor. Once again she turned very slowly until she once again faced Kacey. The timer went off.

"Your two minutes are up, Colonel."

Kacey slipped the blind fold over her head with hands that trembled. She swallowed hard. Kacey was unable to see anything. She felt Natalia's knees on either side of her hips. Natalia leaned forward and whispered. "Remember no touching until I give your permission." She licked Kacey's ear which caused her to shiver. Natalia captured Kacey's lips as her tongue demanded entrance, which Kacey happily granted. Their tongues danced until they were both breathless. Natalia moved to the side of Kacey's neck and proceeded to leave her mark on her wife in an area that would be visible to everyone.

Natalia massaged Kacey's breasts. She felt the nipples harden in her palms. She took one rigid tip into her mouth. Natalia gently bit down and sucked on the tip. Running her tongue across it it increasing strokes. She moved to the other breast and repeated what she had done. She sat up and pinched the nipples making Kacey moan in pleasure. Natalia reached up to the shelf and removed the clamps.

Kacey, listen to me. If at any time you want to stop, if it gets too much for you just say Shamrock. Until you say Shamrock, I will not stop. Understand?"

"I understand." Kacey replied.

Natalia continued to pinch the nipples until they were stiff peaks. She quickly applied the clamps. Kacey gasped the sensation. Her breathing quickened. Natalia leaned forward again and kissed Kacey. She then left her mark on the other side of the smooth neck. Then she was gone. Kacey tried to pin point where Natalia was in the room. She could not see her and she found she could not hear her either. Finally she heard a sound she did not recognize coming from the bathroom. Natalia was back by her side.

"Kacey do you remember when we watched that disc?" Kacey nodded, not trusting her voice. "They said to make this pleasurable you have to relax as much as possible. You must relax. Turn on your right side sweetheart. Don't worry I would not let you fall of the bed." Kacey did as she was told. She felt Natalia grasp her left foot and move it until it touched the mattress. Kacey felt so exposed in this position. "Kacey, I want you to relax. Take deep breaths and relax. Natalia spoke softly. Kacey felt her body relax at Natalia soothing voice. "That's it sweetheart keep relaxing." Kacey felt Natalia's hand on her hip. She felt a slight pull as Natalia opened her for better access. Natalia took her lubricated finger and massaged the small opening. She slowly entered and felt Kacey tense up. "She stopped her movements, and let Kacey get used to the intrusion. "Relax sweetheart. I will not hurt you." Natalia felt the difference and continued to push her finger into the tight opening.

Kacey tried to keep her breathing slow and steady. She found herself responding to Natalia and enjoying the feelings as Natalia moved her finger slowly in and out. Kacey moaned in pleasure. "That's it Sweetheart. Keep relaxing and enjoy the feelings." Natalia continued to move her finger until she thought Kacey was open and ready. She grasped the spheres and began to insert them slowly one at a time until the last sphere disappeared inside her.

"Talia" was all Kacey could say as she felt the vibrations when Natalia turned them on. She took a sharp breath.

"You can turn on your back now sweetheart." Kacey did as instructed. "How does that feel?"

"Incredible." Kacey gasped. Kacey heard Natalia remove the gloves. Natalia kissed her hard. Kacey felt the clamps as they were tighten.

"Do you remember the word to stop?"

"Yes, but I will try not to say it."

"There is that Marine gung ho spirit I love."

"Talia, please?" Kacey begged.

"I am not ready yet, Colonel. We have a lot of time." Kacey licked her lips. "Thirsty?" Kacey nodded. Natalia took a bottle of water and slipped a straw into it. She placed the end of the straw into Kacey's mouth. Kacey drank the water greedly.

Natalia was gone again. Kacey felt hands grasp her ankles and move them apart. "No wonder you were thirstly, there is an awful lot of moisture here." Natalia moved her fingers through the moisture, just barely touching the hard nub. Kacey shivered which made the clamps tighter. Her breathing quickened. Natalia entered Kacey quickly. The copious amount of fluid made entrance easy. Kacey gasped. She felt Natalia move her hand very slowly. Natalia leaned down and licked the hard nub just once which again caused Kacey to jump and the clamps to tighten as her nipples hardened more.

Kacey whimpered. "Please Talia."

"Not yet Colonel." Natalia kept up her slow movements. She would pass her tongue over Kacey's clit just once which made Kacey jump each time. She could feel Natalia's fingers against the spheres as she inserted another digit into the warmth. Natalia felt the walls that surrounded her fingers. Natalia quickened her movements but still only passed her tongue once over Kacey's clit After several minutes, she leaned down and took Kacey into her mouth. She gently sucked on the hard nub. Kacey soon lost control of her breathing and body as it moved on its own as Natalia took her to the edge and pushed her over. Kacey felt the spheres turn off and then removed. But Natalia was not finished with her as she took her over again. Natalia let Kacey come down jut a little and sent her over a third time.

"Shamrock" Kacey gasped.

Natalia stopped and moved to remove the clamps then the blindfold. She kissed Kacey as the blue eyes opened. She saw Natalia smile.

"What is that smile for?" Kacey asked as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

"I just made a rough tough big strong Marine beg for mercy. Me? Little old me?" She bragged.

"You just wait until all the bones return to my body and we will see who does the begging." Kacey stated. "That was totally mind blowing.


They slept with their arms around each other. Outside something bumped against the shuttle. Kacey's eyes flew open. She could hear the animals snuffling near the closed ramp. She moved silently to the window and tried to look out. She could see nothing, until she remember she had the computer darken the windows. "Computer lighten right side window only." The window lightened.

Natalia woke when she heard Kacey's voice. "What is it?" She asked.

"Shh" Kacey whispered. "There is some sort of animal out there."

Natalia wrapped the blanket around herself and joined Kacey at the window. She handed Kacey her sleep shirt. Silently they watched the animals around their campsite.


The computer beeped a warning and woke Kate up. She went to her computer and opened the window. She watched the view of Kacey's shuttle come on. In addition to the outside of the shuttle, she also saw several large cat like animals around the shuttle. Kate picked up the radio Kacey handed her before she left. "Kacey?"


"Kacey be advised there are several large cats near your shuttle."

"We are aware of the situation, Kate. We must be near the animals watering hole. First those horse like animals, now these. They almost look like leopards. Thanks for the heads up, Kate. I guarantee I will not be trying to give them apples."

"That is good to hear. Be careful out there little sister." Kate ordered. "Andromeda out."

Kacey tossed the radio onto their bed. "Lets go back to bed. Those things can not get in. We are perfectly safe in here."

Kacey led Natalia back to their bed. She held the smaller woman protectively in her arms. Natalia relaxed and was soon asleep. Kacey lay awake listening to the animal noises outside. She wondered why the animals were not repelled by the shock sticks. She mentally slapped herself upside the head as she remember her actions the night before. Those damn things only work when they are turned on. Teach you to let your hormones rule your brains. She continue to listen to the animal noises and let them lull her back to sleep, confident they could not get into the shuttle.


Morning came. Kacey was up before Natalia. She started their morning coffee, then pulled the breakfast fixings out of the cooling unit. She would give Natalia breakfast in bed. Then they would call Kate together to report in.

Kacey had breakfast prepared when Natalia woke up. "That smells good." Natalia said, as she started to get out of bed.

"Stay right there. I will bring it to you."

"Breakfast in bed? Very decadent Colonel."

There is a bowl of warm water and a wash cloth next to the bed if you want to wash your face before you eat."

"You thought of everything. You know you are going to spoil me with all this."

"That is my intention, sweetheart. Put your pillow against the wall and sit up. Breakfast is ready."

Kacey carried a tray which she placed on the bed between them. She handed Natalia a plate, poured them each a coffee, and took a plate for herself as she leaned against the wall. They ate in silence for a few minutes.

"This is delicious, Kacey." Natalia said, as she picked up her coffee.

"Thank you. I can make a mean bowl of corn flakes also." Kacey joked. Natalia who had just taken a sip of coffee swallowed quickly to avoid snorting it our her nose as she tried not to laugh. She coughed several times.

"Don't make me laugh just after I take a drink." Natalia scolded her. "Did our visitors do any damage?"

"Not that I could see. The chairs are over turned, the wood we gathered has been scattered, but other than that and having to do cat scat duty, no damage."

"Why didn't the shock sticks keep them out. You said they would stop anything smaller than an elephant."

Kacey cleared her throat. "They will when they are turned on. I thought about turning them on when those horses visited, then someone made me an offer I could not resist and forgot about them. My hormones overrode my brain."

"That will not happen tonight. We, as in you and I, will turn them on together when we have dinner." Natalia stated. "What is on the agenda for today."

"How about a little exploring. We can pack a picnic lunch. After I check in with Kate." Kacey stated.

"When do you want to call her?"

"Not until we both get dressed. We do not need to give those two any ammunition."

"What if you only used the radio to check in? That way we would not have to get dressed until later. Much later."

"You are turning into a wanton woman, Natalia O'Malley."

"Are you complaining? Natalia asked.

"Hell no." Kacey said, as she took their empty plates, placed them on the tray and put the tray on the floor. She gathered Natalia in her arms and kissed her. They both scooted down on the bed. Kacey removed her sleep shirt and bent to take one of Natalia breasts into her mouth.

"Andromeda to Shamrock." Kacey growled.

"There had damned better be a tidal wave, typhoon or at the very least a T-Rex at our door step." Kacey picked up the radio. "Go ahead Andromeda."

"Kacey turn on your computer." Kate ordered.

"Give me a minute." Natalia heard the order and ran into the bathroom. Kacey picked up her sleep shirt and put it on before she turned the computer on. She sat at the console as Kate's face appeared. Natalia came out of the bathroom dressed in t-shirt and shorts.

"How did you make out with your late night visitors?"

"You could not ask me that on the radio?" Kacey asked. "They could not get in because I forgot to give them the code. We were perfectly safe."

"That is not the only thing she forgot Kate," Natalia said, as she sat next to Kacey.

"Why didn't the shock sticks stop them?"

Kacey looked up at the ceiling, giving Kate a good view of her neck. She motioned for Anya to join her.

The shock sticks did not work because 'someone' I will not mention who, forgot to turn them on." Natalia stated.

"What?" Kate shouted. "Kacey how could you be that careless?"

"Kate it was my fault. I distracted her."

"I see" Kate said, with a knowing smile. "Is that when you got bit by some insect?"

"I did not get bit. We have not seen any insects at all."

"Did you get hurt?"


"Then you have two spectacular hickeys on your neck." Anya stated with a laugh. Kacey's hands flew to her neck, a look of shock on her reddening face.

"Thank you Anya. I do try to do good work." Natalia stated.

"You certainly did that, Natalia," Anya said still laughing. Kate joined in, which made Kacey redder.


"Was there something important you wanted to tell us Kate? Something really important like a tidal wave? Or did you just call to bust my chops?"

"No busting chops as you call it. No tidal wave, but we are tracking a storm headed this way."

"When is it expected to hit?"

"Sometimes tomorrow afternoon if it stays on its present course and speed. It is a bigger storm than the one that hit Eternus."

"All right, we will fly back tomorrow morning. Will you call in all the ships and have them get everything prepped and tied down. They can finish mapping the area after the storm passes."

"I will take care of everything. We will keep you posted on the storm. Keep the radio close."

"We were going to go exploring today, but I think we can find other things to occupy ourselves. After I do cat scat duty."

"I am sure you will little sister. Watch out for vampires, Natalia."

Kate and Anya laughed again as the screen went dark. Kacey shut the computer lid. She turned to Natalia with a gleam in her eyes.

"Hickeys" She said. "Hickeys where those two could see them." She walked slowly towards Natalia who backed up until she felt the wall stop her.

"Kacey, sweetheart. Don't do anything rash or something you might regret later." Natalia said.

Kacey continued her slow walk towards her. She had Natalia cornered. "Rash, not me. I intend to take my time with you and I can guarantee I will not have any sort of regrets. Computer darken windows." Kacey said as she picked up Natalia and placed her on the bed. Kacey pulled the shorts and t-shirt off before she removed her own sleep shirt. She kissed Natalia passionately. She moved down to her breasts. Kacey blazed a trail of fire on Natalia's skin every where her lips and hands touched. She moved back up to Natalia's neck and left her mark on the tender flesh. She left an identical mark on the other side to match the ones she herself sported. Natalia felt the marks as Kacey made them but did nothing to stop her.

"Kacey, can I ask you to do something?"

"As long as the request does not mean I have to stop, you can ask me anything." Kacey said as she suckled Natalia's breast.

"I want us to do this together."

Kacey smiled. "That I can do, sweetheart." Kacey placed her knees on either side of Natalia's chest. She bent down offering herself to Natalia as she neared Natalia's center. She felt Natalia's fingers enter her and the tongue upon her clit. Kacey matched the movements. Natalia was close. Kacey could feel it and withheld her own release until Natalia was ready. Kacey felt the tremors around her fingers and let go of herself so that they climaxed almost together.

Kacey carefully moved her leg and gathered the smaller woman in her arms as she lay down next to her. She pulled up the blanket. They lay entwined and secure in their love and both drifted off.


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