Beyond the Farthest Planet

by Psyche-b

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Doctor Amstell picked up her charts and called the Hospital. "Bring a hover chair to Colonel O'Malley's quarters, prepare the birthing room and warm two bassinettes. We have a patient on the way."

"Yes Doctor." The voice answered.

"Kacey we are about to become a family." Natalia stated. "Are we ready for this?"

"We are as ready as we will ever be. I will be by your side sweetheart and together we will bring our children into the world." Natalia leaned on Kacey for support. The chair arrived. Kacey helped Natalia into the chair. She raised the chair and they followed the doctor to the Hospital. Kate and Anya followed them. Patricia held back.

"I will wait for Liam and bring the girls later. You two go be with Kacey. She may need assistance." Patricia said.

"All right mom." Kate stated.

The walk to the Hospital did not take long and and soon she was pacing in the waiting room as the staff got Natalia ready. Kate and Anya watched her pace.

"What the Hell are they doing in there? Kacey demanded.

"There are a few things that need to be done that you really do not need to witness before anyone can go in." Anya told her.

"Like what?" Kacey snapped. "What the hell more do they need to know. Her water broke and she is in labor."

"Kacey relax. They need to check to see how dilated she is, have her change clothes, put the heart monitors on." Anya told her.

"Okay, enough." Kacey stated and held up her hands. "I am sorry I snapped"

"You should have been with Kate when I was in labor." Anya joked. "She screamed for someone to boil water. She even tried to pull rank on the doctors. Needless to say they slapped her down quickly." Kacey laughed.

"Laugh it up little sister." Kate stated. Just remember being in labor gives them the right to call you every name in the book and bring up every single thing you have done wrong. AND they is not a damn thing you can say about it."

"Why on Earth would she do that?"

"You pushed the plunger, which means you got her pregnant. You suffer the consequences."

Kacey paled and sat quickly as if her legs could no longer support her.

"That is enough Kate." Anya ordered.

The door opened. A nurse looked out. "You may come in now." She stated and moved out of the way as Kacey jumped to her feet and ran through the door. Kate and Anya smile and followed at a slower pace.

Kacey found Natalia hooked up to several different machines. An I.V was flowing into her arm. She panicked.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing sweetheart. The machines are just to monitor the contractions and check the babies heart beats, my blood pressure. It is all perfectly normal."

"Where is the doctor? She should be here."

"She is getting changed and will be back shortly. Please relax."

"How are things progressing, Natalia?" Anya asked.

"She said I am six centimeters dilated."

"What does that mean?"

"That means I am not quite..." She stopped as a contraction started. Natalia grabbed Kacey's hand and squeezed.

"Breathe sweetheart. Nice deep breaths. You are doing great. In" She took a breath in. "Out" She let the breath out.

"STOP." Natalia said through clenched teeth. "I know how to breathe, Kacey."

"I'm sorry." Kacey said contritely. "I was only trying to help."

The contraction started to ebb. "I know and I love you for it. Kacey I want to apologize now for things I may say in the next few hours."

"Try not to worry about that. Kate said it was the law or something like that."

"Kate tends to say things she should not." Anya stated. "She forgets how bad she was and wants Kacey to be as bad as her."

"I remember how bad she was towards the end. I am glad I did not see her when the labor started."

"Kacey we didn't decide on the names." Natalia said. "Do you have the list with you?"

"I always carry a copy with me." Kacey unbuttoned her breast pocket and took out a much folded piece of paper which she handed to Natalia.

"What do you think about this one?" She pointed to a name.

"I completely agree with you." Kacey kissed her. She pulled a pen out of her pocket and circled the name they decided on. After refolding the paper, she put it back in her pocket. The Doctor returned and handed Kacey a set of scrubs.

"These should fit you Colonel. You can change in there." She pointed to the door. Kacey left to change. "Would you turn your backs, I need to check Natalia's progress." Kate and Anya turned around to face the door. The doctor lifted the sheet and inserted her gloved hand to check. "Almost seven centimeters." She said and checked the readouts. "Babies are good. Heart beats nice and strong. Your contractions are down to eleven minutes and the last one lasted fifty two seconds. Things are progressing nicely. Try to relax between contractions."

"Is that even possible?"

"Yes. I have seen women sleep between contractions. I can give you something to help you relax if you want."

"No I would like to try it on my own first."

"All right. It is available if you change your mind. I will check back shortly." Doctor Amstell said and left the room. Kacey returned dressed in blue scrubs. She sat by Natalia's side and held her hand. She smiled at her wife.

"What did the doctor say?"

"She said that things are progressing nicely and that I should try to relax between contractions."

"That sounds like good advice, sweetheart." Kacey said.

"I will try after the next contractions. I am really thirsty."

Kacey poured her a glass of water from the pitcher near the bed and handed it to her. She took a few sips and quickly handed the glass back as another contraction started. She grabbed Kacey's hand.

"That's it sweetheart. Hold onto me. You are doing great." Kacey said and winced at the pain of Natalia squeezing her hand. With her free hand she brushed the sweat dampened hair out of Natalia's face. "You are so beautiful."

"If I am so beautiful, you can do this the next time." Natalia snapped.

"I will if we decide to have more children." Natalia closed her eyes as the contraction ended. She did not let go of Kacey's hand.

"More children?" Kate joked. "I would pay to see you pregnant."

"If that is what Talia wants then yes." Kacey shrugged. "What would you have done if Anya wanted more children? Would you have made her go through pregnancy again?"

"She has you there Kate." Anya stated. "So behave or I will make you go out to the waiting room." She gave Kate a stern look. Kate opened her mouth to rely, but closed it quickly when Anya pointed to the door. Kacey smiled at how easily Anya could intimidate Kate.

"I believe the doctor will be kicking us out shortly." Kate stated. I wonder where mom is? She said she would bring the girls and dad."

"They may be in the waiting room." Kacey said.

"Will you be all right?" Anya asked.

"I have to be. Talia is relying on me. I will not let her down."

"Is there anything you want us to bring you?"

"I could use a coffee. That stimulant feels like it is wearing off. But I can get one from the replicator."

"How? Your arms may be long, but in order to get it yourself, you would have to let go of Natalia's hand to do that." Kate said.

"Then you can get it for her, Kate. NOW." Anya ordered.

Kate went to the replicator and brought back a coffee for Kacey that she placed on the table next to the chair. Kacey reached for her coffee but changed her mind when Natalia gasped and squeezed her hand. The doctor walked into the room and checked the readouts.

"That was the strongest one yet." Natalia was panting and bathed in sweat as the contraction ended. "Let me check you again." Kate and Anya turned their backs as the doctor lifted the sheet and checked. "It will not be long now. You are fully dilated."

"I thought labor lasted for hours and hours?"

"It has. I started having pains around ten hundred hours."

"Why didn't you call me. You promised you would." Kacey stated.

"I thought it was just another bout of false labor. I should not have forced you to go to work."

"Try not to worry about it. Every thing ended well. We are both here and soon our little ones will make an appearance. I love you Talia."

"I love you, Kacey." Natalia said as another contraction started. "My body wants to push."

"That is our cue to leave." Anya stated and pulled Kate from the room.

"It is safe for you to push." Doctor Amstell stated as she dropped the foot of the bed down. She moved the stirrups into position. Kacey put her arm around Natalia and helped her sit up to better help the babies to be born. Doctor Amstell moved the table containing the instruments she would need closer. As the contraction ended, the nurse placed Natalia's feet into the stirrups. The doctor folded the sheet back, put on fresh gloves and moved into position. A mirror was place behind her. Blankets and caps were placed by the weighing table in preparation for the birth. After they are born and as long as neither is in distress, they can be here with you. You are only five weeks early. I do not think they will have any problems" She added when she saw them both pale. "Bring in the bassinettes." She told the nurse.


Kate pace across the length of the waiting room. Anya watched her. Liam and Patricia both smiled. The girls sat on their grandparents laps.

"What is that smile for Patsy?" Liam asked.

"Just remembering the night the girls were born. Kacey paced just like Kate is now. She rushed from the airfield still in her flight suit. They are so much alike at times."

"Aye. I remember that. Thought she would wear out the carpet." He joked.

"Mama will we be able to see the babies?" Erin asked.

"Probably but not for too long. Aunt Natty will be very tired." Anya told her.

Kate continued to pace. She stopped long enough to check the time and resumed pacing. "Did it take this long? I don't remember."

Kate it will take as long as it takes. Come sit down." Anya said.

"How can you be so damn calm?" Kate demanded.

"One of us being a wreck is enough. Besides I know what Natalia is going through. It only seems longer on this side of the door."


"One more push, Natalia and the first of your babies will be born. That's it." Kacey helped Natalia. Her arm held her in a sitting position. "Stop pushing. Let the contraction finish." Kacey helped Natalia lay back. Within seconds the first cry filled the air. The baby's cry of anger at leaving her nice warm home for the cold air. "Colonel, would you like to do the honor."

"What? Me?" Kacey stated. She took a deep breath and walked to the foot of the bed. She took the scissors the doctor handed her and cut the cord between the clamps. The doctor handed the screaming blonde girl to the nurse who took her to the table to clean her.

"Our daughter has been born, Talia. She is beautiful."

"I want to see her." Natalia stated.

"As soon as she is cleaned up. You still have a bit of work to do, Natalia." The contraction began as the second child started the journey to the outside world.

"You are doing great sweetheart. Almost done. Soon we will have our two little ones."

"One more good push and the baby will be here." Doctor Amstell told her.

"How about it Talia? One more push?"

"I can do that. We can do that, Kacey." The contraction started. Together they worked to deliver their second child.

"Let the contraction finish." Doctor Amstell stated. Another cry filled the room. "Colonel?" She held the scissors to Kacey to cut the second cord. Both children were now on their own.



Kate had not stopped pacing. Anya looked at Patricia. She stood and went to stand in front of Kate, stopping her.

"What if something has gone wrong? They will be devastated if something goes wrong. Anya so many things can go wrong."

"Kate stop that. Doctor Amstall is a highly skilled doctor Natalia has taken good care of herself. You can not think about things going wrong. It takes time for babies to be born. You should remember that. They have to be cleaned and weighed and dressed. Natalia has to be cleaned and changed before she is ready to see anyone. Be patient, my Kate." Anya put her arms around Kate and held her. She was still holding Kate when the Doctor came to the waiting room twenty minutes later.

"Mothers and babies are doing good. You can all go in now."

It was all Anya could do to keep Kate from knocking the doctor over in her haste to see the newest members of their family. She stopped long enough outside the door to say, "Computer begin recording" She knocked.

"Come in." Kacey called out.

Kate opened the door and walked into the room to find Natalia sitting up with both babies in her arms. The family followed her into the room. When everyone was present, Kacey took one of the babies from Natalia and handed her to Kate.

"I would like to introduce our oldest child by three minutes weighing in at four pounds twelve ounces and seventeen inches long, Caitlyn Aine." Blonde hair peaked out from under the cap she wore. Kate's eyes filled with tears when she realized the baby was named after her and Anya.

"Kacey thank you. She is beautiful" Kate said.

"There was no competition in names. Our choice was clear." Kacey said as she picked up the second baby and went to her parents. "At four pounds nine ounces and sixteen inches long, this is Patrick Liam." She placed the baby in Liam's arms. Thick black hair stuck out from under his cap.

Liam smiled broadly. "A grandson? "He said with pride. "Patsy darling, a grandson. Lass, thank you. Tis a grand honor ye have given your mother and me. I thank ye both." He sniffed and handed the baby to Patricia. "A grandson." He said again. He hugged Kacey. Tis an even grander surprise lass." He went to Natalia and hugged her. Thank ye lass. A grandson." He repeated.

"We had several girls names we thought of, but when we found out one was a boy there was only one choice for him." Natalia told him.

"One good thing about the many blessing we have is that we will not have problems telling them apart." Kacey smiled at Kate.

"Both have lots of hair." Natalia said. "Caitlyn's hair is very blonde like mine. Patrick's is black like Kacey's."

Patricia handed Patrick to Liam and threw her arms around Kacey. "I am also very honored. Thank you."

"It was our pleasure mom" Kacey said and kissed her mother's cheek. Patricia went to Natalia's side. Kate grabbed Kacey.

"Little sister, Anya and I are both honored that you named your daughter after us."

"You have both given us so much support, we could do no less. You are my," she whispered, "big sister." Kacey smiled. "You have been my greatest supporter all my life. This is our thank you to you both."

"Anya handed to baby to Natalia and hugger her sister in law. "Was Kacey as nervous as Kate was?"

"Not that I noticed until the doctor handed her the scissors to cut Caitlyn's cord. Her hands shook so badly I thought she would cut the doctor not the cord. She was better for Patrick." Natalia said.

Kacey returned to Natalia's side and put an arm around her wife's shoulder. "So at four pounds they will be staying in the hospital."

"Doctor Amstell wants to keep them until they reach five pounds. She thinks a few days to a week."

"When Kate found out the girls had to stay she flipped out. I thought the staff would call the authorities or at the very least ban her from the hospital."

"Speaking of the rug rats, they look a little shell shocked over all this activity." Kacey stated and went to get the girls. She brought them to Natalia's side where she lifted them onto the bed.

"Aunt Kacey they are really small." Erica said.

"That they are demon. You were once that tiny also."

"Really? Mama were we that small?"

"You were not much bigger than Patrick when you were born." Anya stated with a smile.

"Wow." Erin said.

"We should let your aunt Natty get some rest." Anya said.

"That sounds like an excellent idea. It has been an exceedingly busy day for you both." Patricia agreed.

"I have to admit, mom, the day is starting to get to me." Kacey admitted. And I did not go through child birth."

"Then we shall leave you both to get some rest."

Kacey hugged her parents and Kate and Anya. Patricia turned to Kacey. "I hope you plan on going back to your quarters to rest."

"Can not make any promises mom."

"Just like Kate and your father." Patricia smiled. "I will bring breakfast for you both in the morning."

The family left leaving the new parents alone. "It has been one hell of a day, sweetheart." Kacey stated.

"That it has and now we have our beautiful babies."

Kacey picked up Patrick and held him close. He grabbed her finger as snuggled against her. Kacey felt her heart fill with love. "You should get some rest."

"Will you go back to our quarters?"

"Maybe later. I would like to just sit here and watch over the three of you for a time. Then I will go." Kacey said as she laid Patrick in his bassinette and pulled the blanket up. She took Caitlyn and did the same. She placed a kiss on each tiny head before she turned to Natalia. She kissed her and lowered the head of the bed. Natalia closed her eyes. Kacey moved the chair between the two bassinettes and lay her head back as she kept watch over her three loves.


To be continued...


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