Beyond the Farthest Planet

by Psyche-b

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Anya had a firm grip on Kate's arm as they left Sick Bay. Kate knew she had a few transgressions to answer for. She also knew that as much as she wanted to pull her arm away from Anya's grasp, that would only anger her more. Neither spoke until they entered their quarters.

"Where are the girls?" Kate asked.

"They are with Patricia and Natalia." Anya responded. "They do not need to see us arguing."

"Oh. Anya I really am very sorry I snapped at you earlier."

"Kate I understand you were worried about Kacey, but there is one thing you know I will not tolerate is being yelled at in front of others." Anya stated. "Do not even think about spouting that Captain's Privilege garbage you are so fond of. There is more than one way to handle yourself in a crises. You even snapped at Liam today. He may tolerate that behavior, I will not. You can not take your frustration and anxiety out on your crew. On top of everything else, you go and hide from me for several hours without informing me where you were."

"You must have realized that I would be in Sick Bay." Kate snapped.

"I realized, but it would have been nice if you had informed me."

"Is your communicator broken? You could have called me. I would have told you my location."

"I was a bit busy helping Patricia with the babies so that Natalia could be with Kacey."

"You do know that you are blowing this all out of proportion."

"Am I really?" Anya asked coldly. Her tone was enough to make Kate back off.

"Darling I truly am extremely sorry. Would you like for me to send out a ship wide announcement for being an ass. I will you know."

Anya put her arms around Kate and kissed her. "That offer is very tempting, but will not be necessary, my Kate." She kissed Kate again."

"Whew." Kate sighed. "How long will mom keep the girls?"

"They are spending the night to give us time alone."



Kacey spent the first few days following her release from Sick Bay following doctor's orders. She had no trouble as her muscles still protested her every move. After three days her muscles started to calm down to the point where she could move with very little pain.

She went with Natalia for her final check up with the doctor. They brought their children to show them off to the medical staff. Once they left the doctor's they wandered through the ship ending up in the Hanger where the mechanics were busy repairing he damaged flyers. Another crew worked on the damaged shuttles outside. Further away engineers were putting together a shield generator to help protect the Brin. They watched the workers for a short time before they resumed their walk.

Kacey had a meeting scheduled with Kate for after lunch to discuss the plans for the upcoming second anniversary party. They headed to the Mess Hall for lunch. Patricia smiled when they walked in. She left her position in the kitchen to meet them.

"There are my little prince and princess." She stated as she bent over the carriage.

"Mom I hope you do not plan on continuing with those names when they are older."

"Would you rather I called them Squeakers like you do?"

"Anything but Prince and Princess. We are not royalty. I do not want them to think they are any more special than any other child."

"Technically, they could be considered royal." Natalia stated.

"How do you figure?" Kacey asked. "You are no longer a queen."

"I could resume my position once we return to Earth, if I choose. Especially now that we have a daughter."

"See I was right." Patricia stated. "Besides they are very special to us."

"Mom." Kacey sighed.

"I am invoking my right as their grandmother to call them whatever I choose. It is the law."

"Let me guess, that law is from some nonexistent grandmother's handbook."

"Yes it is. Go sit down, I will bring your lunches."

They walked to the family table where Kate and Anya were already seated and joined them. Kacey looked closely at Kate's neck where a large mark had started to fade.

"Did you get hurt Kate?"

Kate cleared her throat and pulled her collar higher. "No."

"When did the vampires get you?" Kacey asked with a smile. Natalia nudged her. "Turn about is fair play, or revenge is best served cold, or..."

"Stop that Kacey." Natalia stated.

"Why? That is the same person who teased us not that long ago."

"Give it up, Kacey." Kate said.

"Why should I? You made quite a production when the roles were reversed."

"Kacey don't." Natalia warned. "You need to stop this now."

"All right Talia. Just for you." Kacey stated. "So who else is going to be at this meeting?"

"Mom for the meal, Anya for decorations, you for music and a few others for different areas."

"So quite possibly we will be tied up for a few hours?"

"Do you have other plans?"

Kacey looked at Natalia. "As a matter of fact, we did, but I guess we could postpone them until later."

"Certainly, Kacey. I will be waiting when you get out of your meeting."

They ate their lunch after Patricia and her helpers brought it to them. Once finished they all left the Mess Hall and went to the Ready Room to wait for the rest of the planning committee. Natalia headed for their quarters before the twins woke up for their next meal.

One by one everyone arrived and the meeting started. Several hours later all areas had been covered. The meeting broke up until only Patricia and Anya remained.

"That was very productive." Patricia stated.

"I think so. I also think having the celebration outside is a good idea." Kacey said. "One thing we did not discuss is whether this will be a formal event."

"The first anniversary party was so I see no reason why this one should not be also." Anya offered. "That gives you another chance to wear your night formals."

"Talia does like the way I look in them." Kacey admitted.

"She probably likes you better out of them more." Kate joked.

"Of course. When you got it you got it." Kacey boasted.

"All right you two. That will be enough." Patricia told them.

"I am not the one trying to hide a hickey mom." Kate pulled her sweater collar up again.

"Let's see what you look like when Natalia gets the okay to resume sex." Kate shot back.

Anya sighed and shook her head. "So how are the twins?" She asked changing the subject.

"They are both great. No more colic, than God."

"We know what that was like." Anya stated. "We both understand what Natalia went through."

"I for one was glad mom knew what to do once again." Kacey admitted. "Hey where is dad?"

"He is overseeing the crew building the generator. They have run several pipes from the gas field to connect to the generators."

"I should go see if I can help him." Kacey stated. "Have we found out anything about that trilithium?"

"It has a very short life once it comes out of the ground."

"What does it do?"

"It can be used as a fuel but it is very corrosive and highly explosive." Anya stated.

"From the video of the battle we were able to piece together what happened." Kate added. "The raiders used the trilithium as a fuel. The explosion was the result of the trilithium eating away at the hull of the fuel tanks. Major Anderson's shots hit the already weakened hull and destroyed the ship."


"As long as it is in the ground it is safe. The air seems to release it's destructive properties."

"On that note, I need to speak to Kacey, alone." Kate stated.

Anya and Patricia stood and left the room.


To be continued...


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