Beyond the Farthest Planet

by Psyche-b

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Captain's log seven July twenty one seventy eight,
Our second anniversary has come and gone. We are once again on our journey. We lifted off from the Brin home world after a visit of six weeks. This past year we have met the Gellarians, Vernans and the Brin, who have all been friendly races who were amendable to a relationship with the strange Earth people.
We have also had our share of problems this past year. Life and death situations where both myself and Colonel O'Malley came close to dying. Space phenomena such as an Electrical Ellipsis, planets with double moons or suns. Genetically enhanced animals that attacked without provocation. White outs when the temperature was a balmy fifty degrees. Technologically advance races to primitive. We have learned from them all
While on Brin, we were able to rescue several Vernans prisoners who were taken by raiders and used as slaves to ine dangerous minerals. We will return them to Verna on our return trip. As a thank you gift the Brin brought us several hundred pounds of uncut diamonds. To them there were just pretty crystals to enhance their gas lights. They will be divided up between the crew before we return to Earth.
We have seen many joinings this year. The first births were also recorded when Colonel and Mrs. O'Malley welcomed twins into their family.
The scientists are happily studying all the samples they have collected from each planet we have visited. Our star charts are constantly being with all the information we have managed to collect,
We are now in our third year. I can only wonder what this year will bring.


Personal Journal Colonel Kirsten C O'Malley seven July twenty one seventy eight,
Our second year is behind us. So much has happened it is extremely hard to believe that it is only been a year. Kate almost dying, my almost dying a time or two, the birth of our children, kidnapping, attacks from raiders, rescues of aliens from their captors have made for a busy year.
Kate told me of the lost memory. For the second time, I have brought the guilt under control. Now at least I do not break into a sweat when I attempt to pick up a gun. My hands still shake uncontrollably. Hopefully I will be able to get that under control.
We have weathered the latest upheaval in our relationship. I still consider her my best friend. She and Anya will be Godmothers next week when we have Caitlyn and Patrick christened. We both know we will have more arguments in the future. It is just who we are. During our next year, Kate made it a point in stating that I will reach another milestone in my life. My thirtieth year will arrive.
God only knows what they will plan.
Bring on the third year. We are ready for it. I hope.



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