Beyond the Farthest Planet

by Psyche-b

Chapter 6C

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Kacey and Natalia lay wrapped in each other's arms. Kacey traced patterns on Natalia's back as they relaxed, safe in their love. They had started their family, and they were deeply in love. What more could anyone ask for? They both smiled.

"Did you see how fast your mom grabbed that glass out of my hand tonight?" Natalia asked.

"I thought she took a couple of your fingers off in the process." Natalia laughed. "I will give you fair warning. She will be forcing milk on you every chance she gets."

"Did she do that with Anya?" Natalia asked.

"No, because when Anya was pregnant we all lived in separate houses in Florida. Although she did visit just about daily. She almost drove both of them crazy. Between mom and Kate it is a wonder Anya did not resort to tranquilizing them both."

"What will you be like? Is hovering a generic trait?"

Kacey laughed. "It could very well be. Talia if I get to be too much, tell me and I will try to back off."

"I will. Kacey, babies have been born since the dawn of time. With all the advancements in medicine, the risks of something going wrong in pregnancy are so much less now."

"How do you know that?"

"Research silly. You are not the only one who knows how to look things up on the computer."

"Beautiful and smart, how did I ever get so lucky?" Kacey asked and tilted Natalia's head up to kiss her. They were soon lost in the sensation. Kacey gently rolled Natalia onto her back without breaking the kiss. She undid the buttons on Natalia's pajama top and pushed it out of her way. Kacey's lips blazed a trail from Natalia's lips, to her throat to her breasts.

Natalia gasped.

"What is it? Did I hurt you?"

"My breasts are a little sensitive right now." Natalia told her.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Hell no. Just go easy." Kacey smiled and gently kissed Natalia's breasts. She softly rubbed the pliant flesh until she felt the tips harden. She took one firm nipple into her mouth. "That feels so good. I think they are sensitive in more ways than one."

Kacey's hand moved down over the still flat stomach, cupping her hand over the place where their baby or babies rested, growing bigger every second. She released the breast and followed the path of her hand. Kacey rained kisses on Natalia's stomach before she moved down to Natalia's center.

Natalia moved to give Kacey better access. Kacey parted the folds and found the hard nub. She passed her tongue over the nub. Natalia moaned.

"Inside, please go inside." She begged.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, please, Kacey."

Kacey slowly entered Natalia as she worked her tongue back and forth across the engorged pearl. She could feel how close Natalia was and increased the tempo and pressure of her tongue. Soon she felt the walls around her fingers clenching as Natalia climaxed. Kacey withdrew her fingers from Natalia but did not stop her tongue as she took Natalia over again.

Kacey rested her chin on Natalia's hip as she looked up to see love shining back at her.

"Do you know how much I love you?" Natalia asked.

"As much as I love you. Talia are you sure my going inside will not harm the baby?"

"Completely sure. Dr. Amstall said we can continue making love right up until just before I deliver. We might have to avoid doing certain things later in the pregnancy, but not everything." Kacey moved up and took Natalia into her arms. Natalia rested her head on Kacey's shoulder. "She also said some women have an increase in libido during pregnancy."

"An increase?"

"So do not be surprised if someday I come to your office and ravish you."

"Anytime sweetheart." Kacey said as Natalia pulled the ragged shirt over Kacey head. Natalia bent her head and took Kacey's nipple into her mouth as she moved her hand down under the elastic of Kacey's shorts. She pushed them down Kacey lifted us so Natalia could push them down until Kacey could kick them off.

"Talia, do me a favor and no hickeys where they are visible, Please?"

She felt Natalia laugh against her breast. Kacey jumped when Natalia nipped the sensitive tip. She felt herself responding to the sensations and was soon lost under Natalia's skillful hands and mouth.

Soon Natalia had Kacey on the pinnacle. She teased Kacey, keeping her on the edge for several intense minutes before sending her over.

Kacey's ragged breathing calmed down, as she opened her arms for Natalia to snuggle into.

"Will you be going back down to that planet?"

"We will not know for a couple days. Everything depends on the animal situation. If tracking shows the animals to be safe, we will go look around again before Andromeda is allowed to land. Would you rather I did not go? Be completely honest with me Talia."

"Would I prefer to keep you safe and out of harm's way? Yes. But if Kate goes down, she needs her best people with her and that is you."

"You are my first responsibility."

"I am in no danger here. Kate could be. You need to cover her back. Admit it, Colonel, you do not trust anyone else to cover her in an unknown situation."

"She is my sister, Talia, but you are my wife."

"Sweetheart, she needs you to watch her back. Besides, just think what your mother would say if something were to happen that you could have prevented."

"Any number of things could happen. It does not matter if I am with her or not. As long as you are absolutely sure. If Kate goes back down, I will be with her." Kacey said and kissed the top of Natalia's head. "So what do you and mom talk about when you have your heads together?"

"Good night Colonel."


"Shhhh. I am asleep."

To be continued...


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