Beyond the Farthest Planet

by Psyche-b

Chapter 8A

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The Doctors and Technicians worked to withdraw the venom from the hornets to be processed and made into an anti venom. They injected a small amount of the venom into all the volunteers that lined the corridor outside Sick Bay. Crew members and Marines were waiting their turn to be injected to help their Captain. Once they were injected they waited for their bodies to produce the antibodies needed. The Doctors withdrew blood, which contained the anti bodies needed. They purified and prepared to inject Kate with the anti venom.

Anya had not left Kate's side. She continued to hold Kate's hand as her tears fell. Kacey stayed close to Anya. Liam and Patricia sat on the other side of the bed as they all waited for the Doctors to finish preparing the anti venom. The medical staff continued to replace the ice blankets that covered Kate. Her temperature had not risen any, neither did it come down. Kacey watched the machine assisted rise and fall of Kate's chest.

Kacey and Patricia had not spoken since their argument. Their eyes would meet periodically, but no words were spoken between them. They all looked up as the Doctor came in with a permission form and syringe.

"Commander, I need your permission to administer the anti venom." Kacey held the pad while Anya signed, never giving up her hold of Kate's hand. The Doctor took the form and injected the serum. "This will take some time. Why don't you all take a break?"

Anya shook her head. "I will not leave Kate." She said. "Kacey would you check on the girls for me please?"

"Of course I will, Anya. Can I bring you anything?"

"No just check on the girls. Tell them not to worry."

Kacey hugged Anya and left the room.

"Patsy, We should go get Natalia and the girls some dinner?"

Patricia nodded. They followed Kacey out of Kate's room. Kacey entered the lift with her parents right behind her. She looked at her mother and bolted out of the lift as the doors were closing. Patricia leaned into Liam's arms.

"I have lost her Liam." She said.

"No lass. She is hurt and angry and scared for Katie."

"Liam you did not hear her earlier."

"Patsy do not be doing this to yourself. Give her time. It is all to fresh."

"She is so angry with me."

"Time, Patsy darling, time."


Kacey walked the two levels to their quarters. She opened the door and found Natalia and the girls busy at the dining room table. They all looked up as she came in. The girls jumped off their chairs and ran to Kacey. She picked them both up.

"Aunt Kacey, how is mummy?" Erica asked.

"She is still asleep and really sick."

"Is she going to die?" Erin asked.

"Andromeda has the best Doctors in the world and your mummy is a very strong woman. Everyone is working really hard to make her better. They will not stop either." Kacey told them as she carried the girls back to the table. "What are you working on?"

"We, my darling are making a big get well card for Kate." Natalia said and kissed Kacey. "I asked the girls if they would like to have a sleep over tonight. Is that okay?"

"More than okay, sweetheart. I am glad you thought about it. I doubt Anya will leave Kate's side."

"Did your mother talk to you?"

"Yeah. It was not pretty. I yelled, she yelled."

"Then what happened?"

"Well I am either grounded, or will be sent to bed with out dinner or she will have dad spank me. Or a combination of all three."

"Aunt Kacey can we go see mummy?"

"Not tonight rug rat. Maybe tomorrow when she is awake. How about I take you all out to dinner?"

"That is a great idea. You need to get out of your gear and clean up before we go?"

"Good idea. How are you feeling today?"

"I was a little queasy this morning, but that faded."

The door chimed. Kacey looked at the monitor.

To be continued...


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