Beyond the Farthest Planet

by Psyche-b

Chapter 8C

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"I promise you, Kate will not be alone. I will be here with her." Anya shook her head no. "Anya listen to me. If you do not take a short break, the Doctors will make you leave for far longer than the ten or twenty minutes it would take you to take care of your needs. If Kate wakes up I will contact you immediately. Please, Anya."

"Patricia was wrong you know. You were in no way responsible for Kate's injury."

"Like I said you are the only one who believes that. Go see your girls if only for a few minutes. They need to see one of their moms."

"All right Kacey. Call me if there is any change."

"I will, I promise." Kacey said as Anya hugged her.

"Kate loves you very much. We both do little sister."

Kacey took another ragged breath and could only nod, not trusting her voice. Anya left the room. Kacey sat in the chair Anya had left and held Kate's hand as Anya had.

"Kate, no matter what everyone else says, mom was right. It is all my fault you are here. I knew you were allergic to bee stings. I should have seen that nest. I am so sorry I talked you into letting me go with you. I should have sent Mike to cover your back, because I sure did not. Please don't leave us. Anya and the girls need you. This ship needs you, I need you Kate. Who are I going to argue with. You are my big sister. I love you. I am so sorry this happened to you. I should never have talked you into going back down there. Anya is not the only one who would be lost without you. So would I. You are my best friend, Kate. Who is going to give me advice on all those questionable things we have talked about. You can not leave me to deal with mom by myself. Please Kate, you have to wake up. I need you to tell me that you do not blame me." Kacey lost the battle to keep her tears in check and let them flow freely. "I love you, Kate." She sobbed.

The Doctor came in and checked all the machines readouts. She checked Kate's vitals. Kacey watched her.

"Colonel, I am happy that it is not you laying here. Unfortunately now it is the Captain. Your family likes to keep us in business. I am glad you were able to get Commander Jensen to leave for awhile."

"Is there any change at all, Doc?"

"It may not seem like there is, but the Captain's temperature has come down almost a full degree."

"That is still a long way from normal."

"True, but it is a start. We are still extracting venom and making injections. There were so many volunteers, we are still processing them. We will have a large supply of the anti venom."

"Will you need to give her anymore?"

"If she continues to respond, no matter how slow it seems, then no. If however her temperature goes back up, then we will administer another dose. I expect someone from your family will be spending the night?"

"Someone will be here. Doc would you come back and tell Anya. She would want to hear it right from you instead of second hand,"

"I will, Colonel."


Anya left Sick Bay and went to their quarters to change her clothes before she headed to Kacey's quarters to see their girls. She rang the bell. The girls were at the door when it opened.

"Mama," they cried and threw themselves into Anya's arms.

"Hello, my darlings." She held them both tightly and kissed them.

"Is mummy better?" Erin asked as they led their mother into the living room.

"She is still asleep, but I wanted to see you both."

"Can we go see mummy?"

"Not tonight, Erica. As soon as she wakes up, I will take you to see her. Are you behaving?"

"Yes mama. Grandma brought dinner and we are going to have a sleep over with Aunt Natty."

"Then you really have to be good. Did you do your homework?"

"Yes mama." They replied together.

"After dinner we will practice like Aunt Kacey told us to." Erin told her.

"That is very good."

"We made a card for mummy."

"Aunt Kacey told me. If it is finished, I will take it to her so that she will see it the second she opens her eyes."

"Anya, did you eat?" Patricia asked.

"No, I am not hungry, Patricia, but thank you."

"Did Kacey eat at least?"

"Not yet. I have to go back and sit with mummy, so how about you both giving me a big hug for her and I will make sure she gets it along with the card." Anya bent down to their level. The girls threw their small arms around Anya and hugged her tightly. Anya stood up. "Natalia, thank you for keeping the girls."

"It is my pleasure, Anya. Anything I can do to help you at this time."

"Lass do not be forgetting this." Liam said and handed her the rolled up card.

"Thank you Liam." She knelt back down and kissed her daughters again. She stood back up and left.

To be continued...


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