by psyche-b

chapter 10

The yard and surrounding area was total chaos with lights and sounds as the police converged on the cabin. Lights flashed, radios crackled, voices shouted orders and sirens wailed. Brie started after Maureen as she disappeared into the cabin, determined to get their child back. She heard the click as the gun behind her was cocked, but she was not about to let that crazy woman win.

Pony rushed at him equally determined to protect her friend as Cy took off after Maureen. she was able to knock the gun away from where it was aimed just as it was fired. The shot went wild, but not before it grazed her arm leaving a deep crimson trail in it's wake. the pain from the wound brought Pony to her knees. With her back to the gun, Brie felt rather than saw Pony as she threw herself at the gunman knocking his aim off. For those few seconds, time slowed as she turned to see Pony as the gun report filled her ears. She saw Pony start to fall and made a grab for her friend. they both anticipated another shot and braced for it to happen.

The sounds of bullets flying around them filled the air. Brie put her body on top of the already wounded Pony. As quickly as it started the noise stopped. They lifted their heads to see the area surrounded by police who had their guns drawn and aimed at the few kidnappers left standing. Several officers entered the cabin and withing moments escorted a pale and shaken Cy out as she carried the crying Adriana away from the dangers, to her mother's waiting arms.

Brie cried as she held the child and hugged the older woman tightly. "Cy? Are you all right?"

"Sure I am. tired, hungry and dirty, but other than that I'm fine"

From behind them came a shout. "Get an ambulance in here."

"Hell no" came another shout from Pony. " I don't need an ambulance. It's just a little cut from the bullet..."

"Sorry doc, but it's not for you. that bullet that grazed you ended up hitting Maureen Riker. doesn't look good. although you really should get checked out also."

Brie knelt and took Pony's hand. "He's right, you really should go. you all should."

"Damn it Brie, No. it's just a little scratch. A painful one, but just a scratch. I ain't going to the hospitals. Especially when Steph and I are both doctors. She can clean it and stitch it if necessary for me."

"I thought you loved her."

"What? Of course I love her."

"then don't put her through that. don't ask her to patch you up. She's been a wreck since this started. Don't ask that of her."

the chief was at Brie's side, assuring himself that they were all in good shape. He would have only good news to bring back to Danni. He checked the man on the ground and waved the paramedics away. "He doesn't need you, but she does."

Pony struggled to sit up as the paramedics walked her way. Brie pushed her back down. "Lay still pony. Your hurt and you are going to let them treat you."

"Brie it's nothing but a graze. it might hurt like hell, but it sure won't kill me. besides I know more than those guys. No offense fellas."

"Look this is no time for this crap. I know doctors make the worst patients, and you are a very good example of that, but you are just going to lay still and let the nice paramedics take care of you or I will... I'll tell Steph."

"Now Brie." Pleaded a suddenly frightened Pony. "there is absolutely no reason for doing that."

Brie sent her a silent questioning look. She wavered for several seconds before caving in.

"Damn Brie, does Danni know about that mean streak of yours?"

Her answer was a raised eyebrow and a half grin. "what do you think?"


Steph was hard pressed to keep Danni from getting dressed and going in search of her partner. Not because of her condition, because she herself felt the strong pull to be at the state line. They could hear the crackle of their police guards radios through the closed door. they strained to hear what was happening, aware of the increase of sound as the door opened and Eb entered. she stood with her arms folded in front of the closed door. Her orders from the chief were clear. Neither of them were to leave the room as the events unfolded. And she was determined to keep both there. She was still there when the phone next to the bed rang. Danni reached over it pick it up mid ring.

"Hello?" she waited through the silence at the other end. She could hear muffled sounds in the background. A smile slowly edged the corners of her mouth upwards tears quickly filled her eyes as she heard. "Mama."

that was all the tiny voice on the other end needed to say. Danni cried as she listened to that one word over and over until Brie's voice took over. "Danni, it's finished. We're safe and relatively unharmed. Pony got hurt. It's a minor wound, but she'll be okay. We'll be back as soon as they all get checked out at the hospital."

"Brie... baby are you sure everyone is all right?"

Steph sat with her head close to the phone and was able to hear both sides of the conversation.

"Steph is right here and I think she wants to say something."

"Brie, would you tell Pony for me....Tell her I love her and have something very important to discuss with her. Please you all hurry back here."

"I'll tell her. they are just about ready to take Pony so we'll seen you soon. Danni, Adriana has something she wants to tell you."

Danni could hear the baby in the phone. "wuv mama."

"I love you right back funny face. And I love mommy. you tell her that for me. Okay?"


When the connection was broken, both women cried as Eb left the room with tears in her eyes.

When they finally arrived with full police escort back to the clinic several hours later, Steph allowed pony only a moment with Danni and Brie, before pulling her into their shared office.

cy took the sleeping Adriana to a room they would share for the night, giving her mothers a little quiet time. both were exhausted from the events of the last couple days, Danni allowed the nurse to give her something to take the edge off the pain of her incision. With their arms around each other they slept with their love surrounding them.


Their lives slowly returned to normal. The memories of the kidnapping faded into the background. Maureen recovered from her injuries enough to find she would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. The bullet meant for Brie found her spine instead. She was returned to the mental hospital she had escaped from. The turncoat guard and clinic informant escaped. There are warrants out for their arrest.

Danni stood quietly as she watched a very nervous Pony pace the room. A small smile creased her face as she remembered her own nervousness when she was in Pony's shoes. she handed Pony a glass of wine which she tossed back quickly. Danni raised one black eyebrow. Pony shrugged it off and reached for another drink. Danni stopped her as the door at the other end of the hall opened. she escorted Pony to her place as they both watched.

Adriana was the first to enter scattering petals as she headed to Danni. Next came Brie, whose eyes were only for her partner. Pony gulped audibly as Steph entered and made her way to where they were all gathered. they turned as one as their family and friends surrounded them as they committed their lives and love to each other.

The End

for now anyway. you never know when these women will sneak back into the real world. thanks for taking this ride with me.


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