by Psyche-b

Chapter 17B

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"What? How? Who?"

"If you will stay calm, I will fill you in on everything that happened after you passed out." He told her.

"You have my word. I will stay calm." Cassie stated.

"Maude called me even before your dog gave the warning. Granny went on a vision quest and saw the attack. We were all here waiting for the guide, which happened to be your dog. She and your horse led us back to you. We heard the shots and found the clearing. Rebecca had also followed your tracks. She found you and shot the man that was... um." He hesitated.

"Let me tell her Sheriff." Maude said, as she left the chair by the door and walked to the bed where she took Cassie's free hand. The Sheriff stood to let her sit near the bed. "Cassie after you lost consciousness, they cut you down. I wish there was an easy way to say this. You were violated also." She heard both women take a surprised breath. Cassie winced at the pain the sudden intake of breath caused. "That animal was the first one Rebecca shot. Then she killed the men holding you down even though you were unconscious. She also killed Corrigan."

"I thought I had been. There are some spots that are fuzzy, but I remember that Corrigan used his knife to cut my clothes off. Why else would he do that, unless he..."

"You were both unconscious when we found you. If it is any consolation, Corrigan did not die right away. He did suffer a bit."

"He did not suffer enough." Cassie told him. "Where is Rebecca?"

"She is at the jail."

"What will happen to her?"

"She killed four men. And I use that term very loosely. She was protecting you both, but the fact remains she did take their lives. There will be a hearing to determine if she will need to stand trial."

"She will need a lawyer." Cassie said.

"Cassidy Jones, you are not seriously considering helping her." Maude said. "After what she did, how can you think that?"

"She saved our lives, Mama. It does not matter what she did before that. The bottom line is she saved our lives." Cassie argued.

"Cassie before you make that offer, you should know that Rebecca knew those men had returned to the area."

"Still does not matter, Sheriff. She saved our lives. I can not forget that."

Maude sighed. "All right, Cassie. I will call Alex tomorrow."

"Thanks, Mama."

"That is all the information I need for now." The Sheriff said. "You may both have to repeat what you have told me to the Judge. I hope that he will not ask that. Do you have any questions for me?"

"Sheriff is my father safe?" Victoria asked.

"We don't know. There are people out looking for him right now. I will let you know when we find him." A knock on the door interrupted the Sheriff. Ellie stuck her head in the room.

"We found him. Thought you would like to know." She said. "Corrigan turned on him and left him tied to a tree where they had camped. He is all right. Spitting mad, but not hurt."

"Corrigan didn't hurt him?" Victoria asked.

"He does not seem to be hurt." Ellie said and left the room.

"Looks like I have another guest at the jail. We do not have a case against him. I believe he had no idea what Corrigan had planned. I will make sure he is on the first train out."

"Sheriff, please hold off. I would like to see him."

"Are you sure about this?" Cassie asked.

"I have to. He is my father. I have to look in his eyes and know for sure he had nothing to do with this."

"All right, Victoria. Sheriff can you hold him for a few days before you run him out of town?"

"Sure. I can hold him for a few days with out any problems as long as the fathers in town do not hear about his part in this. What are you cooking up Cassie?" He asked.

"It will not be anything illegal, Sheriff."

"The only thing she will be cooking up Coop is rest. That is if you do not have any other questions for them."

"If I need more information, I know where to find them both." He picked up his hat and left the room. Doc came back. He held the door open for Ellie and Ruth who both carried a tray. They placed on in front of each woman. Maude handed the mug to Cassie and steadied her hand as she drank the broth.

"You both eat then rest." Doc ordered.

"Doc would it be all right if I took a bath first?" Victoria asked.

"Of course, As long as you are not alone."

"I will be with her Doc." Maude said.

"There you go. Once you eat, by all means take a nice long bath. I will check on you both tomorrow. Cassie it is very important that you remain quiet."

"I will Doc."

"Doc would you like something to eat before you head back to town?" Ruth asked. "I didn't cook it so it is safe to eat."

"Now how can I refuse suck an invitation. Thank you. Good night ladies." Doc left with Ruth and Ellie.

To be continued...


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