by Psyche-b

Chapter 5B


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She opened the door where the women waited. Nodding to them she walked silently down the stairs to the porch. Cassie stood there for several minutes looking toward the corral where she could see the woman waiting. She didn't know what she would say.

Pulling herself together she walked towards the corral. That walk to the corral was both the longest and the shortest walk. She knew what she needed to say and that it would hurt Rebecca, made the short journey agony for Cassie.

"Finally decided to leave the sick and join the living, Cassie?" She said turning to face Cassie, her brown eyes taking in every inch of the taller woman. "It's been awhile since you came to se me Cassie."

"Yeah well you know this ranch keeps me busy." "Same old story. But I miss you Cassie" She

whined and reached to hug Cassie who stepped back from the unwanted embrace.

"We need to talk Rebecca."

"I don't feel like talking I want to..." "Rebecca don't."Cassie warned.

"Why not. I check the barn a few minutes ago and

except for a few horses it's empty. Why don't we go in there and shake up the livestock?" "I said no." She growled pushing her away

when she reached out to touch her again. "I consider you a friend and that is all you can ever be. Understand? A friend like Ellie or Ruth or Sarah.

A friend."

"How can you say that after we..."

"It's because we let it go that far. It should

never have happened

"SORRY?" she screamed. "You didn't say that then.

Can you honestly say you are sorry for having a night of..."

"Yes I can. It shouldn't have happened and

it wouldn't have if I hadn't been..."

"You wanted that to happen as much as I did. So

what if you had a few drinks. So did I and I don't regret what happened."

"I do regret it. I wish there was an easier way to

say something like this, but there isn't." "Is there someone else? Is that it? "

"Don't Rebecca. I don't want to hurt you any more

than I have."

"Tell me" she demanded. "Be honest with both of

us. There is someone else isn't there?"

"You want honesty, then, yes, there might be." Cassie answered softly. I don't know yet. I feel drawn to that sick woman in ways I have never felt before and I hope when she wakes up she will feel the same. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

Rebecca turned her back to Cassie to hide the tears

that filled her eyes.

"I'm sorry Callie. I never meant for you to get


Cassie walked away. Callie turned to watch her.

She angrily wiped the tears from her eyes and whispered."Your sorry Cassie? You don't know what sorry is. Yet.If I can't have you, no one will."


To be continued....

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