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When we last left off Cassie and Granny went out to search for herbs that would help break the fever

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by Psyche-b

chapter 7b


"More Ice"  Cassie called loudly from the door.  "We need more ice in here".

The sounds of running footsteps reached her.  "Hurry we need more ice." She called out again as first Doc then her mother reached the top of the stairs.

"What are you hollerin about, Cassie" Maude demanded.

"We need more ice.  Where is it?"

"We're out of ice right now. More is being sent out."

"We need it now."  Cassie argued. "She's sweating."

"Sweating?  That's a good sign."Doc replied. "We may not need that ice for her then."

"Are you crazy Doc?" She questioned.

"No and if you would just calm down and listen to me you would understand.  Sweating means the fever has broken."

"Oh.  Are you sure?"

"Cassie, I'm may just be an old country doctor, but I do know a few things.  One of those things is that sweating means the fever is gone. I would like to examine her." He said trying to get past her. "Something I can't do from out here."

"Sorry doc." She said finally moving away from the door.

Cassie hovered at the doc's elbow watching his every move until Maude took her arm and led her away from the bed.

"Go take a walk Cassie, you are in Doc's way."


"Yes'' Her mother stated pushing her to the door. "There's a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen.  Go get some.  You haven't left this room since yesterday afternoon.  Go"  she ordered as she closed the door on a protesting Cassie.

"Thank you Maudie."

"You haven't called me that in years, Doc."

"True but I seem to  remember a time when you called me Edwin and not Doc.also."

"Maybe that time will come again."

They both smiled at each other before Doc bent to examine his patient.


Once the shock of having the door slammed in her face wore off, anger at being exiled from the room took over and Cassie stomped away from the door.  Muttering to herself she made her way to the kitchen and the waiting coffee pot.  She grabbed a cup and poured the coffee venting her anger as she did so.

"I can't believe they did that...what gives them the right...she's my responsibility...."She paced around the room oblivious to the old woman slowly making her way to the sink where she filled a glass with water from the pump.  She held the glass until Cassie was within reach and tossed the contents at the still raving woman hitting her right in the face.  The shock of the cold water stopped her tirade for a second.  Sputtering she yelled. "Why the hell did you do that Granny."

"You looked very hot and I thought you needed to be cooled down.  Now why don't you sit here and wait to hear what Doc has to say."

"You already know what he's going to say don't you."

"I hoped and I prayed that my memories of the healing medicine were correct. Now we wait for Doc to tell us that is so."

"Granny, you were singing when we gave Victoria the medicine.  What were those words?"

"Just some healing prayers I learned many years ago when I was a young girl. Prayers to the gods to help the healing plants.  To give them strength to battle the fever."

"Healing gods? I didn't think you still believed in different gods."

"I believe in many gods.  The one who is the greatest as well as those my people taught me to  believe and honor.  The one who brings the rain, the sun and moon.  Those who control the animals, the seas, the plants.  That is what I was taught."

"I for one am grateful you were here and were able to call up those memories and your healing gods to help."

"I had to help her.  She is here because I called to her and brought her here."

"Okay so now we have had the sickness all we have to do is wait for trouble to rear it's ugly head."

"We will not have to wait long."

"Can you tell me what sort of trouble?"

"No, I can only tell you what the visions have shown me.  That is that there will be trouble and that the woman Rebecca will be at the head of it."


"There is darkness coming Cassie."

"What sort of darkness?"

"I don't know.  The visions have yet to show me."

"Cassie"  Maude called from the door. "You can...your shirt is all wet.  How in the world."

"Granny thought I needed cooling down."  Cassie replied somewhat sheepishly.

"Thankyou Granny. Knowing Cassie, she probably needed to be cooled down."  Both older women laughed,

"Hey wait a minute.  I wasn't that bad.  Was I?" Both women nod. "Great I think I will take what little dignity I have left and go get a dry shirt."

:"When you've changed you can go back in.  Doc's finished."

"What did he say?"

"The fever has broken in all our patients.  Now it's just a matter of time until she wakes up. So you might want to get cleaned up to be a bit more presentable for when that happens." Maude smiled at the sound of running footsteps.


Cassie pulled her wet shirt off.  Pouring water into a basin she cleaned up before putting on clean clothes to return to the sick room. She expected the woman to be awake and was disappointed to see her eyes still closed. She touched the still cool forehead and noticed that she had been cleaned  and that her clothes and bedding were changed. Cassie pulled the chair close to the bed.  She took hold of the cool hand and kept vigil. The first hour passed as did the second and third with no change.  Maude brought a  luch tray for Cassie that went back untouched. Doc came in several times to check for any change. Each time he only shook his head  saying "No change" to the anxiously waiting woman.

Maude brought in a supper tray as the sun started to set hoping this one wouldn't go back untouched.  There was a rustling from the bed as she set the tray down.  Both women jumped at the sound.  Their attention drawn to the bed where they saw the faint movement as her eyelid fluttered open.  She struggled to focus eyes that were long closed.  Cassie's face became clearer until she recognized the face from her dreams.

"It's you"  she whispered in a voice hoarse from lack of use. "I found you." The green eyes closed in sleep.


To be continued.

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