It was with sadness that I learned of the passing of Kevin Smith Feb. 16/02. I scrapped every story I was working on and decided to write one for him as Ares God of War. You will be missed.

Disclaimers: I apologize to everyone who owns the rights to Xena Warrior Princess and it's characters. But, this is my tribute to Kevin and I hope you enjoy the story.

Violence: Yes. But not graphic. This is Xena.

Sexual content: Yes. There is mention of it. Nothing graphic. This is Xena and Gabrielle we are talking about.

Ares Last Sword

Zeus' anger shook the sky. His son, Ares, had disappointed him for the last time. "My son, I will no longer tolerate your disobedience." "I am reclaiming your sword." "Enjoy your short life as a mortal."

Ares hung his head in shame. His arogance had cost him his godhood for the last time. He would die a mortal. His family had disowned him. Even his beloved sister Aphrodite. He was truly alone. Or was he?


Two lone travellers on a horse of gold, laughed and chatted quietly on their journey. "I am so glad to be returning to the Amazon village." A very smiling Gabrielle stated. "Yeah." replyed Xena. "It will be nice to see if Epinon has finished with that new weapon she was working on." "This will also be the first time, as Queen, I get to join two Amazons as life long mates." Gabrielle smiled, thinking of her own and Xena's joining ceremony.

Xena's back arched. She quickly pulled back on Argo's reins. "We've got company." she whispered. "Univited company." "Always the worst kind." sighed Gabrielle. "Come out Ares." "I can smell you." Xena sat glaring off into the woods. A disheveled looking God of War walked out before her. "What in Tartarus, happened to you?" Gabrielle's eyes could not believe the sight before her. "Dad's really mad at me this time." Spoke a very upset Ares. "He took my sword for the last time." "I have been cast out of Olympus to live as a mortal." Both women slid off Argo. Xena approached Ares, hands on hips with a look of disgust on her face. "Ares, why is it every time you get into trouble, you come looking for us?" Ares hung his head. "We get you out of trouble, only for you to stab us in the back." "That's right!" Gabrielle joined in the conversation. "You almost got us killed the last time we helped you out. "By the way?" she questioned? "Where is that little dog?" "I left him on Mt. Olympus, thought he'd be safer there." Ares replyed. "Well." Xena paused in thought. "We're on our way to the Amazon village. "Gabrielle is performing a joining ceremony." "But Xena." the Queen protested. "You know men aren't allowed in the village." Xena just smiled. "If it's a typical joining ceremony, i'm sure someone will use him for stud services." Gabrielle turned a scarlet red and started to laugh. Ares just smiled. "This mortal thing might not be that bad after all."


Ephiny's usual warm greeting for the Queen and her consort was soon clouded over with loud protests and a reminder of Amazon laws. "Gabrielle, he can't stay here, period!" "I know Ephiny." "Xena and I hoped we could use the supply cave for him." "There's running water, extra beds, he'll be set." "What about food?" Ephiny questioned? Gabrielle batted those pretty green eyes at her regent. "I was hoping you' let him join the hunting parties." Ephiny sighed, knowing her defeat.

"What I do for you." "FINE!" Gabrielle smiled, hugging her friend. "Come on, let's go over the preparation for tonight."

The joining ceremony had been beautiful. The two young Amazons were dressed in their finest garb. Soft leathers and colourful feathers adorned their hair and arm bands. The smaller girl named Nania, carried flowers. Gabrielle, dressed in her full Amazon Queen outfit looked so beautiful. Xena's heart longed at this moment to wrap her arms around her mate. As Gabrielle spoke the ceremony words, Xena recalled their joining from moons gone by. Ephiny had joined them. The moon had been so bright only half the torches were lite. Artemis had shone her light on both of them. Xena had dressed in her full set of armor. Joining with the Queen meant that Xena was now an Amazon as well. But, being her champion, meant her sword and chakram would now protect the Queen by Amazon law. And no one was going to mess with Xena.

Gabrielle had worn pale coloured deer skins with feathers coloured green, to match her eyes. The dark coloured Queen's mask was held in her arms. By tradition the Queen should wear the mask, but Xena had asked her not to. "I want to look at you when we join." Xena had asked her with those big blue eyes and a pouting bottom lip. Gabrielle nodded with a devlish grin on her face. "You'll be looking at more then my face, after our joining." It was Xena's turn to blush.

Ares watched the evenings event, perched from his cave. "Could have at least invited me." He spoke to no one in particular.

It was an odd sensation that came over him. He stood and looked over at the approaching dust. A days ride out he figured. Soldiers? Warlord and his army? Couldn't tell. One thing he did know, they were headed for Amazon territory as univited guests. "Better find Xena."


Xena, Ares, Epinon and a small group of Amazons, lead the way to scout the approaching army. "Methous' army." Ares sneered. Three hundred well armed soldiers against one hundred Amazons, Queen Gabrielle, an X God of War and the Warrior Princess. Odds seemed in our favour, Epinon thought. Xena spoke to one of the Amazon scouts. "Go back to the village." "Tell Ephiny and Gabrielle to make preparations for battle." Ares spoke up. "Don't worry about the hospital, they don't leave anyone alive." Xena spat at Ares. "One of yours no doubt." "Yes." came the answer.

The small group had worked quickly to set up blockades to slow down the advancing army. That night, quick raids by the small group, left the army a few soldiers less.

By morning both sides were ready for battle. Later that afternoon the smell of blood filled the air. Arrows flew, swords clanged. The sounds of war cries and death cries were everywhere. Gabrielle fought on Xena's left side, Ares on her right. The two warriors spared no lives. Blood covered their swords and clothing. Gabrielle's staff cracked even the hardest of bones. Nania and her newly joined mate made sure none of their Queens victims were able to get back up.

The battle raged on until the evening. By dusk, both sides backed off, taking the time to retrieve their dead. The losses on both sides were heavy, but fewer Amazons. Again small raiding parties were lead by Xena to ensure that Methous' soldiers were fewer by morning.

By dawn, Methous' army attacked again. He was determined to gain control of the Amazon territory. Only, he hadn't counted on Xena and Gabrielle showing up. Who was that man that was fighting with them? He looked familiar, but Methous couldn't place him. "Doesn't matter." He scowled. "He'll be dead by the end of the day."

As the fighting continued, Methous took advantage to attack Gabrielle. She had left Xena's side to aid a wounded Amazon. Methous hit her from behind with the hilt of his sword. She lay stuned on the ground. Ephiny, screamed her name as Xena turned to see Methous' sword heading for Gabrielle's chest. Even her chakram wouldn't stop Methous in time. From out of nowhere dove Ares and took the blow from the sword. Xena threw her chakram, taking Methous' head off in one clean cut. Seeing there leaders head rolling on the ground, what was left of the army, stopped fighting and retreated.

Ares was seriously wounded. Xena, Gabrielle, Ephiny and Epinon carried his body back to the village. Xena was a skilled healer, but nothing she could do would help Ares. Gabrielle, asked Artemis to speak to Zeus. For even Athena could not save her brothers life with out Zeus' permission.

Ares would not live to see the next moon. Xena and Gabrielle sat quietly with him. "You know." He said softly. "There wasn't even enough time for that stud service you promised me. " I'll have no heirs." Both women nodded at each other in acceptance. Several hours passed. Xena cradled Ares head in her lap. "Thank you for saving Gabrielle." "I will never forget that one last act of kindess." Gabrielle wiped Ares brow for the last time. Closing his eyes and kissing his forehead. He was given an Amazon warriors funeral. The first time ever for a man. His name recorded in Amazon history books as "their God of War."

*************************************************************************Nine months later in that same Amazon village, two tiny babies were born. One, a son to the Warrior Princess. The babies hair, curly black with deep blue eyes. The other an Amazon Princess, born to Gabrielle. Blonde hair and green eyes as her mother. Xena had finally gave Ares his one wish. An heir. For Gabrielle, it was her thankyou for giving his life for hers.

Zeus, looked down at his two newborn grandchildren. Sorrow filled his heart, knowing he had lost his son. But Ares was in the Elysian Fields. Smiling at his family.


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