Elana's Legacy

Part 2

by: Pat Winterburn



High up in a tree she sat, waiting. Waiting for her unsuspecting prey to come walking past. A sinister grin washed across her face. The soft movements of Amazon boots could be heard. Silently she gave thanks to the Gods above for having her mothers keen hearing. The prey was nearing.

A lone Amazon warrior arrived and stood by a tree. She seemed tense. Searching for the danger she felt close at hand, she drew her sword.

The shrill cry hurt her ears as the hunter was upon her. Down from the tree top the enemy came at her with a brightly shone sword that nearly blinded her. She blocked one blow. Felt the wind of another as the hunters sword was a blur across her face. Bravely she fought against this creature. Her sword flew out of her hands. Her feet taken out from underneath her. As she lay helpless on her back, her enemies sword moved towards her throat.

"Give up?" Came the soft purr of the hunters voice.

"Elana, I don't know why I let you talk me into these damn games?" Cursed the young victim.

"Because you love me, Ta'Kai. That, and we both have to pass our tests next week." Spoke Princess Elana.

"What would my mothers say if their Princess and her lover failed to graduate into their heir to the throne status?" Elana questioned, as she helped her lover off the ground.

"The future Queen of the Amazons and her future consort have an image to maintain." Elana laughed as she and Ta'Kai walked back to the village.

Princess Elana was born to Queen Gabrielle and her consort Xena. The baby had been a gift from Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Artemis, Goddess of the Amazons.

Elana stood 5 feet 11 inches tall with long black hair and sparkling green eyes.

She had been gifted with Xena's strength and "many skills", but her ability to be a great leader came from Gabrielle.

Even now, the other tribe members respected their Princess as a leader.

As the tribe had grown and prospered under Gabrielle's rule, the need for more food was an important reality.

Even the warriors had taken on responsibilities to help with growing crops, fishing and hunting. Some had even helped with cooking and the feeding of the elderly.

Elana had led a group of the tribes hunters for the monthly deer hunt.

It was on Elana's hunt that their group had been attacked.


"Something's not right, Ta'Kai." Elana whispered .

"The birds are quiet." Noted Ta'Kai.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Elana put her hands to her mouth and called out a warning in "bird chirps" to the other Amazons.

Elana and Ta'Kai skilfully jumped into the tree branches above their heads. Climbing to higher branches, Elana's heart sank as she witnessed the death of one of the other hunters. Selvia had been trailing behind the hunters and hadn't heard the calls. A small band of warriors attacked and killed her before she could escape into the trees.

Ta'Kai, motioned to her.

"Elana, look!" "At least three hundred of a well armed enemy are heading towards the village."

Chirps from the other hunters sounded out a warning and let Elana know they were safe.

"Ta'Kai, please! Your the swiftest runner of all of us!" Pleaded Elana.

"Run back to the village!"

"I know it's a day away, but hurry!"

"Let them know of the attack!"

"Our Queen will need to ready the village and Xena will have to summon help from the Centaurs!"

"I love you, but the rest of us will have to try and slow them down!"

Ta'Kai gathered Elana into her arms.

"I will see you back at the village, Elana."

"Don't make me come hunting for you."

With that Ta'Kai kissed her, jumped down from the tree and ran with all her strength back to the village.

The other Amazons walked along the tree branches and joined with Elana. Together the young hunters devised a plan to slow down the approaching army.

The army was headed to a passageway that led to the north entrance of the village. This is where Elana chose to fight. The Amazons swiftly made their away across branches , down trees and up the side of the hill. Gathering stones and tree limbs, the hunters used all of their combined skills to hold off the advancing army.

"On my mark!" Called Elana. "Arrows first." "Sling shots next." "Stay low." "No one else dies today, except them."

Soldiers scattered as the hunters attacked. Each arrow claimed a victim. Stones flung from sling shots, as they found their way to the temples of the enemy. There was no way through the passage without being attacked and each time the enemy tried to climb the cliff, they were shot down.

The small band of Amazon hunters held the attackers off until the sound of a rams horn could be heard from close by.

Each hunter's face smiled in knowing, Xena was minutes away with the Amazon and Centaur armies.

Xena lead the armies upon her faithful war horse Argo.

Argo charged into that passage with her mistress never fearing of wounds or death. Xena protected her horse as she protected herself and every Amazon around her. Swords clanged, soldiers died, blood spilled. Xena's chakram flew taking the head of an enemy ready to slaughter a centaur friend.

"No one is going to die here today, except them." Said Xena to Argo.

The battle took lives of the enemy and wounded many. They finally retreated, running away like cowards. A few of the Amazons and Centaurs had cuts and bruises but only one Amazon had died that day. Selvia.


Elana sat with her arms around Ta'Kai looking over the lake. It was sunny and warm and a soft gentle breeze brushed their hair.

They were both remembering that morning when they said their final goodbyes to their friend. Wishing her safe passage into the Amazon Land Of The Dead.

"What did your mother say to you when Xena brought you home?"

"Well, mom was very upset with me."

"She was crying and yelling all at the same time."

"Something about if I ever did anything like that again, she'd kill me herself."

"What did Xena say?" Ta'Kai asked.

"On our way home, she told me how proud she was of me and that to watch out because Gabrielle was furious."

"Our Queen has quite the temper doesn't she?" Giggled Ta'Kai as Elana's hands found some sensitive spots on her lover.

"Yes, mother does." Laughed Elana. "I've seen Xena duck and run with mom chasing her."

"I think it's a game for them."

"They always come back with a smile on their face."

The pounding of the drums could be heard throughout the village. The celebration had begun and every Amazon young and old would be in attendance.

This was Elana's big night. She had passed her tests with flying colours and when the time was needed, she would be the next Queen of the Amazons.

The Amazons danced in a circle, their bodies swaying to the beat of the drums. The pounding in Ta'Kai's ears matched her heart beat as she watched her lover's half naked body move and sway with the other dancers. Every muscle in Elana's body rippled with a strength that didn't go un-noticed by Ta'Kai's watchful eyes. She wanted her young lover. Now! Ta'Kai made her move and joined in the dance with Elana. The body language and hand movements left no doubt in Elana's mind, what her lover wanted. The two young warriors soon made their escape from the party and headed into Elana's hut.

What clothes they did have on soon came off and were tossed on the ground. Lips, hands and arms fought for domination in their struggle for each others bodies.

"Please, Elana!" That was all Elana needed to hear and as she entered Ta'Kai's wet warmth. She heard her name screamed to the Gods above and knew soon she would be singing their praises as well.

Many a God was thanked that night, as each lover explored, touched, kissed and nipped. After each of them could take no more, Elana covered her and Ta'Kai's bodies in a warm blanket. Arms and legs wrapped around each other, they slept in peace until the mornings light. There was no need for Xena and Gabrielle to check on their daughter that night. They could hear she was doing quite well.


"Come on Ta'Kai, you've done this before!" Elana called out.

"Not like this, I haven't! Ta'Kai stood shaking in the cool breeze.

"Come on, please!" "It's nice and warm." Elana purred.

"No, I'm scared." Ta'Kai stood pacing back and forth.

"For the last time Ta'Kai, your naked, I'm naked, do it!" Elana started to laugh as she spotted a certain blonde figure walking up towards her lover.

Gabrielle walked quietly up behind Ta'Kai's naked body.

"Good morning Ta'Kai." The Queen spoke with a hint of drama in her voice.

"Do you always stand naked on cliffs to yell at my daughter?"

"Yo-yo-your Majesty!" Ta'Kai turned a beautiful shade of red as she faced her Queen.

"No, we're jumping into the pond, for practice and I'm naked." Ta'Kai just stood there and looked at the Queen's smirk.

"I'm naked!" Ta'Kai looked down at herself as Gabrielle started to laugh.

Below she could her Elana laughing so hard, she choked on a mouthful of water.

With that, Ta'Kai took off running and jumped through the air landing in the water beside a still laughing Elana.

A tall dark haired warrior walked softly towards the Queen and while wrapping her strong arms around her gently, reminded her of a young bards first jump.


Xena let out her battle cry "yiyiyiyiyi" as she jumped off the cliff and into the water below.

"Come on Gabrielle, the waters warm." Xena yelled as she floated on her back enjoying the warm sun.

"No way Xena!" "It's to high!" "I'll hurt something!" Gabrielle was getting angry.

Gabrielle stood there naked getting angrier by the minute that she had agreed to do this silly stunt.

"Only crazy Amazons and Warrior Princess' are nuts enough to jump off cliffs into ponds." Gabrielle spoke to a small butterfly sitting beside her.

"Did I hear someone say crazy Amazons ?" A voice said from behind a boulder.

Ephiny and Epinon were already half undressed as they came running towards Gabrielle.

"Last one in is a Centaur dropping!" Yelled Epinon.

They both stopped and stood there admiring their friends nakedness.

"Need some help Gabrielle?" Ephiny asked.

The two Amazons started coming closer to the small bard with a devious grin on their faces.

Gabrielle realized her friends were out for fun at her expense and it was either jump now or they would toss her to a waiting Xena.

Gabrielle ran for her life and cursed every word she knew at her friends as she jumped over the cliff and into the warm water below.

As she rose to the top, Xena was there waiting for her and gathered her into strong loving arms.

"See, was that so bad?" An light hearted look of laughter danced on Xena's face.

They had barely managed to move closer to shore when two Amazons let out their battle cry and jumped into the water as well, spraying both their Queen and her consort.


Elana and Ta'Kai spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and catching fish for dinner.

"I promised mom and Xena I'd cook the fish if they went berry picking for desert." Elana laugh as she cleaned the four large trout.

"I just hope I don't burn these beauties." Elana spoke as she started a fire. "Our Queen hates to have her food ruined."

The four women sat around a roaring fire enjoying their dinner and talking about the latest news around the village.

Life was good and Elana took a moment to thank the Gods for all the love she felt here tonight.

But not all the Gods smiled back with love........

To Be Continued

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