Elana's Legacy Part 5 (Conclusion)

by Patricia Winterburn &
Debbie Dee destinie@oregontrail.net

The standard disclaimer. To whoever owns the rights for Xena, The Warrior Princess, I apologize. But this is for fun and entertainment only.

No disrespect is intended.

Yes we have a little violence and one very angry Queen of the Gods, Hera.

Subtext: Of course, but nothing too graphic. If you are underage, do not like to read about two women in love or live in a country where this is illegal. Turn the page.

"Gabrielle here, drink this." Xena told Gabrielle as she helped her to sit up in bed to drink down the medicine Xena had just fixed for her.

Gabrielle had been getting worse the last few days and Xena knew her time was getting close. Xena also knew there was nothing she could do about it.

She very carefully laid Gabrielle back down on the bed so she could sleep. Taking the covers she gently, pulled them up over Gabrielle and tucked them in around her.

Xena stood and looked down upon the person that had been apart of her for so many years, as she repeated to herself, what she had just thought. "There is nothing I can do about it." Xena took a deep breath as she turned to walk away. She stopped and turned back to take another look at the woman that was the world to her. " Like tartarus there is nothing I can do about it." Xena said as she turned and stormed out of the Queens Hut. "No one comes in." she said to the Royal Guards at the door as she passed.

"ARTEMIS, APHRODITE!" Xena yelled as she slammed through the temple doors. "SHOW YOURSELVES NOW!"

"You do realize you're yelling at Gods right?" Aphrodite appeared in a flash of pink sparkles. "Like we could zap you into nothing." Aphrodite giggled spoiling the mean god affect. "What do you need warrior babe?"

"Gabrielle, that's what I need. You can't tell me you can't do anything." Xena was angry, there had to be something they were missing. There had to be.

"What do you need, tell me and I will do it. Do you want me on my knees before you and beg? Fine have me, just spare Gabrielle." Xena told Aphrodite as she dropped to her knee in front of her.

"Xena get up." Artemis said as she appeared in front of her. "You know that is the last thing we would ask of a proud warrior like yourself."

Artemis walked up to Xena and placed her hand on her shoulder. "Aphrodite and I were just on our way here when you called. We have some news about Gabrielle's illness."

"What?" Xena looked at them both. "What did you find out?" Xena shook her head no at them when Artemis waved towards the bench to have them sit down. Enough time was wasted, she wanted answers now.

Aphrodite walked over to them. "Like we were up on Mt. Olympus and over heard Mother and Ares talking. Gabrielle's sickness is the work of dear old mom."

"WHAT! I'll kill her!" Xena yelled.

"Wait Xena, that will do no good." Artemis told her fast to try and get her to cool down. "If you go after Hera it will tip her off that we know her plan."

Xena looked at them as she let out a deep breath. "Elana, she wants Elana to be queen so she can have her gift of vision. She is willing to kill Gabrielle to make her plans come true."

"You're right in tune there warrior babe." Aphrodite told her.

"Xena, there is nothing Aphrodite or myself can do to take away the sickness Hera gave Gabrielle." Artemis held her hand up as Xena started to say something. "But we did find a way to get around it." She smiled at Xena.

"What? How?" A puzzled Xena asked them. Didn't they just tell her there was no way to get rid of the sickness?

Artemis told everyone to sit down as she explained to Xena what they found out and what plans her and Aphrodite came up with.

"Ok, what we found out is Hera wants Elana to become queen so she can get the gift of visions, Aphrodite and myself gave Elana. But the only way Elana can get the vision is when she becomes Queen of the Amazons. And usually that is on the death of the old queen right?" Artemis looked at Xena to make sure she was following her.

"Get to the point Artemis, we know all of this already. Gabrielle has to die for Elana to be queen." Xena said.

"No she doesn't." Aphrodite smiled. "Artie and me figured it out."

Artemis smiled at her sister. "Aphrodite's right Xena, we did figure it out. Hera wants Elana to be queen, so she throws a spell onto Gabrielle. Gabrielle starts getting sicker. No one can help her right? Hera's whole plan is to have Elana be queen."

"Yes we all know, but how does that help Gabrielle?" Xena asked them.

"What if we like make Gabby not the Queen anymore? Then she would not be in the way." Aphrodite giggled.

Xena was starting to lose her cool again with the Gods. "Will you just get to the point!"

"Just take it easy Xena." Artemis told her. "It is easy. Hera's spell is only working to make Elana queen. So what we do is have Elana challenge Gabrielle for her queen ship. Elana wins, she is made queen and Hera's spell is broken because Gabrielle will no longer be queen."

"That sounds great Artemis but there is no way Gabrielle is in shape to fight Elana." Xena told them.

"No, but you are warrior babe. Remember you're her champion." Aphrodite waved at her.

"Okay let's say this works out, what is to stop Hera from coming after Gabrielle again?" Xena asked.

"I will." Artemis told her. "I wasn't watching my Amazons or friends closely enough before. I didn't think Hera would try something like this again. But now that I do. Artemis snaps her fingers. The second her spell is broken, Aphrodite and I will put a spell on the village and you and all your loved ones Xena will be protected from any of Hera's spells again."

Xena explained everything to Elana and Gabrielle on what Artemis and Aphrodite told her. Neither Gabrielle nor Elana were happy with the fact that Elana was going to have to challenge her mother for the Queen's title, but they understood.

Ephiny, Solari and Epinon made sure everyone in the village knew why Elana was challenging Gabrielle so no one would get upset and start trouble.

As the Amazon village was getting ready for the fight. Hera was up on Mt. Olympus making more plans of her own. She had heard that Elana was going to fight Xena for the Queen's title. Hera had found out that much. But with luck she did not know that Artemis and Aphrodite had found out about her plan.

So Hera had no idea that the minute Elana was made queen the spell on Gabrielle would be broken, or that a spell would be placed on the Amazon village and all of Gabrielle's friends and family. With any luck Hera would not be able to use her powers against them again.

But Hera did have one more spell she could still cast on Xena and Elana before they would be out of her reach. Hera walked over to her glass ball that she had been looking at to see what was happening in the Amazon village.

"So Elana is going to fight her mother Xena, who is also Gabrielle's champion for the title of Queen. Fine, lets have it be a fight to remember." Hera started laughing. "A fight to the death." She said as she waved her hands over the glass ball.

Artemis and Aphrodite looked at each other and cringed.

"Damnit Artie. She knows. Aphrodite looked at her sister in fear. What are we going to do now?"

Aphrodite hung her head and prayed that mother and daughter would see through Hera's charade.

Artemis had other ideas and made ready her bow and arrow.


The Amazons soon lined up and waited for the battle to begin. Gabrielle was brought out on a makeshift bed, tears running down her eyes.

"Please Xena, I don't like this idea. She is your daughter and what if something goes wrong? What if Hera has seen through this and is plotting something?"

"Don't worry, my love. Elana and I are both equally matched in our skills. We will put on a show for our audience and then I will let her win."

Xena hung her head. "It's the only way. I can't loose you and Artemis and Aphrodite have assured me that Hera doesn't know."

Gabrielle took Xena's hand into hers. "Xena, we are talking about the Gods."

Xena stood and looked towards Mt. Olympus. Her eyes narrowed. "I know."

At that moment Elana, Ta'Kai and Arville arrived to the cheers of the tribe.

As she approached her mothers, both women noticed how red and puffy Elana's eyes were. She had been crying.

"I don't like this idea. Can't you just stand up and say I quit?"

Xena moved to one side and aloud Elana to take her mother's hand.

"I'm sorry honey, but you know Amazon law states that the reigning queen cannot just quit. I am Queen until I die or am beaten in a challenge. You can do it, have faith in yourself. We do."

Elana turned to face the crowd before her.

"I Elana, Princess of the Amazon nation, hereby challenge the Queen to a fair fight for the throne. She turns to her mother. "Do you accept this challenge Queen Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle rises as best she can from the pallet. "My consort Xena and I accept."

Xena and Elana enter the circle in which the Amazons have formed. Ephiny takes her place beside Gabrielle along with Eponin.

Ta'Kai hands the baby over to her mother. She is crying and fears this day. She has been holding Elana for hours, as her wife cried all morning.

She recalls Elana's words from earlier. "What if something goes wrong? What if I kill my own mother? How will I ever live with that?"

The drums sound. Elana and Xena raise their swords.

Elana looks helplessly at her mother. "I love you Mother."

Xena blinks back her tears. "I love you too, but for your mothers life, fight me."

Sparks fly from the two swords as the two women battle each other.

Hera is pleased with the show. Each time those swords hit, the spell becomes stronger. "Soon." She says to one of her minions. "They will not recognize each other. They will only see an enemy and will think they are actually fighting to the death."

Down below on earth mother and daughter battle it out. Each stroke of the sword becomes a death blow. They do not recognize each other. They only see an enemy and hatred.

The battle rages on until Elana drives the hilt of her sword into Xena's face. The older warrior falls down. Elana raises her sword and quickly releases a killing blow aimed at Xena's chest.

But Artemis was ready and quickly her arrow speeds along it's way, knocking the sword out of Elana's hands.

The spell is broken. Elana drops to her knees and gathers Xena into her arms. "I'm so sorry Mother. I'm so sorry."

Xena hugs Elana, realizing what has just happened. "Damn you Hera."

Xena yells to the Amazons.

"I concede!"

Queen Elana rises up from her mother's embrace.

All to quickly she is bomb-barded with visions.

She grasps her hands to her head and screams in pain.

"No. She cries. It's too much. I can't see it all at once."

A searing jolt of pain smashes into her mind and Elana collapses from the intensity.

Ta'Kai races over and gathers her up into her arms.

She feels for a pulse.

"She's alive. Get her to the healers."

It was dream. No, it isn't. Elana reached out and touched this new world around her. The buildings were tall and solid. People, lots of people. They were dressed differently then Elana. Their language was different. She didn't understand. She heard the sound of a roar above her and looked up to see a large bird in the sky. But it wasn't a bird. I do not understand this she thought. What does all of this mean? Familiar laughter was heard from behind her. She turned and saw the two women holding hands coming towards her. They smiled at Elana as they passed her by. The hair style was different on the blonde, but she'd know the dark haired one anywhere. "Mother's." She called out to them, but they could not hear her. In her heart she knew this was the future. They had survived.

Ta'Kai sat and watched as her lover twitched and jerked in her sleep.

"Please Elana, come back to me. God's what is going on?" She asked.

The walls did not reply.

For two days Elana laid there in bed having vision after vision run through her head as she learned how to use her gift.

It didn't matter how many times Artemis or Aphrodite told Ta'Kai that Elana was going to be fine. She still worried for her soulmate and would not leave her side.

Xena and Gabrielle walked into the hut after knocking and waiting for Ta'Kai's welcome to enter. Ta'Kai looked at them with tired worried eyes. She could see that Gabrielle's health was returning and she was happy for that.

Just as Xena was going to ask how her daughter was Elana opened her eyes.

"Mother's." Elana said as she sat up as if nothing had been happening to her for the last few days. "The Centaurs, they're in trouble. Hera has sent a army out to destroy them. We must help them."

Xena didn't stop to ask any questions. She knew what her daughter said would be the truth because of her power to see visions. She ran out the door to find Ephiny. They had a battle to prepare for.

"Elana!" Ta'Kai cried as she threw herself into her partners arms. "I was so scared."

"God's I am so sorry you were frightened Ta'Kai." Elana said as she rocked her in her arms. "I wanted to say something to you to let you know I was ok, but I couldn't wake myself up."

Gabrielle had seen for herself that her daughter looked well enough, and knew it was time to leave. "Well if you two would excuse me, I am going to go make sure Xena is not also in the planning, of storming Mt. Olympus."

"Mother." Elana called as Gabrielle turned to leave. "Thank you, even though you were sick I knew it was not easy for you to give up being Queen."

Gabrielle took a deep breath as she looked at her daughter. "No honey giving up the Queen's title was not easy. Not after all of these years. But I know it is in good hands. Thanks to you all I am not going anywhere soon, so if you ever need help, I will be here for you." Gabrielle smiled.

"Thanks mother, I am sure I will be taking you up on that offer. A lot." Elana laughed.

Gabrielle gave Elana and Ta'Kai a wink. Then went to go find out what trouble Xena was getting into.

With the help of Artemis and Aphrodite, they were able to surround themselves in a cloak so that Hera had no idea they knew about her attack of the Centaurs or what the battle plans were going to be.

Off in the distance Xena could see the army of Hera's marching into the mouth of the valley the Centaurs village was in. Because of the gift of vision that Elana had, they had enough time to clear the village and make plans for a counter attack.

On both sides of the valley Amazons and Centaurs were hiding and ready to attack at Xena's signal. Elana and Ta'Kai were with one group, Ephiny and Epinon were with the other group. Xena, Gabrielle and Solari were with the last group that were waiting in the trees just behind the village.

Hades and Celeste were up on one of the high hills watching the action.

"You know Hades, trying to keep Xena and Gabrielle safe is starting to become a full time job with Hera's interference. It is getting hard just to do our jobs."

"I agree with you Celeste." Hades replied as he watched Hera's army ride into the ambush. "I think it is time for Artemis, Aphrodite and us to get together and put this to an end. I am getting very tired of all of Hera's little tricks."

Celeste and Hades stood there for hours as they watched the battle in the valley below.

In the mean time Hera was throwing her own fit up on Mt. Olympus as she watched her army lose the battle. "This is not happening. What do I have to do to get to them? Ares where are you when I need you? Appear before me, NOW!" Hera screamed as she watched the leader of her army die by Xena's sword.

"Yo, Mom, what's the problem?" Ares appeared before his mother in a non-chalant manner.

"What's the problem! She screamed. Those humans down there. That's the problem. Everytime I try to destroy them, someone is helping them."

"So, what do you want me to do about it Mother dear?" Ares was smug and pushing his mothers buttons.

"I want you to find out who is behind this. I know it's more then just Artemis and Aphrodite. There has to be someone else." Hera was pacing up and down her fists balled up at her side.

"I already know." Ares sat down and helped himself to a glass of wine.

"Well, tell me!" Hera ranted.

"Everyone is behind them. Ares took another sip of wine. Everyone is beholding to Xena and Gabrielle in some small way. They have done them certain favour's over the years and owe them. Plus, Mother, Elana is not only Xena and Gabrielle's daughter, she is Artemis' and Aphrodite's. Do you really think that the rest of the Gods were going to let you hurt family?" Ares sat down his glass of wine and rose.

"Her powers of visions are her gift Mother, not yours. Only Zeus can take that away from her, the same as he can take yours. If I were you Mother I'd think twice about this quest of yours. I have felt Zeus' wrath before and it's not pleasant." With those final words, Ares left.

Hera considered her son's words and slumped down into her chair.

"Damn him. He's right. Maybe I have been going about this wrong?" Hera spoke outloud to no one in particular. "Maybe." A cruel smile formed on her lips as she rose and summoned one of her minions. "I am her grandmother after all. Perhaps I should show her how much I care and am sorry for the confusion? Get ready my chariot minion and pick out some gifts for my dear granddaughter. I shall visit her today."

In the blink of an eye, Hera arrived in the Amazon village. She could feel the protection spell that Artemis had cast and knew she had to play the loving grandmother well. It was the only way left to get those powers of Elana's.

The reception she got was one that amused her.

Elana had already felt Hera coming and the village was well prepared. Swords, spears and knives were all aimed at Hera when she arrived.

Hera laughed. As if these mortal weapons could harm her. Normally she would have waved her hand and cast them flying, but she chose to ignore them instead.

Xena and Gabrielle approached Hera. Xena withdrew her sword and placed it at Hera's throat. "I am somehow going to find a way to kill you. How dare you show yourself in this village after all the harm you have caused."

Hera gently moved Xena's sword aside. "Dear Xena, I have come here to apologize. I was unaware that Elana was in fact my granddaughter. I only wish to change my behaviour and meet with her and her family."

Xena re-sheathed her sword. "Who told you this story?"

"Why Ares told me, he's such a good son. Hera replied calmly. Those two daughters of mine tell their mother nothing."

Xena laughed. "There's a reason for everything Hera. Maybe you should think about it?"

Just then Elana approached from behind Gabrielle. Her mother tried to stop her, but Elana would have no part of hiding. She smiled warmly at Gabrielle and walked out to meet Hera.

"If in fact Hera, you are my grandmother, you have a funny way of showing it."

"Elana, dear I am so sorry for the confusion. Please except my apology. I didn't know you were a part of me. Here, I have brought you some gifts for you and your family." The smile on Hera's face would have melted ice, but Elana could see into Hera's heart. It was a cold dark cruel place and one which Elana didn't stay too long and visit.

"Thank you Hera, but a few trinket's are hardly going to undo the damage that you have cause here. But thank you for your thoughts." Elana nodded at Hera and smirked.

Hera knew that Elana could see right through her plans.

"Perhaps time will change your mind, dear granddaughter?" With that Hera left.

Elana turned to Xena. "Perhaps in time I will grow wings and fly." Both women turned and walked back to the eating hut to join Ta'Kai and the baby.

The visit had left some unsettled feelings in Elana's mind. She felt an uneasy wave of panic over her and had to stop and steady her nerves for a moment. Ta'Kai had noticed the panic look in her lovers face and gently reached over and squeezed her hand. "It will be alright, Elana. Have faith."

Elana smiled and kissed Ta'Kai. She then took Arville into her arms and kissed her as well.

Faith, hope and love she thought. Three powerful weapons that she was surrounded by. The warmth that spread through her body put the panic to rest. Today was going to be a day of blessings.

"Just who does she think she is?" Hera stormed back on Mt. Olympus. "She could see right through me because of that vision."

Hera sat down upon her throne. "I have got to get the powers of that vision. But because of my daughters I can't touch them. THERE HAS TO BE A WAY!" Hera screamed across the empty room. She got back up and looked out the window in thought to the clouds that surrounded Mt. Olympus.

Hera walked from window to window mumbling to herself. Suddenly she screamed and grabbed a hold of the window pane.

"That's it. Oh why didn't I see it before. Oh you thought you were so clever my daughters but you forgot one little thing. I am the Goddess of all that there is. I will not be out smarted. Oh this is going to be good, so good. If I can't get the vision then no one will have it." Hera walked out of the room laughing a chilling laugh.

Two days had gone by since Hera made her appearance in the village. Even though things were getting back to normal, Elana still had the royal guards doubled around her family and the Amazon's all on alert. She was not taking any chances.

Elana was laying beside Ta'Kai sound asleep when the visions started. Everything was black, there were no lights anywhere for Elana to see by. Suddenly she could hear her family screaming. Elana tried her best to run towards the screams of her family, but she felt as if her feet were made of clay.

Again she heard her family screaming and suddenly flames shot up all around her. The sky was filled with dark clouds and lightening, as no one has ever seen before. The thunder was so loud it was deafening.

The vision then flashed to the village that was engulfed in flames. Everywhere she turned the huts were burning. She turned to the Queens hut as the door opened and her mothers came out with Ta'Kai and their baby Arville. Elana started running towards them yelling for them to run when a powerful bolt of lightening came streaking across the sky.

Elana watched as one minute her family was there, but when the next lightening bolt hit, there was nothing but a ball of flames. Her family was gone.

Elana woke up screaming.

"Artie." Aphrodite appeared before Artemis. "Something is wrong. I feel something is wrong with Elana. Like how could that be, we fixed it so Mom can't touch her, didn't we?"

Artemis had felt the same thing Aphrodite had felt. "I don't know Dite. We must of missed something, but what? We cast a spell over the village to protect all of Elana's family and my Amazons."

"Like yeah, so dear Mom can't put a spell on them again." Aphrodite agreed with her sister."

Artemis looked at Aphrodite as she finished talking. With Elana being part of the two Gods they could see what visions she had seen after she had them.

Suddenly a look of fear crossed Artemis face as she could see the vision Elana had just seen. "Oh dear Zeus Dite we put a spell on them."

"Yeah, so like what is wrong with that?" Aphrodite asked.

"Don't you see, we put a spell on them to keep Hera away from them, but we forgot something else. Oh how stupid could I get. Dite we forgot the weather." Artemis told her as she watched some dark clouds gathering in the distance.

Aphrodite and Artemis were standing just outside the Temple in the Amazon village. Aphrodite turned to see what Artemis was looking at. "Oh Artie what are we going to do?"

"Go as fast as you can and find Celeste, Hades and any other God you can get and bring them here! We have got to stop Hera once and for all." Artemis told her.

"What are you going to do?" Aphrodite asked Artemis.

"I'm going to stand between Hera and the village till you get back so hurry!" Artemis told her as she took off to find Elana and Xena.

When Artemis arrived in Elana and Ta'Kai's hut she found a most pitiful sight. Ta'kai lay holding a sobbing, out of control Elana in her arms. Arville was crying in her crib next to them. Elana's grip on her lover was tight and painful. Ta'Kai motioned for Artemis is get the baby. The Goddess of the Hunt and the Amazons gently picked up Arville and cradled her in her arms. It had been a long time since she had held the infant and a smile crossed her face. She gently kissed her and went to lay the baby back down, but Arville had other ideas. She clung on to the Goddess with all of her baby strength and refused to let go. In that moment of time Artemis felt for the first time what it meant to feel love. What a gift this small child had just given her. For a moment she felt envious of her sister Aphrodite and wondered if Dite felt this way all the time? The baby looked at her and smiled. She then turned her head and looked at her mother's. In her own baby way, she looked back up at Artemis and pleaded with her to help Elana. Artemis, with baby in her arms walked over to Elana and Ta"kai. She gently placed her hand on Elana's head and lovingly stroked her hair. Within moments Elana's body relaxed and the horror of the dream faded.

"What happened?" Elana asked.

"You had a nightmare, my love. It's alright now." Ta'Kai gently kissed Elana's tear stained cheek and released her lover to sit up.

"Artemis, I'm sorry, I didn't see you. Elana rose and kissed Artemis on the cheek. Is Arville alright?"

"She's beautiful and perfect. Cooed the Goddess. Just like her mothers."

Two sets of shocked eyebrows raised as they heard the words come out from Artemis' mouth. They were used to hearing these things from Aphrodite, but Artemis?

While Artemis had a fist full of baby fingers playing with her nose, she asked Ta'Kai to go and get Xena and Gabrielle. There was a slight problem and her name was Hera.

Meanwhile Aphrodite was still on Mt. Olympus talking with Celeste and Hades.

"This has got to stop once and for all. We can't allow Mother to get her hands on Elana's gift. It could mean doom for us all." Aphrodite was pacing up and down. And look I'm so upset I even broke a nail. This is disastrous!"

Hades rolled his eyes and Celeste tried to hide a smirk. "Yes Aphrodite we agree with you, but talking with Mother isn't going to help, she's obsessed." Hades gently put his hand on Aphrodite's shoulder. "Sit down sister and lets try to figure this out."

At that moment Ares appeared before his siblings. "Can anyone join this party or is it invitation only?"

"Hello Ares, thought you were on Mother's side?" Celeste warmly greeted him.

"I'm on my side. He grinned. "But I have an idea if you care to listen to it?"

Hades, Celeste and Aphrodite motioned for Ares to sit down and join them. They didn't trust the God of War, but they had run out of options and were forced to listen.

"Even if all of us joined forces and tried to stop her, we couldn't. She has ultimate power, except for one other God. Zeus."

The other Gods sat quiet with stunned looks upon their faces. "We can't ask Father, he forbids interference." Aphrodite shook her head.

Ares held out his trump card. "Not if he sees into the future and is shown what Hera will do with that power."

Aphrodite returned to the Amazon village and can just envision Xena's temper when she hears the God's plan.

"What! Not for one moment! I am not letting my daughter go before Zeus and have him touch her mind." Xena was furious. Her face was red and her fists were ready to kill the first person that invaded her personal space.

Except for one short blonde haired woman who was holding a small child in her arms.

"Xena, please." Gabrielle spoke softly as she placed Arville in the warrior's arms. "This whole mess has to stop. We can't keep looking over our shoulder every minute and wondering what Hera is going to do next." Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xena and Arville. The warrior was helpless. Xena nodded in defeat. Once again Gabrielle 's logic was mightier then Xena's sword.

The next morning Elana stood before her Amazons. She was surrounded by her family and friends and announced her intentions to go before Zeus to try and stop Hera. "I do this for the love and protection of my family and friends. As your Queen I trust you will give me your blessing. Should I not return. I am entrusting you to give back Gabrielle the Queen's duties."

Gabrielle's eyes shot up in surprise. "That won't happen, my daughter. You will be in good hands with Artemis and Aphrodite."

With that the two Goddess' and Elana left in a puff of sparkles and headed for Mt Olympus.

Back in the Amazon village, Ephiny and Epinon returned to their hut. Ephiny started to make tea, while Epinon took out her sword and started sharpening it. Ephiny smiled at her long time friend and lover. "A little old to be worrying about using that sword?"

Epinon passed on the comment and continued sharpening her weapon. "I'm not old." She replied. "I'm well experienced. Besides if Elana can't stop Hera, everyone is going to have to help defend the village."

Ephiny reached over and kissed Epinion. "You're right." She said. "You are very experienced."

Epinon turned a very attractive shade of red, but continued on sharpening her sword.

Elana arrived on Mt. Olympus. The beauty and vastness was beyond anything she had ever seen before in her life. Music was playing from a magic harp. People were dancing and laughing. Food and drink were everywhere as Elana looked at the splendor of it all. Gold hung from the clouds and the sunlight was warm and soothing. The air was sweet and for a moment her head felt dizzy. She realized, that part of her that was from Aphrodite and Artemis was coming to life. Here she was a demi God. The richness that warmed her body. She looked at the two Goddess'. "So is this what it feels like to be a God?"

The two women grinned and laughed. "You only feel a small portion of what we do. It feels incredible the sensations that we have."

The harp stopped playing and everyone went silent. A truly magnificent figure appeared and everyone bowed their heads in respect.

Elana stood motionless. Never before had she witnessed the force that generated from this being. He was truly amazing. She bowed her head in respect and awe of this God. Zeus.

Zeus approached Artemis, Aphrodite and Elana.

"Daddy." Aphrodite squealed and threw her arms around him. "Oh thank you daddy for doing this."

"Father." Artemis was more stiffer around her father. "I thank you as well for your time and help. It is an honour."

Zeus laughed at the difference between his two daughters. One so carefree and loving. One more guarded and aware. He had chosen the gift of their powers well.

"So." His voice boomed out. "This is Elana. Seems you have something my wife wants little girl."

Elana tried to swallow and couldn't. She had never known fear until now.

"I am sorry sir." She managed to choke out. "But Hera can't have it."

Zeus laughed. "Defiant and stubborn. Seems you have a lot of Xena's traits as well. What of Gabrielle's?" He asked. "How are you at being Queen of Artemis' Amazons?"

Elana thought about that question and answered as honestly as she could. " I am here on behalf of my people and family, sir. I would give my life for their safety, but I come before you humble and ask for your help. I would gladly give you a look into the future and show you what will happen should Hera be allowed to take my gift.

With shaking hands, Elana reached out and took Zeus' hands into her own. She then gently placed them on either side of her head.

"Please grandfather, I need your help." Elana looked into the eyes of the almighty Zeus and a tear fell from her eye.

The Mighty Zeus, King of all the Gods lowered his hands and brought his granddaughter closer to him and hugged her.

"You are your mother's daughter, Elana, a great Queen. Gabrielle has taught you well." Zeus gently kissed the top of her head and released her. "Go home to your family Elana, I will deal with Hera. From now on you and yours are under my protection, for eternity."

Elana stood on tip toes and kissed her grandfather on the cheek. "Thank you." Was all she could say.

As Elana returned to the Amazon village, she realized what a great gift she had just received from Zeus. The future she thought. Thinking back to her earlier dream of meeting her mother's in that strange new world. That had given her the insight that had led to Zeus' promise. For indeed Zeus had kept his word, they had survived.

Zeus found Hera lounging under a palm tree, eating figs and drinking wine. A servant was fanning her with a large palm leaf. Hera was not pleased to see Zeus.

"You're not going to interfere Zeus." Hera told him as she stood up. "My plans are already in the making and this is not your business."

"Not my business Hera? How can it not be my business when it is my own grandchild you're wanting to harm?" Zeus thundered at her. "I have given them all my protection Hera. This is done with. You will not bring harm to them again."

"YOU WHAT!" Hera screamed at him. "How dare you interfere with me! You know better than that! I want that power and I will have it. You will not stop me!"

Zeus shook his head at her. "I not only can stop you Hera, I did. You have gone too far this time. I will not have you bring harm to my family."

Hera screamed as she lost control of herself and threw a fire ball at Zeus. "NO ONE TELLS THE QUEEN OF THE GODS WHAT TO DO!"

Zeus easy deflected the fire ball. "Hera, be careful of what you do. Remember who you are talking to."

But Hera was not listening. All she knew was that the power of the visions that Elana had, was slipping through her fingers and she was not going to let that happen. No matter who she had to fight.

Hera ran at Zeus attacking him. Zeus grabbed Hera's wrists as the winds and thunder of two Gods coming together in battle could be heard.

They went spinning as the wind circled around them until they were in a funnel of wind. Bolts of lightening shot all around them.

Hera broke loose and threw more fire balls at Zeus. All around him they hit with explosions.

"Hera enough! Stop now or you will feel my wrath!" Zeus tried to warn her.

But Hera was beyond listening. "You want to stop me Zeus then you're going to have to kill me! Because that is the only way I will stop! I want that power! It should have been mine, I am the Queen of the Gods! It is my right to claim it!"

Zeus could see by the look on Hera's face, she had gone mad with the wanting of the power of visions Elana had. He knew he was going to have a very hard choice to make. But if he was to protect Elana, it might be the only choice he had.

"Hera." Zeus tried again to talk to her.

Hera was beyond talking to. "Just try and stop me Zeus, just try!" Hera screamed again as she disappeared in a flash of light.

"HERA DON'T YOU DARE!" Zeus roared as he too followed her in a flash of light.

Elana, her family, Artemis, Aphrodite and the other Gods were all standing around talking in front of the Queens hut when Hera appeared in front of them.

"DIE, ALL OF YOU DIE!" Hera yelled as Zeus appeared behind her. "I want that power!"

Before anyone, Gods or mortal alike could move to stop Hera, Elana step forward to stand in front of her family. She lifted her hand as a bolt of light so blinding that even the Gods had to cover their eyes came flying out towards Hera.

They all heard the scream from Hera as the bolt of light hit her square in the chest.

As soon as the light cleared Zeus went over to Hera and bent down to check her.

"Is she dead?" A shocked Aphrodite asked.

"No." Zeus told them. "Whatever that bolt was, it knocked her out."

Everyone looked over to Elana for answers.

"I don't know what happened." She looked over to the Gods. When Hera appeared to attack my family, I just felt this over whelming force of power. I just can't explain it."

Zeus walked up to them all and put a hand on Elana's shoulder. "No one knew what would happen when Artemis and Aphrodite mixed their souls with Xena and Gabrielle's. It had never been done before. Because of that Elana, I think you have some very special powers. It is up to you to use them wisely." Zeus leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I know from the part of Gabrielle you have in you, that you will choose well."

Elana smiled at Zeus. "What is going to happen to Hera now that she won't stop coming back?" She asked.

"Let me take care of Hera my dear. I think a little cooling off period for a few hundred years is just the answer. Anyone object?" Zeus looked to his children. When no one objected to this, Zeus smiled and disappeared with Hera.

The yelling of joy was heard through out the Amazon village.

Elana, her family and the Gods all hugged one another. The threat to their lives and peace was gone. They and their children will be able to live out their lives in peace, without Hera.

"You all know what this means don't you?" Ephiny asked them all.

Xena groaned and lowered her head. She knew what Ephiny was going to say.

"PARTY TIME!" Ephiny and Epinon yelled together.

The evening couldn't have been more perfect. The moon cast it's light down upon the Amazon village in all it's splendor. Torches had been set up, drink flowed and food was plenty. The music and the pounding of the drums beat into the hearts and souls of each Amazon there. The dancers moved and danced their erotic motions with sensual swaying. Elana took Ta'Kai's hand and led her to the dance floor. Her hands started to caress Ta'Kai's face and moved down the length of her torso and firmly placed her finger tips on her lovers hips. They began their dance of love. Their swaying movements and eye contact made even Xena blush at her daughter's aggression. Xena thought and wondered if this was how Elana had visualized the love between herself and Gabrielle. Was their love as powerful and erotic? Xena glanced over at her lover and smiled. Of course she thought. I feel the same excitement for her as I did all those years ago. She rose up and took Gabrielle's hand. "It's been too long since I have shown my love for you." Gabrielle smiled knowing the meaning behind those words. She rose up, taking Xena's other hand. They headed back to their hut, to shut out the world and give to each other the love that had been theirs forever.

After their dance was over, Elana gently took Ta'Kai into her arms and motioned for their own hut. The Queen of the Amazons led her lover and the mother of her child back to the quiet world that belonged only to them. They stood and kissed. Each demanding more from the other. Clothes were soon shed as the two grappled for position on the bed. Both of them so consumed with passion, that neither one would give up the lead role. Finally in an all out assault on her lover's body, Elana used her strength and flipped Ta'Kai on her back. Taking Ta'Kai's hands she placed them over her head and held them down. She looked into Ta'Kai's desire crazed eyes and spoke to her in a voice that was filled with her own desire.

"Let me give you my all." Were the words that she spoke.

With that Elana let go of the trapped hands and proceeded to kiss the sweet lips, neck and finally breasts of the only woman in this world who made her feel everything that this life had to offer.

When her fingers entered the soft, wet flesh of her mate, she knew this was her gift, a gift of love that was so strong, that even Hera herself could not take away. When she could no longer stand it, Elana's mouth took over where her fingers had began. Ta'Kai's essence filled her senses and within moments Elana could feel her lover's body arch and in one swift move brought her over the edge and listened for her own name being screamed to the Gods above.

When both lover's recovered, Ta'Kai rolled on top of Elana.

"I don't know how I could ever live with out you. I love you Elana."

With that Ta'Kai began her own dance on Elana's body. Bringing her mate to a higher plateau then even Mt. Olympus couldn't offer.

The next morning Elana rose early. She smiled as she walked through the village. She felt the sun on her face, the wind blew gently through her hair. A sense of wonderment came over her as she looked ahead into the future and saw an Amazon nation strong and full of life. For this was her legacy. Queen Elana, daughter of Xena and Gabrielle.

The end.

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