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Disclaimers 2: There will be a tiny bit of violence scattered through the story, including one piece dealing with domestic battering and attempted rape. Nothing really intense though. There will also be some swearing scattered throughout the story.

Disclaimers 3: This is an adult alternative romance, which means that there will be sex between two consenting adult females later on down the line. If this bothers you, or is illegal where you live, then please read no further. You have been warned!

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And boundless encouragement, this story would never have seen the light of day. J

Chapter Thirty-one

Randi leaned against the kitchen counter, sipping on her now-lukewarm coffee, as Megan finished up the phone conversation with her mother. Both women had decided, after everybody had gone for the evening, that the writer should call both her mother and her publisher and let them know what had taken place. As expected, both the publisher and Megan's mother were outraged and concerned and fully ready to drop everything and take a trip to Cutters Gap. But Megan managed to convince them that she was in good hands, and that, between the attack in New York and the one here, Eric would not be seeing the outside world for quite a while. She sweetened the deal by promising that both she and her flabbergasted savior would be making a trip to the city within the coming weeks. Megan rose from the table and padded over to the tall woman as she offered final reassurances to the woman on the other end of the phone.

"Yes, mother, I promise," the young woman murmured into the phone as she stood before the tall doctor and basked in the affectionate gaze that was for her and her only. "I love you too, mother. Good night." With that, she placed the receiver on the counter and, giving in to her body's insistent pleading, folded herself into the warm, welcoming body of her doctor and sighed contentedly as long arms enveloped her.

It had been a hell of a day, she reflected. Shit! It's been a hell of a month her mind grumbled. But, with this being the end result of that month, she found she didn't really mind the rest of it. "Can I stay like this forever?" she sighed, mostly to herself.


One word, simple and concise. But said with so much meaning that Megan had to lift her head and look at the speaker.

And what she saw in that crystal blue regard almost made her cry, as it filled her with a peace and a sense of belonging that she had never known before. I'm home.

There was so much she wanted to say, but couldn't find the words for. So she went for the ones her heart was tapping at the door with. "I love you, Randi Christine Oakes." With that, she reached up and captured the lips that she'd been hungering for all evening.

Finally, after many long moments of oral and tactile exploration, the breathless writer drew back and looked into glazed, darkened eyes. "Randi?"

"Hmmm?" was the only response the brunette was capable of.

"I'm not drunk now."

Randi's heart rate doubled and her hormones did a standing ovation, as the import of Megan's statement became clear.

Without another word, the small blonde took the speechless doctor's hand and led her purposely down the hall.

Megan paused as they reached the bedroom door. Hesitating for just a moment before turning her head and becoming captured by the look of pure desire and love that radiated from Randi's face. Megan's thudded wildly at the sight and she squeezed Randi's hand tenderly. The doctor raised the smaller hand to her lips and kissed it softly.

The simple tender gesture caused Megan's knee to buckle slightly. Randi wrapped her long arms around the writer's body and pulled her closer. The gesture, meant only to steady Megan sent a jolt of pleasure thru both women. A sigh escaped Megan as she leaned in closer to the woman who had stolen her heart.

Randi couldn't believe that she was finally holding the woman who had at first infuriated her. Now she couldn't imagine her life without her. Randi brushed her thumb across Megan's cheek, eliciting another sigh from the smaller woman. She found herself captivated by those amazing pools of emerald staring up at her. There was so much trust in those eyes. The thought of how much trust Megan was placing in her hands suddenly frightened Randi.

Megan reached up and laced her fingers thru Randi's long raven tresses. The writer pulled her closer as she leaned up to meet her. Their lips met shyly. The warmth of this encounter washing away all fears and doubts from both women. At this moment in time it was just the two of them.

Randi pulled Megan closer, her hands roaming down the writer's back. This is what she needed. Megan was a part of her. Randi's tongue began to caress Megan's lips, silently pleading for entrance. Megan parted her lips inviting, Randi's exploration. The doctor found herself moaning as she entered the warmth of Megan's mouth. As she explored the sweet warmth she knew that she had never experienced anything this incredible in her life.

Megan's heart was pounding inside her chest as her own tongue began to dance sensually with Randi's. The kiss deepened quickly as they explored one another freely. For the first time in her life, Megan felt alive. The feel of Randi's arms wrapped around her body and her breath on her skin was making her body tremble and her stomach clench.

Reluctantly Randi broke away when the need for air became overwhelming. "All of this from just one kiss." Megan gasped as she continued to run her fingers thru Randi's hair. "I never knew I could feel like this." the writer confessed with a slight blush, the look of love clearly written across her cherubic features.

"I love you." It was the only response Randi could manage to utter. She felt the truth of those three words echoing to her very core.

Megan felt like crying from the sincerity of those words as Randi reclaimed her lips. The soft kiss was full of promise as Randi's mouth moved to Megan's cheek. Then Randi began to place feathery kisses on Megan's chin. Megan's head fell back slightly as she offered her neck to the doctor's eager mouth. The sensation was causing her body to quiver. The writer's skin burned with desire from each tender kiss Randi placed down her neck.

Randi stepped slightly away from the petite blonde and took her gently by the hand. The smaller woman's smoky green gaze told her everything she needed to know. Randi slowly led her lover into the bedroom. The doctor's hormones were racing uncontrollably, and she quieted them as best she could. She wanted to take things slowly with her young lover. She needed to savor every moment of making love to this woman. Standing before the bed she captured Megan's face in her hands.

Megan leaned into her lover's touch, fighting back the urge to beg this woman to ravish her right then and there. Despite the urgent signals her body was sending, it wasn't what she truly wanted. Megan nuzzled Randi's neck and drank in her scent. She kissed the hollow of the doctor's throat, feeling herself ache in response as Randi released a sensual moan. Everything about the taller woman inflamed her. The unfamiliar intensity was as intoxicating as it was frightening.

Randi hands ran slowly over Megan's shoulders as the blonde feasted upon her neck. The tall woman's fingers ached to touch the skin that lay beneath the writer's clothing. She felt Megan's trembling fingers fighting with the buttons on her shirt, and she stepped away slightly, capturing the quivering digits in her hand. Megan looked up at her quizzically.

Randi brought Megan's hands to her mouth and kissed each one softly. Then slowly she brought Megan's smaller digits to her mouth. She tasted each one slowly, torturing the blonde as her tongue suckled the fingers one by one. Randi watched in pleasure, as Megan's breathing became ragged.

Megan thought she was going fall from the sensation of her finger being sucked into the warmth of Randi's mouth, her tongue wrapping around the digit as her teeth grazed across it. Megan could only whimper in response as she fought to remain standing. Her head was spinning by the time Randi was done. Thankfully Randi finally released her trembling hands. Megan reached out and clasped her lover's hips in an effort to steady herself.

Megan couldn't believe the sensation of sheer pleasure her body was experiencing. She watched in a haze as Randi began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Her hands gripped the taller woman's hips tighter as her top was lowered from her shoulders.

Randi's heart was pounding as she drank in the sight of Megan standing before her with her shirt hanging half way off of her body. "You are so beautiful." She whispered softly as she leaned in and began to kiss Megan's inviting neck. Her mouth and tongue slowly began to blaze a trail down Megan's body. She felt her lover's hands moving across her backside. Randi moaned into Megan's skin as the blonde hands began to tug her shirt out of her pants.

Megan could feel Randi's breath on her skin as she yanked the taller woman's shirt out of her pants. Randi kissed the valley between her breasts as the blonde's hands slipped up under the shirt. The feel of Randi's skin beneath her fingers sent another wave of desire thru her body. Randi lifted her head, and once again Megan was mesmerized. The writer moved her hands and allowed her lover to remove her top and toss it onto the floor.

Randi's fingers made small circles across her lover's exposed flesh. Randi was lost in the feel of Megan's skin responding to her touch. Megan slowly removed Randi's top and tossed it along side of her own. They stood there, each drinking in the sight of the other as their fingers ran slowly up and down the other's body. Randi smiled when she felt Megan's stomach muscles clench as she ran her fingers across her abdomen. She moaned as she felt Megan shyly touching her breast.

Megan licked her lips in anticipation as she carefully felt the curve of Randi's firm full breast through the material of her bra. She felt her lover's hands caressing her back. As she felt her bra being unclasped, her body arched in response. With the palms of her hands, she brushed against Randi's nipples, which were straining against the material of her bra. Megan felt a rush of desire as her lover's breasts responded to her touch.

Randi slowly lowered Megan's bra down her arms. She felt her breath catching in her throat as she looked down upon her lover's half naked body. The doctor choked back the tears as she realized she had never seen anything more beautiful in her life. Her body hummed with desire as she felt her own bra being lowered. Each stepped away slightly allowing their lover to remove the garments and toss them aside.

They leaned into one another, their nipples brushing as they reclaimed one another's lips. The feel of their bodies meeting for the first time as their tongues dueled for control only made Megan crave for more. Hands roamed freely needing to feel the other. Megan pressed into Randi's firm body, driven by the sudden urgency to feel more of her lover.

Randi fought to slow things down. But as their bodies swayed together, she could feel her passion growing steadily out of control. She reluctantly broke away from the kiss, only to feel Megan kissing her neck once again. She moaned as she realized her lover was nearing her aching breasts. She released a strangled cry as she felt Megan cupping one of her breasts. Her body arched as the blonde's tongue began to tease her other nipple.

The sounds of her lover panting, and the taste of her skin, were driving Megan insane. She continued to tease Randi's nipple, and with each flick of her tongue, she could feel Randi's body shudder in pleasure. Megan captured Randi's nipple in her mouth as the brunette groaned in pleasure. Megan could feel her lover's excitement as she teased her with her teeth and her tongue, and she felt her lover leading her. It wasn't until her knees pressed against the edge of the bed did she realized where she was being led to.

Randi pulled away from her lover's eager mouth and slowly lowered her onto the bed. "I love you." She repeated in a husky tone as she looked down upon Megan lying on her bed. Randi knelt before her lover who was reaching out for her. Randi captured the blonde's hand and kissed it tenderly. "I want to show you how much I love you." Randi stated with conviction as she released Megan's hand.

Megan could only nod in response as Randi's hands began to slowly caress her body. Megan quivered with each touch as she watched her lover slowly begin to remove the remainder of her clothing. Soon the blonde lay naked on the bed, knowing that her arousal was clearly written across every inch of her body. And she didn't care; the only thing she cared about at this moment was Randi.

Randi stood before her lover, drinking in her body. But it was more than that sight that moved the doctor; it was the look of love in the young writer's eyes that made her heart and body ache. Randi watched in delight as her lover's hungry eyes tracked her every movement. Slowly she removed her own clothing. Now completely exposed to the woman she loved, she blushed as Megan licked her lips with desire.

Megan held out a hand to the vision of beauty standing before her. Their fingers wrapped together as Megan gently pulled Randi down onto the bed. Both women moaned in pleasure as their bodies met, and melded. Two bodies instinctually wrapped around each other in a sensual dance. Megan could feel her lover's passion pressing against her skin and she pulled Randi closer, claiming her lips in a deep, wet kiss.

Randi was lost in the pleasure of Megan's kiss as their bodies began to move against one another. Hands roamed freely, needing to feel every inch of the other's body. They sank deeper into each other as they rolled around on top of the bed. Randi slipped her thigh between her lover's legs and was greeted by a deep moan. She could feel how much Megan wanted her touch. Randi slowed the kisses as she cupped Megan's breast.

The taller woman began to nibble on Megan's earlobe. The writer trembled as she felt Randi's hot breath in her ear. Her body arched as she felt Randi's tongue dip into her ear, and her fingers teased her already aching nipples. "Yes." Megan heard herself groaning as their bodies continued to rock together.

Randi began to kiss her way down Megan's body taking to time to savor the taste of the blonde's skin. Her lover lay beneath her, squirming in pleasure as their hips moved together in a sensual rhythm. Randi kissed the valley between Megan's breasts as the blonde gripped her shoulders tightly. Randi smiled against Megan's heaving chest as her mouth continued to tease the blonde.

Randi captured Megan's nipple in her mouth and began to suckle it greedily. She felt Megan thrust against her as she teased her nipple slowly. "Randi." Megan moaned with desire. The sound of Megan calling out her name further fueled her desires. Randi turned her attention to her lover's other breast and then back again. She knew she was driving Megan crazy as she felt her lover wrapping her legs around her body.

Megan pressed against Randi's body with fury. "Please." She whimpered as she rocked against Randi's firm body. Every fiber of her being was calling out for more. She needed to feel her lover, to touch Randi the way she was touching her. She whimpered again as Randi's mouth abandoned her breasts. Randi captured her once again in a deep sensual kiss. Megan was certain that she was going to pass out from the intense emotions racing thru her body.

Randi found herself stopping just to look into her lover's eyes. Megan smiled up at her. Randi leaned down and kissed those addictive lips once, and then again. "I love you." Megan whispered against the doctor's full lips. Blue eyes twinkled in gentle response as the raven-haired beauty began kissing her way down her lover's body. This time continuing to blaze a trail further down; nestling herself between Megan's thighs as she placed tender kisses across the blonde's stomach.

Randi descended further and blew a heated breath through Megan's dampened curls. Randi looked up at Megan, seeking reassurance. "Make love to me." Megan choked out as she wrapped her legs around Randi's broad shoulders. Randi flashed Megan a brilliant smile as she adjusted her position raising her lover's body slightly.

Megan felt her body arch uncontrollably as Randi kissed the inside of her thighs. She couldn't help gasping suddenly as Randi slowly dipped into her passion, tasting her for the first time. Megan watched as blue eyes twinkled up at her while Randi's tongue continued to pleasure her. Incoherent sounds bubbled from her lips as she felt Randi's tongue taunting her center; alternately caressing and devouring her unbearably sensitized flesh. She bit down on her bottom lip to stifle a scream as she felt that talented muscle spear into her depths to gather more of her.

Randi listened to her lover's whimpers as she began to suckle her. She captured the throbbing bundle in her mouth and suckled her greedily. Randi lost herself in the taste of her lover's wetness. She held Megan steadily as her body rose in pleasure. Megan was calling her name as Randi filled her. The blonde's body trembling against her as she pleasured her with her fingers and her mouth.

Megan felt the waves of ecstasy crashing down on her as her body lifted higher. Unable to fight against the sheer pleasure, she allowed herself to fall over the edge. She could hear a strange buzzing in her ears as her eyes fluttered shut. She knew she was screaming, but was unaware of what she was saying. She collapsed against the bed. Randi continued to pleasure her and once again she felt her body exploding.

"That's not possible." She moaned as the aftershocks trickled thru her body. She looked down to Randi laughing lightly between her thighs. She could feel her body continuing to pulsate against Randi's fingers as the brunette rested her head against her trembling stomach.

Finally Megan's breathing calmed slightly. "Hold me." She pleaded. Randi smiled up at her as she climbed up her body. The feel of Randi's hair caressing her body as the doctor climbed up her sent a new wave of desire through her body.

Randi wrapped the trembling woman up and her arms and kissed the top of her head. She felt Megan wrapping her body around her own. Randi moaned before she could stop herself. She felt Megan gently guiding her onto her back. The blonde leaned over Randi's long body and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

"That was… amazing." Megan murmured huskily. "I never knew it could be like that." Megan touched her lips shyly as realized how she tasted on her lover's lips.

The writer smiled as she looked down upon her lover. Her hand cupped Randi's cheek, and she sighed as the brunette leaned into her touch. Her heart lurched as she realized that this was what she had been waiting for. It took her lifetime but she finally understood what was to love and be loved.

Randi lay there as Megan's hands began to explore her body with soft gentle caresses that were slowly driving her insane. Randi allowed the gentle touching as she felt her need growing. Megan seemed to be memorizing every inch of her body.

Megan lay down beside Randi and allowed her fingers to drift slowly up and down the long firm body. Megan watched in delighted pleasure as Randi's breathing became ragged. Her hand drifted down to the dark triangle. Megan unconsciously licked her lips as her fingers felt the soft curls. She felt Randi's excitement greeting her touch. She hesitated briefly as she looked deeply into Randi's eyes. The look of desire she was receiving made her heart start to race once again.

Randi moaned as she felt Megan's fingers dipping shyly into her wetness. She parted her legs, allowing the blonde to feel all that she had to offer. Her eyes drifted shut as she felt Megan's thumb grazing her throbbing clitoris. She willed herself to be patient as Megan continued her shy exploration.

Megan felt her own excitement growing as Randi responded to her touch. Her caresses through the slick folds becoming bolder as her lover moaned in pleasure. She pressed her thumb against her lovers swollen clit as her fingers slipped into wet warmth. She felt her own heart skip a beat as her lover's walls greedily captured those fingers. With an excited moan, Megan leaned her head down and seized one of Randi's nipples in her mouth, loving the taste of her lover's skin.

Megan's fingers slowly plunged in and out of Randi as she teased her nipple in her mouth. After she felt Randi's body rising in pleasure, she needed more. She released Randi's breast from the warmth of her mouth and began to kiss her way down her lover's body. Spurred on by the taste of Randi's skin and lost in a haze of desire, she found herself nestled between those long legs.

Randi draped her legs down Megan's back and opened herself to her lover. Megan's mouth moving shyly as she felt her way. Randi fought to keep her eyes open so she could watch her lover. "I love you." Megan whispered into her. Randi fought back the tears of joy.

Slowly Megan began to taste her lover deeper; bringing tentative fingers up to caress the silken folds and, responding to Randi's very favorable reactions, began to pleasure the tall beauty with lips and tongue and fingers. The sensation of her lover pressing against her was driving Megan crazy with desire, as mouth and fingers began working in unison. She was rewarded by the feel of Randi's endless legs pressing against her back in passion's rhythm. She could feel her lover nearing the edge with each flick of her tongue.

Feeling her own thighs trembling she increased her pace steadily. Megan held Randi tightly as she thrust against her mouth, the taste and sounds of her lover causing Megan's own body to respond. Randi was begging her for more, and Megan happily deepened her touch. As she felt her lover climaxing against her, the sensation drove her over the edge. She found herself screaming into Randi's wetness.

"You are amazing." Randi panted as Megan curled up in her arms. "What is it?" The doctor inquired seeing the puzzled look on Megan's face.

"I never thought I could feel so much by making love to someone else." Megan choked out.

Randi let out a soft chuckle as they clung to one another. They climbed under the covers and held each other tightly, exchanging soft promising kisses. Their hands roamed ceaselessly, and they soon found themselves lost in the throes of passion once again. They made love slowly, neither one wanting this time to end. Each time they cuddled up, a simple touch or look would reignite their passion.

Early dawn found two sated lovers locked together in sleep. Two hearts locked together in love. And two souls reunited and locked together,



Randi laid her pen down and closed the bright orange folder that she was making notes in. Leaning back in the large, leather chair, she heaved a contented sigh as she let her eyes wander around the room. It contained the customary desk fronted by two rather bland chairs, file cabinets, bookshelves lined with medical reference materials and a surprisingly comfortable leather couch. As offices go, it wasn't very large, and it certainly could never be accused of being professionally opulent. But the name proudly displayed on the white, opaque glass of the door made the size and the plainness totally irrelevant.

Dr. Randi C. Oakes, M.D P.C.

Randi studied the name proudly displayed on the door and allowed a small, self-indulgent smile to shape her lips. I never thought I'd see that, Uncle Jake. I never thought I'd even set foot back inside this hospital, let alone be practicing here again. But, then again, I'd never imagined meeting a little five-foot-four keg of dynamite that would drag my sorry butt out of the hole I had dug for it. Randi shook her head as she reflected on the last few months. They had been a whirlwind of activity as Randi, with the gentle encouragement and support of the writer, emerged from her reclusive shell and allowed herself to reunite with the community and the friends she had left behind. Megan had also kept her word to her mother and publisher as an adorably shy, raven-haired beauty was introduced to a warmly welcoming mother and partner and, later, to a smugly happy publisher. I'm glad we took the girls along. Charly got an absolute kick out of Xena. But the beautiful, blonde writer hadn't stopped there ¾ no. Randi'd had one more hurdle yet to leap ¾ one that would be the hardest, but would have the most profound effect on the rest of Randi's life.

And so, it was a highly reluctant and inwardly trembling woman who walked into Knox General Hospital to "visit" with friends and acquaintances, and a shell-shocked, but proud and happy, reinstated doctor who emerged. Looking back, the brunette couldn't help but shake her head at the small blonde's dogged determination that she just "drop in and say hi." Some 'hi' that turned out to be, the tall woman snorted. That brat must have known they'd want me back. And bless her heart, she must have known how badly I needed to be back. I don't think I'll ever be able to repay her for all that she's given me, but I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying.

Watery blue eyes tracked to the delicate, gold leaf, book frame that sat proudly her desk. Megan had presented it to her on the eve of their victorious visit to the hospital. On one side was a photograph of a wildly grinning Randi standing behind, and with her arms wrapped around, an equally happy Megan as they posed at the front entrance of Toby's store. And in the other frame was a small, beautiful poem that Megan swore just, somehow, happened when she was thinking of Randi one day. Deciding that she liked it and hoping that Randi would too, the writer took the poem and had it rewritten by a calligrapher on authentic, aged parchment and then placed it in the adjoining frame.

Do you know what I see
When I look in your eyes?

I see endless summer skies
And deep, peaceful lakes.

I see gentle, moonlit nights
And the twinkling of a thousand stars.

I see gentle passion
And fierce serenity.

I see ancient wisdom
And childlike wonder.

And when they look at me

I see infinite patience
When I am most trying.

I see boundless affection
When I am most undeserving.

I see absolute warmth
When I am most cold.

I see pure, abiding love
When I am most unexpecting.

And best of all

I see my home
When I am feeling most lost.

I see everything I should be, could be and ever want to be
In your eyes.

I see…


Randi reflected on the day that she'd received it. To say that she'd liked it would be a gross understatement, and a tearful, joyful and exceptionally ardent doctor spent the rest of the day and most of the night expressing her appreciation in any and every way that she knew. I can't believe she's never written poetry before. But that's what makes this all the more special. It's not just a poem, it's a…heartsong. A delighted smile curled her lips. And it was just for me! God, I miss you, baby. I hope you get back from your book signing tour soon.

A knock on the door interrupted her wistful reverie as a cheerful, curly-haired young nurse bounced in, carrying a small, square package. "This just came for you, Dr. Oakes," she announced brightly. "I figured it might be something you were expecting, so I brought it right over."

"Thanks, Ronny," the doctor called to the retreating nurse as she examined the return address on the label. Hmm, Megan's publishing house. I'll bet I know what this is, the tall woman grinned as she tore open the box. Randi tore off the final wrapping and surveyed the bold title of her writer's newest offering.

Deadly Medicine A Samantha Steele mystery

You knew I was gonna want to read this one, didn't you, you brat? Randi recalled her surprise when, in the course of obtaining some medical advice for the plot of her new story, Megan revealed her intention to introduce a gay, female doctor who starts out assisting a reluctant Sam Steele and ends up becoming Sam's unofficial sidekick. Randi had expressed concerns over how this change would be received by the current readership, but the writer remained undeterred. Meg felt that she owed something to that class of people whom she'd vigorously maligned, and this was her way of repaying that debt. "You are going to tweak so many noses with this one, my love," the doctor speculated aloud.

"True," a cheerful voice rang from the doorway. "But I might also un-tweak a few noses…and gain a new reader base in the bargain."

Startled by the unexpected response, Randi looked up, a delighted smile lighting up her face as she beheld a flaxen-haired, green-eyed goddess lounging against the doorjamb. In less than a heartbeat, she was out from behind her desk and within arm's reach of her lover as the blonde entered the office and closed the door behind her.

Megan let out a startled, delighted squeak as she was lifted in strong arms, twirled and then kissed absolutely senseless.

After several long, luscious moments, the blonde was allowed to come up for air. "Good lord!" she gasped in glassy-eyed wonder. "I'm going to have to go on book tours more often."

"Nuh,uh" the tall woman murmured between random, wispy pecks. "Just being you and loving me will get you these kinds of kisses any day, every day, for the rest of my life. I love you."

Megan's throat burned against the joy-filled sob that begged to escape as she gazed into adoring, azure eyes. "I don't know what I've done to deserve you, Randi Oakes, but I hope I'll keep doing it. In this lifetime and every one that follows."

"You will. It's in our contract," the brunette quipped, lightening the heavy emotional atmosphere. Randi straightened and assumed an officious air. "Small, beautiful, blonde bards must meet, hang around with, and eventually fall in love with tall, dark, guilt-stricken and dense warrior/healer types. It's on page sixty-seven, paragraph ten," the doctor finished with a satisfied grin.

"Well, I guess we can't go against a contract then, can we?" the blonde surmised, green eyes twinkling merrily.


The two stood grinning at each other for a long moment before Randi spoke up. "So, I notice that your new character is also short, blonde and green-eyed," she observed wryly. "Is that contract gonna be amended to read 'small, beautiful, blonde bards/healers that meet, hang around with, and eventually fall in love with tall, dark, warrior/healer/detective types?'"

"Hmm, I dunno," the blonde grinned mischievously. "I could make them really…close…"friends" and let the readers draw their own conclusions. Or," she chuckled at the narrow-eyed glare she was receiving, "let's just say it depends on the 'feedback' I get from certain loyal readers," she finished, smiling coquettishly.

"Feedback, huh?"


Randi grasped the smaller hand and began backing up to the leather couch.

"I can do feedback."


Well, that's it, folks. It is my sincere wish that you enjoyed reading Snowbound as much as

I enjoyed writing it.

I would like to heartfelt thanks to two people who, without their valuable assistance, this story would be truly incomplete.

Thank you to Karen Surtees for her extremely valuable assistance in all things medical. I'm afraid I know next to nothing about Trauma injuries, and KAS's input helped make Megan's injuries, and the treatment for them, a lot more believable.

Thank you and a big, virtual hug and kiss to ML. Your wonderful contribution was everything I had hoped for…and more. You rock!

Thanks again, everybody. And good night.


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