DISCLAIMER: The characters Xena/Gabrielle are ©Renaissance etc.
The Xena and Gabrielle in this tale are borrowed. This is supposed to be a fun piece of fluff, it does involve two women being deeply, totally in love.
Don't be offended, be jealous! All comments welcomed.



by Rab Donald


"Alright question number five. Name your favourite….."

Gabrielle sat with her quill poised just above the parchment.
"Dark" The warrior spoke after a few moments of thought.
The bard sighed. "Dark is not a colour. I will put down black"

"Ha! You know what I think of them" Xena's smile was contemptuous, yet alluring. "Who did you put?"
"Not allowed, Xena" Gabrielle failed to keep the exasperation from her voice. "The idea is that we answer independently"
"Alright then, Irene, Goddess of peace" the warrior now looked impish.
The blonde bard raised her eyebrows "Nice" she said, approvingly, as she scribbled the name.
"Anything to annoy Ares!" laughed Xena.

"Nutbread and cider" Gabrielle said. "Damn, I didn't mean to say that aloud"
The warrior patted her knee "It's OK, not giving too much away there.
I'll go for port and……lamb"
"I said Lamb. Can we just get on with this?"

The bard coughed and flushed. "I think we can skip the next couple of questions"
Now her smile was mischievous as Xena grabbed the parchment.
"Most exciting sexual experience!" she handed the paper back "Oh no! we cannot stop now!"
Gabrielle lowered her eyes and scribbled quickly.
"Mine is easy. A few years ago, two girls back in Corinth. Zeus! They were fantastic! Even better than that mass orgy I went to in ….." The raven-haired woman paused to watch her friend's expression.
Gabrielle refused to look up.
"I'm just teasing you" again Xena patted the bard's knee "the girls lived in Thrace, not Corinth!"

"Between those two girls in Thrace" Xena said with a straight face.

"A peaceable nature" Gabrielle spoke aloud, poking her tongue out.
"A great pair of…." Xena broke into laughter "And her own supply of toys!"
"This really was a stupid idea. It could have been fun if only it was taken a bit more seriously" the bard looked up with smiling exasperation.
"I am taking it seriously. You do have a great pair, and those things you keep in your scroll bag were great fun last night" Xena looked directly into green eyes. "I adore you, my bard" she leaned forward and kissed the blonde with unrestrained passion. "let's make love"

Gabrielle studied the parchment "I have to add up the scores"
"I'm sorry Xena" there was a serious tone in her voice, as Gabrielle returned the look. "According to this we are totally incompatible"
Xena slid a hand slowly up the blonde's thigh. Gabrielle almost involuntarily parted her legs as the hand reached it's goal.
The warrior used her other hand to stimulate a nipple as she eased two fingers into Gabrielle's wet centre.
"According to this…" she removed glistening fingers "We are very compatible" Xena smeared the love-juices across her companions bosom.
They kissed deeply, tongues instantly exploring.

Gabrielle pulled away. "What about those Thrace girls?" she asked with mock hurt in her voice.
"Well" smiled Xena "if this doesn't feel good, I will go visit them tomorrow…" she replaced her hand between the bard's now splayed legs.
"Better make this a good one" moaned Gabrielle as they fell together on the bed.


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