DISCLAIMER: No infringement of copyright intended on the characters owned by MCA/Universal/Renaissance. This story contains SEX. If you are too young or easily offended, please do not read. If the idea of two women being in love offends, go away now. That has got rid of them, now the rest of us can read and enjoy.

When the Cats Away

by Rab Donald


It was a squalid tavern in a squalid little town, the warrior mused as she stood at the bar. To her surprise, the wine was of excellent quality, something that seemed lost on most of the drunken, boisterous clientele who were swilling and spilling cheap ale as if there were no tomorrow.

Someone was playing tunelessly on a flute, and dancing of a kind was taking place. ‘Dancing’ of another kind was also taking place.

Xena had noticed them, the woman with her back against the wall,

her legs wrapped around the man’s waist as he thrust himself against her.

She was glad that the general hubbub of noise drowned out their animal grunts.

The dark haired warrior felt a gentle tap on her shoulder. A husky, but unmistakably female voice said "Are you Xena, the famous Warrior Princess?" Turning to face the speaker, "Just Xena will be fine" she said in neutral tones.

The woman had similar jet black hair, her face was powdered the colour of alabaster with lips rouged blood red. She was not very much shorter than the warrior, her peacock-blue dress was figure hugging. The warrior found her eyes drawn to the v-front that revealed a healthy looking bosom.

Neither could she ignore the slit up the side of the legs that displayed well toned thighs. Even the matching blue, lace-fronted leather boots seemed to have an appeal of their own.

"Forgive me" the woman smiled "I have not introduced myself, they call me Sapphire"

Realising that she had been staring, Xena coughed in embarrassment.

"May I buy you a drink, Sapphire? I can recommend the wine"

As the warrior paid for two goblets of wine, she became all too aware that her new acquaintance had sidled up very close. In fact she was almost certain that a small hand had gently brushed against her bottom.

As she handed over the wine, Sapphire was a picture of innocence.

Then to her amazement, Xena watched as Sapphire placed her free hand on the stomach of her leather bodice and let it travel up until it cupped one of her breasts. The woman squeezed gently before pulling her hand away.

"I had heard you wore breast-armour" the red-lipped beauty giggled.

Slightly startled, the warrior just said "I took it off and left it in my room upstairs, it was getting too warm in here"

Then she added "not that I am unprotected without it, I could kill everyone in this room if I had to" It was an odd thing to say, and she knew it.

"You have a room upstairs?" smiled Sapphire, but she said no more.

Xena found herself gulping on her wine. Blue dress and cleavage took a small step back. "I had also heard that you travelled with someone. An irritating little blonde"

"Gabrielle. Her name is Gabrielle" the warrior said firmly.

"You know my dress colour matches your eyes" purred Sapphire as she again moved closer. "So where is this…. Gabrielle?"

"She had to leave for a few days" the warrior said simply.

There was definitely a hand rubbing against her thigh when Sapphire cooed

"But you must be so lonely without her.."

The taller woman gently grabbed the straying hand and removed it from her thigh. "I miss her of course"

"It is my turn for the drinks" said the husky voice and as she summoned over the serving girl. Her hand returned to Xena’s thigh. Gently she moved it up and down, the outside of her hand against the outside of the thigh.

This time the warrior did nothing.

When the drinks were placed on the bar, Sapphire lifted them both and carried them over to an empty table. Xena had no choice but to follow.

The moment the warrior sat down, a hand was immediately back on her thigh. This time, the palm of the hand caressing the inside of the thigh, from knee to the skirt fringe of Xena’s bodice.

"Sheesh! People might see!" the warrior hissed, then she realised that this was a tame complaint.

"In this place, who cares?" grinned Sapphire who pushed her blood-red lips against the warrior’s. Xena allowed the kiss to continue until she felt a probing tongue.

"Keep your hands…. everything, to yourself" she admonished.

But the other woman merely giggled.

"I know you like my breasts, I’ve seen you staring" she laughed.

The warrior blushed. She blushed even more when her companion again placed her hands against Xena’s boobs and began to rub.

"Will you stop that!"

Sapphire took her hands away, only to resume the caressing of the warrior’s thighs. One hand slid round to try to grab Xena’s butt.

Almost involuntarily, the warrior parted her legs slightly as gentle caresses travelled ever upwards. It was only when the roving hand reached her breeches that she tried to squirm away.

"Are you wet my love?" Sapphire said with a lascivious look "my breeches are squelching"

Xena felt mesmerised. When the frisky woman again leaned up to kiss, the warrior acquiesced and opened her mouth wide to receive a greedy, probing tongue. The embrace lasted a few minutes in which Sapphire succeeded in slipping a hand down the front of the leather bodice to tease a nipple, while her other hand plunged right up between the warrior’s legs and she rubbed harshly against stickily wet breeches.

Gasping for breath, Xena pulled away from the embrace.

"I’m going back to the bar, it is safer there" she announced.

But no sooner had she got there, than Sapphire was by her side, and her hand was fondling Xena’s bum. The warrior enjoyed the sensation for a while, the warm glow in the pit of her stomach was spreading and her body was starting to tingle. She became all too aware that her nipples had sprung erect.

The serving girl stood before them, pouring more wine.

Sapphire yet again returned her attention to the warrior’s bosom, trying to force a hand into the leather costume. As she tried to push her away, Xena merely succeeded in grabbing on to Sapphire’s partially exposed breasts.

"That’s it baby! Get yourself a handful" giggled the smaller woman.

Xena blanched, but felt reluctant to let go of the lovely firm boobs.

Instead she moved close in. "People can see!" she hissed, jerking her head in the direction of the serving girl who was standing, waiting to be paid for the drinks she had poured.
"She is watching, and enjoying the show" purred Sapphire "just look at her own nipples standing to attention!"

To Xena’s utter astonishment, the woman reached her hand across the bar and she began to fondle the breasts of the blonde barmaid.

"Oooh! They are lovely!" sighed Sapphire "go on Xena have a taste"

The wanton woman then pulled down the front of the blonde girls dress, to expose her pert breasts.

The barmaid seemed to lean forward, Xena shocked herself by leaning across the bar and clamping her lips around a rosy nipple. After suckling momentarily

the warrior pulled away.

"That is it! I am going upstairs"

"I will get your room number" said a husky voice as the warrior hurried away.

Out of her leather and wearing a plain white shift, Xena lay on top of the bed.

With one hand rubbing between her legs, and the other massaging her boobs

the warrior threw her head back and lost herself in abandonment.

The door opened, and after a few minutes a figure joined her on top of the bed.

"That is my job" said a husky voice as two fingers pushed into Xena’s wetness.

The warrior grabbed at the jet black hair.

"You can take the wig off now, Gabrielle, and quit the phoney accent".

"Ouch!" yelled the bard "this isn’t a wig! It took me ages to dye my hair that colour"

"Zeus! You were brilliant my love, that make-up and everything. How did you get so tall?" the warrior gasped as her lover’s fingers thrust deeper inside her.

"Those damned boots! I could hardly walk" laughed Gabrielle.

The bard continued to finger-fuck her friend as she lowered her head to suck greedily on Xena’s aching breasts. The warrior climaxed noisily.

Lying side by side they kissed lovingly, just barely keeping overwhelming passion in check.

"You are such an easy pick-up! You Swine!" said the bard when their lips finally parted. She idly caressed her warriors breasts.

"I swear you didn’t know it was me at first" she said, pinching a nipple.

"You are right! I didn’t" laughed Xena.

"I can see I’m going to have to keep my eye on you, you harlot!" the bard giggled.

"And what about that barmaid? That was such an amazing touch, Gabrielle.

How did you manage to arrange that? It was a stroke of genius!"

There was genuine admiration in Xena’s voice.

Gabrielle blushed. "Actually I didn’t. Arrange it I mean. I’ve never seen her before in my life, it was just a spur of the moment thing. I was getting really carried away by my part"

"You little vixen!" said the warrior in astonishment.

Gabrielle grinned as Xena began to play with her breasts. The bard raised herself then lowered her opened legs down on one of the warrior’s thighs.

She then began to rub herself back and forth, leaving a trail of glistening wetness as her pussy thrilled to the motion.

"The thing was, she seemed to really enjoy it!" gasped Gabrielle.

Xena raised her leg slightly so the smaller woman could get better leverage.She was now rubbing quite furiously, her gushing pussy on fire.

"She did too" agreed Xena who grabbed her lover’s buttocks and aided her in her orgasm inducing motion.

"It is me who is going to have to keep my eye on you!" gasped the warrior urging her friend to satisfaction "grabbing the titties of any poor innocent serving wench you meet!"

"Yes! Yes! Yees" screeched Gabrielle as she achieved delicious release. Further tender kisses were exchanged.

"At least I just fondled her, you had your mouth clamped so hard on her boob I thought you were trying to eat it!" smiled the bard.

"There is something I want to eat" Xena retorted.

They lay in blissful silence for a few moments.

"Hades! That was fun though! Can we play that again sometime?" Xena finally broke the silence.

"Only if you promise me one thing" smiled Gabrielle.

"Anything. You know that. Anything" soothed Xena

"You don’t let me get a moments sleep until sunrise!"

"Your wish is my command!" and the warrior and bard fell upon each other and began making love like there was no tomorrow.


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