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Author Note: This story is only a small brainchild that wouldn’t go away. It’s meant to be as a bad 70’s porn (damn my friends to hell). The plot is totally lacking, much of this is unrealistic. Besides you’ll all probably forget about it once the kinky lesbian rolls around. All comment’s ONLY CONSTRUCTIVE ONE’S…ahem…can be sent to Sweet Wonderful Me.


Odd Jobs

By RacerX

I noticed her from the moment she walked in. I noticed everything about her; the way her hips moved as she walked, the way her ass seemed molded into those blue jeans she wore. She walked up to the glass entrance of the hotel and eyed me a bit like she was taking in a piece of fresh meat. I eyed her back too, I mean if you were there you would have to, besides she had great breast. As we where taking each other in another man walked along side her and wrapped her in his arms. Figures; beautiful women always have husbands or girlfriends. It just so she just happened to have a boyfriend or husband, no skin off my back. I went back to smoking my cigarette and the beautiful woman, with boyfriend in tow, went into the hotel lobby to check in. I raked my fingers through my hair, pushed up my Ray-Ban’s and took another long drag of my cig. I let my thoughts wander back to the brunette: she really was hot though, I thought, I really would have loved, and do I mean loved, to have gotten a piece of her. With my Marlboro done I realized it was time to head in to work and my 6 o’clock dinner date.


"Ugh….ugh…fuckin’ a….oh"

The monotony of sex.: in out, in out and then in out again. Jeez after a bit it can get boring. As I lay there on my back (didn’t I mention that I was a hooker? Well not hooker more like call girl and a very high priced one at that too) pined under Richard and bored as hell I started to think of the sexy brunette, the one with the tight ass. I moaned at the proper spots to let Richie know I was at least alive, but my mind wasn’t there. The only part of me that seemed to be there was my sense of time and it was telling me that he better hurry the hell up.

"Oh…Ar…oh…shit …oh…goddamn…Sweet Jesus!!!!"

And with that part of the boredom was over. He was done and soon I could shower and get the hell on. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Richie because I do. He’s a nice guy he buys me dinner and even blow’s me first to make sure that I even enjoy the day’s work. It’s just that I don’t like him like that ya know? I mean not to be ungrateful but I just can’t get into the man, hell I just can’t get into men period. I think this is the time where I should mention that I’m a lesbian just in case the little bright light didn’t go off in your heads.

Freshly showered and dressed I kissed Richie on the forehead and kindly got the hell out of his room. We were in a hotel so figured it would be kinda easy to just bum around for awhile and get lost in the crowd. I was moving through the mass of people. It was the rich and famous, the elite of L.A. and all the other bullshitter’s that clung to them. It was Hollywood in 2001 right after the war for presidency. The city was in bloom full of beautiful women who I would love to have a piece of or spend some quality time with. Funny I came to the big city to learn how to act and write, but wound up a whore. Not to come off bitter cause I’m not it’s just very ironic to me that’s all.

See I came from small time Smallville, USA a town so small I don’t think it even has a name. Where I was there was nothing. I lived in the heart of the flippin' dust bowl and Bible belt. I was a wholesome little kid with a short stature and nice green eyes. I always had the dream to write or act so I decided to go where I could best nourish my fledgling dream: that was bright Hollywood the home of the stars. It wasn’t that I didn’t love my home it was just that I didn’t fit in. I had big dreams and they were going to be realized come hell or high water damnit! So after my parents caught my with my best friend Sophie and tossed me on my ass I lit on out of there like a match and never looked back. So anyway after I got here a lot happens and I wind up hooking. But don’t get me wrong it’s not full time it’s just to pay the bills. I take classes at ‘SC (go Bruins!) and I’m writing a novel and a screenplay. I’m gonna be big no matter what.

As I walk through the lobby I notice a set of gorgeous legs. They’re the type of legs that even Marlene Dietrich would envy, Whoa Nelly those were some legs. The owner of said legs was wearing a modestly cut black dress and surprise, surprise it was my woman from earlier with the nice ass and great tit’s. She walked past me and gave me a small smile. I only saw her eyes in passing but they were the brightest shade of blue I ever seen. Her long black hair trailed down her back in a mane of soft curls, and oh god I so wished I was that man she came in with. Oh well, I can’t have ‘em all, but I sure as hell wanted her. I turned to watch her leave, really just turned to watch her ass as it swayed in her lovely form fitting dress (yes I know I display typical male behavior but I swear I’m not all that bad.). Damn I just realized that I’m gonna hate going home alone.


Damn the incessant ringing of the blasted phone! It’s wreaking havoc on my dreams of world domination and having a harem of women. Jeez man I think about women as if I’m a 15 year old that just discovered the joys of masturbation. I get cranky when I’m awakened in the wee hours and this was my only day to sleep in with classes ending for finals. This better be good.

"Speak!" I order into the phone, it really throws everyone off.

"What wrong side of whose bed did you wake up in? Arlis damn!" I could hear RJ’s laughing voice so chipper in the morning that I was possessed with the violent urge to just maybe rip through the phone and grab him by the nuts.

"I woke up in my bed alone ass. You know I don’t have anyone but the cat." Yes I have a cat. Damn stereotype but it’s true, I have a black mongrel that I named Felix. I think my Lil’ Felix is nuts or just a manic depressive ‘cause he is seriously whacked out, but he is my little angel.

"See that’s why you need a girlfriend, loser, to make you feel all nice and loved like your cat can’t." Time to play with the man "Who says little Felix can’t?"

"Ewwwwww You’re one sick dyke you know? Anyway that’s why I called you I have a job for you" he said the magic word: Job. I needed to get laid and he brings me a job, I knew I loved this man for a reason.

"Lay it on me RJ who do I do and how much?" money oh money!!

"It’s a Mrs. Nicole Thomson in suite 415 at the Regency Hyatt in Laguna Niguel. She wants the dominatrix thing; she’ll pay for 2 hours. She’ll give you $1,500" at that moment I fell off my bed.

"Fifteen-fucking-hundred dollars!! You must be kidding. I’m not worth that! The grand I could see but 1,500 oh god I’ll be set." Oh man oh man this was going to be fun!

"Yea, yea I know you’re about to shit a brick but well, hey, have fun. All ya gotta do is go to the front desk around maybe say uhm…2pm desk and get a key…it’s under your name. Then go up to the room and prepare and wait. Mrs. Thomson will be back to her room around 2:30 and then you two can let the fun begin. It’s all been taken care of and paid for so just go there and well do your best." He snickered at his last comment and then went on "By the way dearie, you are supposed to have dinner with Jordan and me tonight. Be there or I start telling every gay woman in the tri county area that you’re really straight with a husband and kids."

"You fucker you wouldn’t. Ass-buster! Damn you to hell, but I’ll be there at 6 on the dot at the Red Lobster on Wilshire. Ok kiss Jason for me and tell him I’m pick him up at 3 on Saturday, ok bye asshole." I hung up before he could even reply. I saw Felix eyeing me funny and I picked him up from his perch on my dresser. I hugged him close and started to dance around. All I had to do to earn a grand and a half was play dominatrix with a woman for 2 hours. Oh yeah that’s hard. Thank god for my lack of morals.


The best way to describe the room was swank. The room was totally unbelievably supplied and loaded. I wish that one day I will be able to afforded a room like this one. As I moved around and unpacked my bag, I changed clothes. I went from jeans to leather. I wore a pair of unbe-fucking-lievably tight black leather pants and my black button down shirt. It gave off that kind of that ‘don’t fuck with me’ type look and it suited my purposes. I soon sat down and the couch and waited for Mrs. Thomson to arrive. I had set up everything, chains and all. Well not chains per se, just some ropes and the like. I put on my pair of mirrored Ray-Ban’s and sat down facing the door, waiting for the lady of the hour to show up.

And that she did, around 2:30 on the dot. She had a towel around her neck and was wiping the sweat off her face. Her hair was wet from a shower from the gym, where I was told she was working out. I studied Mrs. Thomson’s lanky form and tried to keep my jaw from dropping when I realized that she was the brunette that I had been watching yesterday. I think my jaw did drop when I saw her face. She had chiseled features, not very cold ones but they weren’t to warm either. Black well arched eyebrows slid over two almond shaped vibrant blue eyes that held a hint of amusement. She smirked at the sight of me as if there was some hidden joke. I arched my own brow and stared at her, well at her breast but she couldn’t tell cause of my mirrored Ray Bans.

"So you’re the one they sent to dominate me?" there was reproach and sarcasm in her voice. She studied me cocking her head to the side letting those gorgeous blue orbs rake over my body. It seemed that she liked what she saw. "Oooh so quiet I see well how ‘bout I get us drinks then we start what you came here for." I nodded and before she asked I told her a whiskey double. She nodded amused by my choice.

I sat down and watched as she fixed the drinks and moved around with proficient ease, as if she had been behind a bar for years. She brought me my drink and sat in the chair across from me sipping her drink slowly. Still she studied me with that same impeccable coolness in her eyes. She finished and stood up stretching the kinks out her back. "Well" she drawled slowly "lets begin."

"Hold on a sec. You need a safe word incase you want to stop. A lot of time in sex a ‘no’ can mean ‘oh god don’t fucking stop’" she chuckled a bit at my comment. " You know what a safe word is?" she nodded. I guess little Mrs. Nicole Thomson wasn’t new to all this. "Do you have a clue to what you want it to be?"

"Fuzzy-wuzzy." She must have caught my perplexed look because she gave me a hundred mega-watt smile before she went on. "Ya know ‘Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy had no pubic hair?"

"I always thought it was ‘hair’. This was once kiddies rhyme right?"

"Yes but when you hit 16 they give you the dirty version ‘Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy wuzzy had no pubic hair. So Fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t gettin’ much action down there." I started to laugh a bit myself. The rhyme was so simple but the humor was in the perversion on a nursery rhyme.

"See fuzzy wuzzy" she went on "is a bit uncommon. People rarely say it and who in the hell screams ‘fuzzy wuzzy’ during sex? And if someone just breaks out with a scream of ‘Fuzzy wuzzy’ you’d probably stop to see what the hell they were talking about." She did have a point and I nodded slowly. "So do you agree to ‘Fuzzy wuzzy’?" I nodded my consent. "So like I said before, let’s begin."

I had to smile because I knew now this is where the fun commences. I walked up to her as if a beast stalking their prey. I trailed my hands up her sides reverently almost, until my fingertips touched her lips. I pressed on their thick fullness lightly, she was surprised by my own gentleness. Slowly she moved her lips to suck in my fingers, she did each one slowly, teasingly. I swear if I was a man I’d come on the spot. I kept my face impassive and removed my fingers from her lips. Quickly I hooked my left arm around her neck and pulled down her face scant inches from mine. I caught her look of surprise and the brought her lips to mine in a crashing powerful kiss. Our tongues dueled in battle but mine asserted it's dominance and soon she gave control over to me. As we kissed I ran my hand over her chest lightly touching. I give her nipple a hard tweak and she gasped into my mouth and gives a slight moan when I do it again. We kissed for awhile until I break us apart and sit down on the plush couch. The bewildered look on her face is priceless.


Was my one word command. Slowly she begins to pull off her white tank top exposing to me two wonderful breast covered in a black lace bra. She sees the slight smile on my face and moved a but slower, more seductively. She slid her hand down her chest down her hips until they came to the button of her button fly, the other had slowly caressed her tit’s through her very sheer lacy bra. I watched the show through half lidded eyes. The combination of her show and my drink was getting to me and I felt a pleasant warmth settle in the pit of the stomach. She closed her eyes now and started to dance. She was caught up in some unexpected rhythm, moving and rolling her hips. I watched as her navel moved closer and closer to my mouth. Her skin looked so tan and healthy. I stuck my head foreword and took a broad lick of the skin before me. I could hear the gasp from her and I smiled in delight. Slowly I rubbed my cheeks against the soft skin and bestowed it with a series of licks bites and kisses. I went from her navel to the tiny ridges of her ribs right under her breast. I moved my tongue sensuously down her abdomen tasting the richness that was her. I took the first button of her fly and undid it with my teeth. The next followed and then the third. She wasn’t wearing any underwear so I could taste the salty sweet skin right above her pubis. She was shivering now with her hands balled at her sides to keep from touching me. I traced the patterns on her skin and she moaned in delight. Reluctantly I pulled back trying to regain some semblance of discipline and dominance. I was the one that asked her to strip right?

"Why’d ya stop?" she asked in a breathless tone.

"I told you to strip. I shouldn’t do it for you." I said in my best ‘do-as-I-say’ voice. I looked at her as I went on. "Do as I say and you’ll be rewarded if you don’t you’ll be punished, simple as that. I really don’t want," I put emphasis on the word want "to have to punish you but if I have to I will." Oh yeah, sure I don’t want to punish her. If you believe that one, then I have this load of shit I could sell you. "I didn’t give you permission to speak by the way, so consider this a warning. Next time you act out of accordance you will be punished."

She nodded as if she understood. She slid her hand down to the fly of her jeans and undid the last button. She opened the jeans slightly and reached up her other hand to undo the front snap of her bra. Oh man she had some great breasts. They were full and round with perfect dark nipples. And to even my surprise she had a pair of nice nipple rings. The rings were small and silver with tiny little silver balls hanging on the ends. She slipped each strap of her bra off her shoulders and the let her leans pool at her feet. She stood naked in front of me and I was so grateful that my jaw didn’t drop right there, I mean she was absolutely positively breathtakingly beautiful. I stood up and touched her skin, it was like silk beneath my fingers. I walked around her so I was facing her back. It was broad with smooth tan skin covering the muscle of her body. I stuck out my hand and lightly touched her skin feeling the hot and smooth warmth. It was dizzyingly intoxicating, I loved it. I walked back around to face her and I saw her lips parted and her eyes were closed, she was enjoying this as much as I was.

"Unbutton my shirt then take it of. Now."

She snapped out of her haze and moved her hands to attend to my shirt. She was a good head taller than me so this was a bit funny to see the naked Amazon attend to the little pipsqueak. She did well unbuttoning my shirt, I’ll give her that, but when she hit the part about taking it off she went down hill. I felt two warm hands slide down my torso and move back up to cup my breast through my bra. Not that I’m complaining or anything but I really didn’t want to have to punish her. Oh yeah the hell I didn’t. I backed up a few paces and walked over to my bag. I turned back to face her.

"Did I give you any type of permission what so ever to touch me?" I looked her in the eyes when I said it using a stern voice.

"No Mistress." She lowered her head and eyes and attempted to look contrite.

"Well then, why did you if you knew it wasn’t allowed?" this one was gonna be good.

"Well…I…didn’t mean to Mistress."

"So now you’re lying to me? Hmm…I think you better tell the truth to me now or you will be punished." She is digging herself so deep.

"I’m not lying to you Mistress honestly I’m not." I could see her shifting from foot to foot trying to think of which course of action would save her hide. To bad she’s already screwed.

"So now you’re arguing with me. Are you arguing or lying to me hmm?" the look her face was priceless I could even see her eyes bulge from where I was with her head bowed.

"I’m doing both Mistress forgive me please."

"I’m will punish you. It is in my right now." I raised her head slightly with the whip handle "13 lashes with the whip you will count them all out. If you miss one I add another, get it?" she nodded slowly with her head back down.

I pulled out one of the chairs of the table in the room. I dragged it over to the open area of the hotel room and set it down. "Here use this to brace yourself. Have your arms out in front of you and your legs spread. Grab on and hold on. Start counting after the first lash."

I uncoiled my whip. It was leather and pretty average as far as whips go. It wasn’t too broad or too skinny…it was just a whip. I had RJ take care of it often enough because I didn’t want to cause anybody any some serious damage. I was very proficient with the whip. When I was a kid I made a pseudo one at home because I had a dream once of being a lion tamer. I shook out my arm and pulled it back.


The sound cut through the air and it was followed by a sharp hiss. I could see a thin red blotch on her back. I didn’t hit her hard enough to leave a mark or even a welt. The hit was more to arouse the cause any type of real pain.

"One Mistress." Crack "Two Mistress." Crack "Three Mistress." Crack "Four Mistress." Crack "Ohhh…ugh…Six Mistress." By the time I hit 12 she was moaning before I announced the blow. Her back was a criss-cross of red blotches. Her legs were quivering and it was obvious that she liked the treatment. I could see the excitement running down her inner thigh and she was breathing hard gasping for air. There were beads of sweat on her and her grip on the chair must have been a white knuckle one. She was trying very hard not to climax and I did commend her. I will reward her well.

"Remember you may not come without my permission. You’re doing so well."

"Ye..y..yess Mmm...I…Mistressss I know I ca….can’tt"

Crack "Ohhhh thir…thirteen Mistress. May I have another?" Crack "hmmm f…four…teen Mistress."

I walked over next to her and I could smell the scent of her arousal thick in the air. I just wanted to duck my head and drink from the source but I must have patience. In an offhand manner I ran my hand through the river between her legs. She was warm wet and ready. I could feel her body tense from the invasion of my fingers. I ran them up her slit circled her clit and drove deep inside her. I could feel her tighten around me and it was heaven. I started to graze the handle of the whip up her thigh and she really trembled. The handle had a rounded tip and the shaft of it was round and smooth leather.

"You want this in you don’t you?" I moved the handle closer to her cunt. I trailed it slowly up her inner thighs, smiling when she tried to close her legs a bit. I moved it up through her center smearing it with her juices. I took a step closer, behind her and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"You want this don’t you? Buried deep inside you giving you what you want, what you need?"

"Yes…oh god…please Mistress."

"I’m not a mean Mistress all you have to do is simply ask me, just ask. But remember no climaxing allowed unless I give you permission."

"Oh pleas, oh please, oh please…Mistress please give it to me."

Her vice was thick and hoarse with passion and want. She made begging sound good. But she didn’t say it the way I wanted to hear it. I put the handle against her cunt and rotated it slowly letting the leather rasp over her clit. She bucked her hips and moaned out loud. I dragged the handle down until the head was at her opening and I let it stay there.

"Just ask me and it’s all yours. I promise you’ll scream and enjoy every inch of it. All you have to do is ask Me." I press it in a bit more and had it achingly inside her. I could feel her body trying to suck it in and find some type of relief.

"Please Mistress…oh god…please fuck me!" her tone was urgent so I gave in to her. I pushed the handle all the way in and her legs sagged in relief. I heard the tortured breathe she let out and she moaned as I withdrew all the way. I didn’t disappoint, I rammed it all the way home and she gave a scream that the angels would have envied. I pumped her in hard strokes, going from fast and hard to slow and long. I let her feel every inch of what I was giving her.

I was transfixed by her body. It just oozed pure eroticism. Her thick black hair hung between her shoulder blades. It was damp from her exertions and contrasted to her skin perfectly. Her head was cocked back and her long neck was shown in all its glory. I was given a perfect view of her breast from my position and they moved in sync with our rhythm, they bounced so slightly. I turned my wrist slightly and the handle turned slightly inside her too. She cried out from the onslaught of new sensation. Her breathing was shallow and I could see the flush rising on her body, she was very close.

"Oh…fuckin’ A…please….please…oh god…please…Mistress."

She was begging me now and I went even harder and rougher. Her cries were louder now and her hips were crashing down to meet my every thrust.

"Go head I want you to. Come now." Her whole body stilled then her hips moved in spasms only twice more. She bit down on her lip and grunted and moaned. Her grip on the chair increased and finally she screamed out half crying and half sobbing in her joy of climax. As she fell to the ground I pulled out and recoiled my whip. She was laying on her side now and I ran my fingers over her thighs, and cause a set of a few after shocks. I watched as her body went through the whole process of orgasm again and I was wowed by the sheer beauty that was Nicole Thomson. I let her lay there in the afterglow for awhile while I prepared for round two.


She was on that huge king-size bed in the bedroom kneeling with her head down when I come finished putting my stuff away. I took her in once more and I felt something for her. Maybe it was the fact that she startlingly beautiful and she was mine for the next hour and a half or maybe it was just the fact the I was horny as hell, but I felt something inside for this woman. I suddenly grew angry with myself. What the hell was I thinking she would be gone in a short while and I might never see her again. She bought me and was really just using me like I was using her. We where both using each other, so what if there was a huge sum of dollars hanging in the balance, but in the end she was using me for her own needs and fantasy and I was also using her for my own needs as well. I would probably never see her again nor she I. This was a one time one shot thing. With that resolved I planned to give her to best fucking of her married life.

"Lay down on your back, spread eagle and wait." She laid down as I ordered and I went about the job of attaching the clamps and rope to her wrists and ankles.

She lay there spread eagle, and I stood there in my black bra and black leather pants studying her. Her body was all planes and angles with a soft curve here or there. I loved the way she looked. This woman on normal given circumstances could probably overpower me quite easily but now she was at my mercy, or was I at hers? I don’t think I could ever hurt this woman or even leave a mark on her. I wanted nothing more that to hear her scream in ecstasy again at the highest points of passion. What I was feeling went beyond the desire to do a job that I was paid for. I wanted to know this woman and not strictly in the biblical sense. But I don’t think asking ‘so where you from?’ would go off well right now.

I pushed my Ray Bans up and tilted my head to the side looking at her. Her legs where wide open so I was given an all access look to heavens skies. She was very excited still and it very evident in the puffy, swollen aroused skin and the excitement running out of her body. She was hot, wet, and ready. I sure as hell envy the man that married her. I crawled on the bed slowly and kneeled right between her thighs. I looked at her face and wanted to just kiss her. Give her a simple innocent kiss on the mouth again but it was something I didn’t do. I kissed her once already because my hormones had gotten the better of me. I almost never kissed someone on the mouth during bought sex. I was if I saved something for the few that I dated. I really wanted to kiss her, I could even still remember the taste and texture or her mouth. But I just couldn’t, it would be a loss of some part of my control.

"I can do whatever I wish now, but you still can’t come until I say so. Is that Understood?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good" I purred.

Slowly I trailed my tongue up her abdomen. I could feel the muscles constrict and release as I did. I smiled against her belly. I licked my way up running my tongue on the underside of her breast. I circled the left one with my tongue making the circle smaller and smaller as I went along. I circled the dusky nipple watching as it grew into a hard little bud. I could hear the change in her breathing. It became short and shallow, especially when I rubbed my hips against her wet center. The leather of my pants easily moved against her and brought her close to distraction. I ground my hip harder onto her clit and I could hear her pulling at her restraints. I kept tormenting her by passing up the nipple all together and kissing up her collarbone. I rained down tiny kisses. They were slow and meant to drive her to distraction, which they did. I moved myself up on my forearms again and watched her.

Her head was thrashing from side to side and she was lightly moving her hips against mine. Her need was evident and I ignored it. I ducked my head and attacked her neck furiously leaving a trail of red marks in my wake. I felt her arch into me silently using her body to spurn me on. I kissed her body now, stopping at her nipples and biting. I pulled on the rings with my teeth while still using my mouth to suck in the abused flesh. Her cries were growing louder and I rejoiced in the chills they sent down my spine. I ran the broad edge of my tongue down her abs stopping at her pubis. She raised her hips in a silent invitation which I declined. Slowly with excruciating gentleness I started to kiss her upper thighs. I ran my short nails down her sides and watched as her body twisted in lust.

"You want me to taste you don’t you?"

"Yes Mistress I do very badly." Her voice was urgent and I could tell that she could stand no more teasing.

"Ok I will but under one condition; you make no sound. Not one word shall cross your lips. If you do this you shall be greatly rewarded, if not you will be punished again. Do you understand me?"

"I do Mistress." I could hear the doubt in her voice. I raised my head and looked up to find two passion lit blue eyes staring back at me. I wanted so much to touch her gently, as would a lover. "You’re doing so well now, but remember: no sound. Ok?" she shook her head and I dove in like a starving woman.

She really did taste sweet all over and I savored every drop. I circled her clit with my tongue repeatedly sucking the small bud into my mouth. I could hear her gasping and trying not to make a sound. I ran my tongue up and down her slit from top to bottom. I circled her opening and stuck my tongue inside her as far as it would go. I could feel her inner muscles pull at my tongue trying to get it in deeper. She was bucking her hips now and I had to pivot my head to keep up with her. I withdrew my tongue and replaced it with my fingers. I could her the strangled cries in her throat and I felt her whole body move upward from my initial thrust. I kissed my way up her body again as I thrust into her repeatedly, she was so close. I could feel her muscles clenching at my fingers and her legs trying to wrap themselves around me. I attacked her breast with a fury; biting licking, sucking. I kept up a steady rhythm with my hand and mouth both attacking her and giving her body no room to calm. The tendons in her neck were standing out as she tried to stave off her climax. Her body was a taught as bow. I bit her ear slowly.

"I give you permission now. Come around my fingers. Give your cries to the heavens." She wasted no time. I felt her body jerk once then twice in rapid succession. She tossed back her head and cried out.

"Ohh…oh god…oh…fuck…ah ah…god…AHH"

Her whole body arched upward and she shook her head from side to side. She looked like some ancient sex goddess in the throws of passion. I wanted to worship at her alter for centuries. I felt her inner muscles clench at my fingers once more and the webbing of my fingers began to burn but I wanted to bring her over once more. Her second orgasm was like the first; a violent storm that was a thing of beauty. Her head thrashed from side to side and her hips shot of the bed. I was in awe of her primal sensuality. She fell back to the bed and closed her eyes panting slowly. I kissed her face and eyes as I undid her wrist restraints and massaged her shoulder joints. I kissed her neck once more and slowly moved of the bed.

I walked over to my bag looking for what I needed to top off this night. It was my strap-on. I absolutely detest the ones that are made to look like male members. I mean if I want a dick I’d go fuck a dude. The phallus was black latex. It was very simple; it had a rounded head and a round shaft. The girth wasn’t to round and it wasn’t to long; it was average. That was the joke itself. It was simply average. I found it kinda funny and it was a gag gift from RJ. Who knew I would really use it?

I returned to the bed after putting it on. She was back in her kneeling position as well. I could see the remnants of her climax were still with her. Her body had a pink flush to it and her breathing was unsteady. I kicked my boots off and pushed up my Ray Bans. I kneeled in front of her and reached out my hand to brush her hair behind her ears. She looked up at me then quickly looked back down remembering her place. I ran my fingertips from her ears to her chin and lifted her gaze to meet mine.

"You may do as you wish I give you permission."

She looked at me trying to see if I was serious and I was. She nodded to show she understood. Very tentatively she moved her hand to the bridge of my sunglasses and I grabbed her wrist. She caught my dark look and let it go. Her hand went from my glasses to the phallus between us. She pressed on it and it pressed on me through my pants. My nostrils flared at the sensation and I kept my mouth shut from vocalizing. She pushed on it twice in rapid secession gauging my reaction. My mouth was opened slightly and I was panting slowly. She smirked knowing that she had me. With her free hand she ran her well manicured blunt nails down my neck. The feeling of erotic fire coursed through my veins and I wondered if this was a good idea. She ran her nails down my neck while pressing into me and I shivered. Small bolts of pleasure traversed through my body as she let her tongue follow the trails her nails made. I moaned out loud and let her continue.

She made love to my neck slowly and methodically. I was sent into a delirium of passion and lust. She was tormenting me with the hand on my crotch and the mouth on my neck. I felt her teeth in acute awareness as she bit lightly into my neck. The combination of her mouth and hand had me reeling with want. I wrapped my arms around her nude body and placed a hand on the back of her head urging her on to continue. The feeling of slick skin on skin made me groan aloud. Her mouth moved from one side of my neck to the other giving me the same treatment. She moved her mouth down, kissing the cleavage of my breast through my bra. I gasped, moaned, and pulled her closer.

I felt two strong hand ease me to my back and slowly she straddled me. I watched as the piece of black latex disappeared into her joining our bodies. Her mouth formed into a perfect ‘O’ as it sunk in inch by inch. She ran her nails down my side and I squirmed at the onslaught. She started to rock her hips slowly, getting used to the feeling of the cock inside her. I ran my nails down her thighs at my sides, she squirmed and bucked. I lifted my hips slightly trying to move with her. She was riding me now fast and hard and she slammed her hips down causing the phallus to press on my clit through my pants. She knew the affect it had on me and ground her hips even harder into mine. I was grunting in tandem with her and I could feel the tightening in my body and the pit of fire in my belly. She put my hands on her breast, needing no further sign I started to maul them. I pinched and rolled the nipples and she moved her head form side to side grunting and bouncing on my cock. I think this the only time in my life that I wished I was a man. I wanted to know what it felt to be purely inside her. But the urge quickly passed when she slammed down and twisted her hips. The strap-on was pressing on me harder and faster. I was so close to coming. I could feel the energy start to shot through my body; small wild bolts of untamed sensation. She was close too, I could tell be the urgency of her cries.

"Oh…shit…fuck…Sweet mother of…god uuuuAHHHHHHH."

Her head ripped back as the scream ripped from her. Her energy was wild and it fed into mine. Soon I was screaming to and shouting to the heavens. We moved as one, both of us striving to hit that peak again and both of us falling over it at the same time again. When we were finished she fell on top of me and I could smell her sent. It was like the forest after a thunderstorm. I loved the smell of her skin and hair and was content to just lay there holding her pretending that I had some right to do it. Minutes rolled on as we lay there.

"That was some ride huh?" muddled blue eyes looked up at me. She kissed my chin before going on. "I’m going to take a shower, care to join me?" I was off the clock now, her time was up. Yet she was still offering herself to me. Why?

"Naw, sorry. I can’t even feel my legs yet." We both laughed again and she stood up on the bed slowly. She tilted her head and studied me for scant seconds before she walked off the bed.

"When you get the feeling back the offer still stands." She called over her shoulder as she headed to the bathroom and her shower.

While she was in the shower I started to pack up. I got the ropes off the bed and I took off the strap-on. I changed back into my denim cut off’s and white t shirt. I tried to attempt to brush my shaggy mess of hair and wash the sent of her off my hands. Every fiber of my being wanted to go back into that shower but I don’t think I want to get into someone’s game with out knowing all the rules. It’s not my style. I finished packing when the shower stopped and 6 feet of amazingly, gorgeous dripping wet beauty came out. Her midnight mane was wet and clinging to her skull and shoulders. Her eyes looked even indigo and I wanted her so badly it hurt.

"So is this where you say ‘it’s been fun’ and head off, or do you want a drink?" her voice was light and teasing. I noticed that her robe was open and she smiled at the obvious appraisal I was giving her. I walked right up to her and stood toe-to-toe with her. She was a head taller so I had to look up to look her in the eyes.

"Why are you doing this? I’m off the clock, you know it. Why are offering yourself to me, giving yourself to me?" I was frustrated and genuinely curious now.

"Because I can and you want me to. Because I want to." She said it so quietly that I almost missed it. It was true I wanted her so much I could feel it in my blood. We both stood there caught in this moment of raw desire.

Slowly she raised her hand to the bridge of my sunglasses and this time I didn’t stop her. She removed my shades and put them in the pocket of her robe. I blinked twice trying to get used to the abundance of light in the room. She moved her head down in a fluid motion and gently kissed my eyes. She ran her hand through my hair and then she kissed me. It was utter sweetness and warmth. I felt her flow into me, I gave myself over to the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her lanky frame and she pulled me closer to her. We kissed for a small eternity before I broke it off. I was scared of what I was feeling.

"I’m…I…I’m sorry…I can’t do this now." I rushed over to my bag yanking it up and heading to the door. I could hear her calling after me but I was already in the hall looking for the elevator. What the hell am I thinking? She married goddammit! Married! I hit the lobby and ran outside to my car. What the hell did I just give up and throw away. My insides where shaking and I felt a sense of loss. I think I just tossed away one of the best chances in my life.

Shit just my luck.

To be continued in part 2.

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