The Find of the Century

by Ri

Disclaimers: The birth of this story was from an old Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn comedy called "Brining up Baby." I named a very sweet creature Baby in this story but it seems to have taken a different path from the original. There is bad language and love between two women but no real violence. I would like to thank Larisa and MJ for their input and support J Ri


Professor P. J. Simms walked briskly from her class to her laboratory on the University campus. She unlocked the door and found the basket with all the parcels that had just arrived. Her assistant had put them aside for her. She smiled happily as she pulled out the box she knew had her prize.

"Yes!" She whispered holding the box close to her. "Your home baby, your finally home." She kissed the package.

"You know P.J. its kind of scary that you're talking to an old rock."

P.J sat down unwrapping the ancient fossil from its box. "It's not just an old rock, Syd. This fossil is going to be the making of my whole career."

"You know you need a real life."

"I have a life, old man." Said the professor as she gently put her prize in a glass box and locked it securely. She pulled a magnifying glass from her desk drawer and looked through it so she could see her new baby better since her thick glasses wasn't good enough for the task.

"You mean that pushy pain in the ass…?"

"Syd!" snapped the tall brunette more then agitated by her friend's words as true as they happened to be.

"P.J. come on be honest. I really don't understand this. I have never seen anyone push you around like this woman does…"

"We're fine…"

"No you're not. Your being turned into a commodity…"

"I am not!"

"You are too! Why is that viper so interested in this? I'll tell you that slant eyed staunch tight ass bitch is using your brains and talent to get money. That's all! You're a means to an end and I don't…"

A hand slammed down on a desk that vibrated with the bang through out the whole lab. "Enough Syd. That is more then enough." P.J. said with a quiet intensity and her assistant could see the anger in her intense blue eyes.

Syd sighed and sat down at his own desk. "You know I only say this because I care about you. She isn't good enough for you…I know out there is someone who is worthy of your goodness…a true lifemate."

"Maybe." Said P. J. quietly; silently agreeing that the woman she was now dating was certainly not any of that. "Can we drop it?"

"Yes," The older man said looking at his friend with compassion.

"Good, Would you like to help me catalog the find of the century?"

Syd smiled and nodded. "Yes, it would be my honor."

*** *** *** ***

P.J. was leaning into a large shipping crate pulling out some new specimens for an exhibit she was creating. A small woman entered the lab that looked like she was a matron of prison. Her hair was pulled back into a severe bun tight on the back of her head. She wore a tailored suit of the mutest gray wool and her hazel eyes held no warmth only criticism. She pulled off her glasses and peered closer at the scientist that only succeeded in making her look nastier then her normal disdainful expression.

P.J was concentrating on the Lava rocks that she was cataloging from the box it was to be a part of her volcanic earth exhibit. The top of her body was fully inside the shipping crate and she didn't know that the smaller woman was in the room.

"P.J.!" shouted the whiny voice of the small woman behind her.

P.J. hit her head on the side of the crate as she brought it up with a snap. She rubbed the side of her head with her hand and slowly lifted her body out of the crate.

"Yes Mildred," she said quietly with an annoyed expression on her face.

"That was a completely inappropriate view of you as I entered the room…"

"Mildred, I am working…"

"I know that but what would people think? What if one the people I am trying to get to help you with your research walked in?"

"Mildred, I'm wearing pants and a long lab coat. What exactly would they see?"

"Well I suppose it would have been explainable but can't you do that somewhere else?"

"Like where? This is my lab I work in here. Do you expect me to work in the middle of the quad?" P.J. was losing her patience with the woman. She was ready to tell her to just leave her alone.

"Your being argumentative again…" a cell call interrupted the annoying whine of the smaller woman much to P.J.'s relief. Then the small woman started speaking in a singsong voice that made the tall woman cringe. "Yes, Oh that's wonderful. Yes I'll send her right away. Thank you dear Peter." Mildred looked up into wide curious blue eyes through the thick glasses and grimaced. "Ok the meeting with the investor is all set. You will tee off with him this afternoon. Go home and change your clothes get your golf clubs and put on your contacts. You look dreadful with those damn glasses. Be on time, you meet him at 3pm at Bryant Golf Course."


"Hurry so you'll have time," said the annoying woman pushing the tall professor out of her own lab. "Don't forget to put on your contacts!" She called after her as the tall woman as she stormed out of the building mad as hell.

*** *** *** ***

Green eyes narrowed watching with utter fascination as the graceful beautiful brunette glided across the golf course beside the banker. The Colonel was an old family friend who had mentioned at breakfast his meeting with the professor of Paleontology and Geology. He had shown her an article with some excitement about the scientist but all the small blonde saw was the small color picture at the top. The beautiful face with hypnotic blue eyes made her own green eyes sparkle with attraction. Kitty smiled to herself as she watched them shake hands and walk in separate directions. "Goody."

*** *** *** ***

P.J. watched silently as the older man walked away. She took a deep breath she was so filled with relief that it had gone well and he was going away pleased. He was a very nice man she was glad about that since she had to see him that night. She never knew what to expect with the investors that Mildred was always throwing at her.

She walked to her car and sat down in the drivers side closing the door and leaning back against the seat trying to get her heart rate to calm down. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She just hated that she had to be the charming professor for these people, Couldn't they just read my monographs and make up their minds from my work. Why do they have to meet me? She thought agitated at the thought of dressing up and going to the damn cocktail party that night.

She started the engine checked behind her to make sure she was clear then put the car into reverse, before she could move there was a bang against the side of the car.

"What the hell!" She said as she jumped out of the car to see a small woman in a golf cart that had rammed itself against the side of her car. The car didn't look like it even had a dent and golf cart was barely scratched but the poor girl looked dazed. She rushed to her side and put one hand on the girl's shoulder and the other gently on her cheek. "Miss? Um, are you all right? Miss?"

Big green eyes framed by beautiful shoulder length blonde hair met her concerned blue eyes and suddenly P.J. felt a bit dazed herself. The small woman smiled up at her and said, "I'm ok. Thanks, are you ok?"

P.J. smiled back and Kitty had to breathe in a couple of deep breaths herself the woman was even more beautiful in person then in the tiny picture in the science journal that her God Father showed her. P.J. peered at the blonde and tilted her head as she said, "I'm fine Miss. You're the one who crashed your cart into the side of my car. I was concerned that you hurt yourself…"

"No, really I'm ok…um, sorry about the cart. Did I hurt your car?"

"It's fine really." P.J. smiled sweetly and pointed toward the side of her car. "See it's only a tiny scratch. No big deal."

"Um, my name is Kitty Summers. What's yours Stretch?"

"Um, its P.J. I'm a professor at the University. Dr. P.J. Simms."

"What does the P.J. stand for?"

P.J. laughed and said in conspiratorial tone, "That's classified information. Well as long as your ok, I'd better get going…"

"Wait!" cried Kitty grabbing the taller woman's arm pulling P.J. back so she could talk to her some more. P.J. wasn't expecting it and was thrown slightly off balance and broke her fall against the car. She was ok and straightened up then she was in a pure panic, "Shit!" She dropped down to the ground carefully feeling around moaning, "Shit. Oh this is just great! Oh no…no!"

Confused Kitty dropped beside her and asked, "What's wrong, Professor?"

"P.J. I um, I …when you grabbed my arm you threw me off balance and my contact lens popped out of my eye." Said the confused panicked voice as she continued to feel around her for the small piece of glass.

Kitty looked into the panicked blue eyes and said quietly, "You have unbelievably beautiful eyes but I don't see the difference. Which contact did you lose?"

P.J. looked at Kitty as if she had just been stabbed. Her expression was so horror struck that Kitty became worried. She blinked several times and cried, "Oh shit! I can't believe this day! Oh damn, damn, damn…" She moaned as she sat against the car and closed her eyes with tears spilling out from under the lashes.

"What's wrong? I don't understand." Asked Kitty sitting next to her putting a comforting hand on other woman's shoulder.

"I lost both of them. I can't fucking believe it! Both of them." She moaned totally miserable.

"Um, can't you buy a new pair?"

P.J. nodded and then said in a very quiet voice. "That's not the problem. I am as blind as bat without them. How am I going to get home? I have to change for a cocktail party…stupid party!" She said in an angry growl.

"Forgive me but why?"

"Why what?"

"Why do you have to go to a party?"

"For my fossil," said the brunette as she once again began to feel around for her lens. Her movements were full of panic not the grace that Kitty had noticed before.

"Fossil?" Asked the smaller woman as she too felt around for the small pieces of glass. I feel so bad this is all my fault. I just wanted to meet her not bring her all this trouble. She thought as she felt for the glass and watched the beautiful woman as she felt around her more and more miserable in her expression and movements.

"I'm a paleontologist. It's my perfect specimen of a fossil with the very ancient remains of both a bird and a mammal. It will make my whole career." Her voice full of emotion as she thought of the losing all the financing for her research.

"What does a cocktail party have to do with your fossil?"

"I promised to go to the stupid party to get someone to invest in my research."

Kitty's face suddenly broke into a huge smile as she realized whom the investor the banker was trying to get. "Why don't I drive you home. Do you have some glasses there?"

"Yes, but my girlfriend doesn't like me to wear them…"

"Girlfriend?" Asked Kitty disappointed.

Um…sort of…not really…but she thinks…she calls herself that…she's only interested in me for my career…she's more of a well… a promoter…but…" suddenly realizing what she was saying she blushed and covered her face with her hands.

Kitty understood the mumbled speech perfectly despite the fact that part of her was very happy the tall brunette wasn't really attached. She was mad at this other woman for using the brilliant scientist.

P.J. looked up blind as a bat and said quietly, "Never mind, Kitty would you please take me home?"

Kitty smile became blinding as she replied, "Oh it will be my pleasure, Stretch believe me."

*** *** *** ***

Kitty drove P.J. to a small pretty cabin by the University. She was immediately charmed by it. She jumped out of the car as soon as she stopped it and opened P.J.'s door. Then she guided the tall woman to the front the door enjoying the feel of the long strong arm around her shoulders.

P.J. felt inside her pants pocket for her keys and then blindly tried to put it into the lock.

"Can I help you with that, Stretch?"

Hazy blue eyes turned toward the small woman and the tall woman nodded handing her the house key.

"I'm sorry I took you out of your way." P.J. said sadly leaning against the wall to her cabin.

"Oh don't sound so sad. I think I got a lot out of that little bump. I met my very first Paleontologist. And you're such a nice person to boot. I'm a happy girl." Said Kitty with a cheerful voice.

P.J. tilted her head and asked, "Are you flirting with me?"


P.J. blushed and replied, "Wow! You're an honest one aren't you?"

"Well up to a point, yes I am. Lets go in so you can see again, "Said the smaller woman as she helped the tall brunette into her home. She settled her on a pretty couch in the center of the comfortable living room and asked, "Where do you keep your glasses?"

"I left them in their case in my bedroom. It's through the door to the left," said P.J. pointing in the direction of the door.

"Ok, relax and be comfortable. I'll go get them," said Kitty sweetly patting the other's woman's shoulder. P.J. smiled at her and said, "Thanks that would be nice."

Kitty went into the bedroom. She looked around delighted by the smaller room. It was so charming. She picked up the glasses and looked on the bedside table and smiled wickedly. No picture. Good. I wonder if I'm prettier then her? I hope so because I think that is the most wonderful woman I have ever met in my life and that mercenary bitch doesn't deserve her. She thought to herself as she took the glasses to the beauty in the other room.

She came back into the living room and handed the other woman her glasses.

P.J. smiled brightly and said, "Oh thank you so much," she took the case and put the glasses on so she could really see the other woman. When she did she found that she was face to face with the pretty blonde and felt that dizziness come over her again. And she felt really warm all of the sudden. They looked deeply into each other's eyes and they started to automatically move closer when the phone rang. As if pulled away from a deep dream P.J. snapped back to herself and muttered, "Excuse me," as she got up to answer the phone.

Blast! Thought Kitty as she watched the other woman cross to the efficient looking cream colored instrument.

"Hello?" P.J.'s face went from polite inquiry to pure annoyance, "What? Mildred, no I will not do that! I am not going to flirt with that man. I don't own a dress like that and even if I did, he is old enough to be my father. You know I don't swing that way! I am not a hooker. No I won't act! I'm a scientist not an actress. Well it's not a play it's a project. Damn it we're talking science here not some production in someone's basement! Shut up…No…I…" She banged the phone down and threw it across the room. "Bitch!"

"What did she say?"

"That Bitch thinks she owns me or something. She acts like it's her right to tell me what to do." P.J. walked back to the couch and sat with thump.

"Why would she think that?"

"When I first started this project she was very helpful. She was different back then. She was flattering and sweet. I don't meet many people and I enjoyed it for a bit. Then she suggested she could help me with the financial end of my project and she got controlling. She tells everyone we're serious and we're going to get…well we're not…I don't love her! I don't even like her…"The tall woman was holding on to a pillow tightly. It was obvious to Kitty she was trying to keep her temper for her benefit.

Kitty asked quietly, "She wants to marry you?"

P.J. nodded.

"Have you slept with her?"

P.J. shook her head then tucked it against it the huge pillow that she was squeezing in her strong arms.

"Then why would she feel like she had any rights?"

"I did like her at first before she started to change. She started to boss me around and tell me how to act and what to wear. I told her when we first met that I thought she was nice…that I liked her…then she changed…she started to act like she owned me…"

"Did you tell her you resented it?"

"Yes and now she acts like I…"

"She is already your wife?"

"The bad kind of wife like in the movies! You know the ones that whine and drive their mates crazy! How did you figure all that out?"

"I didn't, you just told me." Kitty said with a smile.

"Why did I tell you anything? I don't know you at all? I never really confide in people I know. Why would I tell a total stranger all this personal stuff?"

"I don't know but I don't mind at all. Go on and get changed for your party. I want you to come with me to my place because I have to get ready for it too."

"You do? Why?" Asked the other woman astonished.

"Oh didn't I mention it, I'm invited to that party too."

*** *** *** ***

Kitty and P.J. entered Kitty's apartment and she gestured toward the living room saying, "Make yourself comfortable. I should only be a couple of minutes."

P.J nodded and sat down on the comfortable sofa as she looked around the warm living room. She usually felt uncomfortable and out place in expensive places like Kitty lived in. To her utter amazement she found herself really liking her nutty new friends taste. It was warm and comfortable. She felt so at home in the cheerful and bright room. It was full of light colored furniture and it had pretty needlepoints framed on the walls. All the pictures were either of family or Movie posters. She looked at the cabinet that held the TV, VCR and DVD players and saw that it was loaded down with tapes and DVD's. She realized that her new friend was as much a homebody as she was.

Suddenly she felt curious as to why Kitty would be going to this stupid party if she were more of a stay at home type person.


"Yeah?" called the small woman from her bedroom.

"Why on Earth are you going to this stupid thing?"

"It's for my God Father's birthday. I promised him that I would go."

"The Colonel is your God Father?"


"Oh…um, How did you know I was going to his party?"

"I saw you with him."

"You did? When?"

The pretty blonde sheepishly came out of her room to face the shy professor. She was dressed in a light blue silk blouse and tucked neatly into navy slacks. She had on flats and her hair was pulled into a light blue chignon. She looked casually elegant and P.J. found that her motor was running again. She swallowed and looked up into the pretty green eyes.

"I guess it's confession time, huh? I knew that he was meeting you today at the golf course and he wouldn't let me come. So I kind of arranged our meeting. I just didn't mean for you to lose your contacts like that. Sorry, I will pay for the new ones."

Astonished blue eyes met the sad green ones. P.J. sat back on the couch. She was wearing a beautiful silk pants suit all in black with matching pumps and simple silver jewelry. "Don't worry about it I won't be getting any more I hate them any way they always make my eyes tear. Why would you go through all that trouble just to meet me?"

Kitty sat down on an old brocade chair and shrugged looking very embarrassed, "I thought you were beautiful and smart. I like that combination."

"How could you know any of that about me?"

Kitty reached into a desk drawer beside her chair and shyly handed a science journal to P.J. It was turned to a page with an article about her work in it. P.J swallowed and looked up at Kitty. "I didn't even know about this." Then she took in air through gritted teeth. "That Bitch! She published my work without even telling me. Syd's right she's using me for something."


"I have no idea. Well this just tears it. I have put up with her for too long. I'm going to put a stop to it."

"No P.J. I have a much better idea."

"You do, what?"

"How does this Mildred person feel about little surprises?"

P.J.'s blue eyes widened and she answered quietly, "She hates them, why?"

She stood up took P.J.'s hand and pulled her up. "Come on Stretch, we have a stop to make before we go to this party."

*** *** *** ***

P.J. kept looking into the back seat. She nervously took in a deep gulp of air and then looked back at her infuriatingly calm companion who was driving.

"Um, Kitty, that…Do you really think this is a good idea?"

"Yep. Don't worry Stretch she is as gentle as a lamb."

"What did you say to your brother when you borrowed her?"

"I just said, "Mark I'm going to borrow Baby." And he smiled and said, " Sure.""

P.J. again looked into the back seat when a loud yawn came from Baby. "Um, Kitty I don't think Baby is a baby."

"Sure she is. She's just a big lovable baby. Aren't you my pretty, Sweetheart?" She said over her shoulder looking at Baby's big blue eyes through the rear view mirror.

The answer she got was a loud a purr as Baby got comfortable in the big back seat of the old fashioned station wagon.

"What do we do if Baby gets um…upset?"

"We sing."


"Yep, she likes "I can't give you anything but Love" I think she likes it cause her name is it. It calms her right down."

"Oh boy." P.J. cried as she slumped in her seat.

*** *** *** ***

The two women arrived with Baby on a long leash with a diamond-studded collar. The black cat was very content to stay next to the two woman she had already adopted the tall human as a second Mommy.

"Kitty, Are you sure you can handler her? I mean she is pretty strong."

"She's fine, Stretch. Look at her did you ever see a happier Panther in your life?"

"Baby is the first one I ever met in person…this close at least."

"Well she likes you and she's going to torture this mean woman who's been torturing you."

"Do you really think Baby will do the trick?"

"Oh Baby is only the opening gauntlet…um, did I have a chance to mention how sexy you look in that pantsuit?"

"Your doing it again," growled P.J. as she felt her cheeks warm up from blushing. Kitty led the two of them into the large garden where the birthday party was taking place.

"What am I doing?"

"Flirting." Said P.J. shaking her head as she tried to get control of her emotions.

"Well why shouldn't I? You're beautiful and single. I think your interested, right?" P.J. stopped in her tracks putting her hand on Kitty's free wrist. Kitty stopped and looked up at P.J. fluttering her eyelashes at the tall woman.

"Yes, I guess you could say there is a bit of interest."

Kitty smiled and took the elegant hand that enclosed hers and brought it up to her heart, "A bit huh?"

P. J. smiled and nodded shyly. Baby curled her body around the tall woman's legs and let out a contented little purr welcoming her new Mommy to the family. P.J. looked down at the black panther wrapped her legs and the small blonde who had literally captured her heart. She felt her heart jumping and she really didn't know which scared her more.

"Um, do we need to sing to her now?"

"Nah, she likes you a lot. She's just being friendly."

"Oh…Come on lets go face the music with Mildred. She's going to tear me into little pieces for wearing these glasses and being late."

"Don't worry Stretch. She won't even get a chance to yell at you. Will she Baby?"

"How will Baby see to that?"

"You'll see. Come on," She led the tall woman on one arm and the large black cat with her other.

Mildred was pouring on the charm for the Colonel much to his annoyance. He knew all about the Professor's find and really didn't need the chattering woman explaining it all to him especially on his birthday.

Suddenly there were screams coming from in front of him. He looked up to find his favorite goddaughter also his richest and most eccentric client. He walked toward her shaking his head amused. He kissed Kitty on the cheek but before he could say a word Mildred was standing in front of the Professor, hands on her hips as mad as hell.

"P.J. Why are you so damn late! Why are you wearing those God-awful glasses! Who is this strange…"

Baby had been calmly standing beside the two women. As the mean spirited woman started to yell at her new Mommy she stood straight up. Her ears pulled back and she hissed out an angry warning. Mildred ignored the cat and took another step toward the brunette.

"What's with the cat? Who is this woman?"

"Mildred, I think you should step back. Baby is getting upset and I…"

"I don't give a damn what this blonde thinks or if she's upset. You are not her responsibility…"

"Hey! I'm not yours either," Growled P.J. mad as hell. Kitty felt the leash pull out of her fingers. She smiled and grabbed hold of the angry brunette pulling her away from the enraged Mildred. Kitty looked at Baby and saw she was ready to attack and thought she'd better do something.

"I can't give you anything but love, Baby" she sung to her cat in a sweet voice.

In a surprisingly beautiful voice P.J. joined her;

"That's the only thing I've plenty of, Baby
Dream a while, scheme a while
We're sure to find
Happiness and I guess
All those things you've always planned for, Baby"

The big cat stopped her attack. She had the smaller woman backed up on top of the food table. She was just about to rend at her when she heard her favorite song coming from her Mommies. She walked over to the tall one and nuzzled her big head against her stomach lovingly.

P.J. looked down at the big cat's head and felt a flood of affection for her. She reached down and scratched her behind the ear making Baby purr in pure joy.

Kitty looked at the scene with tears pouring from her eyes. The other party guests including the Colonel broke out in spontaneous applause. He smiled affectionately at the three of them and said quietly.

"That was an interesting Birthday present, my love." Said the big man to Kitty sweetly.

"It was an unexpected addition but I'm glad you enjoyed it." Kitty replied with a returned smile wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

Mildred's face reflected both surprise and anger. She had pulled herself out of the chopped liver that Baby had backed her up into and yelled, "What the hell was that all about!"

Kitty stepped in front of the angry woman and protectively in front of her new friend. "We were simply trying to keep Baby from tearing you to pieces. She's very protective…"

"Protective of complete stranger? Give me a break, what are you up to P.J?" Screamed the small angry woman.

Baby growled at the woman who was again advancing and yelling at her new Mommy. P.J. kneeled and began to hum the song into Baby's ear. Baby looked into the blue eyes of the sweet woman and purred rubbing her big head against the tall woman's strong shoulder.

P.J smiled as she petted the cat's fur gently softly saying, "Good girl."

"Why is she being so nice to P.J?" asked Mildred confused by the big cat's reactions.

"Cause she likes her." Said Kitty walking next to the P.J. and Baby her face full of affection.

"Well that's over now," said Mildred as she reached for P.J.'s hand. P.J pulled it away from the cruel woman and held it out for Kitty who took it immediately giving Mildred a withering look.

"Mildred just leave," Said P.J. quietly as she continued to pet Baby and brought Kitty's hand close to her heart.


" I said leave. I don't belong to you and neither does my project. You are out of it. Now please leave. This is a private party isn't it Colonel?" The Professor asked looking at the older man. He had an impressed expression on his face as he nodded his head.

"You can't mean that." Said Mildred stunned again advancing toward the woman that until just this moment she thought she had complete control over.

"Yes I do. In fact I have never meant something so much in my whole life. Get out of this party and my life. Please forget you ever met me cause I am going to do my best to forget I ever met you. Goodbye." P.J. said as she stood up and gently moved away from Kitty and Baby standing in front of the smaller woman and pointing toward the door of the beautiful garden.

"We'll see about this Professor Big shot!! We'll just see," said the small woman as she stormed out, her back was still full of chopped liver from Baby backing her up into the food table.

Kitty walked next to P.J. putting a comforting hand on her arm, "Are you ok, Stretch?"

"Yes, I just wonder what she meant by that parting shot."

"Don't worry about it, What can she do really?" Asked Kitty as she drew her new friend into the party so she could introduce her new friend to her old family friends.

That's what I'm worried about, Thought P.J. as she was gently drawn into a conversation with the Colonel and Kitty's old Governess.

*** *** *** ***

P.J. walked into her cottage exhausted after the evening she had just had. She took off her clothes and took a long hot shower. Then she climbed into bed cuddling into the sheet too tired to even put her nightshirt on.

As she tried to relax into sleep her thoughts turned toward the events of the last 24 hours. She sighed and decided to go through it all step by step so she could shed the worry.

"Mildred is out of my life…I hope." She sighed and pulled the pillow closer to her as if it were protection. Her thoughts then turned toward the happier thoughts of the pretty crazy blonde. "I really like Kitty. She's a lunatic but she's sweetest one I have ever met. Hell I more then like her and that scares me to death. When I hear her voice or look into those beautiful eyes it's almost like I phase out. I lose a part of myself. Or maybe I find myself." She sighed as she thought of Kitty and Baby. "Kitty is a trouble maker but she's an adorable one….Baby is so sweet. Its like she's adopted me as part of her family. They say animals sense things? Maybe she does…" were her last thoughts as she fell asleep her dreams filled with affectionate green eyes of a certain troublemaker.

*** *** *** ***

Kitty crawled into her bed exhausted. Baby was curled on her big soft faux fur rug that the big cat liked to use as her bed when she was staying with her small Mommy.

"So what do you think of her, Baby? Would like P.J. to be apart of our family."

The big cat purred and Kitty could see she liked the idea.

"Yep, I think so too. We'll have to convince her of that though. Baby, she's been so hurt by that mean lady. Well my big Sweetheart, we'll have to find a way do it. Get Mildred out of P.J.'s life forever. The other thing we need to do is to open her heart so she can accept us as a part of it."

She smiled and cuddled into the pillow bringing a big teddy bear close to her and imagining it was P.J. that she was holding.

*** *** *** ***

Mildred used her extra key to get into P.J.'s lab. She walked quickly to the case by the tall woman's desk and broke into it with a hairpin. She smiled wildly as she picked up the fossil and examined it. Then she slipped it into her purse and walked out of the office saying.

"Lets see how well you do with out me, Big Shot."

*** *** *** ***

P.J. nervously removed the clothes from the beautiful blonde with the big green eyes. She was kissing her passionately but had to pull back because she was getting dizzy…


…the bell was annoying but she ignored it. She softly kissed a path down to soft neck. She gently sucked a pulse point enjoying the sweetness of the beautiful woman….


Blue eyes snapped open and she was gulping in deep breaths trying to get herself back under control from the dream that the phone had ripped her away from. She looked at the princess phone by her bed; it was something she had inherited from her mother and was very sentimental about but at the moment she wanted to rip it out of the wall and go back to her dream. She looked down and saw that she had been busily deflowering her Bugs Bunny stuffed doll and rolled her eyes.

She answered the phone on the fourth ring with an angry, "What?"

"Did security already call you?" Asked Syd nervous enough about having to call his boss about the theft of the precious fossil.

"Security? No, why would security be calling me?" She asked confused sitting against her headboard reaching for a water bottle.

"Oh…um, I hate to be the one to tell you this but your fossil has been stolen…"

"What!!!!!" Screamed the brunette dropping the whole bottle of water in bed all over her making her scream a second time.

A very nervous Syd said, "Yeah. Um security discovered the break in and called me and the police."

"Shit! Ok, I'll call Kitty and then I'll be right over…"

"Who's Kitty?"

Wide blue eyes looked at Bugs who she was gently drying off with a dry end of her sheet as she replied in a scratchy voice, "Um …a friend."

"A friend? Since when? When did you meet her?"

I feel like I've known her all my life , Thought P.J. to herself as she brought Bugs onto her lap and held him close. "I met her yesterday, Syd."

"What has she got to do with finding your fossil?"

"She'll help me. She's very smart…"


"Never mind, Syd just trust me, ok? I'll be there as soon as I can," then she hung up and ran to the living room to pull Kitty's phone number off her desk where she had tenderly placed it under her Mother's glass heart paper weight the night before. She pulled it out and kissed it. Then she sat at her desk and dialed the number.

*** *** *** ***

As Kitty walked down the hall of the University on the way to her friend's lab she heard one loud crash; she hurried down the hall as she heard her friend yell and another one. She skidded to a stop in the doorway as she watched a name plate fly through the air landing against a wall amongst several other brick-a-brack from the Professor's desk. She was very relieved to see who was causing the entire ruckus but she was also worried about her friend whose face was a mask of pure anger.

P.J. was as mad as hell. She was barking into a cell phone pacing behind her desk. It seemed that the pile of stuff had come from her desk as she had seized hold of her mug and threw it against the wall adding it to the growing pile of rubble. The tall woman was wearing a black tank top and black jeans her hair pulled back into a ponytail holder. Behind the thick black framed glasses Kitty could see that the beautiful eyes were silver slits of rage. She was storming back and forth growling into the tiny phone.

Kitty didn't notice the small balding man sitting safely behind his desk but Syd saw her. His expression changed suddenly from curiosity to enlightenment. Ah…this must be her new friend. What a difference. He thought with a smile as he looked over the small blonde. Kitty was dressed in black slacks and pink polo shirt. Her pretty blonde hair hung loose around her shoulders making her appear almost angelic. She wore little make up but didn't need it. Syd could tell by her expression that this girl was just as besotted by P.J. as his old friend was about the small blonde. I approve of this one, Old Girl. He thought as he watched Kitty cross to his upset friend.

"That Friggin' Bitch!!!" Yelled P.J. throwing her cell against the same wall. Kitty cautiously put a gentle hand on P.J.'s strong forearm and said quietly, "Stretch?"

Panting and still boiling mad P.J. turned to look down at her concerned friend. She felt her heart rate instantly slow down at the sight of the beautiful green eyes and the feel of her friend's thumb stroking against her warm skin. Her face slowly transformed into a warm smile and she said "Hi," to her new friend.

Kitty smiled slightly at the irony of the sweet greeting, "Hi…um, are you redecorating?"

"I'd like to redecorate Mildred's face," replied the tall woman angrily as she plopped into her chair exhausted from her tirade.

Kitty perched herself on the corner of her friend's desk and asked, "Other then stealing your fossil, what did she do?"

"She has started to set things up to sell my find and the police can't do a thing. Neither can the University since she signed for its transfer here from Alaska." Suddenly she burst into tears lowering her face into her hands. She cried out as she sobbed, "I've lost everything that I've been working for all these years."

Kitty felt tears come to her own eyes she took in a deep breath as she got off her perch. She knelt by her friend taking her hands away from her face she said, "No you haven't. I promise you she won't get away with this," She pulled off her friend's glasses and gently dried her tears with the back of her hand. "She has to go through my Uncle Jonathan and that's where we'll get the bitch."

"Who's Uncle Jonathan?" Asked P.J. she felt better just having her friend with her.

"My God Father, the Colonel."

"Oh!" Said P.J. her eyes widened with surprise. "How will it help? Why would he help me? He hardly knows me," Asked P.J. as Kitty gently put her friend's glasses back on and caressed her cheek.

Kitty smiled wickedly and asked, "Guess who he would come to for the money?"

P.J. pulled back shocked she knew her friend had money but not that much. "You?"

Kitty shrugged and nodded. She stepped back and sat down on the edge of the desk again, "Yep. May I?" indicating the phone that was still sitting unaffected on the tall woman's now empty desk.


"I just need to make a couple of quick calls," said Kitty with a wink.

Syd walked over to stand beside his friend and whispered, "I approve."

P.J. looked up astonished, "Of what?"

"Your new friend. Much, much better then your old one."

"What on Earth are you talking about? Kitty and I just met yesterday."

"Yeah, I know. She's the one, isn't she?"

Suddenly Kitty was beside them both. She held out her hands and P.J. immediately place hers within them. Kitty gently pulled her friend up and said, "Come on, Stretch. You, me and Baby have plans for this weekend."


"Yep, I wouldn't think of having a nice visit with Mildred without our Baby. I just asked Mark if I could keep her and he said that I could as long as we need her. She really likes you, P.J. a lot. A whole lot." Said Kitty with a huge shit-eating grin.

P.J. returned the smile as they left the office replying; "I really like her a lot too."

*** *** *** ***

"Come on lets hurry, Baby is waiting for us in the car…" Said Kitty as they walked down the hall.

"You left poor Baby in the car, it's too hot!" Asked P.J. shocked.

Kitty's face reflected the affection she felt toward the tall woman as she saw the concern and shock in the big blue eyes. "Don't worry the air conditioner is running and so is a CD of her favorite tunes. I have the engine going and the doors open and I never worry. She's better then a car alarm. I mean what kind of idiot would steal a car with a panther in it?"

P.J breathed a sigh of relief and then laughed shaking her head. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun with anyone, ever. She thought as they made their way to the smaller woman's car.

They got to Kitty's car and P.J. sat down in the passenger seat a large warm head was immediately landed on her shoulder purring. "Hi Baby," said P.J. softly as she gently petted the panther.

"I think Baby wants a scratch behind her ear," said Kitty with a sweet smile.

P.J. happily obliged scratching the big cat gently behind a pointy soft ear. "Doesn't your brother mind you keeping his pet?"

"Nope, Baby isn't really a pet. She's only with us a short while till she's old enough to transfer to animal preserve up north. She has to be a year old so she has a couple more months with us."

P.J. looked at the big beautiful cat and asked shocked, "This is a kitten?"

"She's a cub. Yep your just a little baby aren't you Baby?" Asked Kitty reaching over gently petting the cat on the top of her head.

P.J. gently rubbed Baby under her chin causing the cat to turn over onto her back her legs straight up in the air her eyes closed in total happy oblivion. "Yep, she's just a little baby all right."

*** *** *** ***

They drove toward P.J.'s cottage and the professor asked quietly, "So what's your plan, Mastermind?"

Kitty smiled and glanced at her friend quickly before putting her eyes back on the road. "Your going to get some clothes for the weekend and then the three of us will drive up to my parents estate. My folks left it equally to my brother Mark and I but we both prefer our small apartments in the city. So our Aunt lives out there and we both have small cabins on the estate to stay at when we visit her."

She pulled up in front of P.J.'s cottage and the three of them got out so the tall woman could throw a few things into a over night case. Kitty and Baby sat comfortably on the bed watching P.J. pack while Kitty continued. "Aunty is going to host a little get together at the estate. The three of us will stay at my cabin. Uncle Jonathan, Your assistant Sydney and Mildred will stay at the estate…"

P.J. stopped as she was just about to zip up her case on her dresser. "How exactly will this get my fossil back? Why are we bringing Baby? Why isn't Syd staying with us? And why…?"

"Shhh, Baby is coming cause old Mildred is scared of her. Your Syd has been talked into pretending he's a turncoat by Uncle Jonathan so he has to stay at the main house so our plan will play right. And my Aunt is going to be pretend to be the one with the money that Uncle Jonathan and the Bitch are trying to convince. And if this works the way I want it to. The Bitch will hand you the fossil."

P.J. sat down between Kitty and Baby. She was gently rubbing the big cat on the tummy and shaking her head. "You have a very evil mind, Kitty. I am very glad you're my friend."

Kitty's eyes met P.J.'s as she replied very quietly, "I am very glad you're my friend too."

*** *** *** ***

Kitty's Aunt Gertrude had just settled the Colonel and Syd in their rooms. The Colonel was explaining the plan to P.J.'s willing friend when a voice on the squawk box alerted them that the enemy had arrived. Gertrude looked the small woman on the screen over and thought, Well this does look like a very mean spirited woman from just this glimpse on the screen. I wonder how she conned Kitty's new friend into her web. From what my girl's explained to me the Professor is quite bright. She watched as the woman drove through the gates and walked out the front door to greet her followed by the long time family butler and friend Robertson.

Mildred stepped out of her car carrying a tiny terrier named Bootsie. She held out her hand and said quietly, "Miss Summers it's quite an honor to meet you."

Gertrude shook the small hand and replied cordially, "My pleasure young lady. Please follow me to your room." As she led the woman into the house, Ok she can be charming, I understand Professor Simms a bit better. She thought having been the focus of the woman's charm. I just hope my Darling Kitty knows what the hell she's doing.

*** *** *** ***

Kitty, P.J. and Baby arrived at the estate about an hour later. Kitty drove them right to her cabin. She led Baby on her leash and anxiously watched P.J.'s face to see if she would like it. P.J. was amazed by the place. It was homey and cute not at all what she expected and dreaded seeing. It wasn't an elegant and sophisticated cabin attached to a wealthy estate. This was so much more like the Kitty she was getting to know that she felt herself taking in a relieved gulp of air.

"This is not…um…It's absolutely adorable, Kitty."

"It's not what?" Asked Kitty as she let Baby off her leash free to wander the place.

"I kind of thought it would be…well sort of…"


P.J. looked sheepish and nodded her head bowed.

Kitty laughed and shook her head sitting on the back of her big comfortable couch. "Listen; my family's 5th generation old money. We were taught not to take it too seriously but to use it for the greater good. Both Mark and I believe that. I'm a freelance writer I do a lot of articles on the Homeless and Aids victims and animal rights. Mark is a naturalist, he helps saves wild animals that are bought as pets and then abandoned. Like Baby she was bought as a tiny cub and then when she was few months old they abandoned her in a park." Kitty explained angrily.

"You're kidding! Poor Baby." Said P.J. sitting down on the couch below the reclining blonde.

"You would be shocked how many pets are bought and then abandoned when they reach an inconvenient size or they start to display their natural habits. Mark goes all over the country helping these poor lost souls and puts then into natural reserves or if he can back into the wild. Baby is too use to humans she has to go to a reserve but she will be well cared for and loved so I accept it and help him." Said Kitty passionately. She slid down into the seat next to her friend and P.J. smiled at her.

"Your something else, What about this estate then?"

"Well Aunty stays here. She's a gardener and raises award winning roses. She even named one for Mark and me. Mom and Dad owned an Antique bookshop. They not only did that but they found old manuscripts and made them beautiful again. They scoured the country and brought them back here re did them and donated them to libraries and Universities like yours. They were coming home from a trip when they died in a plane crash." Kitty took P.J.'s hand squeezed it saying quietly, "My family has always believed in people not things. We invest in our history and trying to make the world a bit better. That's why Uncle Jonathan showed me that article on you. He knew I would be interested in your project cause it would fit with my parent's teachings. I barely…saw…the words on the page…"

P.J. lifted Kitty's head and asked sweetly, "You didn't? Why not?"

"Your eyes captured me…"

P.J.'s smile widened and her eyes sparkled, "Your doing it again, you know?"



"Am not!"

"Are too."

They both broke up and then Kitty said softly, "I really like you and I want to help you."

P.J. nodded and said, "Thank you…um, should we do something now?"

"Yes, I want you to change for your grand entrance." Kitty said quietly.

"Oh." Said P.J. looking a bit disappointed and pulling back.

Kitty put a gentle hand on her friend's arm and said, "After were done torturing Mildred I would like to discuss something else with you. Something far more important."

P.J. took a huge gulp and barely squeaked out, "Oh?"

Kitty smiled and nodded, then she got up and held out her hands, "But for now let me show you to your room so you can change."

P.J. allowed her friend to pull her up and said quietly very close to the smaller woman. "I hope you know what you're doing."

Kitty gulped a bit herself as she replied, "With Mildred and your fossil I do believe me." As for what to do about how I feel about you that's a whole other kettle of fish.

*** *** *** ***

Kitty had snuck into the main house through the patio door of her Aunt Gertrude's room. She was greeted by a warm hug and gentle slap on the butt by the older woman.

"This is the only way I get to see you when you make up one of your crazy schemes?"

"Oh Aunty you love them and you know it," Said Kitty with a knowing smile.

"I love you. Speaking of love where's your new friend?"

Kitty's face colored prettily and said shyly, "She's changing into this beautiful dress I bought her on the way here. She is going to look so hot…um, she's dressing."

Gertrude laughed and said with a huge smile, "Have you told her how you feel about her yet?"

"Aunty we just met! How can you sound so sure since I'm not?"

"Because I know how it works so how do you feel about her?"

"She's the most wonderful woman I have ever met but…"


"Aunty, She is so beautiful and brilliant. All I have is money. I just don't think she thinks of me that way. I mean we flirt and tease but why would she think I was…"

"Beautiful?" Asked the older woman with a smirk.

"Me?" Asked the younger woman very surprised.

"No, the adorable blonde behind you. Kitty my Darlin' how can you be so confident about everything else and so damn insecure about how lovable you are?"

Kitty's head dropped and she played with the lacy doily on her Aunt's chest of drawers.

"Because everything else is unimportant. She is the most important person in my life and has been since Uncle Jonathan showed me her picture and I didn't even know her yet. Now I…Aunty I think I'm in love with her."


"I'm terrified she doesn't love me back."

"Well my Darlin' there is only one way to find out. Ask her."

"I…did…um tell her I wanted to talk to her after the party but what if…?"

"Kitty Summers you stop this nonsense right now. You just untuck your tail from between your legs and march your cute little butt in there and tell her right now."


"Yes, Do it right now before the party. If you two straighten this out now it will give you even more ammunition to fight this woman with." She gently turned her back toward the patio door and swatted her on her behind, "Now scoot!"

She watched her nervous niece with a sweet understanding smile. "She deserves to be in love so I hope this P.J. will be able give her that. I think she will."

*** *** *** ***

P.J. was pacing in the living room of Kitty's cabin. She was waiting for Kitty to change after she returned from the main house. Baby was curled up on the couch lazily watching her tall Mommy pace with her eyes half open. P.J. was talking to the big cat as she paced she didn't know why but she felt comfortable talking to the beautiful feline.

"Baby, I'm so worried about this plot of your Mommy's. I'll let you know what worries me even more then that…I'm scared that when all this is over I'll never see her again…"

"So just tell her how you feel."

P.J. was startled at first till she realized it was Syd. "Syd! How did you sneak in here?"

"I didn't I simply walked through the door," Said the small man his hands on his hips as he circled her whistling, "Damn woman you clean up really well. You look so beautiful you'll melt her as soon as she comes into the room. I can hardly believe it myself."

P.J. blushed beet red and walked over to sit next to Baby on the big comfortable couch. She gently started to scratch the big cat behind the ear making her purr. She smiled as she looked up shyly at her old friend.

She was dressed in an Asian style red silk evening gown. It had a halter-top and plunging neckline. The skirt was slightly flared with slits cut out so both her long legs were very visible as she sat down next to the panther. Her long hair was pulled up into a French twist with tiny bits framing her face in front. She wore a beautiful ruby pendant the Kitty leant her and no other jewelry. On her feet were beautiful strappy silk sandals in the same color as her gown. She wasn't really use to being dressed up and felt uncomfortable in the beautiful clothes. Baby was enjoying the attention the tall woman was giving her she purred and leaned her head against P.J.'s arm.

Syd smiled and said, "Is this the panther everyone told me about?" He asked smiling from a safe distance.

"Yep, Isn't she beautiful?" Asked P.J. with a very wide smile her face lit up by pure affection.

"Yes she is. She seems like a big pussy cat with you but I'm not going anywhere near her."

"Oh, don't worry she is a big pussycat," Said Kitty from the doorway to her room. She felt kind of dizzy when she looked at P.J. she looked so beautiful she was as exotic a beauty as the panther she was casually petting. "You look so incredible," Kitty was finally able to say in breathless whisper.

P.J. blushed a deep red but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the beautiful blonde. She was dripping in silver, silver dress, jewelry, even shoes but all that P.J. could really see was the glow to her skin and the sparkle in the beautiful green eyes as she looked at her. "Thank you," she stuttered.

Syd felt the bolts of electricity shooting though the room and decided to leave as quickly as he could. "I'll see you girls at the party." Both women nodded but neither took their eyes from the other. Syd left quickly out of the patio door.

Kitty cleared her throat, "Um…P.J.?"


"Um…could we talk now instead of later?"


Kitty walked over and whistled so that Baby got off the couch and trotted over to her pillow. "Thanks, Sweetheart." She said smiling at the big cat. Then she turned toward P.J. and took Baby's place sitting next to tall woman. When the beautiful blue eyes met hers she felt like she was going to faint. It felt like P.J. could look right into her soul.

"Kitty?" Whispered P.J. she felt like her heart was about to explode out of her chest it was beating so fast.

Kitty's head dropped and she played with the slit in the skirt of her gown as she stuttered, "I…uh…I…think I'm in love with you.."

P.J. was stunned she took a deep breath and then cried out in joy as she squeaked out, "I love you too! I've been in love with you since you first banged into my car…I was scared that you…"

"You were scared?" Kitty said bringing her head up shocked by what she had just heard. There were tears pouring from her eyes as she met blue eyes so full of love for her it made her feel like she was going to explode from the pure joy of it.

"Terrified…I thought after this was over…you and I would say good bye and…"

"I don't want to ever say good bye to you…" long arms brought her close and P.J. whispered her eyes full of need, "Can I…um…can I kiss you please?"

"Yes please I…" Kitty never finished the sentence because warm lips met hers and she felt like she was going off like a rocket straight to heaven.

When they pulled back Kitty asked with a shy smile, "May I know what P.J. stands for now?"

"Patricia Jane," Whispered P.J. as she pulled the smaller woman closer and kissed her deeply forgetting everything but the wonderful woman in her arms.

*** *** *** ***

Syd was trying to follow Kitty's master plan but found it hard to portray a turncoat against his best friend. Mildred was lapping it all up though. He fed her the line about how he could make sure that the fossil was published by her even though she wasn't a scholar and she just smiled with a huge cat that ate the canary grin.

Gertrude and Jonathan had done their parts as well. They set up the small woman with the expectation that an investor was coming to the party. Gertrude anxiously looked toward the door for her niece, she wanted to get the show on the road already.

The first to arrive was Kitty dressed in a silver evening gown with spaghetti straps and a sweeping skirt. She had a diamond necklace around her neck and her was down floating around her face making her look almost angelic. She was leading Baby on silver leash with a diamond-studded collar. They were framed in the doorway looking like the cover of Collier and Ives.

She walked over to her Aunt and God Father her face glowing in pure joy. When she got close she whispered, "You were sooooo right Aunty."

"I was? About what?"

"I now have something that it is more important to fight for then I ever have before in my whole life. She loves me, Aunty…she really does…"

"How could she help it? I'm so happy for both of you." Said the older woman hugging Kitty close and kissing her on the cheek.

"Thanks. Now I want to make my P.J. ecstatic. I'm going to get her fossil back."

The Colonel smiled and said quietly, "Congratulations short stuff. I'm happy for you too."

"Thanks Uncle Jonathan."

"Your pigeon is right over there."

"Goody," said the small woman with a huge smile. She looked across the room to the other entrance to the party and her face lit up. P.J. was out of Mildred's sight line sitting comfortably on a couch by the food. She winked at her love making Kitty blush beet red. Kitty shyly looked at her through her eyelashes, which made P.J.'s smile widen even more.

The Colonel offered Kitty his arm and said sweetly, "Shall we?"

"It would be my honor, Sir."

Mildred looked up from telling Syd how stupid P.J. was and how happy she was to finally be rid of her when she spotted the Colonel. "Ah Colonel I…" Her eyes narrowed as she realized who was on the older man's arm.


Kitty held out her hand saying, "Kitty Summers, Uncle Jonathan said you have something that might interest me to invest in." She smiled brilliantly bringing Baby closer to the small scheming woman. Baby uncharacteristically growled at her. Her ears going flat against her head she didn't want this human anywhere near her Mommy.

Scared out of her mind as the wild eyed cat started to slowly walk toward her she backed up only to find her path blocked by Syd.

"Where are you going Mildred? I thought you were going to betray P.J."

"Get the hell out of my way Syd!" She yelled as she moved around the man right into a waiter. The poor man tried to avoid her but she hit him dead on getting the bowl of chopped chicken liver he was carrying right on top of her head. The crackers, which surrounded the bowl on the tray crunching as she landed right on her butt, covered in chicken liver.

Kitty whispered to the Colonel, "She must have some kind of attraction to chicken liver. Baby darling, why don't you help the poor woman by licking that off her face."

Baby obediently walked up to the woman her big tongue licking the delicious treat off the mean woman's face. Mildred screamed, "Stop! Get away from me! Get this crazy cat away from me! Stop!"

P.J. suddenly appeared beside Kitty calling to the big cat, "Baby Sweetheart, come here love." She cooed sweetly. The big cat pulled back licking her chops and trotted over to her tall Mommy. The panther nuzzled the tall woman against her waist purring. "That's my good girl," P.J. said scratching the cat behind the ear.

Mildred pushed some liver out of her eyes as she looked at P.J. and Baby shocked by what she had just heard. "I thought that beast belonged to the blonde."

Kitty put an arm around P.J.'s waist and petting Baby tenderly. "She does belong to me but she's P.J.'s too its all in the family…"

"All in what family? It can't be….I…I have to get out of here…"

"Oh no you don't," Said Kitty signaling that the small woman should be stopped by other guests. "Didn't you forget a little something?"

"My sanity?"

Kitty laughed wickedly, "No my P.J.'s fossil."

"What fossil…"

P.J. bent down and said quietly to the big cat, "Baby my sweet, go finish cleaning Mildred's face."

Baby trotted obediently over to the woman who backed away right under the table with the punch. She knocked it all over her head. Baby followed her and started to lick the delicious combination of chopped liver and punch. Mildred was screaming and hitting the cat on her big shoulder. "Get this thing away from me now! She's trying to kill me," cried Mildred as she tried to strike at the cat with a closed fist against her face.

P.J. was beside Baby in an instant catching the hand and holding onto it in vice like grip. "Stop it! She was just trying to clean your face you idiot." Pulling Baby away from Mildred into her own arms hugging her close and nuzzling her soft fur with her cheek. "She's just a sweet gentle cub how can you hurt her…?"

"I was protecting myself…"

"Mildred, she was licking you…"

"What do you want from me?"

"You know what I want, my fossil."

"Fine here!" Said the angry woman throwing it at P.J. aiming it right toward her face. P.J surprised everyone who knew her by catching it out of the air. She looked at her with wild blue eyes and said, "Thanks, now get the hell out of my sight!"

"Happily, I will just find myself another meal ticket…"

"I don't think so," said Kitty with feral look of her own. "Syd has sent out word amongst all his elite friends of academia that you stole a relic. Your name is mud in the science community so you will have to find some other kind of game I guess. Now get out of my families estate before I have you picked up by the police for breaking and entering."

Kitty and P.J.'s arms were around each other and they were both petting Baby tenderly. Mildred stood up, taking off her high-heeled shoe she advanced toward Kitty with it like it was a knife. Baby pulled away from her Mommy's loving arms and protectively growled at the advancing woman. Her ears were flat against her head and her eyes were full of fire as she hissed out an angry warning.

P.J. strode over to Baby grabbing her collar and saying soothingly, "No Baby. She's not worth it. Come back here, Love. Come on back to your Mommy." Baby immediately calmed down and gently curled herself around P.J.'s legs. P.J. looked surprised she meant Kitty when she had said that the cat should go back to her Mommy. Kitty winked at her and P.J. blushed. She gently petted the cat and looked at Mildred with very angry blue eyes.

"You're the beast Mildred. Now take what ever dignity you may have left and leave the estate and our lives."

Mildred looked into silvery angry eyes of the woman she had been manipulating for over a year and was afraid for the first time. What she saw in that very angry face made her back up faster then Baby did, she saw that P.J. could hurt her and she was terrified.

"Fine. I will." She got up and strode out of the room leaving a steady stream of punch on the floor in her wake.

"Well done P.J. you got your treasure back." Kitty said quietly who had moved to stand beside her. P.J put her arms around Kitty bringing her very close to her and Baby as she whispered, "I got much more then that."

*** *** *** ***

The three girls entered Kitty's cabin. Kitty let go of Baby's leash as soon as P.J. closed and locked the door. Then P.J. pulled her Love close hugging her warmly. She looked deeply into the beautiful green eyes that she loved most in the world and whispered, "Thank you." Then she kissed her love deeply with all the passion she had roaring inside her.

They explored each other as P.J. picked Kitty up and carried her to the big warm comfortable couch. When they ran out of air Kitty pulled back slightly and asked in rough voice, "Why exactly are you thanking me?"

P.J. pulled all the way back shaking her head surprised by the question. "My Darling Kitty, Do you think I would have this fossil if it wasn't for you? Do you think we would be cuddled in each other's arms right now? I'm not stupid. You planned our meeting because you liked me but you're here with me now because you love me. I am so grateful that you came into my life…"

"Not half as grateful as I am…"

"Would you like to bet on that?"

Baby cried just then from her bed in the corner of the room. Both women looked at her surprised. Kitty smiled at the beautiful panther and said sweetly, "What's wrong Baby? Are your Mommies ignoring you?" Baby cried again and fluttered her long eyelashes at the two women.

"Come here girl," said Kitty as the two women made room for the big cat who jumped up on the couch between them. P.J hugged her and kissed her on the top of her head as she whispered, "You're my hero Baby. I love you so much." She kissed her again and Baby purred and nuzzled her arm.

Kitty smiled scratching the panthers tummy she leaned close and said, "You helped me too Sweetheart. You helped me capture this ones heart and got yourself another Mommy in the bargain."

P.J. looked at Kitty over Baby's head then she leaned over the totally relaxed cat and kissed Kitty on the nose stroking her long blonde hair; " I wouldn't want you to feel left out."

"I don't think I would ever feel left out around you two," Said the smaller woman as she brought the tender lips to her own mouth and kissed her love deeply. When they pulled back she looked at the now happily snoring cat with the big head in P.J.'s lap.

"Um do you think Baby would mad if we slipped away and continued this discussion in my bedroom?"

P.J.'s hands were still deeply in Baby's fur as she gently pet the big cat. P.J bent her head and kissed Baby on her nose. The cat's purr got louder as the big cat's head nuzzled deeply into a pillow. P.J. looked up at a smiling Kitty and asked, "Is that reaction good or bad?"

"It's very good. Come on, she won't even know were gone and if she does she'll just trot into the bedroom and curl up to sleep on her pillow in my room." She took the tall woman's hand led her to down the short hallway. As they entered the room Kitty asked quietly, "What are you going to do with your find of the century?"

"I'm going to love her forever and ever," replied P.J. picking up her find and gently putting her on the large bed bringing their bodies close.

"Ditto," whispered Kitty as she passionately kissed the woman she loved.

The End

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