Games of Life

By Ri


The tall lean athlete lifted the tennis racket and returned the serve with a powerful force from deep with in her. Her opponent could not lay a racket on it. A small smile lit the beautiful face and her eyes glowed with anticipation. It was her serve. She had just did a perfect job on the first two she delivered her opponent couldn’t even touch the tip of her racket against it. However this time out of the corner of her eye she saw someone who ruined her concentration just by being courtside. From the sure and graceful athlete she became completely uncoordinated.

She could see her and hear her friends laughing at her. It made things worse for the athlete she felt like she was playing in quicksand. She got off the court as soon as she politely could after she received a sympathetic pat on the back from the woman she was playing against and ran into the locker room where she broke down in tears. Why? I don’t fall apart when anyone else is watching me. I’m always in control even with my Mother I don’t do this and she is a very controlling person. Why her? Why does she turn me into Jell-O? She looked up and gave a half smile to the tennis pro that just came in. She wiped her eyes impatiently and turned toward her locker so she wouldn’t see the tears.

It was too late of course she saw them. "Hi Jackie, You played a great game till that last set."

"Thanks," She mumbled as she pulled a towel out of her locker and wiped her face and neck.

"I’ve been meaning to talk to you. You should go professional. Your very good, Jackie you could beat almost anyone in the circuit."

Jackie shook her head and laughed bitterly, "After seeing what happened today you think I should go pro?"

The woman nodded her head and put a gentle hand on Jackie’s shoulder, "I have watched you for a long time and there is only one thing that messes you up…Um, Do you think you could ask her not to come to your games anymore? She is not good for you."

Jackie looked down and said, "I don’t know… She’s kind of controlling. I’ll think it about Tammy."

The older woman smiled and said, "Good girl, Have a good weekend."

"Thanks, Tammy. You too." She watched the pro leave and changed her clothes as her mind pondered what her friend suggested. Could she? She thought as she looked in the mirror on her locker.

She took a deep breath and sat down to remove her shoes.

*** *** *** ***

Jackie was in her small office at the girl’s school where she taught gym. She was talking to one of her golf students giving her advice on her putting technique. She was trying hard to avoid thinking about all that had happened the day before. She wanted to do something about her current situation but she wanted to get away this weekend so she could make a good choice and not be forced into anything.

After her student left she sat down at her desk chair and stretched her long legs out in front of her.

"Hey Beautiful," Said an all too familiar voice from the doorway. Jackie jumped in her chair and thought, Why does this woman have this affect on me? She smiled insincerely at the tall striking blonde with the good looks and the cold brown eyes. "Hi" She said quietly.

"What happened yesterday?" Asked Connie with a smug look on her aristocratic face.

Jackie shrugged her shoulders and sunk deeper in her chair.

"Well the pro at the court said that were you great till that last set. Maybe you were tired?"

"I guess," Replied Jackie shrugging again.

"Are we still on for dinner?"


"Ok, See you later…Um, get some rest you look terrible."

Jackie’s eyes dropped to her desk as she replied in a defeated whisper, "Yeah, I will."

The tall blonde waved and left.

Jackie sighed, "I think I need a break from you, lady." She said under her breath as she leaned back in her chair and put an arm across her eyes.

*** *** *** ***

Tash and Andy were running around a track that was situated in a beautiful farm on their final lap. The fighter was throwing out fake punches and talking non-stop. The small blonde manager rolled her eyes and admonished him in soft voice but with such authority he immediately listened to his mentor.

"Focus Andy…Ok, Answer these once again, Who made you?"

"You did Tash"

"And what would happen to you if I should drop you?"

"I would be in the sewer with the rest of the slime," He answered with a huge smile on his face.

Tash chuckled and shook her head as they came to stop by the fighter’s cabin. She said "Yep. Your good boy Andy. Ok go take a shower then work on your lessons with Joey."

"Right Tash"

Tash smiled fondly as she watched the big lovable teddy bear walk in to his cabin to get his reading lesson from his trainer. He was so sweet that she worried that one of the other fighters would take advantage of him. She tried to keep him separated from them after a fight and always talked for him to the press and if a reporter should slipped in she had taught Joey to speak for her slow protégé "

She walked to her stables to check on her racing pony. The tall black stallion whinnied at her happily as soon as she walked in.

"Hello pretty baby, How’s my boy?"

He whinnied again and shook his mane.

"You are a beautiful boy, aren’t you?"

He whinnied and nuzzled her arm.

"Well, I love you too but right now I have to go take a glimpse of some potential new talent." She said as she patted his side and left the stable to go to her car for the golf tournament that would take place all weekend. Tash needed some new blood for her stable of athletes and a brand new professional golfer would fit in quite nicely.

*** *** *** ***

Jackie came into her hotel room carrying a small over suitcase and her golf equipment and immediately began to sneeze. She saw a basket of carnations sitting on the table in the middle of the room. She sneezed again as she approached the table she took the card out of the display and put the flowers in the hall outside of her room. The card read "Wishing I was with you" and it was signed simply "Connie"

Jackie rolled her eyes and threw the card in the trash. She sat on the bed and looked out the window as she said, "Well I’m glad your not. You had to pick the only flower I’m highly allergic to. Gee thanks."

She sighed and sat back against the cushions leaning back trying to relax a little. She had spent the whole weekend avoiding the Principles calls and talking to her folks. They couldn’t stand the woman and encouraged their beloved daughter to break up with her. "Well Mom and Dad that’s easier said then done. How do you break up with some one who never listens to what you say?" She sighed again and decided maybe a shower was what she needed to relax before the tournament.

She went to the bathroom put on the water and adjusted the temperature and then stripped and slipped into the warm water. She did feel better under the steady spray. "Maybe I can get two days of peace out of this and then I will find a way to escape that controlling bitch."

*** *** *** ***

Tash snuck into the new attendee’s room. She was there to gage her as a possible new property. Her first impression was that she was a simple person there was nothing excessive or expensive in her room. "Good," Said Tash quietly as she looked over the things on her dresser. She saw that she did have first rate taste in equipment though as she carefully examined her golf clubs. "Better and better" She said with a huge smile.

Then she heard it; the shower was on in the bathroom. Shit, She’s in the room. I better finish up and get the hell out of here before she catches me, She thought as she turned to leave the room. Then on the table beside her bed she saw a framed photo that she couldn’t help but be drawn to. In side a pretty silver frame was picture of tall beautiful woman between two loving older people. Obviously her parents. What took her breath away was the woman. She looked incredibly familiar. Her eyes, I have seen them in my dreams forever, thought Tash shocked by the discovery that the owner of those beautiful blue eyes was real and in this room right now.

"If your going to steal that picture would you leave the picture? It’s the only one I really like with my folks and me." Said a voice from behind her causing her to jump and drop the picture. Luckily it fell on the bed so there was no damage done.

"I’m not a thief, I was checking you out," She said as she turned and was confronted by flashing angry blue eyes and stunning body barely covered by the hotel towel Jackie was holding around her. I am now going to have a heart attack Thought Tash unable to breathe.

Jackie was having a hard time too. She was mad as hell till the woman turned and a sweet face and the most beautiful green-gold eyes that were some how familiar to her confronted her.

I am going to faint, Thought Jackie holding the towel tightly around her and trying to maintain some kind of dignity.

Tash noticed that the blue eyes had softened some but the tall beautiful woman had still not moved from Tash’s direct path to the door. "If you’ll excuse me…"

"No I won’t excuse you. What the hell are you doing in my room? What on earth do you mean checking me out? Checking me out for what?" Asked Jackie who had gotten herself under control.

"I’m a sports manger. I think you’d make a good addition to my list of protégé’s. I like to discreetly see how people live. Its gives me an idea of who they are…"

"Never heard of breaking and entering, huh?" Asked Jackie sarcastically.

"Nah, I didn’t hurt anything or take anything. I didn’t break in the door was open…"

"Funny, It was locked when I went in to take my shower."

"Yeah funny, because I just turned the knob and came on in. Well I’ll be going I’ll be keeping an eye on you. I like your style." Said Tash with a confidence she didn’t feel as she tried to inch toward the door again.

"Well gee thanks, too bad I don’t like yours, "She said angrily at the strange beautiful woman who was wearing wrinkled men’s clothes.

"Oh I admit I’m bit rough around the edges but I think you will find I’m quite harmless and likable."

"I guess time will tell," Said Jackie as she stepped aside to let Tash leave.

"Oh it will, Sweetheart. I promise it will, "Said Tash as she briskly walked to the door. Winked at the beautiful woman and left one angry confused athlete sitting on her bed panting in confusion.

Jackie lay back and closed her eyes as she thought, That was very strange. Why was she staring at our picture like that? Why do I feel like I have seen her before? Why do these things keep happening to me?

She took off the towel and snuggled under the sheet as she drifted off into a confused exhausted sleep.

*** *** *** ***

Both women had the same disconcerting dream…

They were walking in a forest from opposite directions. As they approached each other they both stopped and smiled looking deeply into the other’s eyes. They both raised their hands to waive at the other and continued slowly to the other woman’s side till they were barely inches apart. Blue and green eyes never separated they were just glued to the other. Slowly they came together their lips touched and they were pulled into a deep kiss…

*** *** ***

Jackie sat up in bed panting. Why am I reacting this way? Why am I dreaming of her? Why do I feel like I know her? She thought frantically to herself. Calming down she lay back down and snuggled into her pillow. The girl does have beautiful eyes… She thought as she drifted back to sleep.

*** *** *** ***

Tash sat up panting she could barely breath and her heart was going a mile a minute. She picked up her glass of water from the end table gulped a huge sip. She got up and went into the bathroom to splash her face with water and met her own eyes in the mirror. Oh My God, That kid is the one. Those eyes. She thought as she looked into shocked green eyes. What the hell am I going to do?

*** **** ****

Jackie was having a very good day on the course. It was all going so smoothly that to her shock she had made it all the way up the ranks to settle firmly in second place. She was now playing her final round against the best female golfer in the world. She was feeling very calm and focused.

They were on a lunch break before the finale part of the game. She picked a table by herself and she was staring out a window just daydreaming when she heard a familiar throat clear.

"May I join you?"

Jackie looked up into the same green eyes she dreamed of the night before and was hit by a physical reaction she had never felt before; she felt a tingle that went right to her very core. She had to clear her throat twice before she could reply, "Not sneaking into anyone’s room for lunch, huh?"

Tash smiled at her and winked, "Nope, I don’t need to anymore."


"May I?" Tash indicated her tray and the table.

Jackie chuckled and said with a wave her hand, "Go ahead."

"Thanks. To answer your question I have found who I wanted to manage."

Jackie smiled and took a sip from her iced tea, "And who is your victim going to be?"


Jackie’s eyebrows disappeared in her bangs, "Me? I’m not a professional."

"You should be. Your perfect."

Jackie laughed and shook her head, "I’m far from it. I assure you."

Tash closed her eyes and thought, That laugh, those eyes, they are invading my soul. Yep, she’s the one. She opened her eyes and met confused blue ones waiting for an answer.

"Are you ok?" Asked Jackie as she gently place a hand on top of Tash’s and closed her eyes in reaction as did Tash. The electricity that they both felt at the moment was indescribable and Jackie wouldn’t and couldn’t deny the pleasure of it to herself. They both slowly opened their eyes and studied each other till the loud speaker called all players to the course. That broke the spell.

Jackie cleared her throat and said, "I better go."

Tash nodded her head but didn’t move.

Jackie hadn’t moved an inch she swallowed and asked quietly, "Will you be watching still?"

"Yes," Said Tash quietly. "You couldn’t keep me away."

For some reason Jackie really needed to hear that. "I’m glad."

Jackie finally pushed herself away from the table and on shaky legs headed out for the final part of the tournament.

Tash watched the tall elegant figure gliding out of the room and was finally able to breathe normally again. "I think I am in big trouble. I am definitely looking forward to every second of it."

*** *** ***

Jackie was on the last tee and had kept head to head the whole time with the champion. Tash was beyond excited for the tall beauty. She watched Jackie stand calmly to the side watching her famous competitor with respect. All of the sudden she noticed Jackie stiffen. Suddenly a fake smile appeared on her face and that shocked Tash up till that moment everything about Jackie had seemed so genuine. Her façade seemed stiff and so unlike the woman she had watched for the last few days.

Tash glanced to see who she was looking at who could cause such a sudden change. She saw a tall striking blonde woman with a smug look on her face. Who the hell is that? Why is she affecting Jackie so much? She is almost a different woman with her around. Wondered Tash as she watched her new raven-haired friend approach the tee.

Tash shook her head, even her approach was wrong. She was stiff and her swing was not the natural one that Tash had witnessed earlier. A put that she would have easily gotten before was missed by a mile. She actually lost that hole by four strokes.

I don’t know who that bitch is but I am going to do everything I can to rid that great athlete of that albatross.

*** *** *** ***

Tash found Jackie in the player’s locker room. She was all alone and crying. It broke Tash’s heart to see this fine woman reduced to tears by the mere presence of that strange woman. "Who was that woman? You would of won this hands down if it wasn’t for her."

"My girlfriend."

"What? Why?"

"Why What?"

"Why would an intelligent woman want someone in her life that hurt her every time she came with in your sight?"

Jackie began to sob uncontrollably and Tash went with her gut, she gathered the unhappy woman in her arms and gently stroked her back. She whispered soothing things into her ear till she finally calmed down.

Jackie pulled back and looked into concerned green eyes as she replied in a regret filled voice, "I don’t know! I don’t even like her. It was like she claimed me. I can’t get away from her. Everywhere I go she turns up. This was meant to be a time on my own so I could think but…She found me…she won’t leave me alone. I am…I can’t…Oh God.."She fell into Tash’s arms sobbing again.

I don’t believe this bully, she’s stalking her. She deserves so much better then this. She’s a sweetie, Thought Tash to herself as she gently pushed the bangs off of her sweaty face and dried the tears falling on the cheeks of a calmer beautiful face looking at her gratefully.

"You know its weird, you are a stranger to me and I feel more comfortable with you then a woman that I have known for 5 years. Thank you…If you want to…I don’t…" Jackie stuttered. She wanted so badly to thank the kind woman but she couldn’t think of the words to convey how she felt. She really felt more then just gratitude she was attracted to this strange and kind woman. She felt more drawn to this stranger then the woman she had been with for 5 years and so she didn’t know how to react or even how to think straight. She looked utterly confused.

Tash smiled, to her besotted eyes Jackie looked utterly adorable. "Its ok I understand. If you don’t mind my two cents I think you should give the broad her walking papers."

"I can’t! She’s the principle at the school where I teach she is so vindictive she’d fire me. I tried to leave her last year and she had me on charges of insubordination till I agreed not to leave her."

"That’s blackmail! Jackie, you don’t need her. Turn professional. Let me help you." She felt such a need to help this woman. It was the first time in her life she felt this way.


"I’ll sponcer you…I’ll manage you. I’ll take care of you if you let me. All you have to do is be the great athlete you are…"

"I’m not that good, I…"

"Yes, you are. Its my job remember? I may have been wrong sneaking into your room but I do know talent when I see it. When that bitch isn’t around you are fantastic."



Jackie looked down at her knees and breathed deeply. Her eyes came up and met sincere green. Even though Jackie knew instinctively that Tash wasn’t completely legit she also knew that this woman meant every word she said. She also knew that unlike Connie that Tash would never hurt her. She looked deeply into those beautiful green eyes and realized that this small woman had the ability to make her feel like she could do anything.

"Ok, It’s a deal."

A beautiful smile lit Tash’s face, "Wonderful."

"I have to go tell Connie she’s waiting for me in the guest area…"

"I’ll go with you…"

"No, I.."

"It is part of my new responsibilities to protect you so I’m going, "Said Tash with a glint in her eyes.

Jackie smiled and shook her head, "Ok, Come on Manager. I hope she’s nice about this."

"I don’t care what she is I just want her as far away from you as possible. She’s a jinx."

Jackie nodded her head as she got up she held out her hand, Tash took it and stood up. They left with their hands still entwined as Jackie muttered under breath, "I know she is."

*** ***


Connie was pacing in the visitor’s room waiting for Jackie to come and talk to her. I put up with a hell of a lot from that beautiful bubblehead. If she didn’t start flying right soon I’m going to dump her fine ass and find someone who realizes what a prize I am, Thought Connie as she looked toward the players locker room for the 5th time.

This time she saw her and to her surprise she saw her holding hands with another woman. This didn’t bother since she knew it could easily be friendship Jackie was very affectionate, But as she looked over the small blonde blonde in men’s clothes she rolled her eyes, Another Damn stray!

"Hey Beautiful, Who’s the shrimp?" Asked Connie with a smirk and challenging look toward Tash. Tash’s green eyes turned cold and she was about to attack when she felt the larger hand that held her tighten she looked up and met blue eyes asking her to let her handle it. She saw with pride that Jackie was calm and ready to take on this challenge. She simply nodded her answer to the silent plea.

"She is my new manger and friend," Said Jackie proudly.

"Manager what the hell do you need a manager for? She looks like a bum. I really do wish you’d stop taking strays."

Tash’s green eyes glowered and Jackie felt her stiffen like she was getting ready to attack the taller stronger woman. She got between holding Tash protectively behind her. She really looked for the first time at the woman she had been with for five years and realized she didn’t just dislike her she hated and despised this cruel woman.

"It’s no longer any of your concern. Good bye Connie. Come on Tash." She started to pull Tash away but Connie grabbed her arm.

"What the hell do you mean Good bye?"

"As in Good bye forever. I quit my job and I definitely quit you. I don’t want you in my life. I don’t want to ever see you again. Goodbye," She easily pulled her arm out of Connie’s grasp and pulled Tash away from the angry woman.

"No one leaves me, Jackie! This is not over!!" Yelled Connie as she watched the other two women calmly walk to the hotel.

Jackie stopped, Tash’s hand still firmly held in her she felt the smaller woman seething but she was also giving her the strength she need to finally rid herself of this cruel woman forever. "Yes, This is over. You no longer exist. Good bye."

With that said the tall striking brunette with the small lovely blonde in tow left the albatross seething in the large empty room. The room echoed with the strangled cry, "This isn’t over Jackie! Not by a long shot!!!!

*** *** *** ***

Jackie sat on a bed in Tash’s room watching the small blonde talking a mile a minute. She was so expressive as she spoke to her partners cross-legged on the other bed about her new find. Jackie was sitting against the headboard mesmerized by every move the other woman made.

She leaned back against the pillow behind her suddenly tired. I did it… No, we did it. With that wonderful woman’s help I’m finally free of Connie. Thank everything that is holy. I feel so alive just being in a room alone with Tash. I have never felt such a connection to someone before. Even with my eyes closed I still see her face. I would know she was here even if she wasn’t talking like a machine gun on the next bed, Thought Jackie her face breaking into a beautiful relaxed smile. She sighed and thought, This is so bizarre. First I’m free…Now I’m all alone with someone I feel so connected to. That dream last night? Oh my, what can it all mean?

"Jackie, Jackie?" Called Tash in a questioning voice. It looked to Tash like Jackie had fallen asleep. She looked uncomfortable though in that funny angle against the headboard. So she wanted to wake her so she could get her comfortable and tuck her in. She was so tired and she needed a good nights sleep.

Jackie’s eyes blinked open and she smiled at the beautiful concerned greened ones that met her own. "Sorry I was just daydreaming. Daydreaming and thinking, I guess."

"Hey you had a hell of a day. You have a right to be tired. You just looked uncomfortable at that weird angle I thought it would be better if we went to bed so I thought I…"

Jackie looked suddenly apprehensive, "Hey, Its okay. I’m not trying anything. You sleep in this bed and I sleep in that one. I really am not trying to seduce you I just want you to get a night of uninterrupted sleep, ok?"

Jackie smiled and shook her head, "I’m not really worried about you ,Tash. I know you’d never do anything to hurt me. I just…I want…If were going to get together I want it to be right, You know what I mean? I want it to be beautiful. Is that too hokey?"

Tash chuckled and shook her head, "No, I feel the same way. I do think we are both going in the same direction. I want it to be beautiful too. Right now though I want you to get some sleep. We’ll go one step at a time, Deal?" She asked putting her hand out toward the taller woman.

Jackie looked at it and smiled nodding her head. She took the little hand kissed the upturned palm gently then her eyes met crystal clear emerald eyes as she said softly, "Deal" Then she got off the bed and went to the bathroom to get ready to sleep.

Tash sat down on the other bed and watched the beautiful woman glide across the room. Oh boy I’m in huge trouble here, The smaller woman thought with a smile as she sat on her bed and waited for her turn in the bathroom.

*** *** ***

They were in separate beds but even in Morpheus arms they were deeply connected.

They we sitting side by side at a campfire deep in a forest. Jackie was wearing the clothes of a warrior of ancient Greece. Tash was wearing a rust colored garb of an Amazon. Tash was gently brushing Jackie’s long black hair which was all in tangles. Tash didn’t know what they were saying to each other but she could feel her heart pounding and her stomach tighten. She felt tingly all over as she brushed out the knots making the long dark hair shine in the firelight.

Jackie had her eyes closed she was suffering and enjoying the same sensations. The brush was gently massaging her scalp and the beautiful amazon was soothing her tattered soul. Suddenly she felt herself catching Tash’s arm and with one quick flick of the wrist she had the smaller woman in her lap. Their lips met in seconds and met with such love and need that they felt like their hearts would burst through their chests…

*** *** ***

Two hot sweaty women woke at the exact same time, their heads popping off the pillow like Mexican jumping beans. They were both breathing heavily and their hearts were pounding a mile a minute. When they both glanced at each other they were stunned to discover that they were both in the same condition.

They were both sitting up in bed straight as an arrow breathing heavily. Then blue eyes met green searching them thoroughly right to the core of the blonde’s soul. What Jackie saw in those expressive green eyes astonished her, "Are you ok. Tash?"

Tash was having a hard time coming back to reality so she nodded and mumbled, "I think so."

Jackie nodded and put her head back on her pillow closing her eyes as she replied quietly, "Good."

Tash asked in quiet voice, "You Ok?"



Tash lay back on her bed and closed her eyes too.

Both women knew that they wouldn’t get back to sleep but they were trying to center themselves.

Jackie cleared her throat, "Was it a bad nightmare?"

"No, It wasn’t a nightmare at all….You?"


Silence again. Tash eyes were still closed as she said, "Go back to sleep we have to start your new life tomorrow."

Jackie nodded and said quietly, "Ok."


Then she said quietly with her eyes still closed, "Did you ever have a series of dreams that were so real to you that you could reach out and touch them? Not just touch them but what you really wanted was to be those people and do exactly what they were doing."

Tash swallowed twice and replied in a very quiet voice, "Yes."

"What did you do?"

"Um, I don’t know yet."

Jackie suddenly sat up and faced Tash who was just sitting up too. "Tash did you just dream that in another reality you and I…well we…"

"We passionately kissed? Yes, you did too?"

Jackie nodded.

"What do you think it means?" Jackie suddenly asked she had swung her legs over the side of the bed and Tash had to swallow Jackie was wearing a T-shirt and her long legs were now exposed to green

eyes filled with need.

"I’m…not exactly sure. I…My dreams never affected me this way before."

"Neither have mine," Jackie tilted her head and the beautiful blue eyes seemed to penetrate Tash’s soul. Very slowly Jackie got up and walked over to Tash’s bed. She sat on the edge and quietly asked, "Would you like to conduct a small experiment?"

"Yes, I..I’m always open to science."

Jackie smiled at the attempt at humor but her mind was moving in another direction at the moment. She slowly lowered her head and brought her lips in contact with trusting ones beneath her. This kiss was gentle, loving and sweet. Jackie was going very slowly this was an entirely different feeling then she had ever gone through before. Tash was floating in a pink cloud she had never felt such bliss. Jackie’s heart was going a mile a minute as her tongue gently asked for permission to deepen the kiss. Tash happily opened her mouth wide her tongue seeking the other woman’s with deep need. The kiss became more and more passionate till their breath suddenly began to run out. Two panting women separated when their eyes met again they were filled with a new enlightenment.

Tash’s hand gently caressed a high cheekbone as she uttered breathlessly, "It is you."

Jackie smiled and nodded, "Yes, I don’t know who we were…but I am really glad we found each other again."

Tash had tears fall down her cheeks and Jackie felt tears come down her own as well. Their eyes met in understanding and Jackie nodded bringing their lips togther again. They kissed deeply again exploring each other more their hearts were beating as one and they felt they could just live in the kiss till end of time.

When they parted again, Jackie stroked Tash’s pretty blonde hair and asked, "Where do you want to go from here?"

"I want to get to know you. I mean the you now. The you that is here and real. I think that’s what were suppose to do. Does that sound weird?"

"No, Because I feel the same way. I think were building something really special here and I don’t want to mess it up like I have everything else in my life…"

"You didn’t mess anything up. That woman tried to put you in an emotional jail. I….I…I only want to love you."

Jackie had gotten Tash tucked back in bed as they were talking. She had just stood up when the last words left Tash’s lips. She locked eyes with the small blonde and said quietly, "I love you too. I never believed in love at first sight I thought it was fairy tale. Now I not only believe in it I know in my heart its true." Tears poured from the blue eyes as she sat on her bed facing Tash. "Damn I sound like a fool." She suddenly got up was about to make a dash for the bathroom when she felt a surprisingly steel like grasp on her forearm.

"You are not a fool."

"I’m not?"

Green eyes that were now calm and sure met uncertain blue, "No, This is fate. Jackie we can go really slow. I…I just want to hold you all night. I won’t try anything, I promise. I just want to snuggle with you. I want you close."

Jackie nodded and they slipped under the covers of Tash’s bed. Their bodies were nestled together so naturally that they were asleep in moments.

*** *** *** ***

Jackie awoke with a feeling of a weight on top of her body. Her whole body stiffened with fear for a second till she remembered what that weight was and she relaxed completely. Connie was gone forever. She would never be able to disturb her peace of mind again. Instead Jackie had been blessed with this beautiful body that was peacefully sleeping on top of her. Her face lit up with a beautiful smile and her arms tightened around the precious body above her as her blue eyes blinked open.

I’m in love. Oh my, For the first time in my life I’m in love. Its even better then my dreams because I can touch it. She gently kissed the crown of the tousled head nestled against her shoulder and sighed happily. She realized that Tash had as many flaws as she did herself and that pleased her. It meant that she could be herself and she could encourage her new love to do the same.

"Good morning," Came a rumble from her chest as the smaller woman’s head popped up and green eyes blinked open.

Jackie kissed her cheek and said sweetly, "Good morning Beautiful. Did you sleep well?"

Tash blushed at the beautiful remark and admitted, "Yes I did, I’ve never slept quite that well before in fact. I’m usually an insomniac."

Jackie chuckled as she smoothed the short blonde hair that was sticking out like a porcupine. "I usually sleep fitfully and wake up at least three times during the night. Last night I slept all the way through though. It was a nice feeling getting a full nights sleep."

Tash eyes were closed and she was enjoying the feeling of Jackie’s fingers going through her hair. She sighed and said, "That feels so good."

Jackie smiled and kissed the pert nose, "I’m glad."

Green eyes popped open and she gave the tall woman a lopsided grin as she asked, "Do you mind aiming a bit lower next time?"

Jackie laughed and pulled the smaller woman up and closer to her as she said, "My pleasure," Lowering her head to meet willing lips in a passion filled kiss. They were both enjoying the kiss as their hands were starting to explore the exposed skin of the other’s body when Tash’s phone rang. They jumped apart from the shock of the noise.

"Damn, This had better be really important!" Tash growled harshly as she grabbed the phone from its cradle. Jackie stroked Tash’s belly as she listened to the one sided conversation.

"Hello? Yeah?…What!…No…I don’t….Shit your kidding? Ok. Ok….Yes, we’ll be right there. Thanks, Bye." She hung up the phone and looked up with anxious eyes at a concerned Jackie.

Tash sighed and swallowed, She met fearful blue eyes with angry green ones, "Someone broke into your room last night and really trashed your stuff. A neighbor heard it and called the front desk. Come on lets get dressed and see how bad it is."

Jackie didn’t move her face showed she was in shock. Tash put her arms around the tall woman and brought her close whispering in her ear, "As long as you’re ok that’s all that matters. Stuff is replaceable, your not. Come on Love, lets get dressed."

Tears fell from Jackie’s eyes as she got up and followed Tash into the bathroom to face what ever horror awaited her with her brave little love.

*** *** *** ***

Jackie was sitting on the edge of the bed in her room crying. Her beloved picture of her family was torn in shreds. The silver frame a gift from a now deceased Grandmother was stomped on, the glass was broken and it’s shape was mangled. Her over night bag was ripped into pieces with a knife and the few clothes she had with her was torn apart.

"Who would do this?" Jackie asked Tash between sobs.

Tash sucked in her lower lip her green eyes were filled with anger at the person who would be so cruel. She walked over put her arm around Jackie’s shoulder as she sat down next to her, "I don’t know, Sweetheart. The police will get the bastard though, I’m sure of it." They were told not to touch anything but to just look and to identify as many things as possible. The police were waiting outside since the sensitive officer in charge pretty much knew that the poor young woman would fall apart after seeing the damage.

"Would you like to go to your folks place? You can come to the ranch anytime. I think they may make you feel better…"

"No! Please, I want to stay with you," Said Jackie who pulled the smaller woman into a fierce embrace. Tash was now her lifeline and she didn’t want to be separated from her.

"Shhh, Ok. I won’t drop you off there. Would you like to come out to the ranch?"

"Yes, please," Replied Jackie calming down. She pulled back. "Sorry, did I hurt you?"

"No and there is no need to apologize. You had a horrible shock. Um… Would you like to stop by your folks, tell them what happened, pick up a few things?"

"Yes, That would be nice," As she got up and held out her hand.

Tash smiled and put her hand into the warm larger one. They left the room and they both told the police that they would be at the ranch if they needed to reach them. Then Tash led the way to her Jeep. She had a pretty good idea who trashed the athlete’s room and if it was the last thing she ever did she was going to make that Bitch pay for it in full.

*** *** *** ***

Jackie was very quiet on the drive to the ranch as they drove away from her parent’s place. She stared out the window and said very little. Tash tried to draw her out and was answered but everything that came out of Jackie’s mouth was a quiet monotone and Tash was very worried about her.

The jeep pulled up into the driveway of the ranch and they were immediately face to face with Andy and Joey who were waiting to greet them. Joey was a small attractive black man with intelligent hazel eyes and wide beautiful smile.

Andy was very excited to meet Jackie and after the introductions he asked, "What do you do Jackie?"

"Golf and Tennis, " Was the quiet reply. Jackie smiled at the big fighter; she liked him at once.

"Tennis?" Tash asked quietly.

"Yes, Those are my best sports. I can also play baseball, volleyball. I swim and dive very well and I do Gymnastics competitively when the teachers have their annual competition." Jackie looked at those around her in astonishment. They were all staring at her with dropped jaws. "Well I did teach Gym."

Tash swallowed a couple of times but answered clearly, "Yes, I remember that. It’s just unusual to excel in all those sports. Your amazing."

Jackie shrugged but she also blushed beat red at the look in those beautiful green eyes.

Joey liked the tall quiet woman at once and thought she would be good for his slow friend. "How about working out with the champ here?"

Andy looked excited and Tash beamed at the idea.

Jackie smiled and nodded that she would.

Andy gently hugged the surprised woman and said "Great…See ya later…."He said to Jackie as Joey gently pulled the gentle giant toward his own cabin.

Jackie looked at Tash and said quietly, "He’s really sweet but…"

"Yeah, He’s not punch drunk either. He was born slow but he is a really good man and a great fighter. Joey and I are teaching him to read and write. He was never taught at the orphanage he was raised in. I want him to be self-sufficient. We can’t always be there for him and…he is so vulnerable. People make him feel bad so easily and with out even knowing that they do it. He knows that Joey and I love him so we can play with him and tease him. Um…Jackie…Don’t tease him till he knows you a little better and trusts you, ok? Once he gets to know you he’ll love you of course."

Jackie caressed the blonde’s cheek and said quietly, "Don’t worry. I will treat him with the dignity he deserves. I like him. I want to be his friend too. I see how important he is to you and that makes him important to me too. So what do you two want me to do with him? I mean he can run with Joey."

"Damn your smart. Joey can see it too; He needs to learn to interact with people he doesn’t know. It would be helpful if you would chat with him on…well the same level you would any new acquaintance. He may not understand you but your so gentle he will know that you mean him no harm."

Jackie nodded and smiled, "It will be an honor."

"Good. Come on I’ll show you my pony and then we’ll get you settled"

*** **** **** ****

After a quick tour of the ranch and an affectionate introduction to Tash’s stallion Destiny, She called him Des or baby; she took Jackie to her cabin.


"Make yourself comfortable, Jackie," She said affectionately at the door. "See you later."

"Um… could you stay here for a few minutes?" Jackie asked shyly.

Tash smiled and sat in a comfortable guest chair, "What’s up?"

"I…Thank you," Replied Jackie simply then she looked everywhere but at Tash.

Tash got up and walked to the couch Jackie was sitting on. She sat beside her took Jackie’s hand in hers and replied quietly, "Your very welcome."

They stared at each other for a few minutes and then their lips met and they kissed with all the love they had wanted to express since they first met. That simple kiss was like a starters gun and suddenly they became very hungry and tried to taste parts of the others body that was still clothed.

Jackie took the initiative by unbuttoning Tash’s shirt and pulling back slightly so Tash could take off her T-shirt. They stood and admired the others naked torso and at the same time they said, "Your so beautiful…"

They laughed and slowly undressed their new partner till they were both fully exposed to each other’s eager eyes. Then they kissed with the passion that had been coursing through them since they first met. They never lost eye contact with each other, their bodies seemed to know what was expected, desperately needed and they happily complied. Their hands caressed, their mouths tasted and their bodies seemed to become one. When their bodies merged their souls merged and they became one entity in a single climatic moment as they both screamed the others name so that all would know what they had just discovered. That they were soulmates.

They stared at each other in wonder as their breathing calmed. Jackie reached over and caressed Tash’s cheek. "That has never happened before. I felt like we were…linked. I have never felt so attuned to another person before. Tash…I think….I…Tash…"

"I love you too, Jackie," Said Tash quietly. She kissed the other woman deeply, Her hand slowly moved from Jackie’s back to her beautiful breast. She slowly began to kiss her way down till she was gently sucking the nipple. Jackie’s head was thrown back in ecstasy. She never felt so loved in her life. Her body began to move in rhythm with what Tash was doing to her breast. Tash’s hand slipped down to the silky folds beneath and continued the rhythm she had created with her mouth till Jackie was beyond thinking or feeling she was in a whole different world of pleasure from what Tash was doing to her. Just a touch from this woman undid her now she was beyond that, she felt like she was soaring toward heaven. She suddenly stiffened and screamed Tash’s name as she fell over the edge again.

Tash smiled and kissed her between her heaving breasts waiting for the dark woman to come back to her. Jackie opened her eyes and looked down the length of her body toward the love of her life. She smiled and lifted an eyebrow "Is that how you always declare your love?" She panted as she tilted her head to the side against a pillow on the couch.

Tash laughed and pulled herself along the delicious body below her so they were now even and said, "Nope, I just had to, so I did."

"Well I think you have wonderful impulses," She pulled the smaller woman closer and hugged her tightly. "I love you very much Tash…Is Tash your real name?"

Tash kissed her cheek and smirked, "No, I was named Natasha after my Great Grandmother. I declared myself Tash at eight years old and it’s stuck ever since. Only my Mother calls me Natasha."

"I like Natasha, Um.. Could I?" She stuttered as she caressed a soft arm. Suddenly on impulse she began to nibble a little ear.

Tash closed her eyes in pleasure and answered in passion filled rough voice, "You can call me Natasha as long as we are alone."

Jackie pulled back and rubbed her cheek against Tash’s, "Reputation, huh?"

"Yep, What about you, is Jackie your real name?"

"Nope, Jacqueline, After Jackie Kennedy. My mother was crazy about her."

"What do you say we take a nap before dinner, Jacqueline?"

"Ok Natasha, As long as I get to lay down and nap with you."

"You bet, I don’t think you can get rid of me now."

"Good," Replied Jackie as she brought the smaller woman to a comfortable position against her shoulder and snuggled against her. Tash snuggled close to her love as they both drifted off into a deep sleep.

*** *** ***

They shared the same dream again except this one was in a different setting. They were in a different era. They were walking hand in hand down the halls of a large museum. They were dressed in clothes from the late forties. Jackie was wearing a well-cut suit and glasses and she had her long black hair piled into a tight bun. Tash had on Army casual cackys and her hair was pulled up into a beat up fedora. They stopped before a door that read:

Xena Scrolls Exhibit

"You did it, "Said the Jackie figure hugging the Tash figure.

"No Honey, We did it," Said the Tash figure pulling the Jackie figure into a deep passionate kiss.

*** *** *** ***


Two dazed eyes opened and the stunned women stared at each other gripped in the same shock for about a minute.

"Natasha, You look exactly like my Great Aunt Mel’s best friend Janice."

"Jacqueline, You look exactly like my Great Aunt Janice’s best friend Mel."

They continued to stare deeply into each other’s eyes and sat up in bed.

"You don’t think they…?"

"Why not?"

"So were continuing a family tradition?"

"So it would seem? Think of the odds love, two sets of descendants becoming lovers." Tash said in a shocked voice.

"Yes, and skipped a generation. It is interesting, isn’t it? I always loved to hear my Great Aunt’s stories of her adventures with her best friend and the tales of the Warrior Princess. She missed Janice horribly when she passed on. She died a year later." Said Jackie sadly embracing the smaller woman to her and stroking her soft hair.

Tash leaned into the warm body as she replied, "Soul mates traditionally die quickly when their other half dies. I remember when I was little girl her going down to North Carolina to visit Mel. She would be gone for months and would always come back with Mel in tow," Tash said with a huge smile as she remembered her mother’s expression as she got her ready for their impending visits, "They would drive my Mother nuts."

"I remember when Mel had Janice over at our place. She was always so sweet to me. She said I was the spitting the image of my Aunt and that I would grow up to be a beauty…"

"She was right." Said Tash her grin widening at the noticeable blush on the tall woman’s skin.

"Um…anyway she would love to tell me stories of Xena and Gabrielle, I would just sit and listen to her for hours. I loved that."

"Me too."

"Do you think they had the dreams like we do?"

Tash shrugged and hugged her even tighter, "Probably….Jackie….I…."

"This kind of cements us doesn’t it?" Asked Jackie with a huge smile as she pulled back so she could look into the beloved green eyes.

"Yes…I’m kind of overwhelmed here…I….Jackie I know we hardly know each other…I…Jackie will you marry me?" Tash’s voice was full of passion and her eyes sparkled with love.


"No hesitation?"


"No feelings of being pushed?"


"I know, I feel the same way, like it was set in stone somewhere that this would happen. Like destiny was just letting us get ready for this moment. I never really believed in fate before but now…"

"I guess my love, that fate believed in us and claimed us, huh?"

"Yes, Thank all that is holy," Said Tash as she pushed the tall woman down on to the pillows and kissed her with all the passion she possessed.

*** *** *** ***

Jackie and Andy were running around the track at the ranch. Andy was shy at first but he really liked Jackie and began to open up to her. He was able to tell Jackie how he felt that was very different for the big guy. It was something he didn’t feel comfortable doing with either of his friends Tash or Joey. Andy had just finished telling Jackie about Tash’s questions to help him focus and Jackie could barely contain how angry she was at her partner for manipulating the man like that.

"Andy, You are your own person. I know Tash loves you but she didn’t make you what you are you did that."

"She’d be really mad to hear you say that, Jackie."

"Don’t worry Andy, She will hear that and more up close and personal I promise you that. Andy you don’t need anyone but yourself. Tash loves you, supports you and she can be your guide. You are very lucky to have her and Joey but they did not make you who you are. You need only yourself to make your life no one else made it for you. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I think so. You mean that I’m lucky to have them but I make my own choices."

"Yes, exactly." Jackie replied stopping in front of Andy’s cabin with a huge smile.

Andy stopped next to her and said, "Ok, I can do that. Um….Does that mean I don’t listen to them?"

"No, you just do it differently. You listen to what they have to say and decide if it’s right for you."

"Ok, I can do that. Thanks Jackie. Tash is right your really nice."

"Thanks Andy, I think your nice too." Said Jackie with a smile gently touching his arm. He smiled back at her and nodded, then he ran into his cabin. She sighed and said quietly to herself, "Now I’m going to have a little talk with that beautiful partner of mine."

*** *** *** ***

Tash was sitting on the bed watching and listening to one tall angry raven-haired beauty. Jackie’s face was red from yelling at her partner about how she felt about the way Tash was manipulating Andy. She paused for a minute to catch her breath and Tash asked quietly,

"May I say something now in my defense?"

"Of course you can! I love you, you know? I know your intentions are good but your means…"

"Jackie, my turn please?" Jackie closed her mouth and sat down on a chair. She looked expectantly at Tash waiting for her to begin.

"Thank you," Said Tash smiling slightly. "Ok, First let me explain that Andy has a very short attention span. He also doesn’t like most people. I had to teach him to focus on his goals the only way I could figure out to help him to do that was to make him feel obligated toward me. I would never ever dump him. If he wanted to leave to be on his own I would honor his wishes…I love him very much."

Jackie digested all that and nodded. Jackie had already figured out in her own mind why Tash did what she did. She knew that even before Tash opened her mouth, "You know, I already figured all that out. I just think that there are better ways for you to reach your goals. I told him to listen to you but to make his own choices."

Tash looked at Jackie her eyes full of affection, "Actually, that’s what he already does. He may not realize it all the time but he has made every choice here himself. I do see why you were so steaming mad at me…Um, Are you still?"

Jackie stood up and brought the smaller woman to her feet and embraced her, "I was never mad at you. I was just shocked that you would use such words to someone so vulnerable. I see what you mean though about his temperament….I guess going through all that Connie has put me through has me seeing shadows where there are none…."

"Sweetheart, You have every right to feel that way. She was a horrible period in your life and you won’t get over it quickly. Your big tournament is coming up in three days, Um… Is there any way I can help you to relax?"

Jackie smiled and kissed the crown of the beloved head beneath her, "Yes, I can think of one." Jackie then bent and kissed Tash deeply. Tash returned the kiss with all the love and passion she had soaring through her. All thoughts of any problems were forgotten for the moment, There were more important things for their minds to concentrate on as Jackie carried Tash to their bed.

*** *** *** ****

The two women entered the suite at the hotel attached to the golf course where Jackie was competing that weekend. As Jackie saw how big it was her eyebrows disappeared into her bangs and she asked, "Natasha?"

"It’s nice isn’t it?" Tash said innocently back as she put the bag she was carrying down on the couch.

An elegant eyebrow rose into her hairline and Jackie’s hands were on her hips. Her foot was tapping as she waited for the small blonde to explain the size of the suite they were occupying.

Tash sat down on the couch next to the bag with a huge grin on her face. She shrugged and said, "Lets just say my partners think you’re a shoe in…"

"Who exactly are your partners?"


"Really, I thought that they were trained animals, Who?"

"Well, Um…"


Tash grinned as countered, "Jacqueline, You sound like my Mom right now…"

Jackie smirked back at her partner, "Not really, I …um…I like the sound of your name when I say it," She said blushing at the admission.

Tash was blushing too she looked down and then back up at Jackie, "Really?"

"Really…Don’t change the subject. Who are your partners?"

Tash sighed and got up. She walked over to a large framed window that opened up to a small balcony, "They’re really rather shady, Jackie." She said looking out the window, too scared to look at the tall woman behind her.

Jackie leaned against the couch she had to know so she pushed, "How shady?"

"They’re gamblers."

Jackie’s patience snapped, she strode across the room and the turned the small woman so she was facing her. Tash tried to avoid the appraising blue eyes but Jackie wouldn’t let her, "Are they mob connected?"

"No, they’re way too small time for that…They are just…rich….um, convenient…um, bookies…"

"Bookies?" Jackie asked stunned.

Tash nodded her head, "After you won this purse I was going to break away from them. We can be independent….and I can do what I want to do….Um, help people like Andy reach there potential…"

"But Tash, I can’t do anything illegal…."

"Your not! Neither am I. I never did anything wrong they just financed Andy because he made people look better then they are….But I know Andy can win and If I break away he will…"

"Your part of they’re money laundering aren’t you?"

"Jackie, I have a pony and prize fighter who needed me, counted on me. I did what I had to do for us all to survive…."

"Now you have to worry about me too…"

"Um, no. Your different. I happen to be in love with you. I would starve to death if that would make you happy, "Tears were now pouring down Tash’s face.

Tears fell from the blue eyes too, she felt the same way," I love you too. I would walk through fire for you. So I guess I will do this…But Tash…"

"Don’t worry, I’ll break off from them after this event. I promise you."

"Really, you promise?"

"Yeah, I said I promise, didn’t I?

Jackie hugged her too her and kissed her passionately. " I love you so much, Natasha."

"I love you too with all my heart, Jacqueline."

*** *** *** ***

They had changed for dinner and were about to leave when there was knock at the door of they’re suite. Jackie opened the door and she almost laughed out loud at the sight before her. The two men looked like they had seen one too many Jimmy Cagney movies.

"Yes, Can I help you?"

"We’re Um, Tash’s partners. Is she Uh…like here?"

Jackie had to bite her cheeks, This guy talked like a really stupid Columbo. Where the detective used it to disarm the bad guys this man was like this, which caused Jackie to bite harder. She could now see what Tash meant about small time if there was a step below small time these two men fit the mold.

"Yes, She’s here. Just a minute please," Said Jackie as she gently closed the door in their faces leaned on the back of it and finally laughed. She knew if she held it back her face would explode.

Tash came in from the bedroom and smiled at her partner’s expression as she laughed against the front door.

"What’s up?"

"Your partners are here. Um, Tash why didn’t you tell me they were so….Well…so…."

"Ridiculous? Yeah but they are rich and harmless, "She gently moved her partner away from the door as she said, "I’ll take care of this." The laughing woman stood back and watched as Tash opened the door to allow the ridiculous men in their room.

"Hey boys."

"Yeah Uh, Hey Tash," Said the only one of the two who seemed capable of some form of speech. The other bigger man stood beside him trying to look tough but only succeeded in looking pathetic.

"What can I do for you?"

"May we, you know, sit down?"

Tash smiled and gestured toward the couch. She looked up at Jackie and though her eyes were sparkling she had her mirth under control. "This lady is Jackie."

"Um, yeah we kinda thought so."

Jackie nodded in greeting to them; she couldn’t bring herself to say anything. She was biting her cheeks really hard to keep from laughing.

They sat down on the couch in the living room, and looked up at Tash expectantly, Tash smiled and asked, "You boys want anything to drink?"

"Uh yeah, Milk if you have it?"

"I’ll get it for you, " Sputtered Jackie as she practically ran out of the room. She closed the door quickly and leaned against it laughing so hard there were tears pouring from her eyes. Tash inwardly chuckled she was pretty sure she knew what was going on behind the door to the small kitchen.

"So what can I do for you?"

"We need a small favor from you?"


"Yeah, we uh, want her to kinda come in second…"


"Yeah there is some big, you know money riding on her. They want her to like, come in second…"

"Why she could win this?"

"Yeah well, That’s why. She could win this. See?"

"Yes, I understand very well. The God Damn answer is No!!!!"

Jackie came in with a tray at that moment; she was very startled when her angry partner yelled no. She put the tray down in front of the men and nodded politely. Then she walked toward her partner with inquiring blue eyes. "What’s wrong?" She asked quietly.

"Nothing, No deal boys…"

"Tash the deal is already set…."

"Then God damn unset it?"

"Well we uh, can’t do that it’s a done deal."


"Tash, The big boys won’t like this."

"I don’t fucking care!!!! End of God damned meeting. Get out!!!"

The men put their glasses on the table glanced at each other and then Tash, "The big boys will be in touch."

"Out!!" Tash’s face was bright red; she reached down and threw a bowl at the door. The boys ducked and got out closing the door behind them.

Jackie rushed to Tash and embraced her, holding her close asking, "What’s wrong? What happened?"

Tash hugged Jackie back tightly she was crying and she put her head against Jackie’s warm breasts for comfort.

"They wanted you to take a dive?"

"What? Why?"

"Because your so damn good, my love. The God Damned Ass holes bet against you to make some big money. Fucking Ass holes!!!" She pulled back full of anger only to be pulled back by strong loving arms.

"Did they ever ask you to do this before?"

Tash shook her head no against the stong loving body that was holding her. Jackie was gently stroking her back making Tash feel warm and loved. "I love Andy and my baby but try as hard as they might they’re just are not as good as you are."

"I see," Jackie’s voice was calm and her presence soothing to the smaller woman but inside she was boiling at how these idiots were using these wonderful people.

"Jackie what exactly do you see?" Tash pulled back so she could look into angry blue eyes.

"That they use all of you. You included Tash. Here you are trying to make winners out of everyone and they are using you at a loss to make money for their cheap suits. Well this time we are going to fight them…"


"Yes we. Andy, Des and I. From now on we all are going to be winners for you and they can all go straight to hell."

"Honey that’s a sweet thought but how will Des and Andy win?"

"Confidence. That’s all they need. They are already winners."

Tash looked up into eyes full of love and confidence, tears were falling from the blue eyes and she could feel them falling from her own. She shook her head and smiled through the tears, "You are something did you know that?"

Jackie smiled and kissed a salty cheek, "Thanks."

"How do you feel about the tournament tomorrow?"

"That we will win."

"No, I mean the boys and their…"

"Don’t worry we’ll take care of them if they come into play. One step at a time, we will win tomorrow."

Tash shook her head and brought Jackie’s head down to meet her lips in a passionate kiss..

"Damn, I love you ."

Jackie pulled back and rubbed her nose against Tash’s then put a kiss on that same pert nose as she replied, "I love you too. Come on lets go get our dinner. I’m starving."

*** *** *** ***

They were just finishing their dinner in the main dining room at the hotel restaurant when Tash was called away from the table by a profusely sweating waiter. Tash smiled at Jackie and said, "I’ll be right back if the bill comes just sign it toward our room."

Jackie nodded and smiled. She watched Tash leave closely through hooded eyes. Those sharp eyes caught a fast glimpse of the small blonde being forced out of the hotel by two big men. Oh no you don’t. I think I will just let myself in on this meeting, thought Jackie as she quickly signed for their meal and silently went out the side door to the balcony that surrounded the hotel.

When Jackie cautiously came around to the quiet back of the hotel she saw Tash between the two men. One of the men had Tash’s arms behind her back. They were both yelling at her and she was violently shaking her head no while struggling to get out of the man’s grip.

Suddenly Jackie was moving on instinct, She found herself flipping off the patio and landing next to the man who now appeared to be about to hit her Tash. As she flipped through the air she heard ringing in her ears a war cry that she seemed to recognize but didn’t know from where. She punched the big man in the jaw causing him to stagger then she flipped him over shoulder where he flew against the building and landed as an unconscience lump on the ground. She turned quickly and with a quick jab of her elbow knocked the man who had Tash back. He came at her with a knife; She smiled wildly at him and with a spinning side kick hit him in the jaw neatly knocking him out next to his partner.

She then turned to Tash and gathered the smaller woman in her arms and held her close saying, "Are you ok? Did they hurt you?"

"Yeah, I’m ok…Thank you so much…"

Jackie pulled back to look into love filled green eyes and said with a smile, "My pleasure" Then she pulled the blonde’s lips to her own kissing her deeply. She pulled back and mussed the blonde hair, "Come on lets get the hell out of here. I got a little distracted so I need to check and make sure I signed the check for dinner."

Tash smiled at her, "Thank the Gods you were distracted."

Jackie winked at her and pulled back into the hotel.

*** *** *** ***

They were tucked in for the night and cuddled together in the extra big king sized bed that Tash had requested when making the reservation. Jackie was gently stroking Tash’s hair as Tash was nuzzling Jackie’s long swan like neck.

"Jackie do you need me?"

Jackie pulled back and looked into misty green eyes, she caressed her loves cheek and answered quietly, "Of course I do."

Tash sighed and asked very quietly, "For what exactly?"

Jackie was astonished she looked deeply in now tear filled eyes and dried each drop as it descended down the pale cheeks. "Oh my love, don’t you see that without you I would never have had the strength to leave Connie. I would still be under her thumb. I’d be stuck with no chance to grow. I feel like I can do anything with you in my life. You’ve not only given me love but also strength and confidence…"


"By being yourself. By loving me and making me feel special…"

"Thank you, You make me feel special too," Said Tash as she threw her arms around Jackie’s neck and pulled her closer. "You bring out the soft side of my personality that I thought was long gone…"

Jackie chuckled quietly and pulled back and kissed Tash on the cheek, "Oh really? Gone huh? Excuse me what do you call Destiny? Baby right? What about Andy? You protect him and your teaching him to read. I say you have a huge heart, Love."

Tash blushed a deep shade of red; she kissed the taller woman deeply and nuzzled her head against her shoulder again. "You’ve always had strength but you somehow allowed Connie to sucker you into her sick little fantasy. I just tested you a little and found out that there is a lot of courage and strength under that meek image you allowed yourself to show around that bitch. I just freed you a little to be yourself."

"Oh I’d say you freed me a lot…"

Just as Jackie was about taste those precious lips once again, a large rock flew through their bedroom window and landed on a table below it breaking an expensive vase that Jackie had bought earlier in the day. They both reached out to cover the other and protect the other’s body from injury. Once they realized that they were both unharmed they both jumped out of bed and ran to the table to examine the rock.

Tash was the first to reach the rock, she untied the note attached and read it. Her eyes were bright with anger as she read the words carefully printed on the page in front of her.

"What does it say?"

Tash was too pissed to speak she handed the note to Jackie. She looked down and read the note. She crumbled it in her hand her eyes ablaze with anger. Tash had never seen the beautiful blue eyes that icy before it actually sent shivers down her spine.

The note read;

How did you like the redecoration job I did to your last room, Love? That little squirt can’t protect you from me. I’ll be seeing you really soon,



Jackie flew across the room and put on her clothes, by the time Tash figured out what Jackie had in mind, Jackie was dressed and headed out the door. Grabbing a strong forearm Tash panted, "Wait, what exactly are you planning on doing?"

A seething Jackie looked down at Tash with hooded eyes, "I am going to have a little chat with my ex…"

"No! Not with out me at least. Please wait , let me get some clothes on…Please?"

Jackie’s eyes softened, she nodded and leaned against the door as she said in a still harsh voice, "Hurry."

"Ok, I’ll only be a second."

Tash ran to put her clothes on and tried to figure out a plan to keep her love from committing murder no matter how justified, she had to get her to calm down and handle it less violently then Tash could see shining in those angry blue eyes.

**** *** *** ***

Connie relaxed in her room. She was humming and had a pleased expression on her face as she waited for Jackie to find her. Connie had no idea that her ex-girlfriend was a completely different woman. She had no way to know that the meek little woman who she led around by the nose was now a powerful confident woman who could destroy her. So she waited with no fear because she knew that with one look she would dominate her and things would be back to normal.

There was suddenly a loud knocking on the door to her room; it was really more of bang then a knock. Connie was surprised Jackie didn’t usually knock like that even when she was angry.

It must be that shrimp knocking Jackie would never be so forceful, She thought as she very slowly got up to answer the door. She had to take a step back when she opened the door. The woman on the other side was a stranger to her. She was unrecognizable as the meek girl who she had used all these years. This was a formidable woman and a seething mad one at that.

"Yes, can I help you?" She said with a smug voice. She no longer felt as confident but she wasn’t going to let Jackie know that.

Jackie slapped her across the face hard and was about to punch her in the nose when some one she wouldn’t hurt for all the world caught her arm. Jackie looked down into pleading green eyes and saw that Tash was holding her strong arm with both of hers. She smiled slightly and nodded patting Tash’s cheek with her free hand.

Then she looked at the woman she loathed more then anything or anyone she had ever known and with a voice full of quiet venom she said, "I want you to leave me and my family alone. I mean everyone including Tash and our friends at her ranch. If I see you or even think that you are anywhere near us I will not be as restrained. I will beat you to a bloody pulp…"

"Oh come off it Jackie you never could take me…"

"You are speaking of the old Jackie. She no longer exists, I was reborn into being myself again by someone that loved me and brought out the best in me. Please believe this if Tash wasn’t here right now to keep a lid on my anger you would be unconscience…"

Connie laughed at Jackie and shook her head; "Yeah sure, Right I believe that like I believe that someone will sell me the Golden Gate Bridge for a dollar…"

Jackie growled and Tash now pulled the angry woman behind her, "Believe me you really are underestimating her. She will tear you apart…"

"Listen you little Harpy, I think I know her better then you do…"

"That’s it! No more being reasonable. You will not insult my wife ever again! "

Jackie gently pulled Tash behind her and then advanced on her enemy so swiftly that Connie didn’t have time to get away. Jackie punched her right in the Jaw in one smooth flowing action. Then watched surprised as the tall woman went over like a tree that had just been cut for timber. Jackie looked at Tash with a smirk on her face she lifted an elegant eyebrow and said, "I never thought my tormentor had a glass jaw I would belted her in the chops a long time ago."

Tash laughed and shook her head amazed at this side of Jackie, She reached out and grabbed her hand shocked at the energy she could feel pulsing in the tall woman. She pulled gently on her hand and said,

"Come on lets get the hell out of here…"


"Awww, Tash I want to watch her…."

"Come on, Sweetheart. Move it!" She said pulling the reluctant brunette behind her to escape any further violence.


**** *** *** ****

When they arrived back at their room Jackie was full of a humming energy she had never felt before. She paced the room and looked wildly about her.

Tash knew what it was and she was very worried about the tall athlete in her present state of mind. She had seen Andy get this way after a high-energy fight so she knew that the tall woman had a form of battle lust coursing through her blood. She knew she had to help her redirect the energy but she wasn’t quite sure how.

"Would you like to go to the hotel gym and get a work out?"

Jackie’s body seemed swirl toward her and she looked at Tash with slitted eyes, She was trying to keep a lid on this time bomb inside her but she could barely answer Tash civilly. Through her eyes she sent a silent pleading message to her love as she stuttered, " I….never…I don’t know!!!" She finally roared as walked across the room to the window and stared blankly out the window.

Tash took a deep steadying breath and walked slowly toward Jackie almost like she was approaching a wild animal out of its cage. Tash knew what she had to do and she would do it lovingly and openly.

Jackie feeling the other woman’s approach actually started move in the opposite direction, "What are you doing?" She said, scared of what she felt. She knew she was dangerous and she didn’t want Tash anywhere near her.

"Shhh, Its ok. I only want to hold you."

Jackie stood as still as a statue. She was fighting this battle as hard as she did on any tennis court.

She wasn’t going to hurt Tash and that was all there was to it.

Tash slowly brought her arms around Jackie and brought the stiff woman into a tight embrace. As the warmth of Tash’s embrace entered her body she no longer felt the intense desire to break heads instead the thrumming energy went in an entirely new direction and Jackie warmly allowed herself to return the hug.

Jackie then picked up the smaller woman and brought her to their bed and kissed her with such searing passion that Tash almost fainted from the effect. Jackie began to kiss every inch of the woman below her with deep need. As she kissed she whispered harshly, "I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m so hungry…I need you so….Natasha I think I’m possessed…."

Tash’s eyes were closed and she was gently rubbing Jackie’s back. The more intimate they became the more the need seem to increase for Jackie, The gentle kisses were now searing tastes of each body part that the hungry lips landed on.

"Your going through a form of blood lust. Don’t be scared. I trust you."

Jackie suddenly pulled back her eyes were hooded and darkened with lust, "I don’t trust me…How…I could….I’m…."

"Shhh, Come back love, " Said Tash as she pulled Jackie back into a searing kiss. Jackie helplessly obeyed. She kissed the woman beneath her with such passion and need that she didn’t even recognize herself. She felt her hands actually tearing her loves clothes off her body in such a frenzy that the real Jackie almost cried in despair. She felt her body merging with Tash in such need that she was terrified for the small blonde. At the same time she felt Tash give her exactly what her body craved as she slowly pleased each ache and desire lovingly and willingly.

They climaxed together and the screams were so loud that Tash was afraid the police might be called. After they both calmed down there was deathly silence between them. Tash looked down to her center where Jackie had her head against her stomach panting and crying. Tash gently pulled the tall woman up her body till they were face to face and gently wiped the tears. Then she pulled her close and kissed the crown of her head saying quietly, "Shhh, It’s ok."

"I practically raped you…"

"You did not." She pulled back so she could make eye contact with the heartsick woman. "You didn’t. I knew exactly what I was doing. I wanted you to do it. It was for both of us and I had to help you get that lust out of your system. It was my privilege to be the one to aid my warrior…"

"Your what?"

"My warrior. You are Xena’s descendent my love, It just came out in an unexpected way…"

"Very unexpected…Tash I have never…"

"You have never used your whole being to protect the person you love before. Your body was full of animal passion, I stopped you from killing Connie and redirected it toward making love instead….Shh, No, It was making love because it was consensual. I love you and you love me…"

"Thank you, " Said Jackie as she took the tender lips against her own and kissed them with a sweetness and gentleness that was missing from their earlier encounter. She kept the kiss going as long as their breath held out.

When they parted Tash smiled at her and caressed her cheek, "You are very welcome."

Jackie nuzzled her head against Tash’s shoulder and Tash gently put her fingers through the long soft black hair that fell over her chest.

"Natasha, Do you think the others went through that?"


"Is this some strange right of passage?"

"Its part of the protective instinct of a true warrior. You’ve just been suppressing it for a long time because of that bitch. Then when you finally released it…well it came roaring out of you like a suddenly freed caged tiger…"

Jackie laughed quietly, "That is an apt description of it, isn’t it?" She gently kissed Tash’s neck and whispered in her ear, "You don’t think it will happen again do you?"

Tash shivered in reaction to soft lips and the sexy voice as hugged the taller woman tighter she replied just as softly, "No, I don’t think you will need that tiger instinct again."

"Good, because when I make love to you I like it to be sweet and gentle just like you."

"And you…Don’t worry, Sweetheart it won’t happen again unless we’re faced with danger. I don’t think that’s likely to happen again, so we’ll be fine."

Jackie was now kissing her way to Tash’s breast and when she brought a hardened nipple into her mouth and gently began to pull on it all thoughts were forgotten for the moment.

*** *** *** ***

Connie had been arrested for vandalism the night before and taken away in handcuffs for drunkenness, and disorderly conduct as well. She would be in jail for a while and Jackie hoped the school would fire her. She had way to many people under her thumb on that campus.

Tash’s partners were arrested that morning for assault against Tash. Attempting to intimidate an athlete by assault, as well as illegal book making and money laundering they would be in jail for a very long time. Tash hoped they have big bruisers to share cells with that like to dance.

The girls were on the last tee and Jackie made a hole in one winning her first professional tournament and enough money to support them all till the next one. As the two women walked back to the rooms Jackie said to Tash with a big smile on her face, "I’m going to you ask you the questions."


"Who made you?

"You did my love."

"Who brought you from nothing and made you something?"

"You did my love."

"And if I should drop you?"

"I would simply wither and die with out you."

"Hey, That’s not…"

"No, but I would."

"So would I. I love you with my whole soul, Natasha."

"I love you too, Jacqueline with my whole heart and soul.

Four sets of invisible eyes lit with the knowledge that their descendant’s adventures were just beginning and they were very proud of them.

The End