Hall of Killers

By Ri

Amanda was very excited about her new job. She'd been looking for a job for a long time and this was something that just perked her interest when she found it in the paper. She interviewed with the manager and she felt at once that the manager liked her and they would get along. She wasn't so sure when she arrived for her first day and discovered what her new assignment was for her first month at the American Wax Museum. The Hall of Killers display.

When the supervisor was explaining how it worked and where the tour started and going over her speech, all Amanda could do was stare at the sheet to avoid the killers staring into her eyes. They all looked so real that they gave her the chills. After changing into her new uniform and walking into the Hall she shivered as she looked into the eyes of The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez. He could be right there he looked so real and his insane expression made her want to run because he looked like he was about to attack her in the pose they had him in.

Her first tour was uneventful. She enjoyed the people and the questions and tried to ignore the killers around them and concentrate on the real people.

Her first break was now finally here and she almost ran to the break room. She got her lunch bag out and took a banana and then closed it. As she ate it as she thought It's my first day I can't go to my new supervisor and be picky can I?

A hand on her shoulder made her jump. She almost choked on the banana in her mouth. She swallowed as she heard a soft sexy voice say, "Are you ok? Amanda? Can you talk do you need me to the Heimlich?"

Amanda looked up into very worried blue eyes and blinked. It was her manager. When she had the interview with her she had been sitting the whole time and had no idea she was so tall. She swallowed and replied in an embarrassed voice, "I'm fine Ma'am, Sorry."

"There is no need to apologize. I startled you. Are you ok?"

"Yes Ma'am."

Jackie Perkins took in the pale face and was sure that young woman wasn't all right at all. She thought she looked very upset and different from the happy confident young woman she interviewed. She just glowed while she was being interviewed; every thing appeared golden including her complexion that now seemed so pale. Her hair was golden her eyes a bright golden brown instead of the fearful brown ones that were trying to avoid her sharp eyes.

Jackie could tell that she was struggling with something and she really wanted to help her. Needed to help her. Who the hell am I kidding I have to help her. Thought Jackie and with a determination that was legendary at the museum she pursed the subject. "Amanda, you can tell me. Think of me as a friend; forget I'm the manager at the moment."

Amanda really wanted to tell her the truth about the room. She struggled between her fear and her pride. In a quiet shy voice full of embarrassment, she said, "I am very happy here, Ma'am. So please don't get the wrong idea about me I am not one to complain usually. It's just that I am having hard time with the Hall that my supervisor assigned me."

"Oh? Where did he assign you? I just came from a meeting downtown so I don't know the assignments yet for this month."

"The Hall of Killers."

"He What!!"

Her eyes raised at the angry voice she looked into angry blue eyes and knew she would be fired. "I'll work it, Ma'am. I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything…"

"I'm not mad at you Amanda, calm down. You will have to work it today because there is no one else but I will have you moved to a better Hall tomorrow. Wait till I get my hands on that snake Frank."

"My supervisor? He seemed pleasant enough…"

"Just like a snake. He is always like that just like honey but behind that smile there are two fangs ready to sink into your skin. The bastard thought I'd be out all day I was scheduled to be…Hmmm, I knew that he wanted his girlfriend in your position but this is too damn much. He is trying to scare you Amanda, he wants you to run out of here so he can say how unsuitable you are put his bit of stuff in your place. You go take your next tour it's almost time and I'll go find and sort out the creep."

"Thank you, Ma'am."


A soft smile softened the worried face and she said, "Thank you, Jackie."

*** *** *** ***

Jackie looked all over the museum for Frank. He wasn't anywhere that he normally would be. She looked in the office and lobby area. She then started to go to each Hall. Her face a mask of civility she was steaming mad and thought angrily, You can hide you shit but you can't for long I will find you." She went to security and got two guards to accompany her and went to each Hall looking for the man she was now going to fire for harassment.

*** *** *** ***

Amanda had taken her final tour through. She felt better. Jackie had eased her mind about being fired and she enjoyed the tours. She just concentrated on the people and their questions avoided the eyes of the killers that surrounded her.

"Amanda…" A soft male voice called her from the Hall. At first she thought it was a member of the tour who was lost but she found that she was alone in the hall.

"Amanda, help me….please…"

Amanda shivered the voice seemed to go right through and it seemed to come from all around her. She was beside a very realistic Ted Bundy with sick smile when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned but there was no one there. Her heart began to pound and inner voice was saying, Get out of here, get out of here, get out of here… A part of her wanted to follow that mantra. Her rational mind was still there and functioning. She knew that it couldn't be really one of the killers so she tried to stick it out to sort through what was happening.

"Amanda I know you, I know you inside. Come to me…"

Her heart picked up to a faster beat. She was now beside Charles Manson. His crazed eyes and sick swastika on his forehead sent shivers of fear through her body, he looked like could reach out and touch her.

Suddenly two hands were around her throat, they weren't squeezing they were just there. Sure she was going to die as soon as this mad man was done toying with her she decided to scream. Maybe some one would hear her. Maybe Jackie would save her.

A piercing scream flooded the Hall of Killers followed by a bright flash of light. Amanda saw spots in front of her eyes and then nothing at all.

*** *** *** ***


A soft sweet voice was calling her. She knew she must be dead and she was now in heaven because it was a voice of an angel. She didn't want to move yet she was comfortable nestled where she was.

"Amanda, come on, its time to wake up."

The voice sounded worried maybe the angel thought she shouldn't be in heaven.

"Amanda please wake up. Your scaring me," She felt soft fingers run through her hair and a gentle caress on her cheek. Amanda sighed contentedly if this was the treatment she would get in heaven she knew she was going to like it here.

"Amanda, just wake up please. Open your eyes…" Amanda now knew that the voice wasn't from heaven it was her manager. She also knew that she was scared for her.

Jackie felt nothing but pure relief when the big golden brown eyes opened and the girl nestled in her lap finally became aware of her surroundings.


Jackie's eyes were full of tears and her beautiful face was pale instead of the tan Amanda was now used to. The tall woman took a deep relieved breath and nodded.

"Thank heaven, just lie still Amanda. The paramedics should be here any moment."


"Yes, you fainted and hit your head on the pedestal. You've been out for about 10 minutes. I was so scared…"

"What happened…Did Charles Manson…?"

A tiny smile came to the older woman's lips. "No Amanda, Charles Manson is still at the Pen. It was Frank. He decided the best way to get you out of here was to scare you out. I just arrived with security when you screamed and fainted. I caught you just as you fell but you had hit the pedestal on the way down. I ordered security to hold Frank till the police came."

"That was the bright light?"

"Yes, how are you? How is your head you got quite a nasty bump back here."

"It hurts but you stroking my hair…um…I'm sorry you're my boss…" Amanda was trying to sit up.

Jackie gently held her in place and said, "Lie still." The gentle stroking began again and then Jackie said quietly, "I'd like you to be my friend."


"We don't have any rules that say we can't be…If you don't want to I understand…"

"No, I'd love that. I just wouldn't want to presume anything."

Jackie smiled brightly and kissed the top of her head, "You're not presuming. I like you a lot."

One of the security guards appeared beside them and said, "The police took Frank away, Ma'am. Also the paramedics are here."

"Good job Tony. Ok, could you bring them here and help them with any equipment they might have?"

"Sure Ma'am."

Amanda watched the security guard leave then said, "I don't think I need any…"

"Yes you do. Now lie still. You have a bad bump back here and I want to make sure you're all right."

"Jackie did you ever see Casablanca?"

"Sure why?"

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Jackie chuckled and replied, "You know Bogie, I think your right."

The End

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